Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Washington Has Conducted at Least 23 Secret Proxy Wars Since 2017

from 21st Century Wire:

The history of Washington’s covert overseas operations goes way back, even before the Cold War, with numerous operations being conducted before and during both World Wars. The purpose of these ‘shadow wars’ was normally the same: to destabilize any unfriendly governments and install a new regime with which Washington could ‘do business with.’ Unless you read certain international publications, you would hardly hear about any of these proxy wars, although in some rare cases such covert operations could eventually escalate into a full-blown conflict. 

Geopolitical Bombshell: Saudi Arabia in Discussion with China to Join BRICS+ Coalition. What Impacts on the Energy Market and the Global Economy?

by Sundance, Global Research:

It is very curious timing in this article from Newsweek, containing massive geopolitical implications, using identified Saudi Arabia sources, would come in advance of Joe Biden’s visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Is this strategic geopolitical pressure from Saudi leader Mohamed Bin Salman (MbS) ahead of the meeting with Biden; or is this a genuine possibility that looms as likely?  If the former, then Joe Biden is being geopolitically slow roasted by Saudi Arabia for his previous disparagements and ideological hypocrisy in his visit.  If it is the latter, well, then the tectonic plates of international trade, banking and economics are about to shift directly under our American feet.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Lower Court Rulings Upholding Magazine, Concealed Carry, and Semi-auto Bans

by Jose Nino, Big League Politics:

On the morning of June 30, 2022, the Supreme Court struck down four lower court rulings in the 9th Circuit, 3rd Circuit, and 4th Circuit. These Supreme Court’s rulings have now put gun control laws in California, Hawaii, Maryland, and New Jersey on the ropes. Lower courts previously upheld these gun control laws.

According to a press release by the National Association for Gun Rights, the gun control laws and the following appellate court rulings gave these states the power to prohibit standard capacity magazines, several semi-automatic rifles, and virtually prohibit the public carry of firearms.

Russia Declares Donbass Republic ‘Fully Liberated’; U.S. Media Begins Walking Back ‘Rosy’ Coverage of Ukraine

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

The Lugansk People’s Republic has declared their independence from the Zelensky regime.

From RT, “Donbass republic fully liberated – Russian defense minister”:

The last remnants of Ukrainian forces have been driven out of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced on Sunday. He reported the news to President Vladimir Putin, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

From this week, all new vehicles in the EU with have to have a surveillance-based speed limiter

by Didi Rankovic, Reclaim The Net:

GPS is the most common method.

Tracking and surveillance tech is finding its use in yet another segment of public life in the West – road traffic.

Starting in 2022, cars in the UK will be fitted with speed limiters as a mandatory measure, and the most commonly used variety is the Intelligent Speed Assistant (ISA).

Dmitri Trenin: Russia has made a decisive break with the West and is ready to help shape a new world order

from RT:

It’s perhaps hard to believe now but – only eight years ago – Russia was a full member of the former G8. Since then, there have been dramatic changes.

Just before the G7 leaders met at Elmau Castle in Bavaria last week, their counterparts from the five BRICS countries held an online summit under the Chinese presidency. Russia had been discussed as a threat at the G7 gathering but was a key participant in the latter.

The Kremlin’s Hesitancy and Prevarication Is a Road to War

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

The Kremlin emanates confusion.  The Kremlin is doing its best to appease the West, and the West won’t let them.  Just consider the matter of Russia servicing its foreign debt.  The West has done everything possible to prevent Russia from servicing her debt, and Russia has done everything possible to turn its money over to the same West that has stolen $300 billion of Russia’s foreign reserves and is pummeling Russia with sanctions, blockades of one part of Russia to another, of massive insults, designating the Russian President Putin as a war criminal that must be tried in an international tribunal, and now a Finnish mayor  on Russia’s border is advocating a NATO military base in his town even though NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that nuclear weapons might be deployed in Finland and Sweden. 

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich & Viviane Fischer – Update on Actual Trials for Crimes Against Humanity

from mariazeee:


Will Pfizer Be Charged for Mislabeling Vaccine Side Effects?

by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mercola:

  • Pfizer classified almost all severe adverse events that occurred during its Phase 3 trials as unrelated to the injection. A 2,566-page document catalogues serious adverse events and six deaths during the trial. These events were all classified as “toxicity level 4,” which is the most serious, yet none of them was deemed related to the injection
  • Examples of Level 4 adverse events — all of which were written off as “not related” to the mRNA injection — include acute respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, brain abscess, adrenal carcinoma (adrenal cancer) and chronic myeloid leukemia (blood and bone marrow cancer)

Dutch Farmers Intensify Protests, Form Transit Blockades on Roads, Bridges and Ports, Angered by New Energy Mandates and Forced Livestock Reductions

from The Conservative Treehouse:

The politicians in Dutch government recently passed sweeping new climate regulations that will result in more than a third of farmers losing their business. The government announced a €25 billion plan to radically reduce the number of livestock in the country in order to curtail emissions.

As the Guardian reports, “A deal to buy out farmers to try to reduce levels of nitrogen pollution in the country had been mooted for some time,and was finally confirmed after the agreement of a new coalition government in the Netherlands earlier this week.” The plan is to reduce farming in the Netherlands, by a “one-third reduction in the numbers of pigs, cows and chickens in the country.”  However, the farmers are fighting back.

Episode 1,976 – Fourth Of July Special: The Declaration And It’s Revolution

from Bannons War Room: