Sunday, August 14, 2022

Episode 2047: Evidence Shows Proof Of Clotting With Vaccine; Wag The Pelosi

from Bannons War Room:


The Globalists Moved For Years Towards Forced Sterilizations To Bolster Their Depopulation Programs Using Weapons Such As Chemtrails, Fluoridated Water And Vaccinations

by Don Boys Ph.D, All News Pipeline:

If a state chooses to make sterilization a requirement to receive welfare, that is their right, but to force mutilation on persons because they are deformed, or demented, or diseased, or deaf, or dumb is contemptible, criminal, and crazy.

How would you respond to a proposed law that would give the states authority to force women to be sterilized if they were promiscuous or poor? Or men could be forced to have a vasectomy if they were prisoners or inmates in an institution? No doubt, sane, sensitive people would be horrified and respond, “That could never happen in America.”

It’s a myth that the COVID shots stop the spread of the virus

Big Pharma Director Predicts A New COVID Variant That Will Evade “Vaccines” By November

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

An Indian big pharma director of Bharat Biotech (BB) International Limited says that a new COVID variant that evades “vaccines” is coming no later than November of this year. But we’ve already seen literally everything evade the four COVID shots being injected in whoever is naive enough to take them.

Fully Vaccinated and Double Boosted Biden Tests Positive For COVID-19

Double Vaccinated and Double Boosted Fauci Tests Positive For COVID-19

Fully “Vaccinated” And Boosted Obama Gets COVID

Fully Vaccinated & Boosted Hillary Clinton Tests Positive For COVID-19

More disappearing Covid vaccine data

by Alex Berenson, Unreported Truths:

Add British Columbia to the governments trying to hide the reality that the mRNA jabbed make up the vast majority of Covid hospitalizations and deaths.

If at first you don’t succeed, hide the numbers.

Until Thursday, the Canadian province of British Columbia provided a clear breakdown of hospitalizations and deaths by vaccine status. Each week, the BC Centre for Disease Control offered an updated count of vaccinated, boosted, and unvaccinated people who had been hospitalized or died.

A Terrifying Serum: Monkeypox & ACAM2000, CDC’s Statements Over The Years

from Tim Truth:


Beware: ABV disease (Anything But Vaccines) is causing people to DROP DEAD everywhere

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

There’s a horrible new disease that’s killing people everywhere. It’s called ABV (Anything But Vaccines), and you’ll see the corporate media invoking this when they try to cover vaccine deaths with all sorts of other explanations and conditions.

Cold showers are now being blamed for heart attacks that are actually caused by covid vaccines (and the subsequent deadly clots). The Times of India is reporting that cold showers can suddenly kill you with heart trouble.


by HopeGirl, HopeGirl Blog:

“Embalmers have been struggling to embalm the vaccinated deceased because of these biostructures for the past 18 months. The governing body for embalmers in the UK BIE has announced they will punish any embalmer who speaks out about what they are finding in the vaccinated corpses.” -Funeral Director John O’Looney in the UK

In this presentation, Hope and Tivon from give an overview on the latest developments from the Covid Vaccine Genocide, the never before seen biostructures embalmers are finding in vaccinated corpses and explanations of what these structures are, its Nanotech!

Zogby: Many who got COVID shots diagnosed with brand-new condition

from WND:

Stories abound of healthy people, including athletes, suddenly dying or suffering severe illness without explanation.

Many who have posted links to the reports on social media have suggested a possible relationship to the experimental COVID-19 vaccines. When four practicing physicians in the greater Toronto area died unexpectedly in the past two weeks, their hospitals made a point of insisting their deaths were not related to the vaccines. A fifth area physician, just 27 years old, died Thursday after collapsing during a triathlon.

TRAGIC! WI College Basketball Star Suddenly Dies ‘Unexpectedly’ at 20 After a ‘Cardiac Event’ [VIDEO]

from 100 Percent FedUp:

University of Wisconsin – Whitewater is mourning the loss of a rising basketball star Derek Gray, who died unexpectedly on Sunday. He was 20 years old.

On Sunday, July 24, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater basketball player Derek Gray recently “passed away unexpectedly” while “playing the game he loved,” the school announced.

DEADLY MPOX Vax Shedding, TPOXX Pills “Testicular Toxicity” Reduces Male Rats’ Fertility

from Tim Truth: