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WATCH: Activist Proves Power of Telling Cops, ‘I Don’t Answer Questions’—’It’s Cop Repellent’


by Jack Burns, The Free Thought Project:

An activist made internet famous for his videos in which he says “I don’t answer questions” reveals his secrets to dealing with police contacts.

Kenny Suitter never surrenders his 5th Amendment Right to remain silent. His numerous recorded encounters with police, in which he answers cop inquiries with “I don’t answer questions” have racked up millions of views. Now, in an instructional YouTube video, Suitter explains his motivations and teaches everyone how to handle each and every police encounter.

He explains exactly what “I don’t answer questions” means:

It means exactly what it says. It means you shouldn’t answer questions, zero, not one, nada, zilch.

Suitter says the reason why you shouldn’t answer one solitary question posed to you by police is very simple, yet it has everything to do with protecting oneself.

Your answers could be incriminating without you even knowing it. In fact, it’s exactly what they’re looking for, for you to make a mistake, so they can give you a field sobriety test, search your vehicle, or worse.

His advice is very simple:

So don’t be stupid, keep your mouth shut, and don’t stick your foot in your mouth.

For those citizens who are afraid to follow Suitter’s advice and model his behavior, he says they should not be. “Don’t be afraid to use those words,” he says.

They’re okay to use. It’s the law. Your forefathers died to give you that right, so let’s not forget that and let it [your 5th Amendment Right] got to waste.

Suitter then quotes from the U.S. Bill of Rights, specifically the 5th Amendment. It reads:

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Suitter believes so strongly in his rights that he never answers any question from any police officer, at any time, and he advises you to do the same.

That means you do not have to say anything to anybody, especially the law, for any reason, If you don’t want to.

The citizen who’s now internet famous for the words “I don’t answer questions” tells anyone who will listen that using those words when contacted by police sends a very clear message to law enforcement:

You’re informing that officer that you know your rights and you’re not afraid to exercise them. You’re also informing him that he needs to stop this line of questioning immediately.

Suitter compares his catchphrase to “cop repellant in a spray can“. Rhetorically he asks, “And isn’t that what you want, for that officer to walk away from you?” “You’ve gotta love it,” he says adding, “I don’t answer questions.”

He says in some cases the police simply don’t know how to respond to it when you say you don’t answer questions. But more importantly, just as TFTP has encouraged all of its readers to do, Suitter says, “You should videotape your encounters with police.” “If you don’t,” he says, “it’s your word against theirs and we all know how that goes.”

For evidence that Suitter’s practice works, below is a compilation video of all the times he’s proven it. The results are nothing short of epic.

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by Matt Agorist, via The Daily Sheeple:

A self-proclaimed pedophile hunter, who lures would-be child molesters into public spaces where they can be arrested, has been arrested for this practice.

After he became fed up with police officers doing a terrible job at catching child predators, Rich Warner took matters into his own hands. He launched a sting operation of his own and was successful at catching pedophiles. However, he apparently became so good at his job that police have moved in to take him out.

Using fake profiles, Warner would lure in these predators. He would set up meetings and then confront the sickos who would show up. Many of Warner’s stings have been the subject of high-profile news segments in which he’s nabbed child predators who thought they were going to meet children for sex.

As Yahoo reported in August, in one of Warner’s stings, Mark Lee Smith arranged to meet the 14-year-old, known as Lou, after grooming her on an online dating site, but instead he found himself face-to-face with an undercover journalist using the alias “Danny Catcher” (Warner) who detained the 28-year-old father of one and called the police.

Smith is a repeat offender and had previously pleaded guilty to charges between June 19 and 23 of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming. By all measures, Warner’s actions protected other children.

Speaking after Smith’s arrest, Warner said,  “I think it sends a strong message to people thinking about talking to or meeting children online. There is always a risk that the child could be a pedophile hunter and I sincerely hope my work stops people risking meeting to or talking to children online.”

And he is right. However, after hunting pedophiles and finding himself the subject of so many news segments, Warner has turned from hunter to the hunted. Police have now charged Warner with aggravated assault and publishing the identity of a person charged with a sex offense.

Although police called him a vigilante, Warner denies this allegation as he has merely made citizen’s arrests and turned the pedophiles over to police.

“I was interested to see how many were out there and how many would respond, and I was shocked,” Warner said of the horrific problem that is pedophilia.

Because police are too busy squandering taxpayer money and resources enforcing the drug war, this problem of pedophilia thrives. So, people like Warner set out to try and stop it.

Warner, who is a father himself, bravely said the arrest and charges will not deter him in the future and he posted an unrepentant message to YouTube following the news.

“We will do everything we can to bust them in the future and are hopeful that the police will change their attitudes to our actions,” he stated.

Naturally, many folks on social media do not see it from the perspective of police and are calling this move an injustice.

“(Warner) Should be given a medal, a handshake,” one Facebook user wrote, while another said: “The man should be celebrated, not arrested.”

Sadly, however, police are using Warner’s arrest as a warning to other folks who would dare try to prevent pedophiles from going after children. They told 7 News that if anyone else dares to take the law into their own hands, they will prosecute.

“Pass on any information you have to police,” Det Supt Mark Wieszyk said. “Don’t take this on board yourself.”

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Mainstream News IS Fake


by Donald Jeffries, Lew Rockwell:

There is one thing Donald Trump has right; our establishment news is unquestionably, indubitably fake. Those reasonable souls who have become understandably fed up with Trump’s WWE/Reality Show antics have to keep this in mind. Just because he’s an immature clown doesn’t mean his enemies are credible.

Most of us know BS artists, people who consistently twist and exaggerate the truth. Many of us know pathological liars, who simply are incapable of telling the truth about anything. In such cases, we don’t give these kinds of individuals any credibility whatsoever. We barely pay attention to anything they say.

I would contend that the mainstream media, as a whole, is the most pathological liar that ever existed. Despite their differing outlets, and the variations of letters in their network abbreviations, these “competing” organs act and report as one living, breathing, lying entity. Like individual pathological liars, they are incapable of telling the truth. I literally don’t believe anything they report, from the most intricate political event to a mundane weather forecast.

To believe in our professional “journalists,” one must accept that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK all by his lonesome, minimum wage earning-sexually inadequate self. One must believe that 19 crazed Arabs hijacked four airliners on 9/11, armed only with box cutters and plastic knives. One must further accept that after one of these planes struck the Pentagon, it not only left no visible wreckage behind, but the multitude of security cameras caught no footage of the impact.

We are talking about an entire industry here; the dishonesty in media extends from the big newspapers to the major television networks to the most powerful names in Hollywood. The recent Ken Burns’ documentary series on Vietnam hammered this point home. Like “anti-war” leftist darling Noam Chomsky, who curiously had his first few books financed by grants from the U.S. military, Burns clearly doesn’t believe JFK’s National Security Action Memorandum 263, which mapped out an exit strategy from Vietnam, has any historical significance in spite of the fact it was totally contradicted by NSAM 273, signed by LBJ and delineating the polar opposite strategy of escalation.

The compendium of conspiracies and cover ups I wrote about in Hidden History would not have been possible without the complicity of the mainstream media. One true Woodward and Bernstein-type, who broke open the impossible official story behind the JFK, MLK and RFK assassinations, the government murders at Waco, the Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11 or any number of other important events, would bring the entire dishonest facade down.

Few Americans at the time knew that NBC, for instance, formally agreed in the immediate aftermath of the JFK assassination, to report only information that was consistent with the FBI’s dubious “investigation” of the crime. Later on, during the Reagan administration, not a single mainstream “journalist” reported on Bo Gritz’s press conference, which featured the explosive revelation from Khun Sa, the notorious “Opium King,” that Reagan’s assistant secretary of defense Richard Armitage was his American connection in the drug trade.

One would naturally expect any intrepid reporter to go after the Khun Sa allegations with all the fury of a Lois Lane. Instead, they simply ignored the fantastic charges. When I say “they,” I mean all of them. As in every one of them. Only the intrepid little “anti-semitic” weekly newspaper The Spotlight reported the truth. Gritz was not a marginal figure; he was a heroic POW/MIA activist, and Hollywood had based the famous Rambo character on him.

When your government rammed armored tanks into the Branch Davidians’ “compound” (otherwise known as their home), and killed all those Americans-including a bunch of children they were allegedly so concerned about-with gas that had been banned by the Geneva Convention, what did the mainstream media report? There was no outrage on the part of these “journalists.” Instead, they continued to parrot the official nonsense about these religious “extremists” killing themselves, or at least causing their own deaths at the hands of the governm

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The Death of Academic Freedom: Prof James Tracy Denied First Amendment Rights by Federal Court


by Vivian Lee, Activist Post:

On December 11, 2017, in a serious miscarriage of justice, a jury in West Palm Beach, Florida, ruled unanimously in favor of Florida Atlantic University and against former Media Studies Professor James Tracy, who was suing for reinstatement after his firing in 2016. The jury found that Tracy’s “controversial” articles on Memory Hole Blog were not a “motivating factor” in his firing, the only question they were required to consider. Of course, Tracy’s posts at “his conspiracy theory blog” were indeed the reason he was fired, but the jury was convinced otherwise by FAU’s legal team with assistance from the judge. The case centered around Tracy’s writings on the anomalies found in the reporting on the Sandy Hook “massacre” of December 14, 2012. His skepticism about the event was not to the liking of the university.

  Top Image:  James Tracy with his attorney Louis Leo IV arriving at federal court. Image:  Palm Beach Post .
Top Image:  James Tracy with his attorney Louis Leo IV arriving at federal court. Image:  Palm Beach Post .


FAU maintained that Tracy was not fired from his tenured position because of his blog posts, but because he did not follow the “rules” set out by “his bosses” at the government-run institution. FAU attorney G. Joseph Curley insisted that Tracy was not denied his First Amendment rights, but that he simply did not follow university procedure. “Professor Tracy doesn’t follow the rules,” Curley told the jury. “They’re rules that everyone else follows. He doesn’t play by the rules.” FAU cast the case as one of a “belligerent,” rebellious,” and “nonconformist” employee being let go for “insubordination,” instead of that of a tenured professor exercising his right to free speech.[1]

FAU attorney G. Joseph Curley: “I could not be happier for FAU.” Image: Palm Beach Post.

FAU’s current “rules” require that faculty submit forms listing “outside activities” to be vetted for administrative approval, whether the activities are compensated or not. Tracy and other professors at FAU had argued that the policy is vague and confusing, constituting a form of prior restraint forbidden by the First Amendment, and leading to a climate of “fear and uncertainty” among the faculty. Aside from the fact that “outside activities” can reach into all aspects of a professor’s life and therefore be difficult if not impossible to list, such activities must not be subject to bureaucratic approval. And certainly, no tenured professor can be fired for not filling out a form, even at Florida Atlantic University.[2]

Tenure and academic freedom

The reason for tenure at academic institutions is precisely to allow professors to research, write, and speak out without fear of reprisal. The road to tenure is long and difficult, embarked upon with the goal of attaining the “academic freedom” that tenured professors enjoy.[3] According to the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), as outlined in their 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure, “Teachers are entitled to full freedom in research and in the publication of the results, subject to the adequate performance of their other academic duties.” Regarding “outside activities,” the statement includes the following:

College and university teachers are citizens, members of a learned profession, and officers of an educational institution. When they speak or write as citizens, they should be free from institutional censorship or discipline…they should at all times be accurate, should exercise appropriate restraint, should show respect for the opinions of others, and should make every effort to indicate that they are not speaking for their institution.

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Three Delusions: Paper Wealth, a Booming Economy, and Bitcoin

by John Hussman, via The Burning Platform:

Let us not, in the pride of our superior knowledge, turn with contempt from the follies of our predecessors. The study of the errors into which great minds have fallen in the pursuit of truth can never be uninstructive.”

– Charles Mackay
Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

Delusions are often viewed as reflecting some deficiency in reasoning ability. The risk of thinking about delusions in this way is that it encourages the belief that logical, intelligent people are incapable of delusion. An examination of the history of financial markets suggests a different view. Specifically, faced with unusual or extraordinary price advances, there is a natural tendency (particularly in the presence of crowds, feedback loops, and potential rewards) to look for explanations. The problem isn’t that logic or reason has failed, but that the inputs have been distorted, and in the attempt to justify the advance amid the speculative excitement, careful data-gathering is replaced by a tendency to confuse temporary factors for fundamental underpinnings.

While true psychological delusions are different from financial ones, a similar principle is suggested by psychological research. Delusions are best understood not as deficiencies in logic, but rather as explanations that have been logically reached on the basis of distorted inputs. For example, individuals with delusions appear vulnerable to differences in perception that may involve more vivid, intense, or emotionally-charged sensory input. While those differences might be driven by neurological factors, the person experiencing these unusual perceptions looks to develop an explanation. Maher emphasized that despite the skewed input, the delusions themselves are derived by completely normal reasoning processes. Similarly, Garety & Freeman found that delusions appear to reflect not a defect in reasoning itself, but a defect “which is best described as a data-gathering bias, a tendency for people with delusions to gather less evidence” so they tend to jump to conclusions.

The reason that delusions are so hard to fight with logic is that delusions themselves are established through the exercise of logic. Responsibility for delusions is more likely to be found in distorted perception or inadequate information. The problem isn’t disturbed reasoning, but distorted or inadequate inputs that the eyes, ears, and mind perceive as undeniably real.

Let’s begin by examining the anatomy of speculative bubbles. We’ll follow with a discussion of three popular delusions that have taken hold of the crowd, and the premises that drive them: the delusion of paper wealth, the delusion of a booming economy, and the delusion that is Bitcoin.

The anatomy of speculative bubbles

Across centuries of history, speculative financial bubbles have repeatedly emerged from the seeds of distorted financial environments, where speculative behavior increasingly produces self-reinforcing feedback. Specifically, the speculative behavior of the crowd results in rising prices that both impress and reward speculators, and in turn encourage even greater speculation. The more impressed the crowd becomes with the result of its own behavior, the more that behavior persists, and the more unstable the system becomes, until finally the flapping wings of a butterfly become sufficient to provoke a collapse, launching a self-reinforcing feedback loop in the opposite direction.

The 1929 bubble was built on the foundation of real economic prosperity during the roaring 20’s, but the late stages of that boom were largely fueled by debt and easy money. Observing the persistent market advance, investors largely ignored the contribution of their own speculation in producing that advance. Rather, as traditional valuation measures became increasingly stretched, the first impulse of investors was to try to justify the elevated valuations in novel ways, which gradually became nothing but excuses for continued speculation. As John Kenneth Galbraith wrote decades ago in his book, The Great Crash 1929:

“It was still necessary to reassure those who required some tie, however tenuous, to reality. This process of reassurance eventually achieved the status of a profession. However, the time had come, as in all periods of speculation, when men sought not to be persuaded by the reality of things but to find excuses for escaping into the new world of fantasy.”

Keep in mind that yes, the economy was strong, business was booming, and money was easy. The problem was that investors stopped thinking about stocks as a claim on a very, very long-term stream of discounted cash flows. Valuations didn’t matter. It was enough that the economy was expanding. It was enough that earnings were rising. Put simply, the trend of earnings and the economy, not the actual level of valuation, became the justification for buying stocks. Graham & Dodd described this process:

“During the latter stage of the bull market culminating in 1929, the public acquired a completely different attitude towards the investment merits of common stocks… Why did the investing public turn its attention from dividends, from asset values, and from average earnings to transfer it almost exclusively to the earnings trend, i.e. to the changes in earnings expected in the future? The answer was, first, that the records of the past were proving an undependable guide to investment; and, second, that the rewards offered by the future had become irresistibly alluring.

“Along with this idea as to what constituted the basis for common-stock selection emerged a companion theory that common stocks represented the most profitable and therefore the most desirable media for long-term investment. This gospel was based on a certain amount of research, showing that diversified lists of common stocks had regularly increased in value over stated intervals of time for many years past.

“These statements sound innocent and plausible. Yet they concealed two theoretical weaknesses that could and did result in untold mischief. The first of these defects was that they abolished the fundamental distinctions between investment and speculation. The second was that they ignored the price of a stock in determining whether or not it was a desirable purchase.

“The notion that the desirability of a common stock was entirely independent of its price seems incredibly absurd. Yet the new-era theory led directly to this thesis… An alluring corollary of this principle was that making money in the stock market was now the easiest thing in the world. It was only necessary to buy ‘good’ stocks, regardless of price, and then to let nature take her upward course. The results of such a doctrine could not fail to be tragic.”

– Benjamin Graham & David L. Dodd, Security Analysis, 1934

The 2000 tech bubble featured the same process in a slightly different form. The inputs and premises that investors observed were valid, but incomplete. Economic growth and employment were strong, and money was easy. The internet did indeed have tremendous growth prospects. But again, as the advance became more speculative, investors largely ignored the impact of their own speculation in producing that advance. Instead, their first impulse was again to try to justify the elevated valuations in novel ways (recall “price-to-eyeballs”). By March 2000, on the basis of historically reliable valuation measures, I projected that a retreat to normal valuations would require an -83% plunge in tech stocks. In the 19 months that followed, that estimate turned out to be precise for the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 Index.

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Mueller and Neocon Unilateralists Escalate Against Trump

by Harley Schlanger, Rogue Money:

The release this week of a National Security Strategy document reveals that neocons within Trump’s administration are trying to steer the administration into confrontation with both Russia and China.  The document identifies both nations as pursuing policies directly counter to U.S. interests.  In the introduction, the document claims that “China and Russia challenge American power, influence and interests, attempting to erode American security and prosperity.  They are determined to make economies less free and less fair, to grow their militaries, and to control information and data to repress their societies and expand their influence.”

Later, the document asserts that Russia and China “want to shape a world antithetical to U.S. values and interests.”  In a passage which is a thinly-veiled attack on the Belt-and-Road Initiative, China is singled out as seeking “to displace the United States in the Indo-Pacific Region, expand the reaches of its state-driven economic model, and reorder the region in its favor,” while Russia is accused of seeking “to restore its great power status and establish spheres of influence near its borders.”  President Xi’s “win-win” approach, embodied in his New Silk Road policy, which would replace geopolitical confrontation with pursuit of common goals, is falsely characterized as a plan to dominate its neighbors economically, with military threats to back it up. 

In commenting on the document, Trump’s National Security Advisor General H.R. McMaster explicitly endorsed geopolitics in a speech delivered to the U.K.-based think tank Policy Exchange, stating “Geopolitics are back with a vengeance, after this holiday from history we took in the so-called post-Cold War period.”  He identified both Russia and China as strategic adversaries.  It is reported that the document reflects the views of McMaster and two assistants who participated in drafting the paper, Nadia Schadlow, a deputy assistant for National Strategic Strategy, and Dina Powell, deputy National Security Adviser and a Goldman Sachs alumnus. Both Schadlow and Powell served in the administration of George W. Bush.  

Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp LaRouche identified this language as an attempt to return the U.S. to the “neocon geopolitical confrontation” approach of the two previous administrations, and pointed to sharp denunciations by Russian and Chinese officials, which identified the document as an example of “old, outdated thinking.”  But Mrs. LaRouche also pointed out Trump, in releasing the document, was less confrontational, as he said he will “attempt to build a great partnership with those [Russia and China] and other countries….”  The document also represents a restatement of Trump’s commitment to oppose regime change, stating, “We understand that the American way of life cannot be imposed on others, nor is it the inevitable culmination of progress.”  She identified the divergent points of emphasis as indication of an ongoing internal battle, noting that Trump recently had a very successful trip to China and has spoken repeatedly of his “great” personal relationship with China’s President Xi, and has had several recent very productive discussions with Putin.


