Tuesday, July 16, 2019


from SGTreport:

Liz Crokin returns to discuss the latest outrages including the pedo horrors of Oprah’s friend ‘John of God’ and the Moloch level of child sacrifice in New York state, known as 9th month abortions.

Do baby-murdering abortionists in New York get to choose HOW to EXECUTE live-birth infants, whether by knife, lethal injection, electric chair, or hanging?


by S.D. Wells, Natural News:

When criminals hit death row, they’re waiting for the day of their execution, when they will be exterminated for their crimes, and often a small crowd watches from an observatory. If you’re a newborn baby in New York, and your mommy decides you just might be a burden to her one day, it’s now legal for the doctor to exterminate you, and if that’s not sick and demented enough, there is no ruling on what style execution can be utilized in front of the small crowd that helped deliver the new breathing, thinking, feeling human being with a soul, into this world.

ANDREW BREITBART: The Man Who Knew Too Much

from SGTreport:

John Podesta resurfaced on CFR member Erin Burnett’s CNN show the other day. Skippy was gloating about the arrest of Roger Stone. And although CNN rolled out the red carpet for the Clinton insider who Andrew Breitbart alleged was a cover-upper for child sex traffickers, it was the comment section under CNN’s video where the cold hard truth was served.

After Bombshell Report, DOJ Investigating How Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Got Such A Lenient Sentence


by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

It’s interesting how those in positions of power always seem to be connected.  Following a bombshell series of reports from The Miami Herald, which we reported on late in 2018, which examined how disgraced New York financier Jeffrey Epstein got such a lenient sentence after he was convicted for soliciting an underage girl for prostitution.  Remember, this is the same guy that ran the “Lolita Express” to his “orgy island” with such names as Bill Clinton and actor Kevin Spacey participating.  He was also tied to the Clinton State Department and a child trafficking operation.

Senate Investigating Mueller FBI’s Prosecution Of “Orgy Island Billionaire” Jeffrey Epstein

from ZeroHedge:

Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced New York financier who served 13 months in prison for soliciting an underaged girl for prostitution, has served his time, and despite all of the negative press surrounding his “Lolita Express” and the many celebrities and politicians – including former President Bill Clinton and disgraced actor Kevin Spacey – who have reportedly traveled to his “orgy island”, he will likely live out his life as a free man (unless new offenses are committed).

But thanks to a series published by the Miami Herald last year that delved into how prosecutors worked with powerful defense attorneys to ensure Epstein received such a lenient sentence. The expose shed a light on the role played by Alex Acosta, who went on to become Trump’s Secretary of Labour, in handing down the light sentence. Acosta was the US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida at the time Epstein’s sentence was handed down.


by Virginia Kruta, The Daily Caller:

Republican Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse has launched an investigation into the Justice Department’s handling of the case against multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Following a series of three articles — published by the Miami Herald and titled “Perversion of Justice” — Sasse sent a letter to the DOJ in early December 2018 requesting an inquiry into the investigation and subsequent plea deal. That deal was negotiated in part by Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta, who was serving as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida at the time.

Judge Implicates Rothschild Family Partners In Elitist Sex Cult

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:Smallville actress Allison Mack, and others are being ‘protected’ by billionaire Clair Bronfman, a family that has close ties to the Rothschild family, in the form of a defense fund. A judge has ordered a full disclosure of all who are contributing.
  • Reflect On:How many examples need to come out of politics, Hollywood, the Vatican, etc. for this topic not to be conspiracy and to spark a full, open and transparent investigation? What are our ‘leaders’ and ‘role models’ actually engaged in?

339 Arrests, Nearly 50 Rescues In California Human Trafficking Sting

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

On Tuesday, law enforcement public servants announced that 339 people had been arrested in a three-day human trafficking sting in California.

“Operation Reclaim and Rebuild,” netted a total of 339 arrests, and rescued nearly 50 victims, including 14 minors.

KTLA reports:

Prosecutors Accuse Rothschild-Connected Billionaire of Protecting Child Trafficking Sex Cult

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

A New York Federal Judge is bringing in all the accused members of the sex trafficking cult after he found “issues” with a billionaire backed defense fund in their name.

As TFTP has previously reported, billionaire heiress Clare Bronfman was indicted on racketeering chargesin federal court in July. The indictment was connected to her involvement as Operations Director for the NXIVM sex cult which ensnared Smallville star Allison Mack as well. Now, prosecutors have come forward saying that this billionaire heir is protecting her fellow cronies with a massive amount of money in the form of a defense trust fund.

A Company That Will “Fill Your Veins With The Blood Of Young People” Has Opened 5 Clinics In The United States

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

If it would add a decade to your life, would you allow the blood of young people to be injected into your veins?  I understand that this may sound very strange to you, but the truth is that interest in this sort of “anti-aging therapy” has surged among the elite in recent years.  And now a company called Ambrosia has opened clinics in five major U.S. cities where you can actually have “youthful blood” injected directly into your veins.  But it isn’t cheap.  According to Jesse Karmazin, the founder of Ambrosia, having one liter of young blood injected into you will cost $8,000 and getting two liters of young blood will set you back $12,000

New York’s Gruesome, “To Term” Abortion Bill Will Now Allow Actual Baby Parts To Be Sold On Black Market

by Tony Elliott, DC Clothesline:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed into law the Reproductive Health Actwhich basically translates into giving a woman the right to an abortion all the way to term after nixing all the rhetoric included in the bill.

Many question why Cuomo and New York government officials would actually support such a ghoulish bill in the first place, not to mention be so gleeful at it becoming law. On the surface, it appears that Cuomo and NY government officials went to extremes in supporting women’s rights in allowing for what is essentially any woman’s right to have a “to term” abortion in that state.



from InfoWars:

Encourages ‘LGBTQ youth’ to ‘be themselves’

In the latest instance of pedophilia normalization, NBC released a fluff piece covering underage children crossdressing and exploring the LGBTQ community.

Desmond Is Amazing, the establishment’s 11-year-old poster child for pedophilia normalization, discusses his life as a “drag kid” living in New York City, and his relationship with the LGBTQ community.

Facing Backlash, Mother Of Child Drag Queen Defends Porn Photo With 10-Year-Old Son


by John Vibes, DC Clothesline:

The internet went in up arms after a picture, which could be described as child pornography, was posted on an Instagram account of Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden, a 10-year-old Canadian drag queen, next to a naked transgender individual.