Saturday, May 21, 2022

Fuel Prices Are About to SKYROCKET. Here Are the REAL Reasons Why.

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

After a brief break in high fuel prices, those prices are now rising with a vengeance. Fuel prices are up more than 25 cents a gallon nationwide in the last month alone and are now at an average of $2.68 a gallon for regular. It’s only going to get worse.

Fuel prices are spiking…or will soon.

Fuel prices are expected to spike in the coming weeks and even more this summer.

Several mainstream articles warn of the coming rise in fuel prices. All of these articles provide various reasons why the prices are rising. For example, some articles report the increase in prices is “just the market.” Others say it’s COVID. None of these reports say it’s the oil companies, the Great Reset, or Wall Street.

Was Jeffrey Epstein Murdered Over Nuclear Thefts?

by Gordon Duff, New Eastern Outlook:

One day after Jeffrey Epstein was tied to scandal ridden Clinton Energy Secretary, Bill Richardson, in a sex and Mossad blackmail scandal, Epstein is dead. Our sources say Richardson was under investigation for a far wider range of security issues, including a role in facilitating the theft of weapons grade fissionable material from the PANTEX weapons disassembly facility in Amarillo, Texas.

Of those who knew about this case, some were silenced for decades by a Grand Jury in Houston, TX, CIA agent Roland Carnaby was killed by a police officer in what we are told was a Mossad “hit,” John Wheeler III, representing the White House was found in a garbage dump, FBI Agent John O’Neill was killed on 9/11 and others, like FBI Agent Mike Dick, survived an assassination attempt and smear campaign. We have much more on that investigation.


by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

As the U.S. and global oil industry continue to cannibalize itself just to stay alive, the market is totally clueless because investors are being misled by the fallacy that technology will solve our peak oil crisis. While technology has allowed more oil to make it to the market, it has done so at a very high cost. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of the increased cost to produce this high-tech oil was subsidized by debt from unsuspecting investors.

Hundreds of billions of Dollars were invested in the U.S. Shale Energy Industry by investors who were looking for a higher return on their money than they could receive from banks or other financial institutions. Sadly, most investors will not see the return of their funds as the U.S. Shale Energy Industry isn’t making the profits to pay back this debt.


by Nick Givas, The Daily Caller:

  • Hunter Biden was appointed to the board of directors of a Ukranian company as part of an effort to recruit well-connected Americans while the company was under investigation, according to The New York Times.
  • Then-Vice President Joe Biden played a role in pressuring Ukraine to oust the country’s top prosector, Viktor Shokin, who was investigating the company, Burisma.
  • Shokin’s successor initially ended the investigation into Burisma, but decided in March 2019 to reopen it.

A Ukrainian gas company gave a seat on its board to the son of former Vice President Joe Biden in an attempt to secure relationships with Democrats while it was under multiple investigations, according to a recent New York Times report.

Silver Purchasing Power

by Gary Christianson, Miles Franklin:

We know:
a) Federal Reserve and U.S. government policies devalue the dollar—down about 98% since 1913.

b) US. government spending is out of control, increases every year, regardless of revenues, and shows no sign of plateauing or declining.

c) Few people encourage balanced budgets and LESS spending. All government agencies, lobbyists, congresspersons, military contractors, and many corporations encourage MORE spending, and by necessity, more debt.

d) Debt based fiat currency units “printed” almost without limit enable deficit spending.


The Looming Energy Shock

by Chris Martenson, Peak Prosperity:
There will be an extremely painful oil supply shortfall sometime between 2018 and 2020. It will be highly disruptive to our over-leveraged global financial system, given how saddled it is with record debts and unfunded IOUs.

Due to a massive reduction in capital spending in the global oil business over 2014-2016 and continuing into 2017, the world will soon find less oil coming out of the ground beginning somewhere between 2018-2020.

Because oil is the lifeblood of today’s economy, if there’s less oil to go around, price shocks are inevitable. It’s very likely we’ll see prices climb back over $100 per barrel. Possibly well over.

The only way to avoid such a supply driven price-shock is if the world economy collapses first, dragging demand downwards.

Not exactly a great “solution” to hope for.

What HBO Got Wrong: Chernobyl General Gives Hit TV Show a Reality Check

from Russia Insider:

No one told rookie troops to shoot cows in Chernobyl and the miners there never worked naked, Major General Nikolai Tarakanov, who headed the real ‘liquidators’ in 1986, has told RT’s documentary channel.

Tarakanov praised other aspects of the show, adding that the actor who played him in the HBO hit did a “great job.”

What is the Most Important Item When Analyzing a Balance Sheet


by Marin Katusa, Katusa Research:
When oil is trading at $45 per barrel, the answer for oil producers to the question above is “debt.”

Now that oil is down 18{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} from this year’s high, debt is a large and growing concern in the oil patch. And if you’re a stock investor, this should concern you too.

That’s because of where debt and equity lie in a company’s capital structure. The people who own a company’s debt are first in line to get paid back if a company declares bankruptcy. The equity owners are last in line. The people who own a company’s debt are first in line to get paid interest before shareholders see a dime in dividends.

Debt is the single most important item on the balance sheet to understand when analyzing a company’s stock.

Media Silent as Israel Exposed for Aiding Saudi Arabia in Developing Nuclear Weapons

by Jay Syrmopoulos, The Free Thought Project:

A senior Israeli official at iHLS has come forward with information showing how the government of Israel is aiding the terrorist state of Saudi Arabia in the construction of nuclear weapons.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – The Saudi Arabian government has been covertly receiving information on the creation of nuclear weapons from the government of Israel according to Ami Dor-on, a senior Israeli official at iHLS (Israel’s Homeland Security).

iHLS bills itself as the “leading hub for the homeland security ecosystem globally and in Israel” — and is partially funded by U.S. weapons manufacturer Raytheon, according to a report by MintPress News.

The End Of The Climate Change Hoax Is Coming: The ‘Green New Deal’ Is Another Step Towards Totalitarianism That Will End Up On The Trash Heap Of History

by John C. Velisek, All News Pipeline:

– Yet The ‘Crazy Mazies’ Ignore The Facts To Blindly Push The Globalists Agenda

The “elite” that are in positions of power in our country have decided to make a final push on climate change before being debunked in the future. The man-hater from Hawaii, Mazie Hirono, stated in the past week that the Green New Deal is recognition that climate change is happening and that we should not stick our heads in the sand. She has described President Trump and his minions as knowing zero about the subject and that they deny the “science” behind climate change.

Backup Power on a Budget: Notes from South Africa

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Editor’s note: By now, just about everyone has heard about the difficulties occurring in South Africa. The violence is palpable, the corruption is an everyday fact, and utilities such as water and electricity are no longer a given. Not only that, but the cost of these utilities has become prohibitive, so conservation is a necessity. Backup power, such as solar or generators, have become a necessity for many families.

In this article, a regular reader from South Africa shares some of the tips for starting out with generators and backup power that have made it easier to deal with the continuous rolling blackouts and outrageous prices for electricity.  ~ Daisy

THE SHALE OIL PONZI SCHEME EXPLAINED: How Lousy Shale Economics Will Pull Down The U.S. Economy

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

Few Americans realize that the U.S. economy is being propped up by the Shale Oil Industry. However, the shale oil industry is nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme, so when it collapses, it will take down the U.S. economy with it. Unfortunately, the reason few Americans understand how lousy the economics are in producing shale oil and gas is due to the misinformation and propaganda being put out by the industry and energy analysts.

I am quite surprised how bank analysts and brokerage firms can continue to fund the shale oil and gas or advise clients to purchase stock when the industry is behaving just like the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme. The only big difference is that the U.S. Shale Industry is a Ponzi at least four times greater than Madoff’s $65 billion fiasco.