Monday, January 20, 2020

Taking a multivitamin every day could prevent vision loss from a common eye disease


by Isabelle Z., Natural News:

Most of us take our vision for granted. We don’t really give our eyesight a second thought… until something is wrong with it. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance that you will run into vision problems as you age as a result of macular degeneration, and this can negatively affect your quality of life. Luckily, scientists have found a great way you can try to hold on to your vision even when this condition sets in, and it’s as easy as consuming the right types of vitamins in the right quantities.



from InfoWars:

The elite could be preparing for mass genocide

Owen Shroyer speculates on why a leader of the World Health Organization, Bill Gates- indirectly responsible for both Ebola and Zika outbreaks- would warn about a global pandemic known as Disease X.

Adapting to Life Without Running Water: Lessons from Venezuela


by J. G. Martinez D., The Organic Prepper:

Without plenty of water, we can’t have a decent life quality. Most of us take for granted (especially city people) that water tap will be there forever. Just turn the handle, and you will have as much water as you want.

But do you need that much water? Are you really going to need a dishwashing machine all the days of your life?  I could afford a lovely, nice and shiny dishwasher, back there in the happy days. But being environmentally conscientious, and trying to invest the hard earned money wisely, I decided to buy and install a water tank instead and was one of the better choices I have made. Oh, and we instate the rule at home that everyone washes his/her dish immediately after eating. No exceptions (unless some guest was present, but this was infrequent). It is much easier to clean fat and rinse fresh residues than to do it the day after. Everyone knows this. And after the habit is prevalent, it is done.

A superfood most people have never heard of: Jujube fruit programs cancer cells to kill themselves


by Isabelle Z., Natural News:

There’s a Chinese saying that three jujubes a day keep you young forever. This might sound odd to Western audiences who tend to associate the term “jujube” with brightly colored gummy candy often found at the movie theater concession stand. However, jujube is also the name of an Asian fruit that shows tremendous promise in fighting cancer.

The jujube fruit’s scientific name is Ziziphus jujuba, but it’s often referred to as a red date due to its similar appearance to traditional dates. The plant’s fruit, bark, and seeds have been a traditional Chinese medicine staple for the last 3,000 years, featuring prominently in treatments for calming the body and mind.

Your Body’s Recovery and Why Diet is Paramount


by Joshua Krause, Ready Nutrition:

This piece is designed to emphasize the importance of recovery from your physical exertions. Such a recovery doesn’t mean simply lying down on the couch, or refraining from any physical labor. We’re going to discuss glycogen and cannibalism, the latter referring not to the headhunters of Papua New Guinea, but the body’s own actions to replenish losses.

These losses we inflict upon it every day. Improper diet, not enough fluid intake, and excessive work without recovery are the inflictions we foster on ourselves. In past articles, I have stressed the importance of protein in many Ready Nutrition articles, as well as tissue repair and building muscle. Regarding muscle, the substance we need to discuss is called glycogen, and it is defined as a substance formed by your liver and muscle tissues from carbohydrates (glycogenesis) or non-carbohydrate sources (then termed glyconeogenesis).

Top 20 CHEMICALS that cause cancer are readily found in US foods and drinks


by S.D. Wells, Natural News:

There’s one thing that most major cancer foundations and cancer drive organizations never mention when “searching for the cure” or “marching for the cure” for cancer – and that is chemicals in food. In fact, at most pink ribbon events, many of the worst cancer-causing chemicals are served up in the foods and drinks everybody is sucking down while hoping to find a cure. In fact, you’ll find nitrate-loaded (KFC) fried chicken and Mike’s hard lemonade (alcoholic style) at the Susan Komen Foundation events. They might as well serve carcinogenic diet soda and administer mercury-laden flu shots while they’re at it. Thanks Komen.

Are they sinister or just stupid? How ironic and uneducated these folks are when it comes to “searching for” the prevention and cure of the biggest human health blight this planet has ever seen.

Study Finds Doctors Had No Reason For Prescribing One-Third Of Opioid Prescription

by Alanna Ketler, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:The opioid crisis is at an all-time high in the United States. New research shows that some doctors are part of the problem as they are prescribing opioids for no reason.
  • Reflect On:Should we be investing more research into non-addictive methods of pain control? Should there be a background check before opioid painkillers are prescribed? Is our health care system actually promoting good health? Why are these drugs legal?

The misuse and addiction to opiates has become an epidemic in the United States. In fact, every single day over 115 people die from overdosing on opioids. Addiction to opioids, which includes heroin, prescription pain medication and synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl, is an extremely serious national crisis that affects public health and social and economic welfare.

Honey’s Health Benefits and Why You Need It In Your Ready Nutrition Medicinal Pantry


by Joshua Krause, Ready Nutrition:

Ready Nutrition readers, the use of honey in medical emergencies is older than recorded history. There are many reasons that honey is excellent for use in first aid and homeopathic aids such as cuts, abrasions, burns, coughs, colds, and infections. Honey has anti-inflammatory properties and is also anti-bacterial/microbial in nature. Honey is bacteriostatic against certain “bugs” such as E. coli and Salmonella. Bacteriostatic means that honey prevents these organisms from growing…and as these two are found in food, that’s a good thing.

The Lost Cures


by Tracy Kolenchuk, Green Med Info:

Where have all the cures gone? We used to think that insulin was the cure for diabetes, but now we know better. We used to cure infections with antibiotics, but now we’re not so sure it’s a good idea to medicate every infection. We used to cure warts with the strangest things, but now warts appear to be incurable. Are we losing the fight against disease?

We can’t even cure a common cold, how can we hope to cure cancer.

Actually, there are lots of cures occurring. We just can’t find them. We seem to think that all true cures are miracles, and all other cures are not real.

Researchers creating a new class of 5G millimeter wave transmitter antenna designs that will soon occupy over a billion mobile devices


by Ellaine Castillo, The Common Sense Show:

Researchers have come up with a new class of millimeter wave transmitters by integrating the design of antenna and electronics. This new device boosts energy and spectrum efficiency, which could mean longer talk times and higher data rates in future 5G applications. In addition to these, the device also exhibits improved modulation and reduced generation of waste heat.

Transmitters are electronic devices that use radio waves to transmit data. They are able to do this by converting energy from the power source into radio waves and sending off these waves to the receiver.

The new design for millimeter wave transmitters was developed by a group of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology. They came up with a hybrid design that allowed for the optimization of both the antenna and electronics at the same time. Multiple transmitters and receivers can be places on an integrated circuit (IC) chip, allowing for a multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) system.

Rip-offs In Healthcare, Especially Prescription Drugs


by Catherine Frompovich, Activist Post:

The healthcare – or shall I call it “sickness care” – industries in the United States and, perhaps globally, apparently operate under several misleading practices of being there to help consumers get well.

Although that sounds altruistic, nothing probably is further from factual and monetary truths, according to many concerned individuals who recognize what amounts to “rip-offs” and are calling it out for what it is.

In view of the exorbitantly annual increases in healthcare insurance premiums and prescription drug plans, consumers and regulatory agencies must step back to reassess “what the hell is going on” with price increases that prevent those folks who take prescription drugs from either cutting back on them or not being able to afford them in the first place.

Aspartame: Putting the DIE Into Dieting Since 1981

by Sayer Ji, Green Med Info:

Pushed globally as a beneficial to dieters since its approval in 1981, accumulating research indicates that aspartame may actually damage the brain and cause cancer, to name but a few of a wide range of adverse health effects consumers risk by using this ‘no-calorie’ sugar alternative.

Google “aspartame” and you will find on the first page search results. Billing itself as an ‘Aspartame Information Center,’ this website opens with “The Benefits of Aspartame,” discussing how as a ‘low-calorie’ sweetener aspartame helps consumers with weight control, diabetes and the prevention of tooth decay.