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Tevi Troy Praises Trump Admin’s Planning, Preparation and Response for Hurricane Harvey


by Dan Riehl, Breitbart:

CEO of the American Health Policy Institute and author of “Shall We Wake The President? Two Centuries of Disaster Management from the Oval Office,” Tevi Troy joined Breitbart News DailySiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Wednesday to discuss the Trump administration’s response to Hurricane Harvey.

Troy also wrote a Wall Street Journal item yesterday, “Trump’s Reassuring Hurricane Response,” praising President Trump’s handling of events.

From the piece:

President Trump visited Texas Tuesday to assess the damage from Hurricane Harvey and show concern for its victims. So far, his administration is largely getting praise for effective handling of the crisis. Washington’s disaster authorities appear to be in sync with the state on roles and responsibilities; the Federal Emergency Management Agency and its leader, Brock Long, deployed resources as Harvey approached; and the government response as a whole appears well coordinated.

“I give FEMA a grade of A-plus, all the way from the president down,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told “Fox News Sunday.” Yes, Mr. Abbott is a fellow Republican, but he is also interested in protecting Texas and would not have said “A-plus” if the state weren’t getting what it needed. That assessment is backed up by Rear Adm. W. Craig Vanderwagen, a former career emergency manager who is plugged into the Harvey effort. “Early read,” he told me in an email, “is that Executive Branch is performing well under this President.”

Said Troy today, “I think he (Trump) has been doing a good job in large part because he brought in smart personnel, experienced personnel, who know how to deal with disasters and have dealt with them before. and they also did a lot of preparation in advance. So, thus far, I’ve been pleased with what I’ve been seeing in their response.”

Troy pointed out that the administration pre-deployed equipment and personnel, calling it “a very important first step” and key to a successful effort in Texas.

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The Swamp Strikes Back


by John Browne, Euro Pacific Capital:

On August 21st many Americans witnessed the moon cast a historic but short-lived shadow across the United States. One day later, President Trump reversed his previously stated position on the 16 year old Afghan War, thereby eclipsing the possibility that the United States would finally come to its senses and rethink a failed strategy that is likely to fail for years, perhaps decades, to come. The abrupt change, in what had been a central plank in candidate Trump’s appeal to voters thirsting for change in American foreign policy, came hard after the departure of Steve Bannon from the White House. As a self-avowed nationalist, Bannon had represented a true break in interventionist Republican thinking that had entangled the United States in intractable conflicts around the globe. To put an exclamation point, Sebastian Gorka, the last remaining proponent of the Bannon perspective, was forced out of the White House. The counter-revolution appears to be complete. 

In his widely-followed speech regarding Afghan policy, Trump now appears to favor a widening of the military effort to insure that the United States continues to exert an influence on a remote central Asian region, where it is often said that empires go to die.

A big part of Trump’s “drain the swamp” appeal, lay in his promise to change the politics of Washington. To many voters, such a shift would include a break from America’s “Neo-Con” agenda of foreign intervention, which has deeply enmeshed the country in foreign politics and has enriched the defense industry and its lobbyists. However, given the Administration’s failure to break the Congressional inertia with respect to healthcare and now its reversal on Afghanistan, it appears as if the swamp refuses to be drained.

Recent elections in the U.S. and Europe have exposed deep-seated public distrust, suspicion and anger at the political establishment. Most had expected that the 2016 Presidential election would be a test of established figures, but populist elements in both parties soon took center stage. Against almost all political calculations, Trump ousted Jeb Bush as the establishment Republican candidate and went on to win the Presidency.  The political establishment was stunned, and has yet to come to terms with the people’s choice. Now it appears that the entire establishment is united in a common aim to destroy the duly elected President.

The fact that business as usual now appears to be remaining so is manifesting itself with growing popular frustration. The past few days have seen an increase in politically motivated street violence in America. Meanwhile, the grass roots supporters of Sanders and Trump fight in the streets and on university campuses.

It appears that Bannon was squeezed out of the White House by establishment Republicans. In other words, the swamp swamped him, and America is just as stuck in Afghanistan as she ever was. While Trump may have insisted on better tactics, including increased aggression and more realistic rules of engagement, our servicemen and women will continue fighting a sixteen-year war on ground chosen by and favoring the enemy. Normally, history illustrates that given a determined enemy, and particularly one with sanctuary neighbors like Pakistan, even the largest armies lose. Such was the case in Vietnam.

The likelihood for real change in foreign policy has been mirrored by equal despair in the realm of healthcare. Based on the intransigence and hypocrisy of Congressional Republicans, and the failure of the Trump Administration to honestly and meaningfully grasp the policy details of healthcare, it appears as if the promise to repeal and replace Obamacare is now on life support, if not already dead on the table. It is starting to dawn on many Trump voters that effective deregulation and meaningful tax reform may vanish down the same rabbit hole.

It is become ever more probable that the United States will be left with increased government spending, ever greater public debts, and an expansion of identity politics and the welfare state. A stalling of enterprise, recession, and a fall in tax revenues may follow. America may resume the downward path carved by past Republican and Democrat politicians most markedly over the past half century.

If Government debt explodes, confidence in the U.S. economy and its dollar could fall, likely forcing interest rates to rise, possibly in the face of a recession. As hope for an enterprise revival fades, stock markets could stall and then fall dramatically.

But, currently, stock markets are heading for new highs, supported by oversize gains in biotech, transports and financials. Most likely these gains are based still on the blind hope that Republican and Democrat establishments will not succeed in sabotaging Trump’s goals, including the repatriation of up to $5 trillion of U.S. corporate earnings marooned overseas, and cuts to the U.S. corporate income tax rates that would make U.S. corporations more competitive globally. If those initiatives disappear into the swamp, look for U.S. stocks to come under selling pressure. 

Investors should concentrate hard on determining whether current ascendency of the establishment represents a skirmishing success or a major trendsetting victory. Regardless, Trump will continue to face resistance from Republican establishment leaders until he shows more determination to root out swamp personnel from the White House and from within his Administration.

Should Trump fail, Americans in his power base will feel betrayed, seriously disappointed and may take matters increasingly into their own hands on the streets. People from all sides, including those of allied nations, should fear such an outcome that now is poised menacingly to cast a dark and lasting shadow over America.

History shows that when the people hold their established politicians in open contempt and fight each other not with words in parliaments but with fists and weapons on the streets, as they did in the French and Russian Revolutions and in Weimar Germany, the results threaten democracy. Amazing as it may seem, this worrying specter now faces the United States.

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WOW! #FakeNews Media Refuses to Show MASSIVE CROWD OF SCREAMING SUPPORTERS Greeting Trumps in Texas (MUST SEE VIDEO)


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:


Charlie Spiering posted this photo today in Texas.

The protesters started screaming, “USA! USA!…” when the president and First Lady arrived.


Via Right Side Broadcasting Network:

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A Tale of Two Worlds — Much of Houston Underwater


by Harley Schlanger, Rogue Money:

Trump said at his news conference today, “You’re going to get your funding.” He expects the formal request for emergency funding for Harvey victims to come soon. Meantime, FEMA spokeswoman Stephanie Moffett says, expenses from dealing with Harvey’s destruction are “quickly drawing down the remaining balance” in FEMA’s disaster-relief fund, which earlier today stood at $3.3 billion. (See separate item, on FEMA, National Guard, and other mobilization).

Some of the Congressional dead-heads are still balking, even some from Texas. Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, today reverted to his johnny-one-note venality, hinting that in order to help the Gulf Coast, Federal budget cuts can be found to offset it, “from lower-priority spending.”

In dollar terms, the sensible range of costs to rebuild after the storm, start at $100 billion, considering the need for completely restoring transportation, housing, power, food distribution, safe water and sanitation, factories, and farming.

Plus, it’s long overdue to build the infrastructure to protect against the vulnerability of the entire Gulf Coast to hurricanes and fierce storms. What Rep. Culberson said of this today on Bloomberg is completely false, that, “No one could have ever predicted or expected a catastrophe of this magnitude to descend on the Houston area.”

In reality, Texas, itself, is host to research specialists studying the mid-latitude storm patterns. Plus, only last year came the inundation of Houston in the huge “Tax Day Flood,” which hit in mid-April, 2016. This was a foretaste for Harvey.

Take a quick look at the infrastructure history of the region, centered on the San Jacinto and Brazos river systems. This is the location of the greater Houston area, which is barely 50 feet above sea level, and prone to flooding. As of 1940, a flood-protection plan was devised for Houston, which involved a couple dams, and systems of drainage channels, levees, and other structures, to manage and divert flood run-off away from heavily settled areas. Right after WW II, the Barker Dam was built (1945) and the Addicks Dam (1948), whose reservoirs hold back high run-off, for calculated release, when flooding recedes. Following this initial construction, no radical updates were made over the decades in the Houston area, in the Harris County Flood Control District.

Fast forward to the present catastrophe, and the lack of protective structures and systems is clear. The problem is not the two dams as such—they are 20 years over their engineering life span, but have been strengthened. At present, water is being released from their reservoirs, because they are overflowing with the epic rainfall and run-off.

The problem is that new, larger diversion and water-management systems were not put in place over the years. Doing so is a unique challenge, but there are examples of super-challenges that have been met in other parts of the world.

Look at Tokyo, another populous area, practically at sea level, and prone to epic flooding. From 1992 to 2006, gigantic underground silos were built outside Tokyo, to handle flood waters, in what is called the “Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel.” This is the largest water diversion, and holding tank system in the world. It consists of five concrete containment chambers. Tokyo is prone to deluge from simultaneous rains, run-off from inland slopes, and sea surge. When safe, enormous pumps lift the water out of the underground storage complex.

The Harris County Flood Control District has even been short of minimal maintenance funds. Earlier this month, its Director of Operations, Matt Zeve, told the Houston Chronicle that the District had a $100 million maintenance backlog.

A Tale of Two Worlds by LaRouchePAC August 29, 2017

As Charles Dickens wrote in A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”

Today it is not two cities, but two visions of the future of mankind, and of the fundamental nature of man.

The world is watching the devastation in Houston — a natural disaster, of course, but one which found a “little people” (as Schiller said of the French population at the time of Dickens’s tale), who have allowed the nation’s infrastructure to decay to the point of collapse. Houston is notoriously unprepared to deal with flooding during even annual storms, let alone hurricanes or the current 1,000-year flood. Already in 2012, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the city a C- on its “report card” regarding flood control. The two primary flood control dams for Houston, both on the verge of overflow or even collapse in the current storm, were built in the 1940s and are 20 years past their life expectancy.

But Houston is no different than essentially every part of these United States. Our greatest city, New York, is undergoing a general breakdown in transportation, sanitation, water, and more — a reality addressed on Aug. 26 at a Schiller Institute forum in Manhattan. The infrastructure deficit has created powder kegs across the nation, only needing a spark to set them off, as we saw with Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, with superstorm Sandy in New York City, or with the drought in the Southwest.

On the other hand, the “spring of hope” vision of the world is becomming a reality, as the New Silk Road is bringing large- scale infrastructure across Asia, Africa, and Ibero-America, infrastructure which was denied them throughout the colonial and post-colonial eras. In particular, two of the Great Projects proposed by Lyndon LaRouche over the past decades — the Kra Canal in southern Thailand, and the replenishing of the nearly- depleted Lake Chad in Africa through diversion of water from the Congo — are now close to realization. These projects have been fiercely opposed by the former colonial powers, and are still opposed in the West under the fraudulent guise of environmental damage and unprofitability. In both of these Great Projects, the role of China’s Belt and Road Initiative is the central driving force, viewing mankind not as subjects of an oligarchy, but as the reason for the existence of governments.

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No end To Coverups


by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

Craig Roberts (yes, there are two of us) is a former US Marine and a 27-year veteran of the Tulsa, Oklahoma, police force. He is a capable and committed person. Since 1989 he has written 13 books. His latest, just published, Medusa File II, consists essentially of his volumnious files of the investigation of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19th, 1995, known as “the Oklahoma City Bombing.”

The FBI, appreciative of Roberts’ capabilities, requested his service in the investigation. As officially part of the investigation, he took the investigation seriously. The investigation proceeded rapidly, developing many leads. Numerous witnesses saw Timothy McVeigh with many dark complexioned men prior to and just after the bombing. Leads were also developed to militias in Elohim City, to the German, Strassmeir, and others.

Before any of these leads could be developed, the investigation was taken over by President Bill Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno. Once Washington took over, the investigation stopped. In its place was Washington’s theory that it was Tim McVeigh’s lonely protest. The volumnious evidence of McVeigh’s accomplices or controllers, as might have been the case, was in the way of the official story that imposed itself on the investigation. Many people resisted the coverup that descended on the case, including local journalists who eventually lost their jobs or moved on.

Roberts stuck it out to the end. So did black Oklahoma City Police sgt. Terrance Yeakey. For resisting the official story Yeakey paid with his life. Roberts provides the reasons he believes Yeakey had definitive evidence that the official story was a coverup. The OCPD was called off once the official story was in place, but Yeakey wouldn’t quit and became a problem. The official OCPD report says it was suicide, but Roberts recognizes homicide when he sees it. There was no autopsy and the police refused to release the police report to Yeakey’s family. Being black, they had little recourse. Remaining skeptics were dismissed as “conspiracy theorists,” and that was the end of the case.

One of the striking details that Roberts provides is that in the immediate aftermath of the bombing with rescue workers removing dead and wounded from the rubble, numerous federal agents appeared, ordered the rescue workers out of the building on the grounds that there were still unexploded bombs in the building. Then with the trapped still under the rubble, all rescue efforts halted until the federal agents had removed file cabinets from the building. Roberts speculates that the cabinets contained the files of the Mena drug running operation that many believe involved Arkansas governor Bill Clinton, and that President Clinton and Janet Reno didn’t want these files to see the light of day.

For an official explanation of the case that relies solely on McVeigh’s “truck bomb,” the federal agents’ statement that unexploded bombs remained in the building is a conundrum. If there were unexploded bombs remaining in the building, how could it be that McVeigh was the lone wolf perpetrator? It reminded me of General Benton Partin, a US Air Force explosive expert, who produced a detailed report proving that the Murrah building blew up from the inside out, not from the outside in. Of course, by the time Gen. Partin got his study completed, the fix was in, and there was to be no challenge to, or reconsidering of, the official cover story.

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Venezuela: “You Have the Overwhelming Support of the Peoples of the World”. Open Letter to President Nicolas Maduro


by Peter Koenig, Global Research:

Dear Mr. President Maduro,

You have the overwhelming support of the peoples of the world.

On 25 August President Trump signed an executive order slapping Venezuela with the most sweeping economic sanctions ever. They practically paralyze Venezuela, threaten to plunge her into famine. It’s an economic coup of the worst kind. It’s outright financial warfare. For all those western nations for which such unilateral actions by the Zionist-led Washington regime has become the new normal – it is one of the highest criminal assaults a nation can impose on another nation.

To be sure, this is an act of highest treason of international law. It is a war crime, as it endangers and threatens the lives of the Venezuelan people. Furthermore, Donald Trump, has the impunity to threaten Venezuela with an overt US military invasion. ‘Overt’ – because military and secret services, i.e. CIA personnel and their proxies, trained, funded and armed, are already for years fomenting unrest and death in the streets of Caracas and elsewhere in the country.

Justifying the measures, the White House said,

 “[they] are carefully calibrated to deny the Maduro dictatorship a critical source of financing to maintain its illegitimate rule.” The subsequent statement by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin explains literally that these sanctions are aiming at ‘choking’ Venezuela into submission; however, that “exceptions will be made for a 30-day phase-in period and for certain transactions between the US and Venezuela, including petroleum exports and imports involving Citgo, PDVSA’s American unit, as well as financing for humanitarian efforts.”

How ‘human’ can Mr. Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs partner – still be called? How human is the entire Trump military entourage? How much humanity do such people have left? Three generals are calling the shots on Trump’s presidency. How more proof is needed for the world to see that Washington is run by the Pentagon – is a pure military-police state, with the populace stripped of 95{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of their civil and human rights – by ever enhanced successive versions of the Patriot Act and related legislation? Humanity at its worst.

The venom and evil of our western society never stops to amaze me. How did we get here? The beginning may date back some 5000 years. But that’s a different story. We are living now, and have to eradicate this egocentric, blood-thirsty pathological greed society, greed economy, NOW – meaning now to spare as many lives as possible.  

Trump’s stated reason for slamming Venezuela with sanctions – of course a lie, like everything coming out of Washington – is the recent popular vote for a National Constituent Assembly – ANC – Asamblea Nacional Constituyente. It’s the utmost form of democracy – a National Assembly voted by the people. The opposition which vigorously boycotted the July 30, 2017 vote, are now complaining of having no seats on the ANC. Of course not. They presented no candidates.

According to both Jimmy Carter, former US President and head of the Carter Institute on monitoring international elections, as well as Noam Chomsky, MIT Professor of Linguistics and reputed scholar of geopolitics, Venezuela has the most thorough democracy in the Americas and arguably in the world. Obviously, this does not please the world’s Dictator – cum – Assassin-in-chief, the United States of America.

The largest tyrant in the world calls for atrocious ‘suffocating’ killer sanctions on a sovereign, oil- and gas rich nation in “Washington’s backyard”, under the pretext that it has gone from democracy to dictatorship which the tyranny of the north cannot tolerate, but in a gesture of generosity it grants Venezuela temporary ‘humanitarian’ relieve. What a sham!

The Trump administration, or any of his predecessors, couldn’t give a hoot about democracy and human rights in any of the countries they want to dominate. Quite to the contrary, what they want is installing chaos to be able to exploit the country’s natural resources; and that is what they consistently do. In the case of Venezuela – the world’s richest nation in hydrocarbon reserves – the objective is to retake the riches and put them back to where they were before President Chavez took over in 1998, namely under firm control of US petrol giants.

Venezuela will never tolerate this.

Curiously, it looks like Trump has been dictated to adopt a new doctrine of ‘the loots of war’. His recent declaration of increasing troops in Afghanistan – without time limit – clearly has to do with the mineral riches of that central Asian country, copper, cobalt, iron, barite, sulfur, lithium, lead, silver, zinc, niobium, and an estimated 1.4 million metric tons of rare-earth elements (REEs). The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) estimates the total resources in the Afghan grounds in excess of US$ 1 trillion. Never mind that the US has already spent between US$ 1 and 2 trillion in the 16 years of illegal war in Afghanistan, resulting in massive killings, in tens of thousands of deaths.

In the case of North Korea, it’s iron ore, the US wants, plus, of course, strategic access to China and Russia. In Syria, it’s the infamous Qatari pipeline that would allow western petro-giants shipping trillions worth of oil and gas to Europe to the detriment of Russian’s European gas contracts. Bashar al Assadhas refused the pipeline ever since the CIA approached him in 2008, and so did his father already in the early 2000s. This refusal sealed Syria’s fate. In Venezuela, the intended theft is, of course, oil and gas.

It is of little importance that Trump is contradicting himself royally. His adamant and firm pre-election promises – no longer interference in far-away countries, no longer creating ‘democracies’ US style; in the future, the US will respect other countries’ lifestyle. “We will no longer use our force in foreign lands – these days are now over”.

Wonderful. Maybe he meant it. Like perhaps he really meant making peace with Russia. This is most likely the reason why he was elected. But, would Trump be so naïve, not to know that the military industrial complex wants – no, NEEDS war? This diabolical lot wants natural resources for eternal wars.

The vast majority of people want peace not war. They want to respect Venezuela’s sovereign democracy – not interfere with it. It’s their fascist puppet leaders (sic-sic) and those who make up the Latin American regional organizations that feel obliged to submit to the demands of the naked emperor.

The extractive industry, hydrocarbons, minerals has skyrocketed exponentially since the ascent of neoliberalism in the eighties like never before in modern history. The reasons are wars and conflicts. It is estimated that today almost two thirds of the plunders of worldwide extractive industries – an unspeakable calamity to human health, local communities and the environment – goes to the international military industrial complex, with the forerunner, the US of A.


The new sanctions on Venezuela have become “common staple”, for all those vassals around the western globe, who for some obscure reason – for fear or for earning kudos? – bend over backwards to lick President Trump’s boots. Donald Trump, the megalo-psychopath, is a mere caricature of the American electorate. Trump’s opinion and policies dance in the wind as only an immature master can muster. Hence, the world is kept confused and on her toes, never quite sure when another bomb shell will be dropped.

Dear Mr. Maduro, this act of war can only be committed by the United States of America, because it commands our western dollar-based totally fraudulent, privately run, debt and usury based, monetary system – for profit of the FED and Wall Street banksters. Period. The western world is still enslaved to it – though on a steadily declining scale, but still not free. The east, Russia, China and the entire Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is rapidly detaching themselves from the dollar hegemony.

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DNC lawyers admit that last year’s primaries were rigged, validating that your votes are meaningless as they are a corporate entity


by Kenneth Schortgen, The Daily Economist:

Last week a Federal judge threw out a case against the Democratic National Convention (DNC) citing that because the institution is a corporate entity, they have the legal right to rig or fix their primary election processes as they see fit.

In fact during the trial, DNC lawyers did not even dispute this assertion but validated it as the primary selection process could be rigged in any fashion they saw fit to result in the candidate they felt was best equipped to win the general election.

Amazingly, the DNC’s attorneys never bothered refuting the lawsuit’s claim that the primary process was biased against Clinton’s rival, Bernie Sanders. 

Instead, they argued that the DNC has a right to conduct primaries however it chooses, and, furthermore, that Sanders supporters knew the primaries were rigged, therefore relieving the DNC of any responsibility it might’ve had. 

Here’s more from the New York Observer

“DNC attorneys claim Article V, Section 4 of the DNC Charter—stipulating that the DNC chair and their staff must ensure neutrality in the Democratic presidential primaries—is “a discretionary rule that it didn’t need to adopt to begin with.” Based on this assumption, DNC attorneys assert that the court cannot interpret, claim, or rule on anything associated with whether the DNC remains neutral in their presidential primaries.” – Zerohedge

And now you know why corporations control the government (Fascism), and voters have little if any say in the selection of candidates outside of the general election.  It is also why the High Court has ruled that corporations have the same rights as individuals, and corporate PACS can spend as much money as they want on candidates where the common person is limited in how much they can donate.

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BREAKING: DNC Fraud Lawsuit Dismissed


by Elizabeth Vos, Disobedient Media:

After months of litigation, The DNC Fraud Lawsuit has been dismissed by Judge Zloch. Lawyers Jared and Elizabeth Beck have long cited deep corruption of the judicial system as a potential reason for the suit’s dismissal. The ruling comes as a blow to many former Bernie Sanders supporters who had hoped that the suit would address what many view as deeply seated corruption in the Democratic party establishment.

In his ruling, Judge Zloch wrote that the plaintiffs had failed to prove their injury, calling it “too diffuse” for Federal court. Despite the dismissal, Zloch did state that the court assumed the basic claim made by the plaintiffs to have been true; that the DNC acted against Bernie Sanders and in favor of Hillary Clinton despite outward claims of neutrality.

Disobedient Media has provided coverage on the case during the last few months, including statements made by the Becks which indicated deep concern after the death of their process server Shawn Lucas. The case took an ominous turn after the Beck’s offices received a series of disturbing calls, one of which was traced to a number matching Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office in Aventura. A motion seeking legal protection for the Becks, those associated with the case and their plaintiffs was later dismissed.

This dismissal comes amidst increasingly turbulent scandal surrounding former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her involvement with Imran Awan, an IT staffer for leading Democrats, who was arrested while attempting to flee the country for Pakistan. Fox News also connected the Awan brothers scandal to the DNC fraud lawsuit when they aired allegations that the Awans may have participated in the voice-modulated call made from Shultz’ office to the Becks.

There had been some speculation that the potential for discovery in the DNC lawsuit could have revealed damaging information beyond the issue of Bernie Sanders having been cheated out of the nomination during the Democratic primary last year. Many have argued that the case had the potential to shed light on the death of Seth Rich, and possibly disprove the Russian hacking narrative if the case had gone forward.  

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DC Council Member Wants Police to Investigate Pro-Trump Flyers


by Amber Randall, The Daily Caller:

A Washington, D.C. council member urged his constituents Friday to report “xenophobic” flyers declaring “build the wall” to the police department.

Residents from Ward 4 have said that posters focused on illegal immigration and building the wall have cropped up around the area, the DCist reports. Council member Brandon Todd has told residents to call 911 if they are handed one of the flyers.

“Xenophobic and hostile flyers in Ward 4 will not be tolerated,” Todd wrote in a Facebook post. “All residents, regardless of background, deserve to feel safe in their community. If you receive one of these hateful flyers, call the Metropolitan Police Dept. at 911 immediately. I will remain in close contact with 4D Commander and Police Chief. Ward 4 must and will remain welcoming to all.”

One of the posters features Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg with “Even RBG backs the ban. Build the wall,” emblazoned over her face, while another urges people to “Report illegal aliens to DHS or ICE” and tells the story of a man who allegedly sexually assaulted an elderly lady after being deported more than 20 times. Another poster has Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s face on the still image from “Debbie Does Dallas,” a 70’s porn movie. This poster features the phrase “Debbie Does Pakistan.”

At the top corner of the posters features a logo of sorts: the phrase the “D.C. Counter Resistance,” along with two ovals intertwined over a black background.

A Metropolitan Police Department spokeswoman said it doesn’t seem that any laws are being broken by the posters.

“Typically when something like this happens, technically the law hasn’t been broken,” MPD spokeswoman Rachel Reid said. “But we’ll generally patrol that area more often and make our presence known to make sure the public feels safe.”

Ward 5 also dealt with a series of flyers last June that told “white Americans” to report illegal aliens because they are criminals.

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by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

In the United States, facts, an important element of truth, are not important. They are not important in the media, politics, universities, historical explanations, or the courtroom. Non-factual explanations of the collapse of three World Trade Center buildings are served up as the official explanation. Facts have been politicized, emotionalized, weaponized and simply ignored. As David Irving has shown, Anglo-American histories of World War 2 are, for the most part, feel-good histories, as are “civil war” histories as Thomas DiLorenzo and others have demonstrated. Of course, they are feel good only for the victors. Their emotional purpose means that inconvenient facts are unpalatable and ignored.

Writing the truth is no way to succeed as an author. Only a small percentage of readers are interested in the truth. Most want their biases or brainwashing vindicated. They want to read what they already believe. It is comforting, reassuring. When their ignorance is confronted, they become angry. The way to be successful as a writer is to pick a group and give them what they want. There is always a market for romance novels and for histories that uphold a country’s myths. On the Internet successful sites are those that play to one ideology or another, to one emotion or the other, or to one interest group or another. The single rule for success is to confine truth to what the readership group you serve believes.

Keep this in mind when you receive shortly my September quarterly request for your support of this website. There are not many like it. This site does not represent an interest group, an ideology, a hate group, an ethnic group or any cause other than truth. This is not to say that this site is proof against error. It is only to say that truth is its purpose.

Karl Marx said that there were only class truths. Today we have a large variety of truths: truths for feminists, truths for blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, homosexuals, transgendered, truths for the foreign policy community that serves the military/security complex, truths for the neocons, truths for the One Percent that control the economy and the economists who serve them, truths for “white supremacists,” itself a truth term for their opponents. You can add to the list. The “truth” in these “truths” is that they are self-serving of the group that expresses them. Their actual relation to truth is of no consequence to those espousing the “truths.”

Woe to you if you don’t go along with someone’s or some group’s truth. Not even famous film-maker Oliver Stone is immune. Recently, Stone expressed his frustration with the “False Flag War Against Russia.” Little doubt that Stone is frustrated with taunts and accusations from completely ignorant media talking heads in response to his documentary, Putin, based on many hours of interviews over two years. Stone came under fire, because instead of demonizing Putin and Russia, thus confirming the official story, he showed us glimpses of the truth.

The organization, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, published a report that completely destroyed the false accusations about Trump/Russian hacking of the US presidential election. The Nation published an objective article about the report and was assaulted by writers, contributors, and readers for publishing information that weakens the case, which the liberal/progressive/left in conjunction with the military/security complex, is orchestrating against Trump. The magazine’s audience felt that the magazine had an obligation not to truth but to getting Trump out of office. Reportedly, the editor is considering whether to recall the article.

So here we have left-leaning Oliver Stone and leftwing magazine, The Nation, under fire for making information available that is out of step with the self-serving “truth” to which the liberal/progressive/left and their ally, the military/security complex, are committed.

When a country has a population among whom thare are no truths except group-specific truths, the country is so divided as to be over and done with. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” The white liberal/progressive/left leaders of divisive Identity Politics have little, if any, comprehension of where the movement they think they lead is headed. At the moment the hate is focused on the “alt-right,” which has become “white nationalists,” which has become “white supremacists.” These “white supremacists” have become epitomized by statues of Confederate soldiers and generals. All over the South, if local governments are not removing the statues, violent crazed thugs consumed by hate attempt to destroy them. In New Orleans someone with money bused in thugs from outside flying banners that apparently are derived from a communist flag to confront locals protesting the departure of their history down the Orwellian Memory Hole.

What happens when all the monuments are gone? Where does the hate turn next? Once non-whites are taught to hate whites, not even self-hating whites are safe. How do those taught hate tell a good white from a bad white? They can’t and they won’t. By definition by Identity Politics, whites, for now white heterosexual males, are the vicimizers and everyone else is their victim. The absurdity of this concept is apparent, yet the concept is unshaken by its absurdity. White heterosexual males are the only ones without the privilege of quotas. They and only they can be put at the back of the bus for university admissions, employment, promotion, and only their speech is regulated. They, and only they, can be fired for using “gender specific terms,” for using race specific terms, for unknowingly offending some preferred group member by using a word that is no longer permissible. They can be called every name in the book, beginning with racist, misogynist, and escalating, and no one is punished for the offense.

Recently, a professor in the business school of a major university told me that he used the word, girls, in a marketing discussion. A young womyn was offended. The result was he received a dressing down from the dean. Another professor told me that at his university there was a growing list of blacklisted words. It wasn’t clear whether the list was official or unofficial, simply professors trying to stay up with Identiy Politics and avoid words that could lead to their dismissal. Power, they tell me, is elsewhere than in the white male, the true victimized class.

For years commentators have recognized the shrinking arena of free speech in the United States. Any speech that offends anyone but a white male can be curtailed by punishment. Recently, John Whitehead, constitutional attorney who heads the Rutherford Institute, wrote that it is now dangerous just to defend free speech. Reference to the First Amendment suffices to bring denunciation and threats of violence. Ron Unz notes that any website that can be demonized as “controversial” can find itself disappeared by Internet companies and PayPal. They simply terminate free speech by cutting off service.

It must be difficult to teach some subjects, such as the “civil war” for example. How would it be possible to describe the actual facts? For example, for decades prior to the Union’s invasion of the Confederacy North/South political conflict was over tariffs, not over slavery.

