Saturday, December 14, 2019

Reverse smoking damage with fresh apples and tomatoes: Study finds they repair lung tissue and slow aging of the lungs


by Michelle Simmons, Natural News:

It’s a known fact that smoking adversely affects the body, particularly the lungs. However, a study discovered a way to reverse the damage caused by smoking. In particular, a diet rich in fresh fruits, such as tomatoes and apples could repair lung tissue and slow the natural aging process of the lungs.

A team of researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health evaluated the diet and lung function of over 650 adults in 2002 and conducted the same test to the group after 10 years. The individuals, who came from Germany, Norway, and the U.K., then answered a survey which measured their diets and overall nutritional intake. Moreover, they underwent a procedure called spirometry, which records how much oxygen the lungs can take.

Natural Medicine 101: Three Carriers To Use for Making Herbal Remedies


by Joshua Krause, Ready Nutrition:

We’re going to cover some basic carriers that you can use to dispense your herbal formulations. This is a basic primer, just to get you started, and you’ll need to follow this up with some research depending on the type of herbs you wish to employ. We will be detailing three “carriers,” and they are honey, vinegar, and wine. Let’s get right into it!

For starters, a carrier is a substance that preserves either the full herb or any extracted portion of it as a protectant and a medium with which to dispense it to a person. It is not to be confused with a tincture. The tincture is differentiated from the carrier in that it is meant to dispense but also to preserve for a substantial length of time. The “shelf life,” if you would term it is not as long for carriers such as those described herein as a tincture, which is usually stable for 3 years or more.

SELCO: No List of Supplies to Hoard Can Prepare You for the Fluidity of the Situation When the SHTF


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Sometimes, real survival/prepping can be nicely organized and presented in a form of lists and tasks that you check off on your way of prepping. But no list of supplies to hoard can prepare you for the fluidity of the situation when the SHTF actually happens.

You can easily get done some preps in terms of what stuff you need and how much of it, what is really important and what not. A lot of that knowledge is available online and some people did a very good job putting that information together.

Obamacare Requirement Blamed For Doctor Burnout

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

A government requirement in the massive Obamacare law is being blamed for the burnout of doctors across the United States. A new report found that over just three years as Obamacare was being implemented, “physician burnout increased significantly, from 45.5 percent to 54.4 percent.”

The report published in the American Journal of Medicine found that the electronic health records (EHR) is destroying the relationship between doctors and patients. The Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom charges the Obamacare requirement that doctors use electronic health records has caused a surge of burnout in the medical profession, explains Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin. “The EHR is causing doctors to leave their patients,” said Twila Brase, the president of CCHF and the author of “Big Brother in the Exam Room: The Dangerous Truth About Electronic Health Records.”

These 5 Organizations Are The Reason Cannabis is Still a Crime

from The Mind Unleashed:

It’s often half-jokingly said that if there was one thing that could bring Americans together, it would be cannabis. That might seem a little farfetched at first, but once you discover how many people want cannabis legalized, it will make sense.

As of 2018, nine states allow recreation use in some form, while 30 allow medicinal use and 16 allow only CBD, an active component of the cannabis plant which aids in pain relief and sleep.

According to a poll from the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, 52% of American adults have tried marijuana at some point in their lives, while 44% of those adults who have tried it are also current users.

Renowned Doctor Slams Medical Education & Says We Have “An Epidemic of Misinformed Doctors”

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:Dr. Asseem Malhotra, a well-known Doctor in Britain had some choice words to say in front of the European Parliment about modern-day medical education and overall knowledge doctors possess. He’s one of many who continues to emerge and speak out.
  • Reflect On:Why do doctors continue to learn nothing about nutrition? It seems they are trained to prescribe medicine and do not question what they are prescribing. They risk losing their jobs by speaking out and educating themselves.

Half the world is drinking contaminated water


by Erin Elizabeth, Health Nut News:

The 1972 U.S. Clean Water Act was supposed to ensure clean water for swimming, fishing and drinking. Unfortunately, after more than four decades of regulations, American waterways are in serious jeopardy.

Toxic runoff from industries, improper disposal of medications and agricultural runoff from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and large factory farms all contribute to a severe water pollution problem.

Not only are groundwater aquifers rapidly depleting, but much of the world’s water supply has become too contaminated to drink or bathe in. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly two billion people don’t have safe drinking water.

