Saturday, June 6, 2020

Jeffrey Epstein Pitched His Own Narrative and Mainstream Media Published It

from The Mind Unleashed:

As independent media journalists and outlets reporting on all things Jeffrey Epstein continue to find themselves under the microscope, some important revelations about mainstream media’s reporting of the convicted pedophile have come to light, thanks to the New York Times.

Barbara Walter’s Disturbing Response to Corey Feldman Exposing Hollywood Pedophilia

from Vigilant Citizen:

For years, Corey Feldman – who was a child actor in the 1980s – has been claiming that he was abused by important Hollywood figures. In 2014, he was invited on The View to discuss his past experiences in Hollywood. And Barbara Walters was not amused at all.

Indeed, when Feldman told Walters that the “richest, most powerful people in this business” were child abusers, she became visibly distraught.

Epstein is Dead, But His Legacy Will Be Inflicted On Us All

by Seth Ferris, New Eastern Outlook:

The alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein has become one of the few things the currently very divided US population can broadly agree on. Epstein and his network of friends were so high profile that this alleged sex predator is highly unlikely to have committed suicide. At the very least he was assisted, while someone intentionally turned a blind eye to protect others hiding in the proverbial shadows.

Even lawmakers on both sides of Congress have agreed to the need for an investigation, if only in the hope that it will cover themselves. This would involve not only the death but the “slap on the hand” lenient deal bargain brokered more than 10 years ago in the Miami Office of the US Attorney concerning previous cases of sexual abuse. What worms may turn up with a turn of a shovel are reported by the New York Magazine:.

Epstein cellmate claims guards threatened him, requests transfer

by Andrew West, Freedom OutPost:

The mystery surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death in a Manhattan jail may never be fully understood.

The accused child sex trafficker was found dead just days ago in one of the nation’s most secure correctional facilities, in an incident being labeled a “suicide” by those involved.  The declaration immediately piqued the interest of observers, however, who believe that the circumstances surrounding the death of the world’s most infamous inmate are suspicious at best, nefarious at worst.

Bill Gates Refuses to Comment on Why He Flew on ‘Lolita Express’ AFTER Epstein’s Felony Sex Conviction

by Shane Trejo, Big League Politics:

The globalist is tight-lipped about his connections to the Democrat-affiliated sex predator.

It was revealed last week that globalist Bill Gates flew on convicted sex predator Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” years after he pleaded guilty to soliciting underage prostitutes, and Gates refuses to comment on the matter.

Gates flew with Epstein four months after he was released from jail in 2009, and then flew with him again from New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport to Palm Beach in 2013. They were reportedly discussing philanthropic spending, but knowing Epstein’s seedy reputation as an exploiter of young women, much more could have been taking place during those flights.

Epstein’s Cellmate Told There Will be a “Price to Pay” if He Talks

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

Begs to be transferred to another jail.

Jeffrey Epstein’s former cellmate claims he was told there would be a “price to pay” if he talked about the sex trafficker’s alleged suicide and is begging to be transferred to another jail.

Ex-cop Nicholas Tartaglione shared a cell with Epstein during his first suicide attempt but the two were separated before Epstein hanged himself on August 10.

Epstein Used Network Of Shell Companies And Associates For Sex-Trafficking Ring, Lawsuits Claim

from ZeroHedge:

Jeffrey Epstein used his tangled web of shell companies as a “brazen and powerful organization” to operate a sex-trafficking ring, according to three new civil lawsuits filed against his $578 million estate.

The new litigation was filed against the estate, its executors and the shell companies themselves, asking for unspecified damages for medical and psychological expenses, trauma, humiliation and other injuries suffered as recently as 2017, according to Bloomberg.

The Most Senior Vatican Official Ever Convicted of Child Sexual Abuse Might Be Set Free Tomorrow

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:Tomorrow, it will be decided whether or not Cardinal George Pell’s guilty verdict will be appealed. If his appeal is successful, he will be let go and the charges of sexual abuse against children will be dropped.
  • Reflect On:Although awareness is being created, the most powerful people in the world and the authorities we turn to in order to stop these activities may also be implicated.

Flight Logs Prove Alleged Epstein Victim Linked to Prince Andrew

by Amy Furr, Breitbart:

Flight logs prove an alleged Epstein victim was in key locations where she claimed she met Prince Andrew, reports state.

The documents reportedly show that Virginia Roberts, who was 17-years-old at the time, was flown to London, New York, and the Caribbean in 2001, according to the Daily Mail.

Reports also state that the duke was in the area at the time of her alleged visits.