It should be noted that the confrontational language in the report echoes comments of former top Obama officials, CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who were part of the “Get Trump” team from the outset, signing on to the infamous, still-unsubstantiated assessment released by the intelligence community on January 7, 2017, that concluded, “with high confidence”, that Russia meddled in the U.S. presidential campaign.  On leaving their posts, both continued to attack Trump as naive for believing he can work with Russia.  On June 7, 2017, in Australia, Clapper claimed [in bizarre language reminiscent of Nazi racial theories about the genetic inferiority of Slavs — JWS] that it is in Russia’s “genes to be opposed, diametrically opposed, to the United States and western democracies.”  The two joined forces again on CNN’s “State of the Union” on November 12, 2017, to slam Trump and Russia.  Brennan said that Trump is “intimidated” by Putin, and that Russia is “a threat to our democracy.”  Clapper chimed in, adding that “Putin is committed to undermining our system,” and that Trump, by rejecting that view, “poses a peril to this country.”

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Philadelphia City Council OKs Ban on Bullet-Resistant Windows


by Julie Shaw, Officer:

Philadelphia City Council voted, 14-3, Thursday to approve a bill that merchants fear could jeopardize their safety and livelihood.

PHILADELPHIA — Despite strong opposition from Asian American beer deli owners and their supporters, Philadelphia City Council voted, 14-3, Thursday to approve a bill that most members said would enhance neighborhoods, but that the merchants fear could jeopardize their safety and livelihood.

Mayor Kenney’s office said he would sign the bill.

City Councilwoman Cindy Bass introduced the bill Nov. 2 as part of an effort to rid the city of what she has called illegal stop-and-go outlets. Although much of the bill involves categorizing food establishments by size for city licensing purposes, one paragraph generated huge protests and polarized communities, exposing fissures involving race, class, and perceptions of immigrants.

That paragraph called for banning bullet-resistant windows in large food establishments. Beer deli owners were affected because state law requires them to have at least 30 seats. Many of the owners, who are largely Asian American, decried the bill, saying removing the safety windows would expose them to being robbed, injured, or killed. But Bass called such windows, which separate food servers from customers, “an indignity.”

On Dec. 4, Council’s Committee on Public Health and Human Services amended the bill, removing the mandatory window ban on large establishments, and instead instructing the Department of Licenses and Inspections to issue by Jan. 1, 2021, regulations for “the use or removal of any physical barrier” in places that serve food and alcohol. The amended bill was unanimously approved that day by the committee.

But beer deli owners and their supporters still saw the amended bill as risking their lives.

Just before the full Council vote Thursday, Bass said the bill was a culmination of 25 years of work to eliminate stop-and-go outlets that sell drug paraphernalia, fruit-flavored cigarillos, and candy for children next to alcohol for adults. “Sometimes they sell food. Mostly they don’t,” she said. “They aren’t delis. … They’re the modern-day pusher.”

“We’re going to say goodbye to the breakfast-booze spots,” she said, to some applause.

Hundreds of beer deli owners and their supporters showed up Thursday to protest the bill. During a public-comment period before the vote, Council President Darrell L. Clarke said he was allowing 10 people on each side to speak against, then for, the bill.

When Adam Xu, chairman of the Asian American Licensed Beverage Association, who has been a vocal opponent of the bill, approached a microphone to speak, he was told he could not do so because 10 people already had spoken against the bill.

Mouy Chheng, the first to speak against, said her 19-year-old son was fatally shot by two armed robbers at the family’s South Philly convenience store in 2003 when it did not have a bullet-resistant window.

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While You Were Distracted With Christmas, Senate Released How Many Harassment Settlements It Paid Out


by Tim Brown, Freedom Outpost:

While you and I were enjoying the celebrations and time with family surrounding a time often established to remember the Incarnation of the Son of God to save sinners, the US Senate quietly released a report stating how many harassment settlements it has paid out.

The report was released on behalf of the US Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, on behalf of Chairman Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) and Ranking Member Amy Klobuchar (R-Minn.), and the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations, on behalf of Chairman Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) and Vice Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.)

According to the Office of Compliance, the Senate has paid $1.5 million on workplace harassment settlements since 1998.

The largest settlements were applied to race discrimination.

Here’s the breakdown from the report.

Settlements Arising from Claims against Member-led Senate Employing Offices


Settlement Amount

Age and race discrimination and reprisal $8,964

Reprisal $9,000

Disability discrimination, FMLA violation, and reprisal $9,000

Age discrimination $9,618.60

Race discrimination $12,456

Sex discrimination, FLSA violation, and reprisal $14,260.25

Age discrimination and reprisal $15,000

Age discrimination and reprisal $15,500

Age and disability discrimination and FMLA violation $20,800

Age discrimination $54,000

Age and disability discrimination, FMLA violation, and reprisal $60,000

Age and national origin discrimination and reprisal $102,903.62

FMLA and FLSA violations $267,750

TOTAL: 13 settlements



Settlements Arising from Claims against Other Senate Employing Offices


Settlement Amount

Sex discrimination and reprisal $4,000

Disability discrimination and FMLA violation $9,750

Age, sex, and disability discrimination $10,000

Race discrimination $10,000

Race, age, and disability discrimination, FLSA violation, and reprisal $15,300

FMLA violation and reprisal $30,000

Disability discrimination, FLSA and FMLA violations, and reprisal $30,450

Sex and disability discrimination and FMLA violation $42,000

Disability discrimination $280,500

Race discrimination and reprisal $421,225

TOTAL: 10 settlements


“Harassment in the workplace should not be tolerated under any circumstances, but particularly not in the United States Senate,” said Chairman Shelby of the Senate Rules Committee. “While the Rules Committee has been eager to provide this information in a transparent manner, it has been our priority to protect the victims involved in these settlements from further harm. I am pleased that we have received assurances from Senate Legal Counsel that the release of this data does not violate confidentiality and as such, are able to make it public.”