The fight over which new states created from former “Indian” territories would be “slave” and which “free” was a fight over keeping the protectionist (North) vs. free trade (South) balance in Congress equal so that the budding industrial north could not impose a tariff regime. Two days before Lincoln’s inaugural address, a stiff tariff was signed into law. That same day in an effort to have the South accept the tariff and remain in or return to the Union—some southern states had seceded, some had not—Congress passed the Corwin amendment that provided constitutional protection to slavery. The amendment prohibited the federal government from abolishing slavery.

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YOU TUBE JUMPS THE SHARK: “Economically Censors” Ron Paul, Labels Videos “Not Suitable” For All Advertisers

from Zero Hedge:

Former US Congressman Ron Paul has joined a growing list of independent political journalists and commentators who’re being economically punished by YouTube despite producing videos that routinely receive hundreds of thousands of views.

In a tweet published Saturday, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange tweeted a screenshot of Paul’s “Liberty Report” page showing that his videos had been labeled “not suitable” for all advertisers by YouTube’s content arbiters.

Assange claims that Paul was being punished for speaking out about President Donald Trump’s decision to increase the number of US troops in Afghanistan, after Paul published a video on the subject earlier this week.

The notion that YouTube would want to economically punish a former US Congressman for sharing his views on US foreign policy – a topic that he is unequivocally qualified to speak about – is absurd. Furthermore, the “review requested” marking on one of Paul’s videos reveals that they were initially flagged by users before YouTube’s moderators confirmed that the videos were unsuitable for a broad audience.


Other political commentators who’ve been censored by YouTube include Paul Joseph Watson and Tim Black – both ostensibly for sharing political views that differ from the mainstream neo-liberal ideology favored by the Silicon Valley elite.

Last week, Google – another Alphabet Inc. company – briefly banned Salil Mehta, an adjunct professor at Columbia and Georgetown who teaches probability and data science, from using its service, freezing his accounts without providing an explanation. He was later allowed to return to the service.

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Tearing Down Statues: How Everything Could and Is Going Wrong in the US Empire… And How To Fix It


by Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante:

A nexus of social narratives are all colliding in the US right now… And the result is bizarre to watch.

Even the maker of the movie, Idiocracy, commented on how his movie seems to have become our current reality rather than a schlock fiction movie.

In real life we now have black people who were never slaves fighting white people who were never Nazis over a confederate statue erected by democrats and blaming it all on Trump.

Where to begin?

It doesn’t hurt to start with government “education” which is now graduating people as adults who can barely read. Those adults then can’t get a job because government regulations have destroyed most of the economy and the communist style central planning agency, the Federal Reserve, has destroyed the remainder.

So, they now go into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt to get a worthless piece of paper and waste 4 to 8 years of their lives to learn nothing.

Well, I shouldn’t say “nothing”. They get mostly indoctrinated into socialist/communist, anti-capitalist beliefs and a twisted view of “equality.”

Being dumbed down from fluoride in the water and an onslaught of propaganda on television programming they then lash out at the current system which they think is capitalist… But is almost completely communist now, for the ills of society.

And, not being too bright, they think that tearing down a few statues should fix things!

Yes, burning books, tearing down statues and fighting against free speech… That always has good results.

They’d know where this all heads if they had any understanding of history. But, after 12 years of government indoctrination camps and 4-8 more years of socialist training they can barely write their name much less understand what is currently going on.

The great majority of them don’t even realize that the civil war had absolutely nothing to do with slavery.

It had everything to do with fascism… And the mostly socialist/communist students now cheer for the leader of the fascists… Abraham Lincoln.

If you doubt what Lincoln was all about you just have to look at what his two hands are placed on at the Lincoln Memorial.

Those are fasces. And the civil war was all about keeping the southern states from escaping from the fascist federal government… and killing hundreds of thousands of people in the process.

Those same fasces are also in Congress. But no one seems to notice, nobody seems to care.

True “anti-fascists” should be tearing down the Lincoln Memorial and Congress… but they have been so hopelessly brainwashed and misinformed that they have no clue that the real enemy is in Washington, District of Criminals.

Instead, Americans fight amongst themselves. The left versus the right. Black versus white.

Neither of them realizes there is only one true enemy: the US federal government.

That’s why many of these protests and riots are surreptitiously funded by the government using agent provocateurs to try to keep the people fighting each other and not fighting the entity that actually has every person in America enslaved today.

Slavery in the 1800s was for a small amount of people. But, after Lincoln’s fascist takeover every single person has been enslaved. Yet, they think they are free.

It’s the book 1984 mixed with Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. A dumbed down, drugged up, brainwashed population marching the US towards complete tyranny.

That’s why they roll out George Bush, to make people beg for Barack Obama. Then they roll out Donald Trump when people beg for someone to stop Obama.

Yet, nothing changes, at all.

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