Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Living in a Coup with Massive Election Rigging & War – Martin Armstrong

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong was forecasting “chaos” in 2023, and that’s exactly what we got.  His cycle work says don’t look for it to get better anytime soon.  Armstrong explains, “We are in the midst of a coup.  We have all these people who have been neocons for 30 years.  Even Ron Paul said recently that the neocons have been waging war for 30 years and have not won a one single one.  This is what they live for.  Look at the clip of Lindsey Graham saying this is the best money we ever spent killing Russians.  How can you take pleasure in that statement that this is the best money we ever spent killing Russians.  This is not defense.  These are the words of a psychopath in my mind. . . . They are not about to accept anybody who is going to be against war.  The neocons are in full control of the government—period.  We are living in the time of a coup.  The United States is not the free country you thought it was. . . .”

“Who Could Be Next”: Top Canadian Pension Fund Sells Manhattan Office Tower For $1, Sparking Firesale Panic

from ZeroHedge:

Those who take their funds abroad risk “losing everything,” according to the president

New York during the inflationary surge of the late 70s and early 80s was a mythical place where one could purchase a Park avenue penthouse for $1 (while assuming the copious debt, of course). Now, thanks to the brutal bear hug of the highest interest rates in 40 years and the ongoing CRE crisis, those legendary days have made a comeback to the Big Apple, if only in the realm of commercial real estate for now.

Trump Notified He’s Target Of Criminal Investigation – Indictment May Be Imminent

from ZeroHedge:

Federal prosecutors have notified Donald Trump’s lawyers that he’s a target of their investigation into his handling of classified documents after the end of his term in office, The New York TimesPolitico and other outlets reported Wednesday evening.

The issuance of a so-called target letter often signals that an investigation is nearly complete and that the filing of criminal charges is imminent. A “target” is an individual whom federal prosecutors determine to be linked to a crime via substantial evidence.

Global conflict threatens


by Alasdairr Macleod, Schiff Gold:

This week, gold and silver went their separate ways, with gold rising and silver falling. In European trade this morning gold was $1985, up $4 from last Friday’s close, while silver was 22.81, down 21 cents. Gold is edging higher, while silver edges lower.

Indeed, all the action is in gold, with Comex Open Interest continuing to rise as our next chart shows, while that of silver is still subdued.

John Podesta will now reportedly wield the power without the title and, most importantly, without a confirmation hearing…

Trump Trial: Obama Judge Tanya Chutkan Compares Jan 6 to Boston Marathon Bombing and 9/11

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Tanya Chutkan, the Obama-appointed DC district judge assigned to Donald Trump’s Jan 6 case, compared Jan 6 to the Boston Marathon bombing and September 11th while denying a request from Trump’s legal team to delay the trial until April 2026.

Trump is the Winter Coat – Charles Nenner

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner has been warning of a huge war cycle that happens every 120 years or so.  With Tiawan/China and Russia/Ukraine and Israel and the Middle East conflicts, we are clearly in this huge war cycle.  Nenner also says we are simultaneously entering a huge financial down cycle that could easily turn into the Greatest Depression–ever.  Neither of these cycles can be stopped. Nenner explains, “The problem is everywhere.  You may remember we said 10 years ago that the biggest problem for the United States is going to be internal.  There is a huge problem.  Nobody knows what to do anymore, and people are afraid to speak up. . . . History says if you are not allowed to say certain things, then you stop thinking certain things.  This is what is written in the book ‘1984.’ . . . . So, this is the end of what is going on in the United States.  I think America is lost, but it is not a surprise.  The Dutch ruled for 250 years, and then the Spanish, Portuguese came, and then the English came.  Every big society ends, more or less, after 250 years, and now it’s the United States. . . . People are talking about new systems.  They think Marxism is good, but it did not work because the people who did it before made mistakes.  If you don’t wake up, this is what you are going to get, and that is a communist Marxist situation.”

U.S. Army Secretary admits presentation calling pro-lifers terrorists has been in use for 7 years

by Calvin Freiburger, LifeSite News:

Did We Just Witness the FBI’s Attempt on Trump’s Life?

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

A number of independent security experts have noted egregious failures in the Secret Service’s protection of Trump’s venue. Perhaps most notable was the failure to include the nearby buildings in the security zone. Three possible explanations have been offered: incompetence, intent, and insufficient assigned resources.

Incompetence is a possibility. In all federal agencies including the military, ability and merit have been set aside in order to make race- and gender- based appointments.

The Crises of 2024 are Devastating

by Emily Thompson, Activist Post:

We live in a magnificent yet deeply horrible world. An intricate web of crises woven across various corners of the globe has transformed this year into an utterly dreadful chaos, leaving no glimmer of hope on the horizon.

Russia’s war in Ukraine has left a path of death and destruction across both countries and there are no signs the war will end soon. The economic and diplomatic fallout from this war has been devastating and it will take years to recover from the physical, psychological, and economic carnage the war is leaving in its wake.

Stroke Risk: COVID Shots 200 Times More Likely to Cause Blood Clots in Brain

by Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D., Childrens Health Defense:

The COVID-19 vaccines had an over 1,000-fold increased risk of blood clots in the brain compared to the flu vaccine and more than a 200-fold increased risk compared to all other vaccines, according to a study by Dr. Peter McCullough and colleagues.

The COVID-19 vaccines carry a much higher risk of blood clots in the brain compared with other vaccines, according to a new study by Dr. Peter McCullough and colleagues.

Mounting Desperation: It’s CYA time for Covid officials and MSM “journalists”

from Peak Prosperity:

TRUTH LIVES on at https://sgtreport.tv/

ROCKET MAN: As French Cities Go Up In Flames Over Riots About Shooting Death Of Nahel Merzouk, Emmanuel Macron Attends An Elton John Concert

by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

France riots see gunman open fire and weapons looted with 1,300 French arrested while cities burn As Emmanuel Macron attends an Elton John concert

You got to hand it to Emmanuel Macron, For the third time in 6 short months, Paris and the surrounding cities are literally burning to the ground in riotous protest, and he is cool as a cucumber. So cool, in fact, that he can easy-as-you-please attend an Elton John concert instead of worrying about quelling the riots. Is Emmanuel Macron the coming Antichrist? I don’t know, but he sure has his arrogance, that’s for sure.

Journalist who pushed concentration camps for unvaccinated dies suddenly

from WND:

A COVID-19 shot activist, a journalist who insisted on concentration camps for those who wouldn’t take the experimental injections, has died suddenly at age 33.

A report at Slay News confirms the death of Ian Vandaelle.

Tucker Carlson Interviews Catherine Englebrecht About Illegal Alien Voting

from The Conservative Treehouse:

Catherine Englebrecht from True The Vote (TTV) has been working diligently in the sphere of trying to clean up voter registration rolls and ensure voter integrity for decades now.  Englebrecht has faced constant targeting from agencies of the federal government and politicians who benefit from voter fraud, ballot fraud and illegal voting overall.

In this interview with Tucker Carlson, Catherine Englebrecht explains the federal loophole that assists in permitting illegal alien votes. If the illegal alien believes they are lawfully permitted to vote, they are not prosecuted.  WATCH: