Thursday, May 23, 2019

End Times at the OD Corral


by James Howard Kunstler, Kunstler:

Personally, I believe that the plodding, implacable Robert Mueller, white knight of the Deep State, will flush the Golden Golem of Greatness out of office, probably on some sort of money-laundering rap having nothing to do with “Russian meddling.” Anderson Cooper will have a multiple orgasm. Rachel Maddow will don a yellow hard-hat and chain-saw a scale model of Mar-a-Lago to the glee of her worshippers. The #Resistance will dance in the streets. And then what?

I doubt that Mr. Trump will go gracefully. Rather he’ll dig in and fight even if it means fomenting a constitutional crisis. He’ll challenge Mr. Mueller on veering into matters unrelated to alleged Russian pranks in the 2016 election. He may well attempt the self-pardoning gambit. He will have a lot of support out in the Deplorable gloaming. But, at some point, I expect a bipartisan consensus to emerge in congress that the guy has got to go. He’s making it impossible to conduct even the routines of bribery and domestic collusion that Washington exists for. Nobody is getting paid — at least not the bonuses they’re accustomed to seeing.

The 25th amendment is still the best tool for the job. Unlike impeachment, it doesn’t require much in the way of standards of evidence or any Mickey Mouse niceties of due process. It doesn’t take months and months of tiresome legal gamesmanship, no committees or reports. You just get a small number of cabinet members and congressional leaders to agree that the President is “unfit” — which can mean anything, really — and he’s chopped. General Kelly may be enlisted to pry Mr. Trump’s smallish fingers from the doorjamb and shove him into the waiting limo in the porte cochère for the long sad ride up the Jersey Turnpike.

Enter Mike Pence, slated to be a kind of combination Millard Fillmore / Herbert Hoover. Who knows what really lurks behind the bland Pencean facade, but on the off-chance that he may be a decent fellow of average intelligence, the fates have a way of casting such accidental leaders into ignominy despite their theoretical virtues. Surely, the Deplorables of Flyover Land will not like the dumping of their Golden champion one bit. I’d stay away from post offices and other parcels of federal property for a while. If a bunch decides to march on the nation’s capital, it will be a messier affair than anything the hippies pulled off back in the day, perhaps the first battle of Civil War 2.

The financial markets wobbled and puked on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, finally mirroring the tremendous stresses in our politics. They’ve been every bit as jacked on unreality as the two major parties for years now. The markets, after all, are not the economy itself, just indexes of the supposed values of things, stocks, bonds, gold, soybeans, etc., and the Federal Reserve has been jamming hallucinogens down their craw since the last little seizure in 2008.

The markets don’t seem to like the new chairman of the Fed, a cipher named Jay Powell. In his first big public performance since stepping into Janet Yellen’s tiny shoes this week, Powell managed to do a complete 180 in 24 hours on whether his outfit will stick to four rate hikes this year… or maybe just ride to the rescue of the floundering markets with their old tricks of lowering interest rates and “printing” shitloads of new “money” to get those animal spirits going again in the S & P. Absolutely nothing Powell’s Fed might try will work. In fact they will only make the cratering indexes fall deeper and harder, along with the value of the US dollar. Interest rates can’t go any higher, anyway, without blowing up half the paper obligations on earth. Businesses will be terrified to transact. You can’t do much with a crippled financial system. The authorities and the news media will call it a “recession” but a sore-beset public will know it is the start of something a whole lot worse.

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Michael Pento: Currencies Will Be ‘Flushed Down the Toilet’ Triggering a ‘Mad Rush into Gold’


by Mike Gleason, Money Metals:

Bond Prices to Plummet in a ‘Complete Blow-up of the Income Market’

Coming up we’ll hear a tremendous interview with Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies. Michael shares his very troubling outlook for the 10-year Treasury note, the tipping point that will cause the destruction of confidence in the dollar and what this all means for gold prices. Don’t miss a must hear interview with Michael Pento coming up after this week’s market update.

Well, the new Federal Reserve chairman spoke this week, and markets got spooked. Fed chair Jerome Powell testified before Congress, where he touted the economy’s strength.

Click HERE to listen

Good news for the economy was interpreted as bad news for stocks and other risk assets. The Dow Jones Industrials plunged more than 700 points on the week through Thursday on concerns about tariffs and more rate hikes. Powell indicated to lawmakers that the Fed will continue with the rate hiking campaign even as he downplayed any concerns about inflation.

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by Egon von Greyerz, Gold Switzerland:

Gold is hated by governments around the world because it reveals their deceitful actions in totally destroying the economy. It is not an accident that gold is the only money which has survived for 6,000 years. Gold is the only money that tells the truth. And gold is nature’s money which means it cannot be destroyed and it cannot be manufactured.

This is why governments cannot live with gold as money for more than short periods. Because over time governments always spend more than the country earns. At that point their survival can only be assured by buying votes. And printing money is a very cheap way of buying votes. It costs nothing when you own the printing presses (or computers) and it is very effective short term. The problem is when that little boy shouts out: “The emperor has no clothes”. At that point everybody will realise that we all live in a world based on lies and debt.

In the next few years, country after country will find a naked emperor and empty coffers. The irresponsibility and incompetence of regimes know no borders. Take a country like Venezuela which hit the jackpot by sitting on free oil reserves of massive quantities. Venezuela has the biggest oil reserves in the world. But in spite of that, Venezuela has today reached economic misery.

This is what Charles Dickens wrote in David Copperfield:

“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen, nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.”


But that simple rule for happiness seems impossible to follow for any nation today. Almost every country in the world is on the side of misery with the deficit being made up by debt or printed money. Margaret Thatcher said it better than anyone: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” And that is exactly what the world is doing. By borrowing more and printing more, socialism is not creeping but flooding into most Western countries as well as the rest of the world.

The table below shows total government spending as a percentage of GDP. In ten countries the government spends 50% or more of total GDP. These include all the Nordic countries with Finland the worst at almost 60%, as well as France, Greece, Belgium, Italy, Austria and Hungary. The US is just under 40% but is likely to increase substantially in the next few years as the economy falters and the government opens up the money spigots. When a government spends 40%-60% of total GDP, this is not just socialism. No, it is a total waste of a country’s resources. It means stealing 40% to 60% of what the people produces and then wasting it on bureaucracy and irresponsible spending.One hundred years ago, there were minimal or no income taxes in most Western countries and today the government burdens the people with 50% or more in many countries.


Venezuela is an excellent example of a prosperous country, with natural resources (oil), that is severely mismanaged and eventually turns socialistic leading to a total collapse of the economy. In 1935, Venezuela had the highest per capita GDP in South America. After a number of economic crises and corruption in the 1980s and 1990s, Hugo Chavez was elected president in 1999 and remained in that position until his death in 2013 when Maduro took over. Gradually the country’s economy deteriorated. In spite of its massive oil reserves, corruption, mismanagement, inflation, collapsing currency, big debts and socialism drove Venezuela to ruin. There are exchange controls, major shortages of most food products and even shortages of fuel. And Caracas has the highest murder rate of any capital in the world.

In 2016, the average Venezuelan lost 8.5 kilos in weight due to lack of food. If this had happened in the US or in some European countries, there would have been major health benefits. But the poor Venezuelans were not overweight to start with so this clearly affects the population and especially young children.

Venezuela had 367 tonnes of gold in 2015 and now allegedly still holds 187 tonnes. Sadly, this is not enough to save the country. And the people have not held any gold either. Most people in Venezuela have not had enough money to buy gold for in later years. But if they had just put a fraction of their income into gold, that could have saved them. 13 million Venezuelans are today on minimum wage which is $7 per month. With hyperinflation, that dollar amount collapses fast. Just imagine if 20 years ago some Venezuelans could have saved enough over to buy just one ounce of gold at $300. That ounce of gold would today be enough for 5 years’ minimum salary. But very few, if any did it. This is why I am telling people today who don’t have a lot of money to put aside just a small amount every month and buy gold. One gram of gold is $43. Most people in the West can afford to put that aside. And if you do that for 32 months, you have one ounce of gold. Remember that in Venezuela today, as I mention above, one ounce of gold goes a long way.


To determine the state of a country, you don’t need to look at balance of payments, budget deficits, debts etc. All that is needed is to look at the value of gold in the currency of the country. I have shown the graph below a few times but it is worth showing again and again because this graph is the key to what will happen in the next few years. And if we don’t understand history, we will not understand the present or the future. The chart shows that over a 100 year period, all major currencies have declined 97%-99% against gold.

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by Jon Robberson, Hagmann Report:

Integricide.  The willful killing of the truth, as permitted by the ignorant and those who criminally control them.


Today closes out a week in the New Media that can only be described as a bloodbath.  YouTube eliminated: Victurus LibertasJake Morphonios, David Seaman, The Dr of Common Sense, Ron Johnson and many, many others.  Dr Jerome Corsi voluntarily removed all of  the content from his YouTube channel, after receiving two strikes overnight.

Dr Corsi operated for years without a single incident.  On Friday, Gizmodo reported that Dr Jerome Corsi had been suspended from YouTube for life, in addition to having the earnings rightfully due to him…vanish.  Stolen.

However, in an update from Infowars, public pressure, via Drudge picking up the story, has resulted in Dr Corsi’s channel being restored.

The YouTube censorship madness is relentless and unfortunately very few who have lost their channels have the professional connections to utilize Drudge in an effort to seek justice.  Interestingly, I sent my story about Dr Corsi’s removal of his archived content from YouTube, to Drudge, three days before Gizmodo, but this simply proves the aforementioned point.

Twitter suspended Laura Loomer for a week. Facebook followed suit and kicked her to the curb for 30 days, while @Medium banned: Laura, Mike Cernovich and Hagmann Report regular, Jack Posobiec.

But why?

In this article I hypothesize two likely reasons for the “American” Left to roll up into their potato bug shells, amplify their snot-nosed, emasculated voices through a Walmart bullhorn and shriek “Shut up!”

But first, a brief introduction to the latest, by way of context, and to set the tone.  This article is going to be very important for Hagmann Report listeners and Patriots, writ large.  So please read, share and utilize this piece in whatever way you are able, to spread the word.  As I pen this summary, men and women who’s work you know and in some cases know very well are hurting.

Good men are being reassured by their wives this evening, “Honey it will be okay. I am so, so proud of you for standing up.”

There are many female Citizen Journalists who are being trolled, threatened, issued death threats and in the case of Dana Loesch, hearing a live audience shout “Burn her!  Burn her!” while she attended last weekends CNN Town Hall event with a beautifully prepared speech that contained concrete, proactive, realistic solutions.  Solutions to prevent school shootings.  She accepted the invitation to last weekends engagement to try and save future child-victims from active shooters’ bullets.  Instead, she was escorted from the property by a private security detail while violent hypocrites screamed for her to be burned to death.

It is for these reasons that I spent Friday evening writing this piece.

“Silence in the face of evil, is itself, evil.  God will not hold us guiltless.  Not to speak, is to speak.  Not to act, is to act.”    Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I wrote this piece because one day I will stand before Almighty God and I will give account for what I did (or failed to do) and as an American Christian I will not stand down when women are being threatened with Medieval immolation, children are being blown away in school hallways and those among us trying to tell the truth are being thanked for all of our hard work by being deleted by a gaggle of reprobates who crawl the streets of San Francisco, seeking whom they may destroy.  San Francisco, a city every bit as evil as Babylon, Sodom, or Jericho.

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Court Decision Could Lead to EPA Banning Water Fluoridation


by Derrick Broze, Activist Post:

A federal court has denied an attempt by the Environmental Protection Agency to dismiss a lawsuit seeking to ban the use of fluoride under the Toxic Substances Control Act.

In a victory for water fluoridation opponents, a judge in the Northern District of California has denied a motion by the Environmental Protection Agency that sought to limit the information available to the court while making their decision on whether or not to ban water fluoridation. The lawsuit was brought forth by Food and Water Watch Inc. and a coalition of health organizations and individuals concerned about fluoride. Under section 21 of The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) citizens are allowed to petition the EPA to regulate or ban individual chemicals. Food and Water Watch filed the lawsuit after the EPA rejected a citizen petition calling for the EPA to ban the addition of fluoride chemicals to the drinking water supply.

As the lawsuit proceeded the EPA interpreted the language of the law to mean the judge should be limited to reviewing the information the EPA provided when it decided to reject the petition on February 17, 2017. “The disagreement is whether, in reaching its own decision, the court can consider information that the EPA did not have access to e.g. expert testimony, new studies, documents obtained in discovery, etc.,” Michael Connett, the attorney representing the coalition told Bloomberg Environment before the ruling.

National Law Review reported on the ruling:

In denying the EPA’s motion, the court specifically held that the phrase “de novo proceeding” indicates that Congress intended a broad scope of review because the word “proceeding” encompasses all regular activities of a lawsuit, including discovery beyond the administrative record. Because the purpose of the TSCA is to protect the public from chemicals that pose unreasonable risks to health and the environment, the court held that “[a] de novo proceeding in district court modeled after traditional trial-like proceedings would not conflict with the purpose of the TSCA, but would instead effectuate it.”

The court’s ruling means that the trial will now have larger implications for the legality of water fluoridation. If the coalition of fluoride opponents is successful in their lawsuit, the EPA may be forced to reconsider the petition to ban water fluoridation.

What is Fluoride?

The substances added to municipal water supplies known by the name fluoride are actually a combination of unpurified byproducts of phosphate mining. In the United States thousands of tons of fluorosilicic acid is recovered from phosphoric acid plants and then used for water fluoridation. During this process the fluoride ion is created.

This process of taking waste from the phosphate industry and putting it into drinking water has long been criticized for its effects on human health and the environment. It is well known that water fluoridation has led to dental fluorosis for millions of children. This discoloring of the teeth was called “cosmetically objectionable” by the Centers for Disease Control.

Beyond the cosmetic effect there have been several studies indicating overwhelming health issues related to fluoride, especially for children. Another study found a connection between exposure to water fluoridated at relatively low concentrations and a reduced IQ among children.

As recent as September 2017 the journal Environmental Health Perspectives published the study “Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and Cognitive Outcomes in Children at 4 and 6–12 Years of Age in Mexico,” examining the results of prenatal exposure to fluoride and the potential health concerns. The researchers called the study “one of the first and largest longitudinal epidemiological studies to exist that either address the association of early life exposure to fluoride to childhood intelligence or study the association of fluoride and cognition using individual biomarker of fluoride exposure.” The study was funded in part by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

The researchers found that higher prenatal fluoride exposure was associated with lower scores on tests for cognitive function at age four, and between ages six and twelve. The researchers acknowledge that their results are “somewhat consistent” with past ecological studies which indicate children living in areas of high fluoride exposure have lower IQ scores than those in low-exposure areas.

A study published in the journal General Dentistry warns that infants are at risk of dental fluorosis due to overexposure from fluoride in commercially available infant foods. The researchers analyzed 360 different samples of 20 different foods ranging from fruits and vegetables, chicken, turkey, beef, and vegetarian dinners. Chicken products had the highest concentrations of fluoride, followed by turkey. The New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (NYSCOF) reports that the fluoride levels were due to pesticides, fertilizers, soil, groundwater, and/or fluoridated water. The high levels found in the chicken and turkey can be attributed to “fluoride-saturated bone dust” involved in the process of mechanically separating the meat.

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History Is Repeating Itself, The Big Short Is Back-The Crash Is Beginning


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

As we all know, the years leading up to the global financial meltdown of 2008 were filled with financial exuberance, as Wall Street firms made billions trading bonds made up of residential mortgages  which should have been viewed as a money game (ie ponzi scheme).

