Monday, May 27, 2019

ECONOMIC WAR w/ China ACCELERATES: “We Understand The Chinese Government Has Halted Purchases Of US Treasuries”


from Zero Hedge:

On Friday, we reported that among the five “nuclear” options available to Beijing to retaliate against Trump’s latest $100BN in proposed import tariffs, was the choice whether to sell US Treasuries. But what if Beijing did not want to unleash a full-blown market nuke, and instead was hoping for a targeted, EMP hit?

Then it would simply stop buying US paper, instead of dumping it outright; in the process it wouldn’t hurt the US too much – avoiding a furious tit-for-tat response – but would still send a clear signal to the White House, whose fiscal spending plan will more than double net Treasury issuance this year from under $500BN to over $1 trillion, and which needs every possible marginal buyer of US paper, both domestic and foreign.

Another Mighty Conundrum

by James Howard Kunstler, Kunstler:

The sanctuary city movement, and all its baggage, terminates in one troublesome idea: that the USA should have open borders and that anyone from a foreign land who manages to get here by whatever means is home-free-all. The most recent Democratic nominee for president said just the other day that she dreamed of open borders. The much-abused word dream has been at the center of our discourse about immigration, a purposefully sentimental manipulation of language for a culture struggling to ascertain the boundaries of reality in an era of universal wishful thinking.

Anyone who listens to National Public Radio, for instance, may notice the care they take to keep the boundary as fuzzy as possible vis-à-vis the status of people here from other lands. “Undocumented” has been the favorite trope, a dodge that implies that the people in question are victims of a clerical error — someone over in the Document Division forgot to hand them the right paperwork. Or else they are all simply labeled “immigrants,” leaving out the question of whether they are in the country legally or not. Do not suppose it is mere sloppiness.

Illinois Enters Its Death Spiral

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:

When an entity needs to borrow ever-greater amounts of money to survive, the markets – that is, the people who are being asked to lend the money – eventually rebel. This rebellion takes the form of rising interest rates as lenders demand a higher return to compensate for the extra risk, and falling credit scores as rating agencies are forced by the markets to face reality.

Then one of two things happens: Either the borrower gets its act together, finds the cash it needs internally and stops borrowing. Or the rising cost of new borrowing sends it into a death spiral that ends with some form of default, restructuring, or dissolution.

Illinois – and its basket case of a city Chicago – are deeply into this process and show no signs of pulling out. Both city and state need ridiculous and growing amounts of money to cover their ballooning pension obligations (which the courts won’t let them cut), and now have to pay rates that make a course correction mathematically impossible. Here’s the latest:

The First Question is Always Jurisdiction


by James Wesley Rawles, Survival Blog:

Earlier this month, I posted an article about the ATF’s recently-opened comment period on the planned Federal ban on bumpfire stocks. In it, I recommended that SurvivalBlog readers post their comments with the ATF, and I suggested several major areas that should be individually addressed:

Constitutional issues (Under the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 10th, and 14th Amendments!)
Imprecise Terminology
Agency Over-Reach (creating new legal definitions, bypassing congress)
Vague Wording
Technical and Historical Inaccuracies

These were all sound recommendations. However, SurvivalBlog Reader Richard T. reminded me that I had left out a fundamental law issue in my list of objections, namely: Jurisdiction. I suggest that folks study this issue because the implications go far beyond the attempted restriction of plastic rifle stocks. Jurisdictional challenges are apropos in any case where various levels of government have over-stepped their bounds.

Mueller’s History of Cover-Ups


by Kevin Ryan, Washington’s Blog:

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller has been in the news lately due to his inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections. After a 12-year stint leading the Bureau, the longest ever since J. Edgar Hoover, Mueller is now seen by many as an honest man serving the interest of the American public. However, that perception cannot be defended once one knows about Mueller’s past.

What some people don’t know about Mueller is that he has a long history of leading government investigations that were diversions or cover-ups. These include the investigation into the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, the investigation into the terrorist financing Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), and the FBI investigations into the crimes of September 11th, 2001. Today the public is beginning to realize that Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign is a similar diversion.

The Real Reason Why Trump Ordered the Military to the Border

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

If it were not for the election of President Trump, and his steadfast support of the Republic, the United States would be firmly in the midst of dissolution.

This article connects past documentation, previously provided on The Common Sense Show along with relevant current events. The combination of history and contemporary happenings paint a picture of a nation that is being attacked from within and from without. The United States faces the unusual historical position of being internationally undermined through the threat of World War III to the simultaneous existence of a well-orchestrated coup against the solidarity of the Union. In other words, there is a well-orchestrated coup underway against the sovereignty of the United States and the enemies of the Republic are apparent for all that have eyes to see.

Owners of FBI Seized Website Linked To Sex Crimes Donated To Democrats


from True Pundit:

On Friday, the U.S. government seized as part of a law enforcement action by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies after the site came under intense legal scrutiny for allegations of facilitating sex trafficking and underage prostitution.

The owners of the website have given tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats in recent years, including a Super PAC backed by House Minority

Leader Nancy Pelosi, the failed presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, Democratic candidate for governor in Arizona David Garcia, and the Arizona Democratic Party.


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

Yes, you read that headline entirely correctly. Not content to control every other aspect of your life, the proverbial “They” also want to control your diet, what you eat, and monitor whether or not your sticking to your diet by monitoring your poop. Consider it Mr. Globaloney’s version of a colonoscopy, only it will be a daily affair(found and shared by Mr. H.B.):

The end of food freedom? Future food services may control what you eat by stocking food prescribed by doctors via smart appliances

And in case you think I made up the headline and my opening summary of the latest “bright idea” to come from the technocracy, consider this: