Thursday, April 9, 2020


from SGTreport:

On 9/11 we are instructed to ‘NEVER FORGET’… WHAT EXACTLY?

The Use of False Flags to Increase Power

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

Historically, Hitler used a very famous event that was the origin of the term “False flag” back in 1933 to reinforce his power. The German False flag used by Hitler was known as the Reichstag Fire. Hitler had a problem. He won less than 35% of the vote. The Reichstag Fire was an arson attack on the German parliament in Berlin on February 27th, 1933, one month after Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany. Hitler’s government claimed it was set by Communists because the 1918 German Revolution which installed the Weimar Republic and resulted in the hyperinflation was a Communist movement which even asked the Russian to take Germany.

Many Historical Atrocities… Were Rituals – James Perloff

from SGTreport:

James Perloff, author of ‘Truth is a Lonely Warrior’ and many other excellent books joins me to discuss a couple of historical events that were not only atrocities, they were also sacrificial rituals. As we approach the 17th anniversary of 9/11, the question needs to be asked: How many other horrific events throughout history were also ritual sacrifices?

New Zealand Mosque False Flag Exposed, Reasons for the Hoax Revealed

from State Of The Nation:

The Millennium Report

First some important history which offers an indisputable and crucial context.

“Every American patriot only needs to consider the highly restrictive gun control laws that were enacted in Scotland after the Dunblane school shooting and in Australia immediately following the Port Arthur Massacre.  The Dunblane mass shooting took place on 13 March 1996; the Port Arthur massacre occurred from 28–29 April 1996.  It quickly became obvious to gun owners worldwide that these two efficacious psyops were staged within two months of each other with purposeful political design (à la Operation Gladio C)  In both cases, draconian gun control legislation was passed that effectively stripped the citizenry of their right to possess firearms.”(Source: OPERATION GLADIO C: Government-Sponsored Domestic Terrorism Targets American Public Schools)

MASSIVE Breakthrough In 9/11 Investigation! – Must WATCH (with Richard Gage & Barbara Honegger)

from World Alternative Media:

Josh Sigurdson talks with Richard Gage AIA of Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth as well as Barbara Honegger who famously exposed the truth behind the Iran Contra scandal in the 1980s as a member of the Reagan White House with her book ‘October Surprise’ and now works with the Lawyers Committee For 9/11 Inquiry.

Two helicopter snipers were deployed on the night of the 1 October massacre, police records show

by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

A newly released officer report from the night of the 1 October massacre reveal a police helicopter and snipers were deployed to counter the attack and neutralize the threat

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Officer K. Delzer helped to deploy LVMPD’s tactical helicopter unit (Air 5), along with a pilot (Officer Bryan Woolard P7558), and two highly-trained police snipers armed with high-output belt-fed rifles for their gut-wrenching mission in which they were ordered to stop the 1 October attack.

Official police records show, Officer Delzer arrived at the parking lot of the Harley Davidson dealership located at 5191 S. Las Vegas Blvd. around 10:40 p.m. where he assisted in the aerial deployment of two heavily-armed, heavily-trained, snipers, along with a courageous pilot into what appeared to be an urban war zone at the time.

Already Something Stinks About Cesar Sayoc, Jr

by SGT, SGT Report:

It’s highly likely that if Cesar Sayoc, Jr actually turns out to be the “mastermind” behind the prop bombs sent to the very same uber-criminals that ought to be indicted, we’ll soon find out he was handled by some alphabet agency, like so many other past “bombers’.

President Trump announced the apprehension and arrest, and says the suspect will be “prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”  Great, he should be. But with any luck, the handlers of this 56-year old man with a criminal record that includes Grand Theft, will also be identified and brought to justice.

And with that all said, already something stinks badly about this guy. Sayoc certainly does not represent the Trump base of Constitution loving, peaceful folks we see at President Trump’s rallies.

And check out what says about him. “Bomb maker for Soros“? Is this a joke? It’s probably a hoax page that was set up today by a prankster who understands what’s really going on here. Because as everyone following this entire fable knows, this thing has the stench of the criminal deep state all over it.

The Case That 9/11 Was an Israeli Attack on the US Is ‘Overwhelmingly Strong’ – Ron Unz

by Ron Unz, Russia Insider:

Back in 1999 I was invited to join Steve Sailer’s HBD email group, where I encountered all sorts of interesting people. The participants were mostly intellectuals or journalists having sharply heterodox views about racial differences, especially those involving IQ and crime, and this was reflected in the somewhat euphemistic title, which stood for “Human Bio-Diversity.” A reasonable sense of the controversial roster is that less than a year earlier a founding member named Glayde Whitney had contributed the Foreword to David Duke’s 700 page opus My Awakening.


from SGTreport:

Our friend Harley Schlanger returns to SGT Report to discuss and expose the latest deep state lies and propaganda.

#QAnon’s Extended Silence is Well-Founded – #QDay is Coming

from Neon Revolt:

It’s not the first time #QAnon has gone dark. And actually, I’m quite /comfy/ right now, watching things play out, and taking the time to expose corruption, rankle #LunaticLeftists across the web, as well as dive into some topics I’ve been meaning to explore for a while. (I’ve got at least one other major article I want to get out soon, but it’s very research intensive, so I don’t have a date set for that, yet)