Thursday, February 27, 2020

Viral Video Exposes News Stations Across US Pumping Exact Same Scripted Fear into Viewers

by Rachel Blevins, Activist Post:

Videos that show the striking similarities between the scripts used by local TV anchors and reporters are nothing new, but a recent compilation has taken the Internet by storm as it shows dozens of news stations coming together to warn about the dangers of “fake news” with an eerily identical script.

The video started with news clips from four different stations across the country in which each anchor read from a teleprompter that appeared to say, “Our greatest responsibility is to serve our [insert location here] communities. We are extremely proud of the quality, balanced journalism that [insert station here] produces.”

Then nine stations were featured on the screen and they all said in unison, “But we’re concerned about the troubling trend of irresponsible, one-sided news stories plaguing our country. The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media.

The Problem with a State-Cartel Economy: Prices Rise, Wages Don’t


by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:

The vise will tighten until something breaks. It could be the currency, it could be the political status quo, it could be the credit/debt system–or all three.

The problem with an economy dominated by state-enforced cartels and quasi-monopolies is that prices rise (since cartels can push higher costs onto the consumer) but wages don’t (since cartels can either dominate local labor markets or engage in global wage arbitrage: offshore jobs, move to lower-wage states, etc.)

Think about the major expenses of the typical household: Internet, telephony, cable and other digital services: cartels. Airlines: cartel. Healthcare insurance, providers and Big Pharma: cartels. Defense weaponry: cartel. Higher education and student loans: cartels. Mortgages: cartel. And so on.

Towards “NATO-Exit”? Shift in the Structure of Military Coalitions. Turkey’s Alliance with Russia, China and Iran?

by Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research:

Reminiscent of World War I, shifting alliances and the structure of military coalitions are crucial determinants of history.

Today’s military alliances, including “cross-cutting coalitions” between “Great Powers” are equally dangerous, markedly different and exceedingly more complex than those pertaining to World War I. (i.e the confrontation between “The Triple Entente” and “the Triple Alliance”).

Contemporary developments point to a historical shift in the structure of military alliances which could contribute to weakening US hegemony in the Middle East as well as creating conditions which could lead to a breakup of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

NATO constitutes a formidable military force composed of 29 member states, which is largely controlled by the Pentagon. It is a military coalition and an instrument of modern warfare. It constitutes a threat to global security and World peace.

Proposing a U.S. Sovereign Cryptocurrency and Free Trade Zone

by James Wesley Rawles, Survival Blog:

In February 2018, there was a small news item that didn’t get near the attention that is deserved. It described how The Marshall Islands–formerly a U.S. Territory, but now an independent sovereign nation–plans to launch it own cryptocurrency, called the SOV and use it as legal tender. This will be the world’s second sovereign cryptocurrency. (Venezuela has announced pre-sale of a national crypto that is backed by oil. But the Marshall Islands SOV is a much more legitmate venture.)

For any sovereign nation to release a legitimate sovereign cryptocurrency and give it legal tender status is huge news–even if it is done by a tiny nation.

Here are three key quotes from the article:

“The country has capped the SOV supply at 24 million tokens in order to prevent inflation…”

Caravan of Illegal Migrants Marching to US Border Looks More Like Army of Young Male Invaders (VIDEO)


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

A 1500-strong army of illegal migrants is marching to the US border through Mexico this month with the blessing of the Mexican government.

The Pueblos Sin Fronteras, an international group against borders, is behind the invading army.

If you look at the make-up of the group it looks like most of the marchers are young men between the ages of 15 and 35.

Maybe 20-30% of the migrants are female.

BOMBSHELL: Anti-gun sociopath David Hogg caught on Reddit celebrating the mass killing of “billions of people” as being “great for the environment”

by Mike Adams, via The Common Sense Show:

Anti-gun sociopath David Hogg — see daily news coverage at — has been caught in a Reddit post celebrating the death of billions of people from mosquito-borne disease, an InfoWars investigation has now found.

Mosquitoes “kill humans, billions of them, which is great for the environment,” Hogg stated in a Reddit post from late 2017, confirming that Hogg is not merely a foul-mouthed bully of legal firearms owners, but actually despises humanity and celebrates the mass killing of billions of people.

Like many indoctrinated youth, Hogg has been taught by the globalist-run public school system that human beings are bad and must be eliminated through depopulation schemesin order to “save the climate.” This position is consistent with the genocidal desires of Bill Gates, Ted Turner and many other noted globalists who actively seek to reduce human population through nefarious means, including covertly spiking vaccines given to African women with infertility chemicals that cause spontaneous abortions, a United Nations practice that has been discovered and denounced by the Kenya Conference of Bishops (KCCB).

With paper and phones, Atlanta struggles to recover from cyber attack


by Jim Quinn, The Burning Platform:

Atlanta’s top officials holed up in their offices on Saturday as they worked to restore critical systems knocked out by a nine-day-old cyber attack that plunged the Southeastern U.S. metropolis into technological chaos and forced some city workers to revert to paper.

On an Easter and Passover holiday weekend, city officials labored in preparation for the workweek to come.

Police and other public servants have spent the past week trying to piece together their digital work lives, recreating audit spreadsheets and conducting business on mobile phones in response to one of the most devastating “ransomware” virus attacks to hit an American city.

How Our Country Was Stolen

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

Today is Easter, an important Christian holiday. But it is not marked on the calendar that is part of the Apple software that came with my Apple computer lap top. Today is also April Fools day, and that is marked on the Apple-supplied calendar. For Apple’s programmers, April Fools Day trumps Easter.

How can it be that an American company, Apple, can remember to mark on the calendar Cinco de Mayo (May 5), Mexico’s commemoration of a Mexican army victory of the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862, but not Easter?

Hanukkah on December 13, but not Easter?

Kwanzaa on December 26, but not Easter?

Training AI to understand how people think: Google’s DeepMind is one step closer to “thinking” like humans… what could possibly go wrong?


by Vicki Batts, Natural News:

AI machines or programs capable of understanding and executing human thought patterns have been a popular theme in sci-fi for decades. Countless movies and books have explored the possibilities of future AI — and most of it looks pretty darn grim for humans — and now Google’s DeepMind firm could be bringing what was once considered fiction to life. The ushering in of new AI advancements could come at a steep price, as DeepMind trains their AI bot, named Theory of Mind-net, or ToM-net, to understand how humans think.

Indeed, the advent of a more human-like generation of AI is upon us — but how long will it take for these new machines to surpass their creators? Reports indicate that DeepMind’s new ToM-net bot is capable of passing a psychological test that “most children only develop the skills for at around age four.” It is this capacity to grasp the “theory of mind” test that may drive us towards a future of robots that are nearly as human as we are.

Saudi Crown Prince’s Militarized Entourage Invades Harvard and MIT


by Stephen Lendman, The Sleuth Journal:

Last weekend, both schools were stops on his US tour – attempting to burnish his rogue image, make Saudi despotism look benign, along with courting investors from Wall Street to Big Oil to Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

Nary a mention of aggression in Yemen was made during his visit, a taboo topic, Washington and Britain up to their ears in raping and destroying the country, conspiratorially responsible with Riyadh for the world’s severest humanitarian crisis – out of sight and mind during his tour.

Billions of dollars in US and UK weapons sales to the kingdom matter more, along with wanting access to its oil reserves and Saudi investments in America and Britain.