Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Gates of Hell: Remove The Gatekeeper & Seal The Doors

by Corey Lynn, Corey’s Digs:

Bill Gates is the gatekeeper to many gates. Whereas he may not hold the keys, he is the host and the central bank that provides access behind each closed door. He is at the heart of every major agenda. The level of control spans much farther than the United States of America, though a vast amount of the funding originates here. These heavily guarded gates are direct access to manifest, control, and monopolize some of the largest and arguably most important industries to man.

Deadlier than Covid? Medics sound alarm as lockdown suicides SOAR in US – and health officials knew it would happen

by Helen Buyniski, RT:

After two months of devastating lockdown, doctors at one California clinic say they’ve seen more suicides than Covid-19 deaths – and they’re not alone. But warning signs were there since day one. Why have they been ignored?

“We’ve seen a year’s worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks,” Dr Mike deBoisblanc, lead trauma surgeon at the John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, California, told local media on Thursday, confirming the center had seen more deaths from suicide over the two-month lockdown period than deaths from coronavirus.

Study Shows Direct Correlation Between 5G Networks and “Coronavirus” Outbreaks

by Dee McLachlan, GumshoeNews:

The first study demonstrating a relationship between “coronavirus” outbreaks and the presence of 5G networks has emerged from Spain and is by Bartomeu Payeras i Cifre. Bartomeu is a biologist specializing in microbiology and is working at the University of Barcelona. His original source study can be sourced HERE, and is has been translated into English by Claire Edwards (on SOTN).

Top Scientific Advisor to UK Government Says 2 Meter Social Distancing Rule Based on “Very Fragile Evidence”

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

Says gap is not necessary.

A top scientific adviser to the UK government says that the 2 meter social distancing rule is based on “very fragile evidence.”

The British government has been advising its citizens to keep a 2 meter distance for over two months despite other countries advising the gap only needs to be one meter.

Professor Robert Dingwall, a sociologist at Nottingham Trent University and a member of government advisory group NERVTAG (New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group), said the 2 meter distance was unnecessary.

Scores of Physicians Want Americans to Know the Truth about Coronavirus: Continued Lockdown Dangerous, Even Deadly

by Penny Starr, Breitbart:

As the restrictions put in place by the federal and state government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus morph from weeks to months, physicians said on a conference call with reporters on Tuesday that the real threat to Americans is the lack of access to health care.

It’s fear, not the virus, that is leading to dangerous and deadly health outcomes, from children falling behind on routine vaccines to people with serious conditions like heart disease and depression staying at home instead of seeking help.



by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

Food prices have soared in recent weeks while at the same time, farmers are smashing eggs and dumping out milk. Farmers are wasting more food than ever while most Americans are feeling a pinch at the grocery store.

The power-hungry elitists have done their job.  The wealthy will get to eat while the poor, who were forced out of work will have to just “figure it out.” A lot of Americans will soon be eating a lot less. Grocery prices spiked by the largest amount in nearly 50 years last month because of the draconian shutdown of most the economy, including food facilities. There is now much more demand there is supply, therefore, food will go to those who can afford to buy it.

Some hospitals are now injecting men with estrogen to “treat” coronavirus by turning them into women

by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

Among the many potential remedies for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) that the so-called “experts” are unwilling to try due to a lack of proven efficacy, some health workers are bizarrely eager to conduct dangerous hormone experiments on coronavirus-infected men that involve tampering with their hormones.

According to reports, male coronavirus patients in Long Island, New York, are being given high doses of estrogen based on a “hunch” by some doctors that turning men into women could be the solution to this deadly pandemic.

Hydroxychloroquine Dr. Zelenko: “We Are At a Pivotal Moment”

by Dennis Behreandt, The New American:

Throughout the plague-ridden spring of 2020, one aspect of the mainstream narrative has remained consistent: There is no treatment for COVID-19. So it is best, and mandated by government decree, that everyone stay locked down in their homes, that business (except for those of the largest variety) are non-essential and should be shut down, and that life should be restricted as much as possible.

Despite media hysteria, HHS secretary confirms no coronavirus spike in re-opened states

from True Pundit:

Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar confirmed Sunday there has not been a spike of coronavirus cases in states that have re-opened.

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Azar told host Jake Tapper that officials are actually seeing the opposite — a spike in cases in areas that remain locked down.

“We are seeing that, in areas that are opening, we’re not seeing the spike in cases,” Azar explained. “We still see spikes in some areas that are, in fact, closed, very localized situations.”

Wow! Guess Who’s Taking Hydroxychloroquine? Donald Trump!

by Matt Margolis, PJ Media:

President Donald Trump made a stunning revelation on Monday during a roundtable with restaurant leaders in the White House’s State Dining Room—that he’s been taking the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine every day for about a week and a half to help prevent getting the coronavirus.

“I think it’s good. I’ve heard a lot good stories. And if it’s not good, I’ll tell you right… I’m not going to get hurt by it,” he said.

Supreme Court Upheld no Liability for Death by Vaccine

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

The Supreme Cout held in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, 562 U.S. 223 (2011), that the section of the Vaccine Act of 1986 preempts all vaccine design defect claims against vaccine manufacturers. The case was decided on February 22, 2011. The Court, in a 6-2 opinion by Justice Scalia, held that the “plaintiffs design defect claims [were] expressly preempted by the Vaccine Act.” Thus, the court affirmed laws that vaccine manufacturers are not liable for vaccine-induced injury or death if they are “accompanied by proper directions and warnings.”