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by Buck Rogers, Waking Times:

It’s hard to tell sometimes if art is imitating life, or vice versa. Add to that the fact that we live in a world heavily manipulated by a massive deep state apparatus with unlimited funding to experiment with the weaponization of any and all technology, and you may find yourself wondering if the big screen is trying to send you a wake up call.

“In the future, the technology that controls the weather controls the world.” ~Geostorm

Following in the footsteps of flicks like Independence Day and Armageddon, a new apocalypse-themed, big-budget movie introduces the concept of weaponized weather to the general public. Geostorm, a Warner Brothers and Skydance production coming to the theaters in October of 2017, pitches the classic hero-father against the technology of geoengineering and weather modification.

“After an unprecedented series of natural disasters threatened the planet, the world’s leaders came together to create an intricate network of satellites to control the global climate and keep everyone safe. But now, something has gone wrong — the system built to protect the Earth is attacking it, and it’s a race against the clock to uncover the real threat before a worldwide geostorm wipes out everything…and everyone along with it.” [Source]

The film appears to blend an assassination plot on the president with climate change hype, geoengineering technology, terrorism, mass murder and swashbuckling hero-violence. In one trailer for the film, a Democratic U.S. President tells the world, “Thanks to a system of satellites, we can control our weather.”

“We built this system of satellites to stop natural disasters,” says another character. “This wasn’t some malfunction,” says the leading lady, to which actor Gerard Butler replies, “Someone intentionally did this.”

The preview continues with the following dialogue, which pretty much sums up the current line of thought by independent researchers and analysts who’ve been working for years to expose these weather manipulation programs as technologies of control.

“We built this system of satellites to stop natural disasters. Someone is using it to create them.”

“There’s potential for catastrophic weather events on a global scale. A geostorm!”

“Someone has turned the system into a weapon.”

To build upon the theme of fictionalizing well-documented plans to control global population with all-powerful government programs, Geostorm even features heavily armed United Nations troops in blue helmets coming to the rescue of devastated civilian populations.

Media like this continues the work of normalizing government weather modification, presenting them as necessary evils in a time when human beings are in peril of being consumed by an angry planet. It’s man vs. nature of the highest order.

It’s all fun and games, of course, just entertainment, unless you pit this material against the ever-growing body of public evidence that weather control systems of this nature are already being developed and are in use in our world today. They are slowly being introduced to the public in the mainstream media, framed as survival tools.

Recently, physicist Dr. Michio Kaku acknowledges the plan to fire trillion watt lasers into the sky to control the weather.

The government is building a space fence around earth to encompass the planet in an array of satellites designed to manipulate the electromagnetic energy of the planet and surveil everything. Many have been speculating that recent devastating super storms Harvey, Irma and Jose were influenced by this type of technology.

General Electric was the first organization to pioneer weather modification in the 1940’s, successfully seeding a hurricane, changing its course, and causing major destruction to the east coast of the United States. Since then, the government has developed a broad array of technologies, including HAARP which is widely believed to use scalar technology to manipulate global weather.

The HAARP program was discussed in congress by David Walker, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Science, Technology and Engineering, who admitted…

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Netflix’s New Show “Big Mouth” Pushes the Sexualization of Children


from Vigilant Citizen:

The trailer promoting the new Netflix animated series Big Mouth is a cringy experience and highlights a disturbing agenda in mass media: The sexualization of children. Welcome to media madness.

The series features voices from top names in comedy such as John Mulaney, Jordan Peele, Nick Kroll, Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen. Despite this impressive (and costly) talent roster, the show will most likely be awful and horrifying. Don’t believe me? This trailer should be enough to convince you. The fact that watching this near 3-minutes long trailer actually feels like 30 minutes is not a good sign.

But here it is. If you’re up for it. You don’t have to watch it.

Here are some lowlights from that trailer.

A horned “hormone monster” (voiced by a grown man) appears in the bedroom of two prepubescent boys and causes one of them to ejaculate.

A father creepily tells his boy that he could “kiss a penis very lightly”.

This prebuscent girl talks to her vagina.

The trailer ends with the monster jokingly saying that Netflix insisted on having this messed up stuff on the series.  There is actually truth to that.

The Agenda Behind Netflix

It only took a few years for Netflix to become one of the world’s largest content creators. This year alone, Netflix is projected to spend over $6 billion dollars in the creation of content.

Of course, with great budget and exposure comes great agenda pushing. A great number of recent Netflix productions are heavily tainted with strong social and political messages – and straight up propaganda.

For instance, the Netflix series Bill Nye Saves the World drew severe criticism for bending actual science to cater to specific agenda (read my article about the episode “The Sexual Spectrum” to understand how obvious this was).

For some bizarre, disturbing and upsetting reason, the sexualization of children is also part of that agenda. Slowly but surely, new content keeps pushing the envelope, slightly going too far, chipping away at moral decency to make the sexuality of children fair game.

Why? Because Hollywood and the world elite are full of children lovers and they want to normalize their derangement.

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“They Won’t Know What Hit Them” Shocking Undercover Footage Exposes Antifa’s “Premeditated” Violence

from Zero Hedge:

As if the public needed any more evidence that violence is a central part of Antifa’s mission, conservative comedian Steve Crowder has published footage that he and his producer surreptitiously recorded after infiltrating a local Antifa cell and accompanying it to a protest at the University of Utah.

The shockingly candid footage offers a disturbing glimpse into the innerworkings of Antifa – a loosely organized band of far-left agitators – and the central tenant of violent resistance that encapsulates the group’s philosophy. The footage primarily focuses on a transgender woman, the purported leader of a small cell of Antifa protesters, who can be heard telling Crowder’s producer that she’s armed with a handgun, and that she expects reinforcements to arrive later with “two AKs”. The organizer can also be heard recommending that Crowder’s producer buy a small blade at a military surplus store and strap it to his ankle “just in case.”

What they show appears to confirm that the group protesters were planning to disrupt a speaking event hosted by conservative commentator and Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro, whom Antifa has accused of being a nazi despite the fact that he is Jewish. Shapiro’s recent appearances at UC Berkeley and other university campuses drew protests, with demonstrators labeling him a “fascist.”

But perhaps the most surprising thing about the footage was the fact that mainstream media reporters AND police essentially told Crowder & Co. to get lost when they shared it with them.


In another shocking excerpt, the Antifa leader – whom Crowder didn’t name because he said he didn’t want to “dox” anybody, though he added that police have confirmed that they have been monitoring her – described a plan to lure right-wing demonstrators to a secluded area where, presumably, they would be attacked by Antifa.

“Plain clothes, hard tactics, I don’t think they’ll know what hit them. Because they’re not prepared for what we’re planning,” the organizer says at one point.

In the video, another unnamed Antifa member who goes by the pseudonym Clark can be heard explaining that the difference between Antifa and other activist groups is a “willingness to respond with violence.”

As we’ve reported time and time again, Antifa protesters have been inciting violence across the country since Trump’s upset victory in November, beginning with protests during Trump’s inauguration that quickly turned violent in destructive.

According to Fox 13 News in Salt Lake City, Crowder published the undercover video Thursday that purports to show far left-wing protesters distributing weapons ahead of the speech. Crowder’s production team presented the video to police moments after it was recorded.

Yet after evaluating the video, the police determined that there was no credible threat.

“Police looked at the video, evaluated other information available to them, and determined the individuals did not pose a credible threat that warranted action,” Nelson told Fox 13 News.

Similarly violent clashes instigated by members of the far-left group erupted on the campus of UC Berkeley in early February, where members of the group hurled Molotov cocktails and attacked “facists” and “nazis” who were attending a speaking event by Milo Yiannopoulos, causing extensive property damage on campus.

While both the mainstream media and more mainstream leftists initially defended the group, public sentiment has soured on the group.

Several media organizations – including the LA Times, Washington Post, the Atlantic, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal – have criticized the group’s violent tactics. A month ago, it was reported that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security classified Antifa as a “domestic terrorist” group in internal communications that described them as “primary instigators of violence at public rallies” going back to at least April 2016 when the reports were first published.”

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NFL Players Are Strangling The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg


by Patrick J. McShay, Operation Disclosure:

“The NFL cannot disrespect our country and they cannot disrespect our flag or our anthem” – President Donald J.Trump

“The NFL owners and the commissioner think they are relating to their fan base but they’re not. They are driving them away” – Rush Limbaugh – September 28, 2017

I see this as the greatest threat in the history of the National Football League to its very popularity and ability to continue to succeed at it’s highest level. I didn’t think I would ever see the day in which the President of the United States would double down on trying to take down the National Football League. The most popular game in the United States. – Skip Bayless – Fox Sports – “Outnumbered” – September 28, 2017

It will be interesting to see if the NFL protests gain steam or fizzle out this week after the outrage displayed by fans over NFL players growing antipathy to our country’s flag . I was especially shocked to hear that the New England fans booed the reigning Super Bowl Champion Patriots at home last weekend. That alone should be a signal to these owners and players that the fans are turning on them and siding with President Trump. Trump said they should show unity and deference to the flag. Tom Brady said he was being divisive. 

Trump never mentioned race but the Marxists on the left have accused him of racism once again. All this talk about unity and mutual respect, who does Trump think he is? Trump and a majority of Americans rightly see these protests as an attack on the flag and our country. Trump sees that these players are being used by men more powerful than Roger Goodell whether they know it or not. 

Sports show hosts like ESPN’s Jemele Hill and Fox Sports Shannon Sharpe, both of whom have been very critical of Trump, don’t see the big picture and have bought a false narrative because it feeds their personal hatred of this President. Fanatics have no interest in the truth unless it affirms the rigid beliefs they are comfortable with. And yes Jemele, we do know why they are protesting. They just made a big mistake denigrating the flag and anthem in the process. 

Patriotism is anathema to our globalist controllers and their agenda of open borders and taking away our American sovereignty. These protests are more in a long line of manufactured events to cause racial strife intended to divide us. Trump sees what’s going on. His supporters find these protests as offensive as when Barack Obama admonished small town Americans as,”bitter over their economic plight as they cling to their guns and Bibles”.

Many Americans grew tired of being talked down to by Mr. Obama. Race relations were appreciably worse during Obama’s presidency and so was the economy. Mr. Obama however, was a darling of the globalist, which is why the traitors in the globalist controlled media hate Trump. There is no evidence that Trump is a racist. Everyone who’s known him, Black or White, some for decades, say he has never shown any sign of being a racist. Yet he is constantly labeled a racist in the media? Labeling Trump supporters racists is disingenuous but serves the “divide and conquer” agenda of our controllers.

On the other hand numerous people close to Bill and Hillary Clinton say they both routinely use the N word and no one even bothered to ask them about it during the Presidential election campaign. The hypocrisy is palpable. Political traitors to our Country have never been easier to spot. Donald Trump’s base includes a lot of football fans that have no appetite for a player protest that involves dissing Old Glory much less their guns and Bibles. 

My guess is they will continue the protests this week because these guys really believe that a bunch of pampered millionaire athletes can be taken seriously as social justice warriors by disrespecting our nation’s flag. That and the fact that football players, with a few exceptions, are not the brightest bulbs in the room. They apparently don’t understand that for the last few weeks they’ve been strangling the goose that laid the golden egg. This is a cultural flashpoint that is not going away anytime soon. On another note, In a recent study by ESPN they found that nearly 80{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of NFL players go broke within 3 years of retiring.

I’m not sure most of these players know exactly what they are protesting. The reason Colin Kaepernick gave for his initial protest was to call attention to the growing problem of police shootings of unarmed black men. Disrespecting the national anthem and the flag to make his point probably wasn’t the best decision he could have made. This certainly is a worthy cause, but police officers shooting unarmed white people is a big problem in this country as well. As a matter of fact the American police are on track to kill over a thousand American Citizens for the third year in a row.