How about the names of those who were involved in the harassment?  Why aren’t those names forthcoming?  Those should receive no protection as they are employees of the people, and since the peopel are getting stuck with the bill of a settlement for harassment that their employees are accused of, we have a right to know who that money covered.

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Prominent Names Within the Crypto Space Cash Out Their Positions – Nathan McDonald (21/12/2017)

by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money:

Last week, I penned an article about the history of Bitcoin and how the community around it has dramatically changed. This isn’t just Bitcoin, however; it is all Cryptos. In the beginning, as I discussed last week, the Bitcoin community was all about helping each other grow and prosper. It had its own micro-economies, and because of this, it boomed.

Fast-forward to today, and the landscape is nothing like it once was. “Getting rich quick” topics are all the rage on Bitcointalk, and small businesses can no longer even use Bitcoin as a form of payment, due to skyrocketing fees.

As I mentioned, this has led to a large number of original veterans of the Crypto space leaving altogether, as the vision they once saw is long dead. Little did I know a mere week ago just how over-the-mark I was in this assessment.

The trend appears to be continuing and is now moving to high profile names within the Crypto space. Two in particular have now cashed out of their cryptocurrency positions almost entirely.

The first is Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, often referred to as “Bitcoin’s silver.” As it is closely linked to the success of Bitcoin, Litecoin has skyrocketed in value over the course of the year.

In fact, this time last year, it was trading at a mere $3.67 USD per Litecoin. Today it sits at roughly $320 USD per Litecoin, a phenomenal gain of well over 9000% in less than one year!

You cannot blame Charlie Lee for cashing out, but what is shocking is the fact that Lee has been one of the biggest promoters and pushers of Litecoin in the past. Still, there are those stating the price can never go down. A warning sign noticed by any contrarian investor.

Charlie Lee, of course, had an explanation that had nothing to do with the parabolic rise of Litecoin, stating that he suddenly now believes his ownership to be a “conflict of interest.” You can read his full reddit post here.

The second prominent figure to cash out of the cryptocurrency markets is the founder of the originalBitcoin.com website.

Emil Oldenburg, of Sweden, has been a massive supporter of Bitcoin, and it comes as a shock to many to learn that he now dismisses it as a valid form of money. He even went so far as to state that Bitcoin is currently “the most risky investment a person can make.

During his interview with Breakit, Oldenburg goes on to explain why he sold out of his Bitcoin position. His reasoning will come as a surprise to many, but not myself, as it is exactly what I have been talking about in this article and preceding ones:

“It’s a group of fanatic bitcoin talibans who themselves do not use bitcoin everyday to want it like this. They see bitcoin like digital gold and a technical experiment, not something you should actually use. It will never be a currency used in everyday life or for people who run companies.”

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It’s about time: Legislation proposed to force Facebook and Twitter to stop censoring conservatives

by Jayson Veley, Natural News:

In an ideal world, the First Amendment of the United States Constitution would be enough to stop all lawmakers and Internet-based corporations from actively looking for ways to censor those with whom they disagree politically. Sadly, however, the Constitution gets about as much attention as a rock on the side of the road, so conservatives are now forced to find other ways to preserve freedom of speech.

One of these conservatives looking to combat political censorship on the Internet is Paul Nehlen, who is currently challenging House Speaker Paul Ryan for his seat in the GOP primary. Nehlen has proposed “Shall Not Censor” legislation, which would essentially prohibit companies like Google and Facebook from censoring Americans’ lawful right to free speech on the Internet.

“We need a federal law prohibiting censorship of lawful speech on major social media platforms,” Nehlen has stated. “It is well-known that Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube discriminate against the right-wing, as evidenced by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s recent comments. While widely heralded for those comments, they rang hollow with no suggested solution. This law is that solution. It will extend Americans’ First Amendment free speech protections onto social media platforms.” (Related: News Corp CEO has warned that the algorithms used by Facebook and Google are a whole new kind of Orwellian censorship.)

For the purpose of the proposed legislation, Nehlen has been very clear about what he means when he uses the word “censorship.” The term includes the denial of users to access the platform, “shadowbanning,” the “issuance of ‘verified’ status based on any factors unrelated to identity authentication,” demonization, modifying certain algorithms in a way that censors users with particular viewpoints, “embargoing content,” and “throttling accounts and/or content without disclosure.”

