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Did Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Believe That He Was Justified In Shooting Conservatives Because They ‘Deserve To Die’?


by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner is convinced that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock believed that the people that he was shooting “deserve to die”.  As I detailed the other day, the massacre in Las Vegas was an operation that was planned well in advance.  Paddock (and anyone that was helping him) specifically chose a country music festival as the target, and it is probably safe to assume that there was a reason for that choice.  Just think about it.  If someone decided to go start shooting at a black church, it would probably be safe to assume that individual is likely a racist.  Or if someone decided to shoot up a Jewish synagogue, it would probably be safe to assume that person is anti-Semitic.  And so why would someone want to gun down hundreds of people at a country music festival?  Well, it could be motivated by a great hatred for country music, but more likely it is because large numbers of conservatives, Christians and Trump supporters would be there.

Yes, it is possible that Paddock decided to commit mass homicide simply to make a name for himself.  But as Dr. Welner pointed out during an interview with Fox and Friends, that is usually something that only young men do

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Welner explained that the massacre was a “stranger mass homicide,” which means that it was motivated either by a political or personal cause, or because the shooter wanted to gain notoriety, such as with Aurora shooter James Holmes, a case that Welner worked on.

Here’s the thing, shooting for notoriety’s sake and nothing more is a young man’s crime and this is a 64-year-old with no dramatic mental illness,” said Welner, equating Paddock with James Hodgkinson, who attempted to massacre Republican lawmakers, which would have mandated special elections to replace them.

Instead, it is almost certain that Paddock was motivated by some sort of ideology.  According to Dr. Welner, this ideology made Paddock feel as though gunning down all of those innocent people was the right thing to do

“His mindset is that they deserve to die,” said Welner, referring to the shooter, “So a person who adopts a cause may be otherwise law abiding but he feels righteously justified that the end justifies the means – so we’re talking now about gun control because he committed an over the top gun crime,” he added, suggesting that Paddock was “instigating a means to end with people you’ve dehumanized.”

Asked, “What do country music fans and country music artists represent?” Welner responded, “It’s Americana – it could be guns….he’s smart enough to know what this would instigate”.

Of course Paddock is far from an isolated case.  Sadly, there seems to be lots of leftists out there that are wishing great ill upon Trump supporters.  For example, not too long ago a blogger for the Huffington Post boldly declared that “Trump supporters deserve to die”

The Huffington Post recently deleted a blog post in which the author fantasized about the deaths of Donald Trump supporters.

Trump Supporters Deserve to Die More Than I Do,” wrote Chris Cali, an artist and musician who has contributed to the Huffington Post since 2014. The post has since been taken down, but survives in archive form.

And radical leftist groups such as Antifa are openly embracing violence.  Those belonging to such groups truly believe that Donald Trump is another Hitler, and therefore they believe that violence is absolutely necessary in order to keep the United States from becoming the next Nazi Germany.

Of course such talk is absolutely nuts, but this is what these people actually believe.  They actually believe that they are justified in using violence against Trump supporters for the greater good of society.  They see themselves as freedom fighters, and they consider people like us to be the root of everything that is wrong with our society.

So is there evidence that Paddock had been radicalized prior to the shooting?

According to Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, that is something that authorities are looking into very closely

During a live press conference, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo revealed that the Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Paddock, may have been “radicalized” and that authorities were attempting to uncover the source of his radicalization.

“Did this person get radicalized unbeknownst to us? And we want to identify that source,” said Lombardo.

And of course evidence continues to emerge that Paddock did not act alone.  For instance, an Australian man that was staying in the room right next to Paddock told an Australian news source that there were “multiple shooters”

Australian Brian Hodge, who previously worked at Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast, claimed he was staying in the room next to the shooter on level 32 at the Las Vegas resort.

He said he managed to escape the initial horrific scenes inside the hotel but found himself forced to hide in a bush for several hours after the event.

“I got outside safely and was hiding in bushes,” Mr Hodge said.

“There were multiple people dead and multiple shooters. I was just hiding waiting for police to come get us.”

Before too long the Las Vegas shooting will start to get a lot less attention, but the truth is that this is just the beginning of the chaos that is coming to U.S. cities.

