Friday, May 27, 2022

Looking Back on the Prosecution Failures after the 2008 Wall Street Crash


by James A. Kidney, Wall St On Parade:

As the nation approaches the 10th anniversary of the demise of Lehman Brothers, which is popularly pegged as the beginning of the Great Recession, one is struck by the current events that tie back to the world-wide financial crisis of a decade ago.

John McCain again is in the headlines, this time more sadly, as he was when he made a Hail Mary move by temporarily “suspending” his presidential campaign to address the financial crisis — an ill-considered action he came to regret.

Big Wall Street banks are as up to their necks in risky derivatives, as in 2008.

Robots Are Crushing Humans: Passive Funds Control A Record 44% Of The US Stock Market

from ZeroHedge:

When it comes to the battle between robots and humans for control of the market, the robots are winning so much, they’re getting sick and tired of winning.

According to the latest data from Bank of America, in the first half of 2018, there was a continued increase in the share of passively managed funds/ETFs. Between year-end 2017 and June 30, 2018, the passive share continued to grow, hitting 44.2% from 43.6% for US equities…

Economic Doom Returns: Emerging Market Currencies Collapse To Record Lows As Global Financial Chaos Accelerates

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

After a little bit of a lull, the international currency crisis is back with a vengeance.  Currencies are collapsing in Argentina, Brazil, India, Turkey and other emerging markets, and central banks are springing into action.  It is being hoped that the financial chaos can be confined to emerging markets so that it will not spread to the United States and Europe.  But of course the global financial system is more interconnected today than ever before, and a massive wave of debt defaults in emerging markets would inevitably have extremely serious consequences all over the planet.  It would be difficult to overstate the potential danger that this new crisis poses for all of us.  Emerging market economies went on an unprecedented debt binge over the past decade, and a high percentage of those debts were denominated in U.S. dollars.  As emerging market currencies collapse, it is going to become nearly impossible to service any debts denominated in U.S. dollars, and that could ultimately mean absolutely enormous losses for international lenders.  Our system tends to do fairly well as long as everybody is paying their debts, but once the dominoes begin to tumble things can get messy really quickly.

The Rumors are that Turkey Will Default

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

The rumors running around is that Turkey will default as Erdogan decides to move to align with Iran and Russia and leave the West behind. While there have been speculative attacks on the Turkish economy and US tariffs and sanctions have been detrimental, the initial causes of this growing monetary problem are really all internal. Erdogan’s management of the economy has been a disaster. He has pretended to borrow too much money from foreign investors to stimulate the economy. It is true that the total debt rose to over $450 billion, about half of GDP. Turkish exports and the current account deficit rose to $50 billion.

Christopher Steele Worked For Sanctioned Russian Oligarch While Composing Sham Dossier

from True Pundit:

Former MI6 agent Christopher Steele – the author of the largely unverified “Steele Dossier,” worked as a subcontractor for Russian billionaire and aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska at the same time he was pontificating that Donald Trump’s alleged (and still unproven) ties to Russia amounted to treason, according to The Hill‘s John Solomon.

Steele’s firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, was hired by a law firm working for Deripaska in 2012, marking the beginning of a relationship which extended at least throughout 2016 according to Solomon. Steele was tasked with researching a business rival of Deripaska, however Steele’s work for the Russian billionaire evolved to the point where the former British spy was interfacing with the Obama administration on his behalf.

Farage Savages Theresa May For Backing ‘Absolute Theft’ Of White Farmers’ Land In South Africa

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Brexit hero Nigel Farage slammed British Prime Minister Theresa May for supporting the “absolute theft” of land from white farmers in South Africa saying, “Standing up for white people is clearly too awkward and difficult for our Prime Minister.”

May visited South Africa this week and figuratively danced on the graves of murders Boars after defending the “democratic” expropriation of white farmers’ land which she said presents an “opportunity to unlock investment.”

Illuminati Pedophilia: What Is The Role Of The Awakening Community?

by Richard Enos, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:It is becoming clear that pedophilia, child sex-trafficking and other related activities stems from a highly organized, well-funded global system that, by one chilling estimate, victimizes eight million children each year.
  • Reflect On:What is the role of the awakening human community in the face of these revelations? What kind of intentions are we willing to voice?

In a previous article, ‘Why We Need To Stand Up To The Illuminati Together Right Now‘, the point was made that a fundamental aspect of our awakening as a collective involves coming to a greater state of awareness of the reasons why our world is in the far less than optimal state it is currently in. This includes understanding the ways and means of the different systems of enslavement that have been in place all our lives, and have actually structured many of our local and global societies.

This Is A Game Changer! Jump Ship Or Circle The Wagons? Liberal Media Has A Choice To Make After President Trump Hammers Big Tech/Social Media Censorship

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Something very interesting is happening within the world of liberal establishment media and big tech, including social media platforms.

The bias against conservatives and the anti-Trump sentiment within Google, YouTube (Owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet), social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (owned by Facebook), is well known to those that use the Internet fairly often. Liberals tend to deny the liberal bias and the censoring of conservative voices, often justifying it because they think anything that offends them should be removed, and conservative ideology…well, it offends them.

Conservatives have been screaming about the issue from every rooftop, including Republican congress members who recently found themselves censored by social media, as was the RNC chairwoman and President Trumps 2020 campaign manager, while Democratic politicians were not.

WATCH: Trump Releases Video Showing Google’s Bias Against Him

by Ryan Saavedra, Daily Wire:

President Donald Trump responded to Google’s claim that it is not biased in its search results on Wednesday by releasing a video showing Google’s bias against his administration.

Trump announced yesterday that he was considering taking action against Google after reports surfaced that showed Google’s bias against conservatives in their search results.

In response, Google said that its algorithms are not politically biased and that the left-leaning tech giant would “never rank search results to manipulate political sentiment.”

SARA CARTER: Congress Seeks to Question Nellie Ohr After Explosive Testimony by Bruce Ohr

by Cristina Laila, The Gateway Pundit:

Congress is seeking to question Nellie Ohr just one day after her husband Bruce Ohr testified to the House Oversight and House Judiciary Committees.

Congress is also seeking to obtain text messages and emails Bruce Ohr exchanged with top FBI brass (McCabe, Strzok, Page), according to investigative Sara Carter.