Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Sea buckthorn oil can promote liver health and decrease the storage of body fat


by Janine Acero, Natural News:

Lesser known fruits and plants have been gradually taking the spotlight in alternative medicine as natural remedies to various health conditions and improving overall nutrition. One study focused on sea buckthorn oil and how it can affect the body when added to a diet.

Fatty acids are primarily energy sources and membrane constituents for the human body. Although various food groups such as fish provide sufficient amounts of fatty acids, plant oils can simultaneously supply numerous regulatory and protective compounds like sterols, tocols, carotenoids, and lipophilic phenolics.

How many people are on psychiatric drugs?

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

“Antidepressants are neurotoxic, that is, they harm the brain and disrupt its functions. As a result, they cause innumerable kinds of abnormal thinking and behaviors, including mania, suicide and violence. In the process, they cause detectable damage to the brain of the child or adult, and also to the fetus of pregnant mothers who take the drug.” (Peter Breggin, MD and psychiatrist, author of Toxic Psychiatry, St. Martin’s Press)

“I keep telling people all over the world that there are no reliable lab tests for diagnosing ANY so-called mental disorder. I explain this in great detail. Of course, for many people, this is too much to handle. They run away. What is my strategy for dealing with this? I keep finding new ways to tell them the truth. I don’t stop. That’s what an actual reporter does.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Are You Confused About 5G, The Military’s Microwave Weapon?

by Catherine Frompovich, Activist Post:

High tech, “smart” appliance, smart phone and faster-Internet services consumers probably don’t know what they are asking for when they support, and look forward to, faster Internet service and upgrades to 5G millimeter wave Wi-Fi service, which basically is a commercial grade of the U.S. military’s “Directed Energy Weapon” [DEW].

As you view the informative videos below, keep notes of what is said about how 5G will affect human tissue, or the human body.

These medications can TRIGGER anxiety disorders – here’s what you should be taking instead


by Vicki Batts, Natural News:

There’s no doubt that anxiety can come from a wide array of sources. Whether it’s from work, school or home, there’s no shortage of stressors that can contribute to the onset of anxiety. But there is one source of anxiety that often goes overlooked: Medication. The prescription drugs you’re taking for other ailments, like menstrual cramps or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), can indeed cause anxiety to spike.

Is it any surprise that Big Pharma is making people sick, both physically and mentally? Millions of lives have already been lost, thanks to a profit-driven pharmaceutical industry that is more interested in finding new ways to turn human beings into cash-cows than finding cures. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health conditions people in the United States have to face — and the fact that so many different pharmaceuticals can cause it is no coincidence.

Forget who takes the mid-terms: Here’s how to personally repeal Obamacare

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:

If the US government doesn’t act quickly, Americans may be stuck with years more of deteriorating healthcare and skyrocketing medical bills.

Back in 2010, Congress and President Obama completely overhauled the US healthcare system with the “Affordable” Care Act (aka Obamacare). Their intention was to provide all US citizens with access to healthcare.

But, the result of government interference in markets was – surprise – rising costs and lower quality service.

Over the past several years, politicians have paid lip service to abolishing Obamacare. Even with a Republican-controlled House and Senate in 2017 and 2018, Congress couldn’t issue a repeal.

Want to lose weight without counting calories? Try intermittent fasting to kickstart your metabolism


by Russel Davis, Natural News:

It has long been established that unhealthy eating habits contribute to the growing number of lifestyle-related metabolic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. The worsening prevalence of these diseases have prompted health experts to turn to different dietary interventions in order to stem obesity. One such intervention is intermittent fasting (IF), which has gained significant popularity due in part to its alleged efficacy against excess weight.

Thirsty Are Those Who Do Not Prep- Part 2


by The Grumpy Gunfighter, Survival Blog:

Without water, survival is impossible, even if you have a storage facility filled with bullets, bandaidsbeans, and batteries. My family and I prep in the desert southwest and have taken action so that we won’t find ourselves thirsty in the event of a crisis.

Well Drilling 101 (continued)

Methods and Techniques Used to Find Groundwater

Ideally, you want to have year around dedicated water access. However, not everyone has access to a fresh lake, spring, aquifer, pond, or stream. Many people have to drill a well, and that’s what we are talking about now– Well Drilling 101. Specifically, we left off just beginning to discuss the methods and techniques used to find groundwater. I mentioned the scientifically proven ones but then referenced Dowsing, which should be approached with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Vitamin D and heart health: Scientists discover that high doses reverse stiffness in arteries


by David Williams, Natural News:

While an apple a day may keep the doctor away, new research suggests that you might be better off with daily vitamin D supplements. This is according to a new study that was published recently in PLOS ONE, where researchers tested to see the effects of high doses of vitamin D on arterial stiffness.

The study, which was conducted with obese or overweight African-American volunteers, was done over the course of 16 weeks. The researchers opted for a randomized controlled trial (RCT) and found that supplementation had a positive effect on the participants.


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

Some time ago I blogged about the creation of small robots designed to look like honey bees. At the time, I speculated on the reasons for the development of this latest gadget in Mr. Globaloney’s arsenal of gadgets: colony collapse disorder, i.e., the dramatic drop of pollinator insects that form a crucial link in the food chain. The phenomenon first began to be noticed about two and a half decades ago, though there was no consensus as to why it was occurring. Eventually, however, someone made the link to GMOs and the special herbicides and pesticides developed to be used in conjunction with them.  The end result was “who needs bees” when you can simply develop robotic substitutes.

Fighting colorectal cancer with gut health: Certain probiotic bacteria, combined with broccoli, found to prevent and reduce tumors


by Zoey Sky, Natural News:

Broccoli has a lot of health benefits and is a known cancer-fighting food, but according to a recent study, combining the vegetable with engineered probiotics can help kill colorectal cancer cells.

Even though the five-year survival rates for the earliest stages of colorectal cancer are “relatively good,” the later stages chances of survival decline as the risk of cancer recurrence spikes. Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world, especially in developed countries.

National Health Crisis! U.S. Rates of Syphilis, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Soar To The Highest Levels Ever


by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

America is facing a health nightmare unlike anything that we have ever experienced before.  According to the CDC, rates of syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia have all skyrocketed to the highest levels on record, and top health professionals are urging coordinated national action to battle this unprecedented crisis.  Even before these latest numbers, the United States had “the highest STD rates in the industrialized world”, and it is becoming exceedingly clear that things are rapidly getting worse.  So exactly what does this say about us as a society?  Sexually-transmitted diseases are spreading like wildfire, and those on the front lines are not optimistic that we will be able to turn this health crisis around any time soon.


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

There has been another strange death of a “holistic doctor,” this time, however, under more suspicious circumstances than usual, and there have been a wealth of such people dying under a variety of suspicious circumstances, and even of “regular” physicians who have also died, or in some cases, been murdered, under equally suspicious circumstances. But this one is more unusual than the usual “unusuality” associated with such deaths (if I may coin the word), for the individual in question, Aaron Traywick, claimed to have a cure for AIDS. (This article was shared by Mr. S.D.):