Sunday, July 21, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious wealth could be explained by a Ponzi scheme

from True Pundit:

The mystery source of Jeffrey Epstein’s wealth could be buried in a 1980s fraud case resurfacing as the billionaire financier faces a slew of sex-trafficking charges.

For years, Epstein’s old boss, and former owner of The New York Post, Steven Hoffenberg, has claimed that Epstein was his accomplice in a Ponzi scheme Hoffenberg ran through his Towers Financial Corp.

CNN’s Cuomo: ‘Please Don’t Get Caught Up In The Intrigue Of Who Was Better Friends’ With Epstein – ‘Who Cares?’

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

CNN host Chris Cuomo begged his viewers to “please” not “get caught up in the intrigue of who was better friends” with Jeffrey Epstein and instead focus on how the case was “handled.”

“When we’re talking about Epstein, you got to stick to what is common sense on these things, all right?” Cuomo said on his show Wednesday night. “Don’t get buried in legalese, don’t follow the finger-pointing, and please don’t get caught up in the intrigue of who was better friends with this guy. Who cares? Let’s take a look at the facts of what we know about how it was handled. Okay? We are going to dissect them with one of the best investigators around. What was done that seems fine and what was fugazi.”

Jeffrey Epstein Indictment Unsealed: Are We Seeing The Power Elite Finally Come Down?

by Richard Enos, Collective Evolution:

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”–19th century clergyman Theodore Parker

Martin Luther King popularized the quotation above as it was emblematic of his fervent belief that in due time–and he recognized this time could be after he had passed away–true justice would prevail in the world. This notion also resonates with the world’s popular spiritual traditions, where many prophesy that a ‘day of judgment’ would eventually be upon us, a day that would signal the end of one human era and the beginning of another.

Meet The Madam: Epstein Arrest Casts Spotlight On Clinton-Linked Socialite

from ZeroHedge:

Following the arrest of pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein last Saturday, many outlets have turned their attention to his longtime confiante, socialite heiress Ghislaine Maxwell – who has been accused by three women of procuring and training young girls to perform massage and sexual acts on the 66-year-old registered sex offender and his associates.

Maxwell, 57, comes from money. Her father was publisher Robert Maxwell – who himself faced accusations of being a Mossad double (and possibly triple) agent and a “bad character” who was “almost certainly financed by Russia,” according to the British Foreign Office. Robert Maxwell died in 1991 when he fell from his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine – however the circumstances surrounding his demise have been rife with speculation (including that it was a Mossad assassination – a theory which attorney and longtime Epstein associate Alan Dershowitz slammed in a 2003 op-ed).

Rumors Swirling that One of Epstein’s Underage Prostitutes Has Provided Damaging Information on Epstein’s Friends and Accomplices!

by Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

The Internet is on fire!  Rumors are swirling that a girl who was once an underage prostitute for Jeffrey Epstein is now a government informant who is outing Epstein’s sick friends and accomplices.  Yes, this includes Bill Clinton.

(In the cover picture above, a young Rachel Chandler is reportedly on one of Jeffrey Epstein’s flights with former President Bill Clinton.)

Drone Footage of Epstein’s ‘Pedo Island’ Shows Weird Sun Dial, Mattresses Inside ‘Temple’ Building

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

See the video right here.

4k drone footage of Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘pedo island’ shows mattresses inside the ‘temple’ building as well as a weird sun dial surrounded by rocks.

Epstein was arrested last weekend on charges of sex trafficking of minors.

The billionaire bought his 75-acre island, Little St. James, for $7.95 million in 1998, though locals now refer to it as ‘orgy island’ or ‘pedo island’ following revelations that girls as young as 12 were trafficked there.

Human Trafficking Outpaces Drugs, Guns As World’s Fastest Growing Criminal Industry

from Humans Are Free:

Massachusetts and Rhode Island are two of several states that have established task forces to confront what has become the fastest growing criminal industry in the world — human trafficking

The smuggling of human beings for the purposes of forced labor and sexual exploitation outranks drug smuggling, and is tied with illegal arms sales, according to a United Nations study.

MASSIVE: Prosecutors Say Jeffrey Epstein Caught Witness Tampering, Sent $350,000 In Bribes

by Tom Pappert, Big League Politics:

Prosecutors say Jeffrey Epstein sent $350,000 in bribes to two possible co-conspirators days after a bombshell article was released.

New reports reveal prosecutors are accusing convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who is facing new charges relating to child trafficking, of bribing prosecutors and tampering with witnesses in the days after a bombshell story published by The Miami Herald last November.

Report: Jeffrey Epstein ‘Entered Partnership Worth Millions’ With Fmr Israeli PM Ehud Barak in 2015

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Former Israeli Prime Minister and former head of Israel’s Military Intelligence Directorate, Ehud Barak, entered into a “partnership worth millions” with Jeffrey Epstein in 2015.

From Haaretz, “Revealed: Jeffrey Epstein Entered Partnership Worth Millions With Ehud Barak in 2015”:

The American billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein, a registered sex offender who was arrested this week on new sex-trafficking charges involving underage girls, partnered with former Prime Minister Ehud Barak to invest in the former prime minister’s startup.

Comprehensive list of US political figures charged or convicted of sex crimes against minors


from Government Slaves:


Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was indicted on federal charges of structuring bank withdrawals after prosecutors alleged Hastert had molested at least four boys as young as 14 and attempted to compensate his victims and subsequently conceal the transactions. Hastert eventually admitted that he sexually abused the boys whom he had coached decades earlier, and was sentenced to fifteen months in prison.