Friday, April 19, 2019

#PEDOGATE: FIGHTING Child Sex Trafficking in Tucson & Beyond — Craig Sawyer

from SGTreport2: *BACK UP channel*:

The mainstream media is reporting that the Tucson Police have found no evidence that an abandoned and hidden south side Tucson camp is linked to child sex trafficking, Craig ‘Sawman Sawyer’ the founder of tends to disagree with that assessment. Let’s review the facts.

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Court Records: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Father Worked For The NXIVM Sex Cult – She Took Money From Cult Member

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

The entire NXIVM sex cult is not only criminal but simply bizarre.  In all that we are learning about those involved and what they were doing, it’s come to light through court documents that US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D-NY) father worked for the NXIVM cult, and we know that Gillibrand took money from Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman, who is also charged in the case.

Press Blackout Requested by Jeffrey Epstein’s Attorney During “Orgy Island” Hearing

from Humans Are Free:

Attorney Alan Dershowitz has requested that media be banned from the Jeffery Epstein hearing to protect “sensitive information.”

The legal team for Attorney Alan Dershowitz has cautioned against press access to a hearing regarding his former client and associate, convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein – who was given a slap on the wrist in 2008 by then-US Attorney for southern Florida (and current Labor Secretary) Alex Acosta.

Open Borders-Promoting NGO Staff “Raped Children” While Working Abroad According To Report

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

Perhaps organizations such as Save the Children need to provide better scrutiny and accountability over those they choose to employee in their organization and investigate further the allegations of sexual assault on the very people they are claiming they are there to help seek prosecution.

One of the worst things one can do is to sexually assault little children, but it is becoming more and more commonplace, even to the point where thesame kind of marketing is being done in the US to refer to pedophiles as “minor-attracted persons” that was done in the 80s to make sodomites more palatable to society by calling them “gay.”  Non-governmental organizations, which promote open borders, now have staffers being accused of raping little children abroad while they are conducting non-profit work.

Facing Backlash, Mother Of Child Drag Queen Defends Porn Photo With 10-Year-Old Son


by John Vibes, DC Clothesline:

The internet went in up arms after a picture, which could be described as child pornography, was posted on an Instagram account of Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden, a 10-year-old Canadian drag queen, next to a naked transgender individual.

Internet Sleuths Discover Horrifying Film of ‘Rick and Morty’ Creator Pretending to Rape a Baby


by John Vibes, The Free Thought Project:

Dan Harmon has deleted his Twitter account after a deeply disturbing film of him pretending to rape a baby surfaced online.

Dan Harmon, creator of the popular Cartoon Network series Rick and Morty, deleted his Twitter account this week, after a disturbing sketch film that he recorded in 2009 surfaced online. The film was summarized as a parody of the Showtime hit “Dexter,” where a vigilante homicide detective hunts down and kills murderers, but the skit was just 5 minutes long and doesn’t leave much room for context.

In the video, Harmon introduces himself as the character “Daryl” a therapist who confesses to raping babies. If it was not explicitly stated in the caption that this was intended to be a “Dexter” parody, there would really be no way of knowing, as there is no clear connection with the show or its themes.

Trafficker of child sex-slaves admits to killing hundreds of children

from Fellowship Of The Minds:

Ross Kemp, 54, is an English actor, author and investigative journalist who has received international recognition as a journalist for the BAFTA Award-winning documentary series Ross Kemp on Gangs on modern gang culture in the UK and around the world. He followed this up with the documentaries Ross Kemp in AfghanistanRoss Kemp in Search of PiratesRoss Kemp: Battle for the Amazon and Ross Kemp: Extreme World.

Actor from Hit Disney Kid’s Show Arrested for Attempting to Have Sex with a Child


by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

A 48-year-old Disney Channel actor has been arrested in Utah after he was allegedly caught trying to lure a 13-year-old boy for sex.

Salt Lake City, UT — A 48-year-old Disney Channel actor has been arrested in Utah after he was allegedly caught trying to lure a 13-year-old boy for sex. Stoney Westmoreland starred as the grandfather, Henry “Ham” Mack on the Disney children’s series “Andy Mack”—a story about a young girl who is coming to age.

Not Just Catholics—Jehovah’s Witnesses Ordered to Pay $35 Million for Covering Up Child Sexual Abuse


by Jack Burns, The Free Thought Project:

A court found the Jehova’s Witnesses guilty of covering up child sexual abuse within the church, explicitly denying the involvement of police.

The ultra secretive church, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, have been ordered by a jury to pay $35 million dollars to the survivor of child sexual abuse. The church (better recognized in communities as the ones who always seem to knock on your doors) peddles the writings of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York. The jury determined the organization ordered Montana church leaders not to report child sexual abuse one of its members perpetrated against one of three young girls.