Monday, April 15, 2024

The Oct. 7 False Flag and Biden’s March to WWIII

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Nick Koutsobinas — On October 6th, it was a Friday, and I was in Tampa. I hadn’t thought about the war in Ukraine in nearly a day, mostly because I had just been robbed. But on October 7th, all that changed.

A premonition struck me at that moment — a gut feeling — the same gut feeling I had writing about Ukraine and the COVID vaccines, about the social media censorship during lockdowns; I remember thinking — reflecting on the week prior how all the momentum of leaving Ukraine and finally rebuilding toward American prosperity, and putting our interests as a nation above all others had just vanished, poof.

NATO Plans False Flag in Black Sea to Launch WWIII

from Reese Report:


It’s The Lusitania Ploy All Over Again

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

The Neocons are playing with the lives of people desperate to create World War III and to entice Putin to PLEASE attack anyone in NATO. In 1915, Germany took out advertisements in the New York newspapers warning people not to travel on the passenger ship the RMS Lusitania for it was illegally using civilians as cover to provide arms to Britain. Of course, the US denied that they were using civilians just as Hamas in Palestine. The death toll was 1201 civilians died to get the USA to enter World War I.

FALSE FLAG IN IRAN! – US & Israel Want Nuclear War! – 103 Dead As WW3 Becomes INEVITABLE!

from World Alternative Media:


Mainstream media suddenly pushing BLACK SWAN EVENT warning for 2024

from Health Ranger Report:


False Flag Red Alert! They’re Playing For All The Marbles In 2024 As Globalists In Govt Prepare Barbaric Acts Of Terror Upon Americans – CBS News Talking Head Warns Of ‘Black Swan Event’

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

In the latest bit of alarming evidence that the globalists who’ve been working to destroy America are preparing for something huge as we arrive in just days at 2024, during their year-end CBS News correspondents roundtable, analyst Catherine Herridge predicted a major national security crisis for the United States in the new year.

With Herridge, who is CBS’s senior investigative correspondent, making that ominous prediction for 2024 as heard in the video directly below, warning of a potential ‘Black Swan event’ dead ahead, as we’ve long warned here on ANP, we must remember the history of the United States government planning and carrying out acts of terrorism upon the American people if it helps them to meet their political goals as documented in this description of the ‘Operation Northwoods’ events of 1962, planned false flag acts of terror that were going to be carried out by the CIA and US military upon the American people, acts of terror that would be blamed on those other than the US government terrorists who carried them out.


from Jim Fetzer:


Israeli Soldiers Gun Down Unarmed Israeli Hostages!

from The Jimmy Dore Show:


Why Is the Media Ignoring Evidence of Israel’s Own Actions on 7 October?

by Jonathan Cook, The Unz Review:

The BBC and others keep revisiting Hamas crimes that day, but fail to report on growing evidence that Israel killed its own citizens, often in grotesque fashion

Barely a day has passed since the 7 October attack by Hamas when the western media has not revisited those events, often to reveal what it claims are new details of astonishing atrocities carried out by the Palestinian group.

Ukrainian Trial Proves 2014 Maidan Massacre Was False Flag Coup

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

(The GrayZone) Two police officers charged with the mass shooting of opposition protesters in Kiev’s Maidan Square in 2014 have been released after a Ukrainian court determined the fatal shots in the infamous massacre were fired from an opposition-controlled building.

On October 18 2023, Ukraine’s Sviatoshyn District Court determined that of the five officers on trial, one would be acquitted outright, while another was sentenced to time served for alleged “abuse of power.”

Israeli Veteran Says He Witnessed IDF Apache Helicopter Fire Missile Into Kibbutz

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

The “Hannibal Directive” in action.

TUCKER CARLSON: WAS 9/11 AN INSIDE JOB? – Building 7 & Tucker’s Conspiracy Turnaround

from World Alternative Media:


Israel Now Admits to ‘Immense Amount of Friendly Fire’ on October 7th

from 21st Century Wire:

For those who are paying attention to the actual evidence (or lack thereof) of “Hamas mass atrocities” on October 7th will have already known that an Israeli police investigation has already shown how Israeli Apache helicopters opened fire on the attendees of the Nova Music Festival that day.

If widely disseminated, it would be a game changer, and would trigger a reversal on blind, unfettered US and UK support for Israel’s unprecedented massacre of Palestinian civilians in Gaza. So it’s hardly surprising that the mainstream media have completely blacked-out these explosive revelations.

“Leave the World Behind” movie foreshadows massive cyber attack false flag event to come

from Health Ranger Report:


BREAKING: ISRAELI FALSE FLAG EXPOSED! – WW3 With Iran Is Next? – They’re Warning Of Attacks On US

from World Alternative Media: