Tuesday, July 23, 2024

As Trust in Government Falls, Spiritual Faith Rises

by J.B. Shurk, American Thinker:

There is so much latent energy beading up right beneath the surface of Western civilization. Everybody can feel it. Every day people read the news with the expectation that some as yet unknown event will trigger something bigger, which will ignite something horrifically combustible, which will put into motion a rapidly shifting set of complex variables that finally turn the world upside-down. Every public announcement is a potential spark. Every new emergency is a wobbly domino that could crash into another and cascade until everything falls apart. We’ve all been sitting uncomfortably on pins and needles for so long that we practically eject out of our chairs every time a television, computer, or phone screen blares, “Breaking Alert.”

Tyson Foods launches INSECT PROTEIN production plant to supply the global food chain

from Health Ranger Report:

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Lord Jacob Rothschild, financier and member of the Rothschild banking family, dies aged 87

by Mark Duell, Daily Mail:

British peer started his career in the family bank, NM Rothschild & Sons, in 1963
Had four children with wife Lady Serena including the financier Nat Rothschild

Lord Jacob Rothschild – the financier and member of the Rothschild banking family – has died at the age of 87, his family announced today.

The British peer, who was also well-known in the arts and heritage world, started his career in the family bank, NM Rothschild & Sons, in 1963.

He then went on to co-found the then J Rothschild Assurance Group, now St James’s Place, with Sir Mark Weinberg in 1980.

Biden Operative Inserted Into Fani Team According To Insider; Jim Jordan Reveals New Whistleblower

from ZeroHedge:

Two stunning reports have emerged that spell trouble for Fulton County DA Fani Willis.

For starters, Breitbart News reports from multiple sources that the Biden administration “planted a Democrat operative in the Fulton County office to target former President Trump,” which according to the report “would present a strong argument that the administration interfered in the 2024 presidential election.”


from The Alex Jones Show:

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Jamie Dimon and Nine of His Top Executives at JPMorgan Chase Have Dumped Over $150 Million of their JPMorgan Stock in Last Two Months

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade:

According to Form 4 filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission by corporate insiders, ten of the key executives at the largest bank in the United States, JPMorgan Chase, have dumped more than $150 million in common stock in the bank this year. The sales come as the bank’s stock has been hitting all time highs while the scandals at the bank are also hitting unprecedented levels.

The largest seller by far was the Chairman and CEO of the bank, Jamie Dimon. According to his Form 4, on February 22 of this year, Dimon sold 737,420 shares of the bank’s common stock for $135 million.

They Are Creating Incredibly Bizarre New Technologies For The Dystopian World Of The Future

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Many would argue that we are already living in a dystopian society, but if those that are currently running things get their way our world will soon look far more dystopian than it does now.  Over the past few years, we have seen an unprecedented explosion of new technologies.  Some of these technologies appear to have the potential to make life better, but others would give those in positions of power the ability to watch us, track us, monitor us and control us like never before.  If you are not concerned about what we are now witnessing, that is probably because you haven’t been paying attention.

The LaRouche Alternative to Establishment Lunacy

by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche Organization:

The G7 meeting in Kiev was more of the same — blame Putin for everything, and double down on the policies which are responsible for death and destruction, from Ukraine to Southwest Asia. There is an alternative, of cooperation for development, which is the direction of governments which represent the Global Majority. Look at LaRouche’s “Oasis Plan” for insight into how this will work.

Jacob Rothschild Dies Aged 87

by Niamh Harris, The Peoples Voice:

Lord Jacob Rothschild, financier and descendant of the Rothschild banking family, has died aged 87.

Rothchild’s family confirmed his death in a statement to the Press Association, though no cause was given.

The statement read: “Our father Jacob was a towering presence in many peoples’ lives – a superbly accomplished financier, a champion of the arts and culture, a devoted public servant, a passionate supporter of charitable causes in Israel and Jewish culture, a keen environmentalist and much-loved friend, father and grandfather”.

Deadly Virus Spreading in Brazil after Bill Gates’ ‘Gene-Edited Mosquitos’ Released

by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

An outbreak of a deadly virus is spreading in Brazil after millions of “gene-edited mosquitos” were released into the wild.

Cases of dengue fever have soared 400% this year.

According to Brazil’s health ministry, over 364,000 cases of dengue infection have been reported in the first five weeks of 2024 alone.

The figure is a staggering four times greater than the number of cases in the same period of 2023.

EXCLUSIVE: Hazmat Unit Descends On Donald Trump Jr.’s Home After He Received Death Threat, White Powder [PHOTOS]


from SGT Report:

Author, activist and filmmaker Steve Quayle joins SGT Report to discuss the satanists and their agenda to bring about the fall of the Republic. Steve believes that Biden’s border treason has brought our nation to the point of no return. Please spread this one far and wide.

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Javier Milei Ended a DC-Sized Deficit in…Nine Weeks

by Peter St. Onge, Mises Institute:

Argentina’s Javier Milei is racking up some solid wins, with the fiscal basket case seeing its first monthly budget surplus in 12 years.

Apparently, it took Milei just nine and a half weeks to balance a budget that was projected at 5% of GDP under the previous government. In US terms, he turned a 1.2 trillion-dollar annual deficit into a 400 billion surplus. In 9 and a half weeks.

How did he do it? Easy: he cut a host of central government agency budgets by 50% while slashing crony contracts and activist handouts.

For perspective, if you cut the entirety of Washington’s budget by 50%, you’d save a fast 3 trillion dollars and start paying off the national debt.


from The Salty Cracker:

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The Sandcastle

by Jeff Thomas, International Man:

The decline from democracy to tyranny is both a natural and inevitable one.

That’s not a pleasant thought to have to consider, but it’s a fact, nonetheless. In every case, a democracy will deteriorate as the result of the electorate accepting the loss of freedom in trade for largesse from their government. This process may be fascism, socialism, communism, or a basket of “isms,” but tyranny is the inevitable endgame of democracy. Like the destruction of a sandcastle by the incoming tide, it requires time to transpire, but in time, the democracy, like the sandcastle, will be washed away in its entirety.