Profits Before Safety: Why Are Legal Exemption Lines Drawn For Big Pharma?

by Catherine J. Frompovich, Activist Post:

There seems to be an enigma, double standard or even a legal faux pas in tort law in the United States. Nowhere is that more readily evident than in the following example, in my opinion.

Back on July 19, 2018, a “Ride the Ducks Branson” Duck Boat tragedy occurred on Table Rock Lake, near the tourist magnet town of Branson, Missouri. Seventeen unfortunate people lost their lives by drowning due to the Duck Boat capsizing and sinking, which apparently occurred due to some sort of negligence(s), either accidental and/or deliberate, as is now being proffered by Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley in late August, 2018.

NASTY: Workers at KFC Expose Some Troubling Food Practices


from LEE100462:

Time for a second serving: Garlic and onions reduce the effects of a high-fat diet


by Tracey Watson, Natural News:

For thousands of years, cultures around the world have recognized and utilized the amazing healing benefits of garlic and onions. As far back as 1500 B.C., the Egyptians prescribed garlic to treat a multitude of ailments, including everything from abnormal growths and parasitic infections, to a general feeling of being mentally or physically unwell. The Assyrians used it as an antibiotic, and the Greeks ate it before competing in the Olympics to increase their strength. Even Hippocrates, the famous founder of modern medicine, recommended it for a variety of ailments.

VIDEO: Two people help Hillary up stairs at Aretha Franklin funeral


by Kyle Olson, The American Mirror:

Hillary Clinton still needs help with stairs.

The Clintons were in Detroit today for Aretha Franklin’s funeral, and after viewing the open casket, the two made their way to different parts of the stage.

As Hillary approached the stairs, two people grabbed each of her arms to help her ascend the handful of steps.

Tips For The Caffeinated: Coffee After The SHTF


by Sara Tipton, Ready Nutrition:

If you are anything like me, there’s nothing like that first sip of piping hot coffee in the crisp, cool, and silent morning mountain air, then you’ll understand the importance of making sure you’ve got your ‘cup of joe’ covered, even if the SHTF. Here are some tips and tricks to prepare for the worst, while still making sure you continue to enjoy the simple things in life – like your morning coffee.

Did you know that coffee restores mental alertness just seconds after you drink it? Although we’re primarily concerned here with it as a drink, caffeine, as well as ground coffee, is available in other forms, such as tablets and as an ingredient in a mixture. It takes a lot to overdose, and the lethal dose for an adult is 150 to 200 mg of caffeine per kg of body weight. To place this into perspective, if you weighed about 120 lbs., you would have to drink about 75 cups of coffee before you checked into the big Starbuck’s in the sky.

Sea buckthorn oil can promote liver health and decrease the storage of body fat


by Janine Acero, Natural News:

Lesser known fruits and plants have been gradually taking the spotlight in alternative medicine as natural remedies to various health conditions and improving overall nutrition. One study focused on sea buckthorn oil and how it can affect the body when added to a diet.

Fatty acids are primarily energy sources and membrane constituents for the human body. Although various food groups such as fish provide sufficient amounts of fatty acids, plant oils can simultaneously supply numerous regulatory and protective compounds like sterols, tocols, carotenoids, and lipophilic phenolics.

How many people are on psychiatric drugs?

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

“Antidepressants are neurotoxic, that is, they harm the brain and disrupt its functions. As a result, they cause innumerable kinds of abnormal thinking and behaviors, including mania, suicide and violence. In the process, they cause detectable damage to the brain of the child or adult, and also to the fetus of pregnant mothers who take the drug.” (Peter Breggin, MD and psychiatrist, author of Toxic Psychiatry, St. Martin’s Press)

“I keep telling people all over the world that there are no reliable lab tests for diagnosing ANY so-called mental disorder. I explain this in great detail. Of course, for many people, this is too much to handle. They run away. What is my strategy for dealing with this? I keep finding new ways to tell them the truth. I don’t stop. That’s what an actual reporter does.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Are You Confused About 5G, The Military’s Microwave Weapon?

by Catherine Frompovich, Activist Post:

High tech, “smart” appliance, smart phone and faster-Internet services consumers probably don’t know what they are asking for when they support, and look forward to, faster Internet service and upgrades to 5G millimeter wave Wi-Fi service, which basically is a commercial grade of the U.S. military’s “Directed Energy Weapon” [DEW].

As you view the informative videos below, keep notes of what is said about how 5G will affect human tissue, or the human body.