In 2016, of the roughly one thousand American citizens killed by police, The Huffington Post reported that 258 of them were Black. Police statistics show that 30 of those killed were unarmed. One thing becomes clear when looking into the number of civilians killed by police. Police departments don’t report anywhere near the true number of citizens killed by their officers, and do their best to hide the real numbers from the public. Independent researchers always come up with higher numbers. 

While Black people make up just 13{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of the population, statistics show they are involved in much of the reported crime. in 2009 the Wall Street Journal reported that Blacks were charged with 62{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of all robberies, 57{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of murders and 45{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of assaults in the 75 largest counties in America. This may account for the higher rate of police interaction. And While there are more White people in the country, in 2015 there were twice as many Whites than Blacks killed by police.

What this tells me is that the American police are trigger happy and began killing all of us in much higher numbers since George W Bush mandated that the American police be trained by the Israeli’s after 911. In the first 24 days of 2015 police in the US fatally shot more people than police in England and Wales combined in the last 24 years. The number of both Blacks and Whites killed by the police skyrocketed under Barack Obama. I wonder if the kneelers know that? Jemele?

NFL ratings have been in a free fall since the start of the season and seeing players dissing the flag in England won’t help. Standing for “God Save The Queen” in a country run by pedophiles won’t help either. It was disappointing and a new low for the league. Had a team from a lot of other countries done that in a foreign country they more than likely would have been executed on their return.

Trumps base has put up with the TV networks relentless lying about the President colluding with the Russians, criticizing him at every turn and 8 years of Obama’s Christian bashing and having the Homosexual/Lesbian and Transgender agenda shoved down their throat. And who could forget when Obama’s told us that our daughters would have to share the women’s room with tranny’s because they don’t feel comfortable in the men’s room. Thanks a lot Mr Obama. I guess that’s progress.

ESPN hosts relentlessly attack this President while Fox Sports Shannon Sharpe whines daily about everything Trump does. By the way Shannon, the same pollsters who tell us Trumps popularity is waning, also told us Hillary would win the election by a landslide. A new ABC poll released just this week showed that 96{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of of Trump supporters would vote for him again. Not good news for the Coastal Communists who can’t stand middle America or anything they hold sacred.

Hollywood’s relentless bashing of traditional family values has led to the worse year at the box office in decades. The Music Award shows have devolved into satanic/occult performances by mind controlled former Mouseketeers and other controlled puppets who’ve sold their soul to Satan. The recent Emmy Awards telecast turned into a Trump hate fest and delivered the worst ratings ever. Has our perverted celebrity culture run it’s course?

People are fed up with the lies and the hate coming from the traitors on the left and the right. People are realizing that we don’t get real news in this country, we get distractions. Most Americans believe Hillary Clinton is guilty of high crimes with a mountain of evidence proving her guilt already in the news. They also see Trump persecuted since his election over so called ties to Russia without a shred of evidence.

We are told that Russia interfered in the election but they refuse to show us the evidence. The American people require evidence for bold claims from a government run by liars.This flag controversy is no doubt a manufactured distraction just like the NFL itself. The American public is likely sick and tired of all of it. I know I am. 

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Film director, convicted paedophile Victor Salva, featured jokes about child abuse in new Jeepers Creepers film


He was sentenced to three years in prison for abusing the 12-year-old child star of his debut film

by Jacob Stolworthy, Independent:

It has emerged that a director once convicted of child molestation in 1988 incorporated jokes about child sex abuse into his new film.

Victor Salva – director of the Jeepers Creepers franchise – was sentenced to three years in prison in 1988 for abusing the 12-year-old child star of his film Clownhouse at the age of 30 as well as filming the molestation and possession of child pornography. He served just 15 months.

It’s now emerged that new film Jeepers Creepers 3 originally featured a scene hinting at the sexual abuse between a 13-year-old runaway, played by 21-year-old actress Gabrielle Haugh, and her stepfather through an exchange which sees one character sympathise with her molester.