On November 4th, Antifa is launching their biggest campaign yet.  They are pledging to engage in disruptive protests all over the country until their demands are met.  And actually, they only have a single demand.  They are promising to never end the chaos until the Trump presidency ends.  And as the mainstream news has documented, members of Antifa are “unapologetic about what they describe as the necessary use of violence to combat authoritarianism”.

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Overhwelming False Flag Evidence- But Who Was Really Behind the Vegas Shooting?

from The Common Sense Show:

An indivdual, whom I have never discussed politics with before, told me that he was glad that the Vegas perpetrator of the shooting of approximately 600 people was dead. Then the individual said that man “was a killing machine”.  I tuned him out and just nodded in agreement. It was apparent to me that this man had a terminal case of cognitive dissonance and I wasn’t in the mood to hear his regurgitation of CNN, whom he loves. When he saw that I was tuning him out, he said “I suppose you have a conspiracy theory about this Vegas shooting.” I responded that indeed I did but I did not feel the need to correct his ignorance. He egged me on to present what I knew to be a conspiracy. He responded, “I suppose you think this is another 9/11”.  I said “No, this is another JFK assassination experience”. I broke down and told him what is in the following paragraphs.

The Vegas Shooting Analysis Must Avoid the JFK Assassination Pitfalls

John Kennedy was murdered in November of 1963. The Warren Commission concluded, in 1964, that Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots and struck JFK and the Texas Governor. Most of America believed the illogic of the Warren Report. However, in 1977, the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that “Oswald and one other shooter, unknown in their identity, killed John Kennedy”. The last report ordered the DOJ to investigate further. Forty-Four years later, we are still waiting for the investigation.

From 1977 to the end of the 20th century, the number of people who believed in a conspiracy grew to 90{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528}. The topics of disputed evidence included “the timing problem, the magic bullet, the lack of marksmanship expertise by accused assassin, the missing JFK brain which was lost during the autopsy, andOswald’s association with Operation Mongoose which was turned into a JFK killing machine after they failed to successfully assassinate Fidel Castro.  Nearly all of the JFK conspiracy discussions centered around this forensic evidence. The public rarely ever speculated about who did it other than scant references to the CIA and the Mafia, both of which were incapable of carrying out the cover-up without the help of LBJ, Chief Justice Earl Warren and key members of Congress.

I once told the late Jim Marrs on the radio that I was bored with the endless discussion of the forensic evidence. The mainstream media kept us stuck on this point for decades and we never got to “who dun it”.

Oh yeah, before linking the JFK distractions to the Vegas shooting, I won’t tease you, this is who killed and JFK and why.  The primary shooter was a Corsican hitman Lucianne Sarti who shot JFK in the head from the grass knoll and he used a hollow point bullet and it blew JFK’s head apart. This is why the brain had to be lost. But Sarti was only one of 3 hit teams in Dealy Plaza, all consisting of foreign contract killers, who were connected to the Trafficante crime family, who were also deeply connected to the CIA, who in turn served the globalists. I have witnesses, on tape, that confirm every preceeding sentence. The hit was ordered by David Rockefeller. After JFK’s death, everything changed (eg nuclear arms race increased, the Vietnam War began in earnest, the Oil Depletion Allowance tax deduction was fully reinstated, JFK’s C-Notes were taken out of circulation and the NWO marched on and Rockefeller became even wealthier).

I felt it critical to bring up the parallels to JFK when discussing this last false flag. I am already seeing a pattern where America is again stuck on the forensic evidence. Yes, I know the event is only moving into the 4th day. However, the “gaps” in the official narrative are there for all to see, at least those who have eyes that want to see.

One time only, barring more important information, I will play the parlor game of looking at the forensic evidence.

Doesn’t Mandalay Bay Have Maid Service?

We are asked to believe the unbelievable. That this man, from the local town of Mesquite, had adjoining hotel rooms on the 32nd floor and over a period of several consecutive days, he stockpiled ammunition and at the latest count over 30 guns. How did he conceal the guns from hotel security and most importantly from the maids who should have been servicing his rooms (plural)?

My ignorant friend that I referenced in the first paragraph of this article answered this question in this manner “he just put the do not disturb sign on the door”.  That might work for one or two days, but several days? After several days wouldn’t the maids say something to their surpervisor that the man in the two adjoining rooms is refusing maid service. Shouldn’t that have triggered hotel security? And if the maids were in the rooms, where would the guns and ammunition been hidden? Remember, this is Vegas where security is trained to recognize and respond to threats because of the high stakes nature of the business.

Believing the Unbelievable

We are asked to believe that an out of shape and portly 64-year-old man managed to expertly lay down highly effective automatic weapons fire which ended the lives of59 people while wounding nearly 600 innocent victim

Meanwhile the accused assassin fired off thousands of .223 rounds. these rounds were fired from 400 yards away and as a result would have been outside their effective range. In addition, as Mike Adams pointed out, no shell-casings were “magically cooled before they hit the carpet in the kill zone. Because if they were not magically cooled, they would have burnt holes in the carpet.

In fact, Mike goes on to say:

“This was accomplished, we’re told, by one man firing 10 rifles… wait, no, 27 rifles all by himself, without any military training whatsoever. This same man set up a James Bond spy camera in the hotel hallway to monitor police in an attempt to defend himself against the inevitable police assault, then he just changed his mind and shot himself the moment the cops showed up… all for no apparent reason.”

The media has not successfully answered the question of how the assassin moved the massive amounts of rifles and cumbersome and weighty ammunition boxes passed hotel security. This wasn’t just a hotel. This was a Vegas hotel in which the security are armed to the teeth and trained to see these kinds of events. Why? Because their have their gaming operations to defend. The fact that this much killing material was smuggled unnnoticed past trained security is not believable. Adding fuel to this fire is the idea that this man installed NSA style security cameras in the hall to get ready for the police assault and then he turns the event into a suicide mission? This is not believable either.

The Main Killing Weapon

I have spoken to several military types about the type of gun that was used in the killing. From listening to the tape, over half of the “experts” that I spoke with identified the gun they heard as a MG 60 with belt. I was told that the gun is very heavy and requires a belt. Only a very strong person could use this gun, shooting iwth one arm, while feeding the belt into the gun with the other arm. And we are asked to believe that this portly 64-year-old man accomplished this fee and fired the funwith incredible accuracy?

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Vegas shooting: official scenario crumbling

More than one Vegas shooter; evidence builds

by Jon Rappoport, Matrix Revealed:

Lone shooter? Really? And this is supposed to be more than a convenient fantasy?

Yesterday, I did a brief analysis of the number of people killed and wounded at the Vegas Concert (573) in roughly four and half minutes, which is the police estimate of the duration of the attack.

I mistakenly reversed figures. The correct conclusion would be: the lone shooter killed or wounded 2.1 persons per second. It is HIGHLY doubtful Paddock could have done that. His distance from the concert, his lack of professional skill, his state of mind, among other factors, rule against it.

Any competent and honest law-enforcement analyst would see a huge red flag right away.

But of course, multiple shooters destroys the official narrative and opens the door to an investigation that could expose, for example, an intentional false flag operation.

Here is a piece of Jeff Rense’s analysis of rate-of-fire vs. people struck by bullets. It cuts to the core of the absurd lone shooter assumption:


“…a potential MAXIMUM of only 360 rounds could be fired at full auto burst with NO magazine changes in the approximate four minutes or 240 seconds of the shooting!”     

“So, Paddock didn’t fire 360 rounds in 240 seconds because he had to stop and change magazines…probably 30 round mags.  That would be THIRTEEN magazine changes

in the 240 seconds.  And it is reported he fired from both broken out windows in the room/s.”

“Survivors state there were shooting pauses and that is when they would run.”

“Let’s say Paddock managed to get off an amazing 300 rounds in 4 minutes (or 240 seconds) and hit someone with EVERY ROUND.”

“Remember, there were 573 killed and wounded according to late statistics.”

“WHO, then, fired off the other full-auto 273 rounds also without missing a single shot ?!”

Another man who apparently has significant professional background re weapons has sent me his detailed analysis:

“There is NO WAY in hell that this inexperienced guy was able to hit 500+ people, at a down sloping range of approximately 250-350 yards using a make-shift weapon modified to shot automatically.  Here are some reasons why and you can check with other experts to verify my points.”

“1. It was dark and no matter how well lit, there are many shadows to hide in.

2.  Simple a ‘sear’ (pronounced see-er) modification would have only permitted one entire magazine to shoot all at once with no select fire (being able to start and stop).

3.  There are some devices (like AutoGlove and Bump Fire) that can simulate full automatic fire, but they cannot be used accurately or effectively.

4.  Even if the shooter was able to somehow obtain a full normal functioning automatic rifle, anyone with military experience can tell you that the rifles are difficult to control when firing more than 3 round bursts – especially a .308 or AK47 type.  This is because the rifle will uncontrollably rise if automatic fire is constant.

5.  After the first 15 or so seconds, the crowd scattered and took cover.

6.  I don’t have a count of how many pieces of empty brass (fired rounds) they have recovered, but knowing how many shots were fired compared to how many people were hit will tell you the hit ratio.  If this guy did this in 20 seconds, we needed him desperately in Afghanistan!

7. To fire 500 aimed shoots and swap out magazines would have taken him about 15-20 minutes, and there is no way that each shot would have hit someone – more than likely would have missed.”

“To put in perspective…. Say a guy purchases an expensive bolt action rifle in .308 with a nice expensive scope.  Without experience, someone would have to mount the scope for him and do a rough sighting in with a laser.  This individual then takes this rifle to a range in broad daylight with no stress and using a bench rest and breathing techniques and all the time in the world and fires at a target 300 yards.  It is possible, but doubtful if that person could hit a large refrigerator at that range UNLESS they had LOTS OF PRACTICE and EXPERIENCE.  For every 1 minute (1/60th of a degree) of angle change at the rifle, the bullet would vary by 3 inches at 300 yards.  For this untrained guy to be wildly shooting with a high heart rate at nighttime?  Well, bullets would be going everywhere!”

I fully understand that the estimates of 573 killed and wounded, and the police statement that all the shooting took place in four and half minutes, may be off. These figures may not be precise.

Nevertheless, they are a good and proper starting point. And even allowing for later adjustments, the evidence for multiple shooters and against a lone amateur like Paddock is stunning.

So why won’t law-enforcement take notice?

Because, in certain cases with great consequences, the overall agenda and the direction of an investigation are set from offices far higher than the positions of the actual detectives and agents on the scene.

“This is what we want to know. Only this. Everything else is off limits.”

But it’s not off limits for us.

Use this link to order Jon’s Matrix Collections.

The Shooting


by Bob Rinear, The International Forecaster:

This is supposedly “not a gun guy” and yet ONLY a gun guy would know what they are, where to get one and how to install it. Something stinks with this.

First off, let me assure you that I do NOT know what happened in Vegas. But what I can tell you is what didn’t happen. One guy in one room of the Mandalay Hotel, did not shoot down 60 people and injure 500 more. Who did it and why is still a matter of speculation, but the official story simply doesn’t add up.

We watch the Narrative change on a minute by minute basis. First he had 10 guns, then 16, then 19. First he had hundreds of rounds of ammo, but then he had thousands. First he was killed by FBI hostage agents. Then he killed himself. First he had full automatic rifles, then he had “bumpfire” stocks.

Let’s do some of the simple things. This is from his Brother: “He’s not an avid gun guy at all. The fact that he had those kind of weapons is just ­ where the hell did he get automatic weapons? He has no military background or anything like that. He’s just a guy who lived in a house in Mesquite, drove down and gambled in Las Vegas. He did stuff. Ate burritos.”

Likewise, supposedly, no one that knew him had any idea that this guy was Rambo in drag. While supposedly fairly rich, full auto rifles are a very niche area for the serious gun aficionado. I’m a huge gun guy and I have zero full auto weapons. Why?

Under the [National Firearms Act], it is illegal for any private civilian to own any fully automatic weapons manufactured after May 19, 1986. Only registered Class 3 FFLs may make them, and then only for purchase by qualified state and federal agencies. There are no exceptions. According to the ATF’s official handbook on NFA laws and regulations, it’s not even legal to make new replacement parts for pre-1986 machine guns: “There is no exception allowing for the lawful production, transfer, possession, or use of a post-May 18, 1986 machinegun receiver as a replacement receiver on a weapon produced prior to May 19, 1986.”

So what about pre-1986 machine guns? Are civilians permitted to own those? Yes, with a host of exceptions. The pre-1986 machine guns may be sold only by a Class 3 FFL and must be registered with the ATF. Easy peasy, right? Not really. The process of registering a NFA item with the ATF is costly, invasive, and time-consuming.

Not to mention the real bottom line. Yes you can find pre-1986 full auto weapons, but you will NOT find one for under 15 thousand dollars. From start to finish, you’re looking at 20 grand for ONE auto rifle. This guy had how many? Yet he wasn’t a “gun guy??”

Now they’re saying he had rifles with bump fire stocks. What’s that you ask? A bump fire is a stock you can swap onto your rifle, where it uses the energy of the ‘kickback” when you fire a round, to trigger up the next round. They take some practice to make them work right, but when you “get it right” you can almost duplicate full auto for short bursts. However, it’s not like a “machine gun” where you can just hold it and fire off 500 rounds. Sorry, I’ve shot them. Doesn’t work that way.

But let’s go with it and say he put bumpfire stocks on some of his rifles. This is supposedly “not a gun guy” and yet ONLY a gun guy would know what they are, where to get one and how to install it. Something stinks with this.

Then we’ve got the changing narrative of the witnesses versus the official story. The first reports by witnesses said that there was more than one shooter. But then that was scrubbed. Then the bizarre report by a young woman who said that some Spanish looking woman was wandering the crowd some 45 minutes earlier saying “you’re all doing to die tonight!” Who was she and what did she know?

The Express (UK): “One woman, who was at the Route 91 music event, claimed an unidentified woman had told other concert-goers they were ‘all going to die’ after pushing her way to the front of the venue…The witness, 21, told local news: ‘She had been messing with a lady in front of her and telling her she was going to die, that we were all going to die. They escorted her out to make her stop messing around with all the other people, but none of us knew it was going to be serious’…She [the winess] described the lady as Hispanic. The lady was escorted from the venue along with a man. The unnamed witness, who was attending the event on her 21st birthday, described the pair as short, both around 5 ft 5ins to 5ft 6ins tall, and looked like ‘everyday people’.”

What about this shooters “room-mate?” At first they couldn’t find her, then found her overseas and within 2 hours somehow knows she’s not connected to anything? Really? What about “reports” that they found “Antifa” literature in his room?

Naturally the ISIS folks took a page out of Chicago’s famous leader by not letting a tragedy go to waste and they piped in about it:

CAIRO, Oct 2 (Reuters) ­ Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a shooting that killed at least 50 people and wounded over 400 in Las Vegas early on Monday, and said the attacker had converted to Islam a few months ago.”

“’The Las Vegas attack was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State and he carried it out in response to calls to target states of the coalition’,” the group’s news agency Amaq said in reference to the U.S.-led coalition fighting the group in the Middle East.”

Did this guy have some form of attachment to ISIS or the Antifa people? I have no clue. But what I do know is that normal every day people, don’t buy 100K worth of automatic weapons, Federal stamps, buy bumpfire stocks, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and No one knows about it. Sorry. Likewise, most “normal” people don’t go to the dark web, or the inner city and buy such weapons on the street.

I have looked at the video’s and one of the first things I noticed is that 1) the sound doesn’t’ make sense to me. This is a concert. Have you been to one? They’re pretty darned loud, loud to the point that you can rarely even talk to the person next to you. Yet you hear these shots going off like they’re right there in the lawn.

IF the only shots were coming from a hotel room on the 32nd floor, the walls, ceiling and floor of that room would have muffled the sound of those shots to a big extent. The sound coming out the front of the window, had to travel 1500 feet and then be “louder” than the music? Hmmm.

I also noticed that the direction that people were running changed twice. If you can hear shots firing, your “echo location” in your brain will point your eyes towards the sound. Your instinct would be to run away from it. But you’ll see they start running right, then change left then back to right. Strange.

