Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Star Wars: The Last Jedi & How Hollywood Pushes Cultural Change & Political Agendas


by David Risselada, Freedom Outpost:

Here we are at the end of 2017, a year better forgotten than remembered with the horrible mass shootings, destructive hurricanes, NFL activism and a fake witch hunt against a duly elected president who for all intents and purposes, seems to be doing what is in the nation’s best interest.

The fight for social change raged on as feminists and race baiters continued to insist they live in a system of oppression, dominated by a white male patriarchy who benefits from unearned privileges in a society plagued by inequality. To them, America represents an old, antiquated system designed to benefit only the rich while keeping minorities down.

There is a hardly a refuge where this divisive message of social justice can be avoided as nearly every aspect of our culture has been infiltrated by the so-called Social Justice Warrior, AKA, communist dingaling. These are indoctrinated snowflakes seeking ways to influence the gullible into viewing Communism in a favorable light, who believe America must be rebuilt in a socialist image to ensure fairness and total equality.

While many people typically seek out entertainment as a means of escaping the real world, it is now nearly impossible to go the movies, for example, without having this same message shoved in our face.

Unfortunately, the much anticipated Star Wars Episode 8 represents the latest example.

Since the release of The Force Awakens in 2015, which had subtle hints of a politically correct agenda but still a fun movie to watch, Star Wars fans, hardcore and casual alike, have been sitting on the edge of their seats awaiting the next chapter in this beloved saga.

There was expectations that Rey had powerful parents, Snoke would have a backstory that tied in the other trilogies and that Luke would kick some serious dark side butt.

Instead, we got a Rey that came from nowhere and a Luke Skywalker who was defeated, ashamed and useless to the story.

One of the overall messages of the film, concerning the character Rey, was that families didn’t matter and that anyone, no matter where they are from can turn out to be somebody special.

This is a message that Americans do not need forced upon them.  We already know this.  By the very virtue of living in America, everyone here is blessed with the possibility of opportunity that many in the world will never know.

Yet, the leftist attitude towards America is that we are an unfair nation that offers an opportunity to white males only, while insisting that everyone from the across the globe is allowed free access for a chance at a better life. Could it be any more contradictory?

It was almost as if Rian Johnson, liberal ding dong extraordinaire, was deliberately flipping Star Wars fans the bird as he knew we had high expectations for Rey’s lineage. It was as if he believed that Star Wars itself, a story about the Skywalker family, represented the patriarchy where only the male Skywalkers held any special significance.

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If RT Is Such Blatant Propaganda Why Does It Need to Be De-Ranked?

by Danielle Ryan, Russia Insider:

The truth is, if RT was spewing out nothing but falsehoods and lies every day Google wouldn’t need to “de-rank” it, because it would be totally irrelevant as a very limited number of people would choose to read it.”

Who is the true propagandist? The man who offers you information which you can freely choose to believe or disregard — or the man who tries to control what you see, for fear you might start using your own brain to distinguish truth from lies?

That is essentially what Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, is doing when it comes to news articles from this website, RT. Schmidt was closely involved in Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president, and in a recent interview he admitted that Google is creating special algorithms to filter RT’s news and make it appear less prominently in Google’s search results. In his own words, Google is trying to “engineer the systems” to make RT’s content less visible.

The ostensible goal of this search-engine-doctoring is to combat “propaganda” and “misinformation” from Russia. Its true purpose is to control the political narrative, in order to keep people from reading different perspectives and asking inconvenient questions.

The truth is, if RT was spewing out nothing but falsehoods and lies every day Google wouldn’t need to “de-rank” it, because it would be totally irrelevant as a very limited number of people would choose to read it. This brings us to the paradox inherent in the hysteria over RT: Its critics can’t seem to decide what they want you to believe.  Is RT an all-powerful entity with the ability to take over and fry your brain, or is its impact on our feeble minds totally insignificant?