“Can you blame the step-dad, though?” one character can be heard saying. “I mean, look at her. The heart wants what it wants, am I right?”

Critics have pointed out the disturbing exchange having witnessed the scene in advanced screener copies, however, the scene has been subsequently removed from the public version.

Speaking about his abuse, actor Nathan Forrest Winters said of Salva: “He spent the better part of a year grooming me and my parents. Developing the trust. It was very calculated, and a long process, as it is with most paedophiles.”

Winters, who is currently working on a documentary about his molestation and paedophilia in Hollywood, said: “The film will show my journey from victim to survivor. It is my belief that we as a whole in this country have been too afraid to face such an unspeakable topic and continue to turn a blind eye, which has allowed these predators of our children to go unchecked for too long.”

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by Geoffrey Grider, Now The End Begins:

It’s a $100 million MTA project shrouded in secrecy, with 18 of them for tunnels and bridges. So what are they exactly? The MTA’s man in charge of the bridges and tunnels, Cedrick Fulton, dodged Carlin’s questions Wednesday. “I said no comment,” he said. Some MTA board members, including New York City Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg, say they know too little about the towers – even with half the money already spent and some of the towers already up.


Jose Lugo said the tall metal towers quickly appeared up after the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel tolls booths came down.

“We don’t really know what’s the purpose of this,” he told Carlin.

It’s a $100 million MTA project shrouded in secrecy, with 18 of them for tunnels and bridges. So what are they exactly? The MTA’s man in charge of the bridges and tunnels, Cedrick Fulton, dodged Carlin’s questions Wednesday.

“I said no comment,” he said.

Some MTA board members, including New York City Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg, say they know too little about the towers – even with half the money already spent and some of the towers already up.

“A lot of the board members felt they didn’t have all the details they would have wanted, myself included,” she said.

Residents suspect there is much more going on in the towers than meets the eye and wonder if they’ll ever really know what’s going on inside of them.

“I’m going to guess that it’s not just a decoration,” Alyssa Renkas, of the Upper West Side, said.

“It’s a bit mind-boggling that the MTA is approving $100 million for what appears to us to be big, decorative pylons,” says John Kaehny, the leader of the watchdog group Reinvent Albany. “What we’re asking for is transparency from the MTA.”

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by Alex Thomas, The Daily Sheeple:

New reports from multiple sources have revealed that White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly is actively working to stop President Trump from even learning about the possibility of a deal between the United States and Julian Assange which would then allow the Wikileaks founder to provide evidence that the DNC hacks did not come from Russia.

Republican California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher made a controversial trip in August to meet the infamous Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he has been forced to live for years due to literal fake charges in Sweden that were filed in an obvious attempt at hurting a man that was directly exposing some of the biggest intelligence secrets ever.

At the time Rohrabacher told The Daily Caller that, “Assange promised him information that reveals Russia is not behind the hacking and leaking of Democratic National Committee emails during the 2016 election, as U.S. intelligence officials have claimed.”

The DC report continued:

Rohrabacher said that a pardon would likely have to occur for Assange to give up this information about the source of the DNC emails. Assange has long maintained that he would never reveal a source, but Rohrabacher said that Assange now “wants to get out of the Ecuadorian embassy.”

To recap, a Republican Congressman has set up the possibility that Assange could provide the specific information that the Trump White House needs to destroy the fake Russian narrative once and for all. One would assume that any Trump ally, especially those within his inner circl,e would jump at such an opportunity.

Unfortunately, according to reports, the presidents own chief of staff has worked to stop him from even finding out about the possibility of pardoning Assange in exchange for proof that Russia did not give Wikileaks the DNC emails.

The congressman spoke to chief of staff John Kelly two weeks ago about the potential deal with Assange. The Wall Street Journal reported that Kelly told Rohrabacher to bring the information to the intelligence community.

“This would have to be a cooperative effort between his own staff and the leadership in the intelligence communities to try to prevent the president from making the decision as to whether or not he wants to take the steps necessary to expose this horrendous lie that was shoved down the American people’s throats so incredibly earlier this year,” Rohrabacher said.

Keep in mind that Trump told reporters Sunday that he hadn’t even heard about the Assange possibility. In other words, Kelly has stopped that from even reaching the presidents desk while at the same time telling Rohrabacher to take this key information to the very intelligence community that is conducting the Russian narrative operation in the first place.

It is also important to note that we already know that Kelly has specifically worked to stop President Trump from reading any material from websites such as this one, Infowars, Breitbart, and even The Daily Caller.

As the New York Times happily reported in early September:

“Mr. Kelly cannot stop Mr. Trump from binge-watching Fox News, which aides describe as the president’s primary source of information gathering,” the Times report said. “But Mr. Trump does not have a web browser on his phone, and does not use a laptop, so he was dependent on aides like Stephen K. Bannon, his former chief strategist, to hand-deliver printouts of articles from conservative media outlets.”

“Now Mr. Kelly has thinned out his package of printouts so much that Mr. Trump plaintively asked a friend recently where The Daily Caller and Breitbart were.”

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AMERICA: A Gigantic Clown Car Being Driven Into a Ditch – JH Kunstler

by James Howard Kunstler, Russia Insider:

“This homework assignment should be given to the Democratic members of congress, since they are otherwise preoccupied only with hunting for Russian gremlins and discovering new sexual abnormalities to protect and defend.”

Poor old Karl Marx, tortured by boils and phantoms, was right about one thing: History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. Thus, I give you the Roman Empire and now the United States of America. Rome surrendered to time and entropy. Our method is to drive a gigantic clown car into a ditch.

Is anyone out there interested in redemption? I have an idea for the political party out of power, the Democrats, sunk in its special Okefenokee Swamp of identity politics and Russia paranoia: make an effort to legislate the Citizens United calamity out of existence. Who knows, a handful of Republicans may be shamed into going along with it. For those of you who have been mentally vacationing on Mars with Elon Musk, Citizens United was a Supreme Court decision — Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission 558 U.S. 310 (2010) — which determined that corporations had the right, as hypothetical “persons,” to give as much money as they liked to political candidates.

 We've made important contributions to world culture
We’ve made important contributions to world culture

This “right” devolved from the First Amendment of the constitution, the 5-4 majority opinion said — giving money to political candidates and causes amounts to “freedom of speech.” The Citizens United ruling opened the door for unlimited election spending by corporations and enormous mischief in our national life. Then-President Obama — a constitutional law professor before his career in politics — complained bitterly about the opinion days later in his State of the Union address, saying that the court had “reversed a century of law to open the floodgates, including foreign corporations, to spend without limit in our elections.”

And for the next seven years he did absolutely nothing about it, nor did the Democratic Party majority in congress. Rather, they vacuumed in as much corporate campaign money as possible from every hokey political action committee (PAC) from sea to shining sea, especially in the 2016 presidential election starring Hillary “It’s My Turn” Clinton. It turned out to not be her turn in large part because the voters noticed the stench of corruption wafting off this toxic flow of corporate money, which Hillary was using to vastly outspend her billionaire opponent, troll that he was.

Of course, corporations have not always been what they are deemed to be today. They evolved with the increasingly complex activities of industrial economies. Along the way — in Great Britain first, actually — they were deemed to exist as the equivalent of legal persons, to establish that the liabilities of the company were separate and distinct from those of its owners. In the USA, forming a corporation usually required an act of legislation until the late 19th century. After that, they merely had to register with the states. Then congress had to sort out the additional problems of giant “trusts” and holding companies (hence, anti-trust laws, now generally ignored).

In short, the definition of what a corporation is and what it has a right to do is in a pretty constant state of change as economies evolve. And insofar as the current economy is sinking like the USS Titanic — and our republic as a mode of governance with it — surely the time has come to redefine in legislation the role and existential nature of a corporation in this polity. This homework assignment should be given to the Democratic members of congress, since they are otherwise preoccupied only with hunting for Russian gremlins and discovering new sexual abnormalities to protect and defend.