There’s no end to the anomalies of this incident. So one has to ask the question, if the official story is bogus, if there was more than one shooter, if this guy was nothing but a patsy ( a dead patsy by the way) then what was the real agenda here? You can make up your own mind on that and there’s a lot of things you could ponder. For instance, I find it amazingly coincidental that this took place at the very time there’s a bill trying to go through Congress allowing suppressors to be sold without the stamps and trusts.

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Let’s Do The Math – Numerous Mandalay Bay Anomalies Remind Us Of This One Blunt Truth: ‘Dead Patsy’s Tell No Tales’


by William B. Stoecker, All News Pipeline:

– Are You Ready To Take The ‘Red Pill’? You May Not Like What You Find Out!

“Keep in mind, the definition of a false flag does not mean that the incident never happened. It means blame is being shifted to someone else for the atrocity. False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as if they are being carried out by other entities.” Mac Slavo – SHTFPlan

Let’s Do the Math.

More and more patriots are awakening and are no longer willing to accept the pronouncements of government officials and the slimestream media at face value. So it is with the latest shooting in Vegas, by the lone gunman of the week. Other awakened patriots are already writing about the paucity of evidence for nearly 600 dead and wounded and the possibility of crisis actors being used. 

More will leak out in the coming days and weeks; all of it will be ignored or denounced by the media. People will investigate to see if the stated number of wounded actually arrived at area hospitals, for example. And, of course, heterosexual White males are the favorite whipping boys of the elites (most of whom are White males), but elderly White males almost never shoot anyone, and no motive has yet been invented for the patsy, who was apparently shot dead by the FBI Hostage Rescue Team (according to one account…the story keeps changing) before he could talk. 

The misnamed HRT, by the way, were the brave “heroes” at Waco. But I want to talk about one simple fact: it is impossible for one man, even with multiple full auto weapons, to hit nearly 600 people. Not difficult…impossible, rather like three steel-framed buildings collapsing straight down in their own footprints. 

Even trained marksmen, especially firing on full auto, will fire many rounds before hitting an enemy soldier. Theoretically, if a mass of people are packed tightly together, maybe half the rounds might connect…maybe. That would be 1,200 rounds. Firing full auto at a cyclic rate of 600 rounds per minute, that would take two minutes. 

But submachine guns and assault rifles carry 20 to 30 round magazines, and the shooter (Stephen Paddock was not a trained soldier) would have to pick up new weapons and change magazines (some 40 magazines would be required) and reacquire his targets each time. So, at a minimum, he would need two and a half to three minutes to do the job, probably longer. 

But the crowd, although they failed to react for a few seconds, began running away and scattering. At the absolute most, Paddock might have managed to hit 50-100 people while they were packed together. Once they were even partly spread out, he would be lucky to hit one person for every five to ten rounds, during which time the crowd almost completely dispersed or took cover. So, at the absolute most, Paddock might have managed to kill or wound, say, 200 people, and probably far fewer. 

Then there are the lurid accounts of bodies almost torn apart by “high powered rifle rounds.” I looked at the pictures, and the range appeared to be at least 150-200 yards; the local sheriff, who was on the scene, estimated 500 yards. This is important, because one early report (again, the story keeps changing) claimed that Paddock used an Uzi submachine gun. These fire nine millimeter pistol rounds with a max effective range of about 100 yards. Even at that range they would not do nearly as much damage as claimed. 

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by Dawn Luger, The Daily Sheeple:

The mainstream media has been known to propagate and lie to the public for profits. In fact, CNN admitted that much this summer on video. But what they also do, is conveniently leave out pertinent information in order to tell you what you’re supposed to think happened.

It isn’t really a big secret that the mainstream media uses propaganda.Look no further than the “Russian election hacking” narrative to find evidence of such. But one YouTuber has now released some audio from the Las Vegas shooting that he describes accurately as “riveting.”

HighImpactFlix details the police audio from the shooting and the cops own words in these clips paint a dramatically different tale than the one we were told to imagine on the news.

The police clearly confirm that there were two shooters, no subtitles needed. You can also clearly hear that one cop is rather panicked saying “we have an active shooter inside the fairgrounds!’ 

Read More @ TheDailySheeple:



by Geoffrey Grider, Now The End Begins:

Police have said they found 23 guns in Paddock’s room at the hotel. The sheriff added: “We are aware of a device called a bump stock that enables an individual to speed up the discharge of ammunition.” Bump stocks can be used to modify guns and make them fire as if they were fully automatic. He also said authorities had completed their investigation at the gunman’s property in Reno, finding five handguns, two shotguns and a “plethora” of ammunition.  Paddock’s motive remains unknown. “This person may have radicalised, unbeknownst to us, and we want to identify that source.”


EDITOR’S NOTE: ISIS has been claiming that Mandalay Bay shooter Stephen Paddock had converted to Islam months before his horrific shooting rampage. While they have yet to produce actual evidence connecting Paddock with Islam, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo now says that the shooter and his girlfriend ‘may have been radicalized’. Hmm…sounds like what we said yesterday.

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of Clark County said detectives are in contact with Marilou Danley, who was travelling in the Philippines at the time of the massacre and remains there. “The investigation with her is ongoing and we anticipate some further information from her shortly,” he told reporters. “Currently she is a person of interest.”

Lombardo declined to comment on an NBC news report that 64-year-old Paddock wired $100,000 to an account in the Philippines some time in the week before the attack.

Paddock opened fire from the windows of his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, killing 59 people – all but three of whom have been identified – and injuring more than 500 at a country music festival. Police stormed his room and found he had killed himself.

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by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

Gunman ordered for two on September 27, four days before massacre

An image posted on Facebook by a man who claims he served Stephen Paddock room service shows that the gunman was with a guest during his time at the Mandalay Bay hotel four days before the massacre took place.

The receipt shows an employee named Antonio served two guests an “IRD_MB,” which means “In Room Dining, Mandalay Bay.”

The table number is “32135” – which equates to Paddock’s room number (135) on the 32nd floor.

Paddock ordered a burger, a bagel with cream cheese, a potato soup, one bottle of water and two Pepsis, suggesting that there was another person eating with him in the room. The receipt shows the number “2” next to the word “Guests”.

The date on the receipt also says September 27, whereas authorities assert that Paddock checked in the day after on September 28.

Paddock’s guest could not have been his girlfriend Marilou Danley because she was in the Philippines at the time.

The individual who posted the receipt appears to have deleted it from his Facebook page, although the page still shows that he works at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Another source told Laura Loomer that the gunman actually checked in on September 25, three days before authorities said he did.

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5 Glaring Inconsistencies In The Vegas Shooting That Need To Be Addressed


by Matt Agorist, Activist Post:

Throughout history, there have been well-documented and factual occurrences of governments carrying staged events to manipulate the public into passing a law, accepting a war, or any other means of implementing control. These acts have been admitted to by the state, are 100 percent real. They happen so often that they have their own term—false flag.

There is a fine line to walk, however, between questioning everything and automatically assuming everything is a government conspiracy or false flag. Those who immediately claim every violent tragedy or event is a false flag often do more damage to the fight for truth than those who blindly accept everything their government tells them as the truth.

Every time an event happens it is important to keep an open mind, look for inconsistencies, try to find contradictions or impossibilities made to look possible, and always avoid jumping to conclusions.

Given the current information that has been released so far in the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, it appears that most everything we’ve been told so far is true and many of the inconsistencies appear to have come up from the mass hysteria and confusion surrounding such a violent and tragic event.

However, while most of what we are being told appears to be true, there are still some glaring inconsistencies that need to be addressed. The Free Thought Project has come up with a list of the top five inconsistencies surrounding this tragedy and we feel it is important to point them out to ultimately find the truth. Unlike other irresponsible outlets—rife with falsehoods—we will not attempt to claim we know the truth, nor speculate on a motive.

1. Stephen Paddock did not fit the bill for a mass murderer.

This is perhaps the most glaring of all the inconsistencies as most of the recent psychopath mass murderers in recent history made moves prior to killing that were consistent with being a psychopathic killer. Paddock did not.

Most odd was the fact that Paddock was rich. He was an accountant, lived in a half million dollar home in a retirement community and had no criminal record.

Paddock’s brother, Eric Paddock was equally stunned to hear about what his brother had done as he had just talked to him. “We’re still just completely befuddled. Dumbstruck,” he said.

He described his brother as having “no history of violence. No history of anything couldn’t give a s*** less about politics, religion, pointy hatted people etc, etc. He just wanted to get a freaking royal flush.”

Eric said he had last talked to his brother when he called down to Florida to see how his mother was making out after losing power from hurricane Irma. How many mass murderers call to check on their mother before going on to slaughter dozens of innocent people?

2. Paddock was still playing with his girlfriend’s casino card trying to rack up points the night of the shooting.

Eric Paddock said how his brother “loved to gamble. He loved — when I say loved — it was a job. It was fun because people were nice to him.”

Paddock was a regular in Vegas. He’d even been captured on surveillance footage in the Cosmopolitan Casino in 2011 in which he was seen falling. He later tried to sue the hotel for getting hurt and even then everyone remained cordial and nice to him.

Prior to the shooting, Paddock had been at the Mandalay Bay casino for four days and had not done anything out of the ordinary to garner the attention of hotel security.

He had simply been gambling. While it is possible that he was simply blending in to maintain his cover and wait for the moment to strike, the fact that he used his girlfriend’s slot machine card seems completely out of the ordinary.

For those who don’t know, slot cards or gambling cards are ways casinos track loyal customers. When you rack up enough points, they will comp a room or a meal for you. Paddock was playing with this card—essentially planning for future comps—on the very night he opened fire on a crowd of 22,000 people.

Blending in is one thing, but racking up points to plan for future benefits on the night you are going to commit mass murder seems glaringly inconsistent.

3. Surveillance footage of Paddock inside the hotel has yet to be released.

In most mass shootings, within 24 hours we usually see at least a still image of the perpetrator as captured by the building’s surveillance cameras. In Paddock’s case, as of the time this article was published, none of this footage has been released.

Why not release at least a single shot of Paddock walking into the hotel lobby?

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Something VERY ODD About The Las Vegas Shooter’s Weapons


from SilverDoctors:

A Silver Doctors’ ex-military contact (Iraq War Combat Veteran) brings up some discrepancies with the weapons used by Stephen Pollock in the Las Vegas shooting. Hmmm….

First, there’s this:

From our Weapons Insider (Ex-military Iraq War Combat Veteran)

First of all, that’s 5.56 (.223) (as in AR-15/M-4) not 7.62 (AK-47) with a huge scope. That’s important. and on the scope, there is a reason that snipers use one shot with a scope, and a reason why light machine gunners don’t. When rounds are flying out of a rifle like in Las Vegas, a person is not using the scope. It is impossible. How can he see that far to just “spray and pray” from the hip at some 1000 yards away? I don’t think so.

There’s plenty of footage circling about the “4th floor”. We had our contact go over this clip:

Here’s what our insider says:

The sound from the rifle does not sound like the pops of 5.56 but the lower, more bass sounding, deeper firing (but not as low or as slow as a 50-cal, plus you’d just have body parts left and nothing much else). That sounds like 7.62 fire, like an AK, or, a 240B (think Rambo).

The footage above sounds a lot like an AK-47/7.62, which has a more destructive bullet anyway, and a lower rate of fire. A 5.56 has a faster fire rate than that. Also, that is way more than a 50 round magazine in that video, which makes me believe it was a belt fed 7.62 rifle, but obviously they did not use a belt linked with tracer fire (too much of a US military/false flag give-away).

If it was not belt fed, how does a sixty year old weakling man-handle a 10 pound AK with a 100 round magazine underneath? He’s not going to, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

So Rambo is shooting from the shoulder (unlikely with scope, even with the “bi-pod”,) or he’s shooting from the hip, but that brings out another problem: If it was a “butt stock bumper” (or whatever they call it) producing the automatic fire rate, you mean to tell me he was rockin’ the rifle and controlling such a massive amount of recoil in what is obviously not just a 50 round magazine?

This does not add up at all.

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