Friday, July 10, 2020


from InfoWars:

Shots leave people vulnerable to serious chronic diseases

These days, one policy-maker after another seems to be promoting no-exceptions vaccination policies—hawking an incessant and growing barrage of childhood vaccines that begins prenatally and continues throughout childhood.

Despite these efforts, the narrative that vaccines are keeping children healthy is rapidly crumbling. Rates of chronic and autoimmune illness in American children have climbed to obscene levels (54% at last count), concurrently with rising vaccination rates—while U.S. life expectancy is falling.

WHO says hydroxychloroquine trials for Covid-19 will RESUME as doubts emerge over side-effects research

from RT:

The World Health Organization has said that clinical trials involving the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine will resume, following doubts about US research which had led to their suspension.

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Wednesday that the trials of the anti-malarial drug for possible use against the novel coronavirus would be resumed, after they’d been paused over fears of increased death rates.

The world health body said there was no reason to modify its clinical trial of the drug, adding that experts had advised the continuation of “all arms” of the so-called Solidarity trial, including that concerning hydroxychloroquine.

Total Catastrophe For U.S. Corn Production: Only 30% Of U.S. Corn Fields Have Been Planted – 5 Year Average Is 66%

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

2019 is turning out to be a nightmare that never ends for the agriculture industry.  Thanks to endless rain and unprecedented flooding, fields all over the middle part of the country are absolutely soaked right now, and this has prevented many farmers from getting their crops in the ground.  I knew that this was a problem, but when I heard that only 30 percent of U.S. corn fields had been planted as of Sunday, I had a really hard time believing it.  But it turns out that number is 100 percent accurate.  And at this point corn farmers are up against a wall because crop insurance final planting dates have either already passed or are coming up very quickly.  In addition, for every day after May 15th that corn is not in the ground, farmers lose approximately 2 percent of their yield.  Unfortunately, more rain is on the way, and it looks like thousands of corn farmers will not be able to plant corn at all this year.  It is no exaggeration to say that what we are facing is a true national catastrophe.

CDC video PROVES that vaccines are being rushed to market without proper testing and verification

by Vicki Batts, Natural News:

Shocking video footage from a recent CDC meeting shows that everything the media tells us about vaccine safety is a lie. Despite the media’s claims that vaccines are thoroughly tested and undergo rigorous safety examinations, it turns out the CDC is blindly approving vaccines without any evidence of safety. Concerns about the safety of getting multiple injections at once are often written off by mainstream medicine, thanks to overarching vaccine dogma — but even CDC officials now admit that the cumulative effects of vaccination have never been studied, and many of the vaccine formulations used here in the U.S. are not used in other countries.

Georgia Kidnaps 15-Year-Old Son After Parents Treat His Seizures With Marijuana

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

It’s ridiculous that government believes it has any kind of authority to outlaw a plant, especially one that can provide actual relief in a situation like this.

A 15-year-old Georgia boy was kidnapped by the state from his parents after they treated the boy with a plant, marijuana.

David Brill suffered from multiple seizures every day, sometimes as many as 10.

Finally, his parents had enough and learned that marijuana could be used to treat their son. The only problem? The state thinks it is holier than the Creator and deemed a plant illegal.

Why It Is Imperative to Maintain Fishing Gear for Long-Term Survival


by Jeremiah Johnson, Ready Nutrition:

Ready Nutrition Guys and Gals, we’re still knee-deep in the middle of fishing season (or hip-deep if you’re wearing waders), and it’s time to cover a topic that isn’t usually high on the radar. Why? Because fishing gear is something you may pick up a few times in the season if you’re not a regular to it. We wrote one recently on how to smoke fish, and several articles on the importance of fish and seafood to obtain Omega-3 fatty acids. But fishing gear? How is this survival-related? Simple: when the grocery store shuts down indefinitely or the trucks stop delivering supplies to your area after a hurricane, disaster, or a SHTF-event, you’re still going to need food.

Global Pandemics: Do We Run or Prepare?

by Sandra D. Lane, The Organic Prepper:

Ever wonder, if your town or state was slammed with an epidemic, what you would do? Where you would go if you could even get out? What if the whole planet was affected by a global pandemic?

Remember that an epidemic affects, or tends to affect, a disproportionately large number of individuals within a population, community, or region at the same time, while a global pandemic is an epidemic of disease that’s spread worldwide. I’ve personally noticed a lot of reports and articles lately on the likelihood of a very real possibility of a coming global pandemic. I take that to mean it’s either just a new focus to the ‘fad’ of prepping or that more people are paying attention; hopefully the latter. In either case, it appears to be a very real, and close, threat.

Hot Topic #5: COVID Super-Spreader Stealth Pandemic?

by Erik Townsend, Macro Voices:

This episode of Hot Topic features panelists Jim Bianco, Mike Shedlock, Dr. Ben Hunt & Dr. Chris Martenson. Erik and the panelists discuss:

  • Why a super-spreader driven silent global contagion may have alreadyoccurred
  • Why draconian lockdown measures may be the only effective remedies against #COVID19’s high R0
  • Contrasting views on the range of possible economic and market outcomes from our expert guest panel

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Is This REALLY A General Pop Pandemic?

by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Why do we keep putting up with the lies?

One quarter of the deaths in NYC, the area with the highest death count from Coronavirus, lived in nursing homes.  This over-represents them as a percentage of the population in the city by fifty times.


Not percent, TIMES.

Statewide 20% of NY deaths are patients in either nursing homes or people in assisted living facilities.  This over-represents the population by FORTY times.

The US Gov’t Has “Lost” Enough Radioactive Material to Bomb Nagasaki 800 Times

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

A recent case of “lost” plutonium out of Texas highlights the ominous problem of the federal government losing over 6 tons of radioactive material.

San Antonio, TX — When civilian contractors who use certain radioactive substances to test pipe strength or other inspections “lose” these items, news agencies widely report it and a massive search is conducted until it is found. However, as a recent case out of San Antonio illustrates, when government loses one of the most dangerous radioactive substances on the planet which could be used to create nuclear bombs to wipe out entire countries, all we hear are the proverbial crickets.

In March of 2017, two security experts traveled to San Antonio from the Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory on a highly sensitive mission. They were directed to retrieve extremely dangerous nuclear materials from a research lab.