Saturday, May 15, 2021

Did Joe Biden Implicate Barack Obama in Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Scandal?

by Matt Margolis, PJ Media:

Barack Obama has not been shy when it comes to criticizing his successor, but he’s been MIA when it comes to defending his former vice president, Joe Biden. He was conspicuously silent when Joe Biden faced allegations of racism for his past opposition to busing and working with segregationist Democrats. Biden clearly survived the temporary controversy because, I suspect, most people deep down recognize that Biden is not a racist.

Texas Gold Depository could be a central bank alternative if enough people choose to accept gold as money

by Kenneth Schortgen, Rogue Money:

That plan has now become a reality, as the Texas Bullion Depository opened in Austin on June 6. The opening of the facility represents a shift away from the federal government’s and the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money. More accurately, we should say, away from Americans’ forced reliance on the government’s fiat currency in place of real, gold-backed money.

When Abbot signed the bill into law three years ago, he said, in part, “The Texas Bullion Depository will become the first state-level facility of its kind in the nation, increasing the security and stability of our gold reserves and keeping taxpayer funds from leaving Texas to pay for fees to store gold in facilities outside our state.” – New American

10K Military Personnel From 110 Nations In Wuhan China Weeks Before Coronavirus Outbreak


from Humans Are Free:

An important update regarding Wuhan China, which is ground zero for the coronavirus / Covid-19 outbreak, now reported to have gone global, as the Chinese government has now banned people in Wuhan from leaving their homes altogether.

One aspect which is very interesting and has been covered extensively here is Event 201.

New International Credit System or Bust: Trump Should Initiate It

by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

The trade and production impacts of the novel coronavirus epidemic in China hit a global economy which is already in a manufacturing, industry and trade recession, and is threatened at any moment with a blowout of unpayable corporate debt and derivatives contracts bringing down banking systems. In the fourth quarter, 40 central banks cut interest rates 71 times and increased their bond-buying schemes, in a desperate campaign to support stock and bond markets. The Federal Reserve cannot escape “quantitative easing” and daily huge liquidity injections into the interbank lending markets. This morning, China’s central bank had to do the same, $170 billion worth. Any serious shock now can bring down the whole financial system very quickly.

Latest Inflation Report Gives Fed Cover to Inject “QE Forever”


by Mike Gleason, Money Metals:

David Smith: Consider precious metals for insurance first, profit second…

Coming up columnist and Senior Analyst at The Morgan Report David Smith joins me for another wonderful conversation on why he thinks the recent correction in metals is creating what may be the last great buying opportunity in the sector, and also why he believes those who do buy should be thinking insurance first and profit second. So be sure to stick around for my conversation with David Smith, coming up after this week’s market update.

Sales Have Fallen For 26 Quarters In A Row And More Stores Are Closing – Is This The End Of The Line For Sears?

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

When sales have declined for 26 quarters in a row, you have got to know that your days are numbered. Once upon a time, Sears was an unbeatable retail powerhouse. It survived two world wars and the Great Depression, but thanks to competition from Amazon and other online retailers it may not even survive 2018. On Thursday, shares of Sears fell to a depressingly low level of just $2.91 once news broke that the company was going to close dozens of more stores. But to be fair, Sears doesn’t have a choice. If you can believe it, Sears lost an astounding 424 million dollars during the first three months of 2018. Frankly, I don’t even know how that is possible. If all their employees did all day was flush one dollar bills down the toilet, I still don’t think that they could lose that kind of money. This is a company that is being horrendously mismanaged, and as I have said so many times before, Sears is ultimately heading to zero.

MIT’s Wearable Headpiece Can Hear The Words You ‘Say’ In Your Mind

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:A new tech out of MIT uses electrodes to pick up the movements and frequencies from your voice through bone-conduction. It’s being coined a ‘mind reading’ device.
  • Reflect On:Is it important we consider the implications of using so much technology that has the potential to rob us of our privacy before we jump on the bandwagon?

The National Security Agency Is A Criminal Organization

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

Years before Edward Snowden provided documented proof that the National Security Agency was really a national insecurity agency as it was violating law and the US Constitution and spying indiscriminately on American citizens, William Binney, who designed and developed the NSA spy program revealed the illegal and unconstitutional spying. Binney turned whistleblower, because NSA was using the program to spy on Americans. As Binney was well known to the US Congress, he did not think he needed any NSA document to make his case. But what he found out was “Congress would never hear me because then they’d lose plausible deniability. That was really their key. They needed to have plausible deniability so they can continue this massive spying program because it gave them power over everybody in the world. Even the members of Congress had power against others [in Congress]; they had power on judges on the Supreme Court, the federal judges, all of them. That’s why they’re so afraid. Everybody’s afraid because all this data that’s about them, the central agencies — the intelligence agencies — they have it. And that’s why Senator Schumer warned President Trump earlier, a few months ago, that he shouldn’t attack the intelligence community because they’ve got six ways to Sunday to come at you. That’s because it’s like J. Edgar Hoover on super steroids. . . . it’s leverage against every member of parliament and every government in the world.”

EXCLUSIVE: Rumors Swirling that Fired Italian Spies Were Connected in Plot to Eliminate Trump

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Rumors are swirling that the recent firings of top Italian spies were related to Obama and a plot to set up candidate and President Trump in a Hillary email scandal.

Earlier this month  Italian Prime Minister Conte asked for the resignations of four top intelligence officials after his call with President Donald Trump.

Scientists show COVID tests are ‘useless’, are based on ‘flawed science’

by Michael Haynes, LifeSite News:

The ‘worldwide misdiagnosis of infections’ stemming from the tests has resulted in ‘stringent lockdowns which have destroyed many people’s lives and livelihoods,’ the scientists argue.

December 10, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The original scientific paper establishing RT-PCR tests as the way to identify COVID-19 in individuals, thus fueling the lockdowns across the globe, has been thoroughly debunked by scientists, who call the tests “useless” and “completely unsuitable” to find COVID-19, given they were developed without even having access to the virus itself.

The recently published report examined the original Corman-Drosten paper, in which Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR/PCR) tests were proposed as a validated means to detect COVID-19. The protocol proposed is used in around 70% of tests globally and by over one hundred governments. These tests promptly became the motivating factor behind the international phenomenon of nation-wide lockdowns, as cases of the virus were reported to rise.

The Camel’s Nose…


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

No, really, you mean the law really does apply?

Executives at more than a dozen generic-drug companies had a form of shorthand to describe how they conducted business, insider lingo worked out over steak dinners, cocktail receptions and rounds of golf.

The “sandbox,” according to investigators, was the market for generic prescription drugs, where everyone was expected to play nice.

“Fair share” described dividing up the sales pie to ensure that each company reaped continued profits. “Trashing the market” was used when a competitor ignored these unwritten rules and sold drugs for less than agreed-upon prices.