Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Negative Interest Rates are Coming

by Tom Lewis, Gold Telegraph:

On the surface, the concept of low interest-rates sounds good. However, according to billionaire investor Ray Dalio, “If inflation-adjusted interest rates decline in a given country, its currency is likely to decline.” It’s what lies beneath the surface that makes low and negative interest rates troubling.

Negative interest rates were embraced following the 2008 financial crisis in an effort to boost global economies. The purpose was to make borrowing easier. When interest rates are low, businesses and individuals are more likely to borrow. Unfortunately, the resulting sub-zero interest rates were the exact opposite than those intended.

Boom! President Trump Suggests John Kerry Violated Logan Act with Unprecedented Private Meetings with Iranian Regime

by Kristinn Taylor, The Gateway Pundit:

President Trump called out former Obama Secretary of State John Kerry for a likely violation of the Logan Act for his working with Iran against the United States.

Trump tweeted his criticism of Kerry as he commented on new harsh sanctions against Iran targeting the state sponsor of terrorism’s for oil exports by the elimination of waivers for importers.

FBI accuses migrant-hunting militia leader of training to ‘ASSASSINATE’ Soros, Clinton & Obama

from RT:

The leader of a militia group known for detaining migrants at the US border has been accused of plotting the assassination of former US President Barack Obama and other key Democratic Party figures, the FBI said in court papers.

Militia leader Larry Hopkins, 69, was arrested on Saturday for a weapons charge said to be unrelated to his activities on the border. But the FBI now says Hopkins bragged about his fellow militia members “training to assassinate” former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and billionaire Democratic Party donor George Soros.

Spoiling for a Fight: How US Policy Went From Pragmatism to Fantasy

from Russia Insider:

It is depressing to observe how the United States of America has become the evil empire. Having served in the United States Army during the Vietnam War and in the Central Intelligence Agency for the second half of the Cold War, I had an insider’s viewpoint of how an essentially pragmatic national security policy was being transformed bit by bit into a bipartisan doctrine that featured as a sine qua non global dominance for Washington. Unfortunately, when the Soviet Union collapsed the opportunity to end once and for all the bipolar nuclear confrontation that threatened global annihilation was squandered as President Bill Clinton chose instead to humiliate and use NATO to contain an already demoralized and effectively leaderless Russia.


from SGT Report:

This is a detailed and extensive news update, culminating with seven critical truths Julian Assange will tell the US Congress and Senate if he is allowed to testify. Thanks for tuning in!

Assange Put ‘Through Hell’ as Quito Tried to ‘Break Him Down’, Ex-Diplomat Says

from Sputnik News:

Ecuador’s Ambassador to the UK Jaime Marchan previously claimed that Julian Assange, who had been holed up in the country’s London embassy for seven years until his 11 April arrest, put excrement on the walls as part of his “daily protests”. His lawyer blasted the allegations, saying they were made as a pretext to force him out of the premises.

In an interview with Sky News, the former Consul of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Fidel Narvaez, has accused staffers of putting Julian Assange through “hell” in a bid to boot out the whistleblower by “breaking him down”.

Hillary, Obama, Bernie Avoid Saying “Christian” Or “Churches” In Sri Lanka Statements

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

While President Trump and several other notable leaders offer their condolences and help to Sri Lanka, democrat politicians in America go out of their way to avoid saying the words “Christian” and “churches” in their statements.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both refer to Christians as “Easter worshippers.”


from WND:

Charlton Heston’s character in the iconic 1973 movie “Soylent Green” famously didn’t take well to the news that the ubiquitous green food reflected in the film’s title was composed of human beings.

Now, Washington is poised to be the first American state to test public reaction to turning human beings into compost that could provide nutrients for various food products.

With bipartisan majorities, the state Senate and House of Representatives on Friday approve bill 5001, titled “concerning human remains,” the Seattle Timesreported.

Orthodox Easter 1944. USA, GB were murdering their Christian Allies

from Russia Insider:

The American and British air force bombed Belgrade and various Serbian towns on Sunday, April 16, 1944, during Christian Serb holiday of Easter. The bombing was performed in a fashion more savage than Hitler did it three years earlier on Sunday, April 6, 1941.

There is no easy explanation and certainly, there is no excuse for this barbarity. To make it even more shocking – while the number of Serbian cities were mercilessly bombed on this Eastern Orthodox holiday – none of the Croat cities saw the same destiny. Why were the Serbs – the nominal allies bombed while the nominal enemy was not? Theories are many and we can only guess.