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The Constitution: on Being a Citizen and Person

from BATR:

Governments have a rule they like to enforce. Defining the standards for citizenship is fundamental to the organization of society. The State has emerged as the final arbitrator for disputes, especially conflicts between the ‘person’, and the government. But is any person a citizen? The wording within the U.S. Constitution on this topic is clear and indisputable.

Amendment IV: Section 1 – “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.” From the outset, it should be obvious that persons who were not born and have not completed the naturalization process, are not considered to be a citizen. When arguments are offered up that the Constitution defines a person to include both natural and artificial persons, the courts have departed from the original meaning, and have greatly expanded their interpretation.

So you ask what are the differences among a person, persons and an artificial person or persons?  Well, to our surprise a person is: “in law, an individual or incorporated group having certain legal rights and responsibilities”. A natural person is a human being, while an artificial person is often a corporation. And the artificial version can be either a singular or plural person. Confused yet?

Well that is just the result that the legal system intends. Now the application of these distinctions becomes even more inconsistent. The Fourteenth Amendment has been held to mean that the phrase “no person” in the equal protection clause includes both natural and artificial persons; see 118 U.S. 394, 396. But the same term in the Fifth Amendment’s “privilege against self-incrimination” clause applies to only natural persons. It seems that the corporation does not have the personal privilege because it is an artificial person; see 201 U.S. 43.

Now go back and read again the first sentence of the Fourteenth Amendment, and consider its intent and meaning. Any reasonable ‘person’ will conclude that a citizen is an individual, born or naturalized. Right? What is interesting is that the artificial person or corporation, enjoys the advantage of the equal protection and due process of the government, but does not have the same responsibilities of the individual citizen.

We should not be surprised that the interests of money, influences the meaning of the law. That is basic human nature. But what is significant is how far we have come as a culture, in ignoring the idea of the ‘social contract’ that was central to nineteenth century classical liberalism. There are those who are avid to extend the terminology of ‘person’ to anyone who inhabits our shores. Legal or illegal aliens, fit their definition. Even foreign nationals that reside outside our borders, are deemed to be protected under our Constitution. At what point does the absurdity of the artificial incorporation meet the inclusion of the non-native person?

What is the significance of these rights and protections, that we hold dear; if they defy the meaning of language?  If a foreign national falls under the broadest viewpoint of interpreting the Constitution, why does the unborn not enjoy the same protection because of their inhabitancy within the confines of the womb? Is that border so foreign that it is excluded from the approved list for immigration?

Let’s bring some common sense back into the debate. The reason that governments enshroud citizenship on individuals, is to empower the jurisdiction of their laws over each ‘person’. Protecting rights of individuals, is seldom a consideration, but becomes a necessary inconvenience. For laws to be observed, more than force is required. People must accept the justification, fairness and agree that the codes are valid. When the law is allowed to defy reality, and substitutes inane distortions of meaning, we all suffer as part of the society.

By birth we do not choose our country of origin. That is a decision made by families and offen dictated by circumstances. But we all have the right to seek admission as an applicant to become a citizen of another country. Since the world is organized by governments, it is most difficult to renounce any citizenship, as a practical matter. Therefore, every government decides who they will consider and invite, to become a naturalized citizen. Some may object to this obstacle to free migration, but this is the reality of the modern world.

If the Constitutional status of ‘person’ was broadened to all inhabitants on this planet, our nation would no longer exist as an example for others to admire. So why are the powers that rule, so bent upon self implosion, with the rush to advance amnesty for illegal aliens?

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Dr Victor Chang – Delta Special Ops Psychopath


by Fiona Barnett,

In 1991, celebrated heart transplant surgeon Dr Victor Change was gunned down in a suburban Sydney gutter.  Rumors circulated of Chang’s involvement in the Triads (Asian gangs) and the organ transplant black market.  The press speculated whether Chang was being blackmailed, or whether his killing was a case of mistaken identity.  But what if there was another reason why he was assassinated like criminal scum?  What if Dr Victor Chang was Colonel Chan?

It was the surgical lines drawn on 12-year-old abduction, rape and murder victim Michelle, whose body was delivered to Colonel Chan at Holsworthy Army Base, that got Steve to thinking Chan was a surgeon.  Like all of my high profile perpetrators, Victor Chang graduated from Sydney University.  He closely associated with Australia’s VIP child traffickers, especially Kerry Packer.  He was a brilliant heart specialist with skills invaluable to the world of CIA mind control and secret military operations and projects.  His funeral was held at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney.

Victor Chang’s profile and voice match the sadistic psychopath I knew as ‘Colonel Chan’.  When ‘Chang’ is pronounced by someone with a Chinese accent, the ‘g’ seems silent – so it sounds like ‘Chan’ to a young child (see  Researcher Steve McMurray’s father was based at Holsworthy, and he recalled there being only one Asian soldier present at Holsworthy in the 1970s and 80s – and his name was ‘Chan’.  This suggests Victor Chang may have altered his name to disguise his identity, like many of my perpetrators did.

Colonel Chan was associated with Delta, the Australian Army’s special operations unit based at Holsworthy Army Barracks south of Sydney.  What I witnessed at Holsworthy resembles Josh Clarke’s description of the US Delta Forces (  Clarke said Delta Forces operate outside the traditional philosophies and practices of military life, wear civilian clothes, and work for whoever needs them, including the Army, FBI or CIA.  He noted that Mark Bowden interviewed several Delta Force operators for his book Blackhawk Down and described them as ‘professional soldiers who hate the Army’.  Clarke said the US government and military do not officially acknowledge the existence of Delta Force, yet vague references by the US government to the group’s existence have turned up in transcripts from Congressional hearings and biographies of high-ranking military leaders.

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Symbolic Pics of the Month 07/20

from Vigilant Citizen:

In this edition of SPOTM: Ennio Morricone, Lady Gaga, Bill Gates, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Vogue magazine in full propaganda mode.

The June edition of Vogue Portugal was dubbed “The Madness Issue” and it was very poorly received by readers who accused it of “glamorizing mental illness”. On this cover, a model is in some sort of mental institution as she is being bathed by stern-looking models. Vogue released several covers for this bad idea and all of them point in a specific direction: Occult mind control.

The Most Tightly Knit Pedophile Ring In The World! MUST SHARE!

from Red Pill Productions:

ED. NOTE: THE OMG MOMENT: 9:2010:15. That section was NEW news to me. ~SGT

In this world there are no coincidences when it comes to these sick individuals.

Drug-Fueled Gay Orgy in Pope Francis’ Backyard


from Daily Beast:
It all started with the usual complaints from disgruntled neighbors: funny smells, slamming doors, loud music, the sound of squeaky beds and laughter late into the night. In almost any other situation anywhere in the world, the angry neighbors would have confronted the noisy tenant, maybe left a mean note on the door or complained to the landlord and the matter would be settled.

But this particular dispute occurred in one of the most prestigious addresses in Rome, the so-called Ex Sant’Uffizio Palace, in the very apartment owned by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith where Joseph Ratzinger lived for decades before becoming Pope Benedict XVI. The palatial ochre-colored building is home to dozens of high-ranking cardinals who live within walking distance of their jobs at the Roman Curia in Vatican City next door.


by SGT, SGT Report:
The Illuminati agenda is a soulless, Godless agenda. In fact, it is the agenda of the Father of Lies, the beast the elite worship.

Don’t take my word for it. Dutch banking whistle blower Ronald Bernard got to know the elite very well when he worked atop the global banking pyramid of power. And when he was invited to a Satanic ritual and told to sacrifice a child, the humanity within him was re-awoken. Bernard explained that at the very top of the pyramid 8,000 – 8,500 people run the world and these people are Luciferians. There is an agenda to demean humanity and defile God’s creation. Look no further than CERN’s Larger Hadron Collider and the film “Symmetry” which CERN produced.

The 2019 American Music Awards: It Was Hell. Literally.

from Vigilant Citizen:

A look at the hellish symbolism in the performances of Kesha, Billie Eilish, Camila Cabello, and Post Malone.

Before the 2019 AMAs even started, I knew exactly what would happen: The same seven artists would be paraded on and off the stage, the same mind-numbing agenda would be promoted shamelessly and the same pseudo-satanic symbolism would a central part of the performances. And, unfortunately, I was right.

But I was not expecting how right I would be.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/19

from Vigilant Citizen:

In this edition of SPOTM: Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Lil Nas X, Christina Aguilera and more proof that the occult elite is on a mission to expose the world to the One-Eye sign.

Christina Aguilera was featured in Galore magazine in an editorial titled: “Christina Goes Back to Her Roots”. Apparently, her “roots” is Beta Kitten programming (mind controlled sex slaves of the occult elite). To be fair, those are truly her “roots”. In 2010, I analyzed her video Not Myself Tonight which was all about Beta Kitten programming. In this pic, the bills she received in exchange for her “services” have unicorns on them. Slaves don’t get paid.

T R U T H .

from SGTreport:

T R U T H .


Dr. B, a Pathologist, shares her incredibly powerful story about how she became a Christian. THIS is the TRUTH and the testimony you should share with friends, family and colleagues.