Tuesday, September 25, 2018

QAnon’s Identity Stolen / Intel Source Hijacked By The Deep State??

ED. NOTE: Matthew who is one of my trusted contributors at SGT Report posted this article, and I must say I do NOT necessarily agree with all of the anti-Q rhetoric coming from Infowars, Corsi and others on You Tube. I will have a video specifically addressing all of this #Q drama next week. ~SGT

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Subprime Mortgages: The Dog Returns To Its Vomit

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

Other people’s money is always more fun to play with recklessly than your own. As such there’s been a quiet escalation in number of private capital pools offering mortgage (and auto) financing to subprime quality borrowers. “Special Circumstance Lending” is one such lender in Denver. It constantly runs ads on Denver radio.

The proprietor of Special Circumstance Lending was an aggressive participant in the junk mortgage underwriting business and dumped more than his fair share of subprime crap into the Wall Street mortgage securitization scheme that led to “The Big Short.” SCL doesn’t need to see your tax returns. It will give you a mortgage based on bank account statements.

Bill Clinton Murders

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How Central Bank Gold Buys Impact Market Gold Prices!

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Brennan, Strzok And Kerry Allegedly Set “Spy Traps” For Trump Team; Hunt For FBI Mole Intensifies

from ZeroHedge:

Yesterday we reported on a disturbing op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by Kimberly Strassel suggesting the FBI had a mole within the Trump campaign.

After a battle between House Intel Committee Chair Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over the release of classified information that was so top-secret that the DOJ refused to show Nunes on the grounds that it “could risk lives by potentially exposing the source, a U.S. citizen who has provided intelligence to the CIA and FBI” – the agency finally relented on Wednesday, allowing Nunes and Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) to receive a classified briefing.

What Candace Owens Thinks (How to create a mind)


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New Evidence Shows McCain Helped Fund FBI Plot to Frame Trump; Backed Bogus Russian Trump Dossier

from True Pundit:

New evidence from court documents and intelligence sources combine to show the unthinkable: U.S. Senator John McCain colluded with the FBI and possibly the DNC to sandbag President Donald Trump, before and after the 2016 election.

And McCain is from the same political party as President Trump. Allegedly.

True Pundit broke a story weeks ago that ex-FBI chief James Comey’s FBI funded the bogus Trump dossier to the tune of $100K+ with the help of McCain who brokered the deal. The revelations the FBI paid for the dossier were also confirmed by Judicial Watch.

But now court documents and new source Intel raise suspicions that McCain may have chipped in financially with the FBI or privately funded the counterfeit research, either himself or through his shady foundation.

Ole Dammegard and Cody Snodgres Choosing the Light Interview

from Jason Liosatos Outside The Box:


PAY DIRT! House Discovers FBI Had SPY Inside Trump Campaign — While Obama DOJ Wiretapped Campaign, Transition Calls

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:


Now we know why the Deep State has been working so hard to take down President Trump and the republic.


Barack Obama, arguably the worst president in US history, was wiretapping and listening in on all of the Trump campaign and transition team calls.

And now we know his Deep State minions had a spy inside the Trump campaign!

Did Russia Get Its Hands on USAF’s High Tech Missile in Syria?

from Russia Insider:

“Does Russia now have a relatively intact JASSM missile to study and reverse-engineer? If so, this is without a doubt, the greatest US military technology lossin almost a century”

Like so many others that watched the unfolding U.S.-led cruise missile strike on Syria in the early morning hours of April 14th, I was amazed by the brazen and ill-conceived nature of such an undertaking. Not only was the attack not based on any verifiable intelligence proving a chemical attack by Syrian governmental forces, the given reason for the justification of the attack, but it was extremely ill-advised from any military or political stand point. Was it imperial hubris on the part of the “leadership” of the sole “exceptional” nation, or a simple matter of poor military decision making that resulted in the approval of the strike? A number of failures in executing the strike have come to light after the fact, not minor faults that have been magnified by Russian or Syrian government propaganda interests, but real and fundamental failures that have showcased real weaknesses in frontline U.S., French and U.K. tactical cooperation, as well as new weapon systems and their employment.

CNN’s May Ratings Already Collapsing by 20-Plus Percent

by John Nolte, Breitbart:

While Fox News and MSNBC are more or less holding steady this week when compared to the full month of May last year, the far-left CNN is already in a total ratings freefall by 20 percent and more.

With three weeks of May still remaining, the Stormy Daniels Network might be able to mount (if you’ll pardon the expression) a comeback, but as of right now the month is looking like it could be a serious humiliation for CNN—and not just in total viewers but the advertiser-coveted 25-54 age demo, as well.

Live Stream – 3 Amigos Surprise! Thursday

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WATCH: Raging Cop Attacks Woman, Beats Her Because She Was Filming Him

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

A 19-year-old woman was legally filming an arrest—her first amendment right—when she was attacked by a police officer and arrested.

Colerain Township, OH — Disturbing video from an Ohio high school has been shared with the Free Thought Project this week showing a police officer allegedly begin attacking a young woman for filming.

The incident happened Tuesday and, although there were seven arrests, very few details about what actually happened at Northwest Passage School have been released. According to police, who have only released a single sentence in regard to the incident, the school officer asked for assistance which set off the mass chaos.

The 1970s All Over Again? Part 1: The Middle East Explodes

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:

For most Americans the geopolitical/financial crises of the 1970s happened so long ago that they’re about as relevant as the Revolutionary War or the Reformation.

But for seasoned citizens who were around back then and paying attention, the similarities to today are becoming both eerie and scary. Consider:

In the early 1970s the Middle East was a hotly contested part of the world, with Russia (then called the Soviet Union) and the US (backed by Europe) maneuvering for control of the region’s oil. Israel was a source of outrage for its neighbors, with war always a real possibility. The Sunni/Shia rift was threatening to tear the Islamic world apart. AND government spending was soaring in the West, leading to highly experimental (read desperate) monetary policy at the Fed.