Sunday, September 22, 2019

Jay Taylor: How Much Longer Can the American Empire Run on Fake Money?

by Jay Taylor, via Dollar Collapse:

Gold rocketed to nearly $1,365 on Wednesday in New York, which is well above the $1,350 that Michael Oliver suggests is when technical price watchers will finally start to head into the yellow metal and related investments like gold stocks. But alas the banking cartel had other ideas and exercised a 100-tonne “pretend gold” smackdown in the gold paper futures markets starting at about noon that day, just to make sure the greatest competition in the world to the dollar didn’t start to lead to a loss of confidence.

This of course is nothing new. The Gold Anti Trust Action Committee (GATA) has been documenting paper market manipulation of the gold markets now for decades. Isn’t it interesting that more virtual gold trades in one day on the LBMA than is mined in an entire year. Whatever it takes, including endless wars to try to keep the petrodollar alive and trillions of dollars spent on blood and treasury. I truly believe Eisenhower’s fears of the endless power of the Military Industrial Complex are now playing out. It should be eminently clear now that “the President is not really the President of the United States.” That was established by the “Deep State” under Kennedy. If you have doubts about that, you might do well to read “Unlike Trump, Kennedy never bent a knee,” by Jacob G. Hornberger, the founder of The Future of Freedom Foundation and a former trial attorney in Texas.

Market Report: Break-Out Hopes Dashed

by Alasdair Macleod, GoldMoney:

After inching better on Monday and Tuesday, gold and silver finally made a break for it on Wednesday in good volume on Comex, with gold peaking at $1365 intraday, and silver at $16.87. Those of us watching gold’s established trading range, and silver’s extreme oversold position thought this could be the start of a major breakout to the upside. Those hopes were dashed on Thursday, when both metals retreated, giving up most of their gains on the week.

“Americans Not Ready For the Stock Market Crash” — John Williams

from TradCatKnight:

Special guest John Williams of SHADOWSTATS joins me to discuss: the latest embellished economic numbers, push for automation affecting the unemployment rate, international trend on the banning of cash, crypto currency, Trump, trade wars, the real threat of war?, big banksters buying more time, most Americans not ready for the stock market crash coming, practical advice for the stock market crash and MUCH more!

Silver Mine Output Drops for Second Straight Year; Industrial Demand Up


by Peter Schiff, Schiff Gold:

Global silver mine supply dropped for the second straight year as industrial demand rose for the first time since 2013, according to the World Silver Survey 2018 produced by the GFMS team at Thompson-Reuters and released by the Silver Institute this week.

Industrial demand for silver rose 4% to 599 million ounces last year. Solar panel fabrication primarily drove the growth. Photovoltaic demand climbed 19% as solar panel installations worldwide rose 24%. Brazing alloy and solder silver fabrication also increased, rising about 4%.

What If Silver Isn’t Manipulated After All…


by Chris Marcus, Miles Franklin:

There’s a headline to get the silver bugs riled up!

But take a deep breath. As far as I can see there is still every reason to thoroughly believe the market has been manipulated. And that there is a large short position that will eventually have to be resolved with a significant move higher in price.

I personally still largely subscribe to the Ted Butler school of thought. As based on his work, as well as my own research and trading background, I still believe that there’s a lot of paper silver that cannot be delivered at anywhere near today’s prices.


by Harvey Organ, Harvey Organ Blog:


A Lesson In Suppression- Craig Hemke

by Craig Hemke, TF Metals Report:

If Comex digital metal prices were back down today solely upon easing war fears, I think we’d all be relieved and fine with it. But when you realize that yesterday’s “market” action was simply just the latest act of The Criminal Banks, you might feel otherwise.

Again, we’ve written about this a million times and if you haven’t yet listened to yesterday’s podcast, you should do so right now. Check the charts, too. Note the amount of volume it took to move price up during Comex hours versus the amount of volume needed to maneuver it back lower on the Globex. You might also go back rand reread the seminal piece on price manipulation through open interest, written about a year ago:


by Egon Von Greyerz, Gold Switzerland:

As the world is standing on the precipice of a total breakdown, both economically and geopolitically, an obvious question is: “Where is the money coming from” to save the world from perdition. The same question was asked to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the 1970s when he was starting a global spiritual project. Maharishi was the founder of Transcendental Meditation and known as the Guru of groups like the Beatles and Beach Boys. When asked “Where is the money coming from”, he replied “from wherever it is now.”

Guest Post: “Explaining Exchanges For Physical (EFPs), by Gijsbert Groenewegen


by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

Gijsbert Groenewegen of Silver Arrow Partners has taken the time to write this lenghthy explanation of the shady Comex “Exchange For Physical” process. You should definitely take the time to read it.
Gilbert focuses almost exclusively upon EFPs for Comex silver…as well he should as the numbers are extraordinary. However, this opaque process is not confined to just silver.

At Eric Sprott’s urging, we’ve been keeping track of the daily totals of EFPs in Comex gold since November 24 of last year. In the 4.5 months since, the CME/Comex have transferred an incredible 1,022,095 contracts off of the exchange and “delivered” them through this process, most likely using unallocated gold in London.