If freedom of speech as outlined in the First Amendment was actually respected and followed, then perhaps Nehlen’s proposed “Shall Not Censor” legislation would not be necessary. Internet-based companies would recognize that while they may have the ability to censor people on the other side of the political spectrum, they would ultimately accept the fact that the Constitution prevents them from doing so. Unfortunately, and as previously mentioned, the Constitution is often not followed and not respected, and therefore, Nehlen’s proposed legislation is absolutely necessary.

Just this past October, Breitbart News reported that Twitter blocked a pro-life advertisement posted by Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, in which Rep. Blackburn proudly stated that she “stopped the sale of body parts.” When pressed for an explanation by Marsha Blackburn’s social media team, Twitter explained that the reason the advertisement was removed was because the line “stopped the sale of body parts” could be seen by some as inflammatory, and that it was “likely to evoke a strong negative reaction.” Twitter than stated that if that part of the advertisement were removed, the video would be permitted.

The popular video-sharing website YouTube has also developed a reputation for censoring conservative voices. Notably, several of conservative radio host Dennis Prager’s Prager U videos have been suppressed or silenced, including “The Most Important Question about Abortion,” “Is Islam a Religion of Peace?” “Why America Must Lead,” The Ten Commandments: Do Not Murder,” and many more.

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The Integrated Non-USD Platforms – Jim Willie

by Jim Willie, GoldSeeK:

The many new integrated non-USD platforms devised and constructed by China finally have critical mass. They threaten the King Dollar as global currency reserve. Clearly, the USDollar cannot be displaced in trade and banking without a viable replacement for widespread daily usage. Two years ago, critics could not point to a viable integrated system outside the USD realm. Now they can. The integration of commercial, construction, financial, transaction, investment, and even security systems can finally be described as having critical mass in displacing the USDollar. The King Dollar faces competition of a very real nature. The Jackass has promoted a major theme in the last several months, that of the Dual Universe. At first the USGovt will admit that it cannot fight the non-USD movement globally. To do so with forceful means would involve sanctions against multiple nations, and a war with both Russia & China. Their value together is formidable in halting the financial battles from becoming a global war. The United States prefers to invade and destroy indefensible nations like Libya, Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, and by proxy Yemen. The USMilitary appears formidable against undeveloped nations, seeking to destroy their infra-structure and their entire economies, in pursuit of the common Langley theme of destabilization. In the process, the USMilitary since the Korean War has killed 25 million civilians, a figure receiving increased publicity. The Eastern nations and the opponents to US financial hegemony will not tolerate the abuse any longer. They have been organizing on a massive scale in the last several years. Ironically, the absent stability can be seen in the United States after coming full circle. The deep division of good versus evil, of honest versus corrupt, of renewed development versus endless war, has come to light front and center within numerous important USGovt offices and agencies.

The shape of the US nation will change with the loss of the USDollar’s status as global currency reserve. The starting point for the global resistance against the King Dollar was 9/11 and the onset of the War on Terror. It has been more aptly described as a war of terror waged by the USGovt as a smokescreen for global narcotics monopoly and tighter control of USD movements. Then later, following the Lehman failure (killjob by JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs) and the installation of the Zero Interest Rate Policy and Quantitative Easing as fixed monetary policies, the community of nations has been objecting fiercely. The zero bound on rates greatly distorted all asset valuations and financial markets. The hyper monetary inflation works to destroy capital in recognized steps. These (ZIRP & QE) are last ditch desperation policies designed to enable much larger liquidity for the insolvent banking structures. Without them, the big US banks would suffer failure. They also provide cover for the amplified relief efforts directed at the multi-$trillion derivative mountain. In no way, can the global financial system tolerate unbridled monetary inflation which undermines the global banking reserves.

The Eastern nations have been organizing to end the USDollar abuse, which has suffocated economic growth and financed regional wars with motive to sustain the USDollar dominance. Their many non-USD platforms finally can boast at having critical mass, and finally are integrated with the most important link of all. The Oil-RMB-Gold triangle is the death warrant to the USDollar, and the Gold Trade Note will be the dagger in its heart.

One Belt One Road Cornucopia

It is also known as the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI). China has been promoting infra-structure development, but with the BRI, they have coordinated the funding agents, the consulting groups, the construction firms, and more. They have built a gigantic table, acting as a cornucopia for funding and completing a very large group of massive projects, all over $1 billion in value. Almost none will use the USDollar except in dumped securities in order to cover the costs. It is commonly called Indirect Exchange, since no US-based party is in the mix. The many US-based firms are largely excluded from the BRI contracts. Look for European firms to clean up, especially the Germans since they make friends well and provide world-class technology. The Belt & Road Initiative can be considered the project development arena for the burgeoning newly forming Eurasian Trade Zone, often called the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). It will not use the USD.

Asian Infra-structure Investment Bank (AIIB)

The AIIBank serves as a gigantic funding agency among the community of nations. Their projects seem to be focused on SouthEast Asia, but not completely. The British deeply angered the Obama Admin by joining the AIIBank last year, against urgent pressure from Washington. Soon a global entity, not just Eastern. The London City (sovereign nation within England) did not wish to lose out in the financial traffic involved in the many projects. The projects will expand beyond Asia, in time to connect Europe. London strives to gain an RMB Hub for both currency exchange and bond trading. Think Panda Bonds, like for Italian Govt debt issuance in RMB terms without any currency risk for Chinese investors. The AIIBank makes the Intl Monetary Fund irrelevant. The Chinese have a newfound dominant role in the IMF, to shut it down as a funding arm, but to ensure the Chinese Yuan currency becomes a bank reserves basis. Together, the Belt & Road Initiative and the AIIBank are the most important investment platforms in retiring the USDollar from its global currency reserve status.

BRICS New Development Bank (NDB)

This platform went quiet in the last couple years, as the AIIBank took away the attention for development. However, the BRICS are organizing better in the last several months. Their projects are entirely focused on BRICS nations, plus their neighbors in connection. The Jackass theory was that South Africa was suffering from high level political corruption, while India was suffering from high level financial collusion. Expect the SA problem to continue, but the Indian independence to come forth in a survival gesture. The BRICS NDBank is pressing forward, with renewed emphasis given by Russia & China for the purpose of gaining momentum. Another Jackass theory is that the New Development Bank will become a primary center for conversion of Western sovereign bonds into Gold bullion for bank reserves purposes. Refer to USTreasury Bonds primarily, but also to EuroBonds, UKGilts, and Jap Govt Bonds. Imagine the power of a central window for conversion of fiat major nation bonds into gold, after the USDollar is well recognized as having lost its global reserve currency status. The implication would be for fast removal of the USTBonds in the global banking system, replaced by Gold bullion. The NDBank could become an important catalyst.

Asian Development Fund

This fund is small and new, but is gaining traction fast, run independently from the USGovt for the benefit of Asian nations, mostly in the SouthEast Asian region. It is competing directly with the Asian Development Bank, led by the USGovt. The Asians do not wish for the United States to run their business development any longer, since assistance comes with a stranglehold and considerable coercion. It is no longer wanted.

Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS)

This payment system is a direct frontal assault on the SWIFT transaction payment system, as in bank to bank transfers. The USGovt has abused this system for political purposes like a financial weapon, causing severe repercussions and backlash. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication has a new rival, a strong one with stress test success. The CIPS does not stand for Chinese Interbank Payment S
ystem, but it is led and run by the Chinese. It will feature lower fees, faster transfers, and no interference with political motive. It is ramping up in volume, with numerous commitments for its future usage. The USGovt will lose its financial weapon used and abused to isolate nations which do not wish to trade (primarily energy products) using the USDollar.

Shanghai Oil-Gold futures contract

This contract came into being last August, but has not really gotten off the ground yet. It needed a link to the RMB fortress. Now that link has arrived. This contract served as a harbinger of linkage of the two most important commodities for commerce and currency with existing systems. It served as notice for the planned imminent death of the Petro-Dollar. It required completion of the triangle for its full effect.

Shanghai RMB-Oil futures contract

This contract completes the triangle, and will serve as the executioner for the USDollar death warrant. With the triangle completed, nations like Russia can sell China its crude oil (by whatever path or delivery method), accept RMB in payment, then quickly convert to Gold bullion within the same city of Shanghai. Think one-stop shopping that undermines the Petro-Dollar system at its core. Expect China to require many of its oil suppliers to use the Shanghai system for managing the forward price contracts, with implicit pressure. The key region to watch is the Gulf Region where the Saudis and their neighbor oil monarchies will line up to use these contracts in oil sales and payment systems. Most assuredly, rival Iran will use the triangle with high volume oil sales to China, keeping the oil price down in the process. However, as important as this triangle is for displacing the King Dollar from the financial catbird seat, more lies ahead. The Oil-RMB-Gold triangle will in all likelihood be used as the foundation for the upcoming Gold Trade Note, which will remove the USTBill as standardized payment instrument for Asian trade. The Gold Trade Note will have an equity placement in gold, a promise of gold payment upon product delivery, and a net settlement feature. If the Oil-RMB-Gold triangle is the death warrant, the Gold Trade Note is the dagger in the USDollar heart with respect to the global reserve currency role. The role has two sides: trade payment (led by oil market) and bank reserves (led by USTBond).

BRICS Gold Platform

This platform has just recently been introduced, promoted for usage by the lead team of Russia & China. They have promoted their plans and objectives for running the platform. They openly deride the usage of paper price discovery methods, which have corrupted the COMEX beyond any recognition of a gold mart where metal is bought and paid for. The COMEX has no metal delivery, but the BRICS Gold Platform will indeed have direct metal delivery. The new platform will feature gold bullion sales with immediate delivery, and thus an honest price system. Expect the eventual merger with their New Development Bank, if their intention ever becomes realized to provide the fulfilled role in conversion of sovereign bonds to Gold bullion bars.

Russian Gold Exchange

Another gold exchange which will likely merge with the BRICS Gold Platform, it will be based in Moscow. Expect this exchange to connect with the Russian Sverbank, and in particular with the Shanghai gold market.

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