The crux of the argument is that corporations cannot be said to be entirely and altogether the equivalent of persons for all legal purposes. In law, corporations have duties, obligations, and responsibilities to their shareholders first, and only after that to the public interest or the common good, and only then by pretty strict legal prescription. It may be assumed that the interests of corporations and their shareholders are in opposition to, and in conflict with, the public interest. And insofar as elections are fundamentally matters of the public interest, corporations must be prohibited from efforts to influence the outcome of elections.

That’s your assignment Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the Democratic Party leadership. Get serious. Show a little initiative. Do something useful. Draw up some legislation.

Get behind something real that might make a difference in this decrepitating country.

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Government Erecting Mystery Metal Towers in NY, Won’t Say Why


by Josie Wales, The Anti Media:

As bizarre metal towers mysteriously appear at entrances to bridges and tunnels all over New York, the project remains shrouded in secrecy. When pressed for details on the mystery structures by local news affiliate CBS2’s Dave Carlin, the MTA spokesman in charge of bridges and tunnels, Cedrick Fulton, simply replied, “I said no comment.”

The $100 million project includes 18 of these towers, which began to appear shortly after the Brooklyn Battery toll booths were taken down. The structures are being described as “decorative,” but a comment made by MTA chairman Joe Lhota suggests they are anything but.

From CBS2:

Carlin: “Some of your own board members say they don’t know the specifics.”

Lhota: “The base of these new pieces that are going up include whatever fiber optics are necessary for those Homeland Security items.”

In other words, it’s anti-terror technology. Could that one day include facial recognition? We don’t know, and Lhota won’t say.

I’m not at liberty to discuss that,” he told Carlin.

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It Begins: Feds Demand Facebook Hand Over Info On Anti-Trump Users


by James Holbrooks, Activist Post:

Through a trio of search warrants, the Department of Justice (DoJ) is demanding Facebook hand over the personal information of potentially 6,000 of its users, it was revealed Thursday.

According to CNN, which obtained court documents pertaining to the case, the DoJ warrants target the accounts of three “anti-administration activists who have spoken out at organized events, and who are generally very critical of this administration’s policies.”

That description comes from the three users’ attorneys, CNN  reports. It all stems from arrests made in Washington, D.C. on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration back in January, following what the government claims were riots.

The warrants were served to Facebook in February, but a gag order prevented the social media giant from alerting the three users to the government’s intentions until the order was lifted in mid-September.

Once alerted, the users contacted the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which now represents them.

“What is particularly chilling about these warrants is that anti-administration political activists are going to have their political associations and views scrutinized by the very administration they are protesting,” the ACLU’s Scott Michelman told CNN.

One of the warrants is for Emmelia Talarico, who ran the disruptj20 page where much of the anti-Trump protesting was organized. The other two are for Facebook users Lacy MacAuley and Legba Carrefour.

If Facebook complies with the DoJ’s request, it will mean the federal government will have access to the personal data — including private messages — of the nearly 6,000 users who simply “liked” the disruptj20 page.

In the ACLU’s motion to quash the warrants, filed with the D.C. Superior Court on Thursday, Michelman notes the type of data the government is seeking to obtain. From one of the warrants:

All profile information; News Feed information; status updates; links to videos, photographs, or other web content; Notes; Wall postings; Comments; Friend lists, including the friends’ Facebook user ID numbers; groups and networks joined by the Account, including the Facebook group ID numbers; event postings; and pending and rejected ‘Friend’ requests.

He sums it all up as such:

In short, the warrants sought a complete record of anything the three users communicated or received from a third party via Facebook, everyone with whom the users associated via Facebook, and everything the users searched for on Facebook, during the specified time period.

That time period is from November of 2016, just before the presidential election, and February 9 of this year, when the warrants were served to Facebook.

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