A handful of investors knew that this was the death of the economy. Eventually. as the move, The Big Short acurately portrayed, realized that due tot he mortgage scam, the entire economy was nothing but a house of cards that would, unquestionably and inevitably crash.

The movie follwed the bets of these few real-life inviduals as they they bet againt bonTheir bets against these bonds, in action that became known as the THE BIG SHORT, and this practice eventually paid off in large amounts as Rome burned so to speak.  And amazingly, only one person was ever convicted and went to prison.

When the entire American economy fell apart, leaving millions homeless, millions more broke and unemployed, few investors laughed all the way to the bank and in the original movie, the actors consisting of Christian BaleSteve CarellRyan Gosling, and Brad Pitt starred as those individuals who got away with economic murder. the movie, The Big Short, was baed on Michael Lewis’ best-selling book of the same name.

Depart from the movie for a moment. After the crash of the American economy. America is headed down the same economic path. America chose to cave in to the banksters. Iceland put them in jail. Today, Iceland’s GDP dwarfs America’s GDP.

Last Man Standing

Therew was on nation that did not put up with the Big-Short and that country was Iceland who jailed 26 bankers, totaling over 74 years of prison time among these 26 criminals. These banksters were jailed for causing the financial meltdown of Iceland. Conversely, the U.S. bankster criminals on Wall Street were rewarded for their fraud and market manipulation with an gigantic set of ongoing bailouts as the taxpayers of the country were financially raped.

There were no bail outs in Iceland that enslaved their population in perpetuity. America, today, has a minimum credit swap derivative debt of $1.5 quadrillion. Keep in mind the entire value of the Planet’s GDP is about $70 trillion. In other words, because of a ponzi scheme, Americans owe more than 16 times the value fo the planet to the banksters. In Iceland, they owe nothing.

Iceland remains the only European nation to recover fully from the 2008 crisis. Iceland even managed to pay its outstanding debt to the IMF in full, and the debt was paid in advance of the due date. This is highly significant because this means the Bank of International Settlements has absolutely no hold on Iceland and its banking system. Conversely, the banks in the United States are so manipulated by the Bank of International Settlements that the US stands of on the brink of the next bankster-created war which will be fought and lost against Russia and China.

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​Licking Their Lips, The IRS Targets Coinbase Users – Nathan McDonald


by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money:

Something I have warned about for years is now unfolding. This is a trend that has taken years to reach this point, but it was unavoidable: The IRS has begun to crack down on cryptos and those who use it.

Coinbase, after a year of battling a court order in a valiant attempt to protect their customers, have lost. Now they must submit roughly 13,000 of their top clients account statements to the IRS.

These top 13,000 clients are what many would classify as “whales” (read: the biggest fish), and thus the easiest target for the IRS to go after first…

Note that I said, “first.”

The IRS, smelling blood in the water, is not going to stop here. For those who have tried to avoid the long arm of the law by hiding under the thin veil of anonymity, the day is coming where they must pay the piper.

As I have been saying for years, this day was unavoidable. Bitcoin is not truly anonymous and can be traced with a little effort. This is made that much easier when it comes to a service such as Coinbase, in which you must legally submit documents to prove your identity. To think that the IRS was not going to poke and prod when so much money is on the line would be foolish.

Do not take this as a total slamming of Bitcoin or cryptos as a whole. I believe a decentralized currency, created by the free market and that competes alongside our current, horribly-flawed fiat system, has its benefits.

However, this foreshadows the vision that many central banksters and financial elites have in mind for the future of digital currencies.

As has been mentioned numerous times lately, more and more countries are pondering the idea of moving to a fully digital, crypto-style currency of their own. This idea, if enacted, would give them horrific powers and abilities to control cash flows, and thus your life as a whole.

This is a nightmare scenario that would make our current fiat-based system look like the gold standard, as at least at this time, you have some control via physical cash.

Moving forward, we can expect the IRS to expand their reach and dig deeper into the crypto sector, attempting to squeeze more money out of those who have avoided their tax payments and not claimed their profits correctly.

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