Propaganda is not just about what you say, it’s also about what you don’t say. In Google’s case, it’s about what you choose to promote and what you choose to hide or obscure. The justification given for de-ranking RT is that it spreads lies – but Schmidt gave no examples.

In the same interview, Schmidt says he is “very strongly not in favor of censorship” and that Google would never outright “ban” RT. What Schmidt seems to miss is that banning something is not the only form of censorship. Google is using its immense power to control what people are seeing and – no surprises here – Google would prefer it if you saw more flattering coverage of itself and the US government institutions to which it is intimately linked. That is censorship, whether Schmidt wants to admit it or not.

It is not just Russian sites that Google is de-ranking either. The corporation which enjoys almost complete monopoly over the internet has already been criticized for censoring left-wing, anti-war websites like Alternet, Democracy Now,, Counterpunch and Truthdig. Some of those websites have reported huge drops in traffic since changes were made to Google’s search algorithms to combat “fake news”. Nothing could demonstrate more clearly that Google is a cheerleader for American militarism and a loyal partner to war profiteers both in the arms industry and in Congress. Yet the corporation still enjoys a widespread reputation as a benign arbiter of truth.

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Who Cares? Headline Debates are Wasting Your Time

from Daily Bell:

NFL players are kneeling, standing, sitting maybe, and probably laying down at times. Perhaps they are protesting police killings, or maybe they hate America, and some of them are very patriotic and do or do not support Donald Trump. I don’t know. Who cares?

How many headlines has this stupid manufactured controversy taken up? How many arguments and fights have ensued? Do people even know what they are arguing over?

North Korea is shooting missiles, and Trump is calling Kim Jung Un Rocket Man. Okay, this one seems a little more relevant to my life. I don’t want to be blown up. But is there anything I can do to stop Kim Jung Un or Trump from doing what they are doing? Is my worry going to solve anything?

Those are the big ones in the news right now, but there is still the usual cocktail of crime, death, and fear. And don’t get me wrong, it is great to stay up to date with what is going on. Knowing what crazy actions the Federal Reserve is going to take can help you protect your finances. Being aware of government abuses can help you steer clear of becoming a victim. Understanding what laws and regulations coming down the pipe can allow you to make a decision about how to structure your life to avoid the brunt of it.

But the big headlines, the “news” that is shoved down our throats doesn’t actually have to do with real life. It is all distraction. The news is just full of memes meant to elicit an emotional response and corral our behavior into one of a few pre-determined pens.

If you want the best dissection of cultural memes, watch South Park. Last season, in one episode the NFL announcers told fans and players to stand for the national anthem–or sit, or kneel–in order to show their support. Problem solved.

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Climate alarmists demand imprisonment of climate change skeptics … want to charge them with MURDER

by Tracey Watson, NaturalNews:

It’s official: The last vestiges of common sense have now finally gone out the window. The Washington Times is reporting that climate alarmists are calling for those who do not buy into the catastrophic man-made global warming narrative to be jailed … for murder! That’s right folks; if you don’t accept the idea that humans are causing temperatures to soar at an alarming rate and destroying the planet, you’re a murderer – and must be punished as such.

Recent headlines clearly reflect the increasing frustration felt by climate change fanatics.

A September 1 headline in Outline declared, “Climate change denial should be a crime,” with writer Brian Merchant claiming, “In the wake of Harvey, it’s time to treat science denial as gross negligence — and hold those who do the denying accountable.”

An article a week later in the Nation boldly stated that, “Climate Denialism Is Literally Killing Us,” with the writer angrily declaring that “murder is murder” and “we should punish it as such.”

These writers and other global warming believers claim that any who contradict or refuse to accept this belief – but particularly those in governmental and other positions of authority – should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Alarmism has risen exponentially since Hurricanes Harvey and Irma made landfall in the States, with many – mistakenly – believing that global warming was responsible for their exceptional power and destructiveness. (Related: Preppers see Hurricane Harvey as a precursor for what’s coming; some disasters are just too big for governments to handle.)

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