Friday, March 22, 2019

Venezuela Suffers Major Power Outages After Alleged Cyber Attack

from The Anti Media:

An electricity blackout has affected most of Venezuela for several days after an alleged cyber attack crashed the country’s main electricity generator, the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant in Bolivar State, commonly known as the Guri Dam.

Starting around 5 PM on Thursday, the outage affected 70 percent of the country, with only several eastern states unaffected. By Saturday morning, power had been restored to most of Caracas and to central states such as Miranda, Aragua and Carabobo, when a second major outage took place as a result of a renewed cyberattack, according to Venezuelan authorities.


from The Morgan Report:

The Bakken Hit A New Record In 2018, But It’s A Bad Sign For The Industry

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

The insanity continues in the United States second largest shale oil field as the fundamental economics go from bad to worse.  While it is true that the shale industry doesn’t look as dire as it did back in 2016 when oil prices fell off a cliff, I can assure you the worst is yet to come.  Unfortunately, the market is blind to the biggest Ponzi Scheme in history, because wisdom and reason have disappeared from the energy industry years ago.

Luke Gromen – Oil Cartel Siding With China Can Destabilize the Petrodollar

from Silver Bullion TV:

Amir Adnani, CEO, President and Director of Uranium Energy

from Jay Taylor Media:

India Makes Request to Abandon PetroDollar

by Rory Hall, The Daily Coin:

The noose continues to tighten on the Federal Reserve Note, U.S. dollar as India has made a formal request to use the new special payment mechanism, called INSTEX for future payments of oil from Iran. This is another step in the world de-dollarizing and moving away from trade with the U.S.. Of course the satanic globalist will say this is President Trumps fault when it is in fact the satanic globalist fault for overplaying their hand since 1973 when Kissinger first introduced the petrodollar to the world.

EXXONMOBIL U.S. OIL & GAS FINANCIAL TRAIN-WRECK: Producing Shale Is Destroying Its Bottom Line

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

The United States largest oil company, ExxonMobil, is facing a financial train-wreck in its domestic oil and gas sector.  And, the majority of the blame can be attributed to Exxon’s move into shale.  After Exxon acquired XTO Energy in 2009, a U.S. shale oil and gas producer, it has seriously begun to ramp up shale oil production in the Permian.

ExxonMobil plans on expanding Permian shale oil production to 600,000 barrels a day (bd) by 2025, up from the 115,000 bd as of October (thanks to the data from  If you look at the chart below, Exxon’s Permian shale oil production shot up from less than 50,000 bd at the beginning of 2018, to over 115,000 bd in October:

What’s Not Being Said About the Venezuela Oil War

by F. William Engdahl, New Eastern Outlook:

So far much of the discussion over what is driving the bizarre Trump Administration intervention into Venezuela centers around the comments of National Security Adviser John Bolton to claim it’s about oil. In a previous analysis we looked at the prospects of the huge Chavez Basin, formerly the Orinoco Basin, said to hold the world’s largest reserves of oil by some definitions. Now it’s becoming clearer that this de facto war is about far more than control of the heavy oil of the Chavez Basin in Venezuela.

China Plans To Build Solar Power Station In Space

from ZeroHedge:

Submitted by OilPrice

China is taking its renewable energy push to new heights, literally, after the country’s scientists revealed plans to build and launch in orbit a space solar station that could capture the Sun’s rays 24/7, Chinese media report.

China has already started to build an early experimental space power plant in the city of Chongqing, The Sydney Morning Herald reported, citing an article in China’s Science and Technology Daily.

My Mobile Alternative Energy Experiences


by Captain Steve, Survival Blog:

All of us who think about what we’d do if the Schumer Hits The Fan (SHTF) spend a lot of time exploring options. What will I do if this thing or that happens? Will I bug out or hunker down? What should I buy and place in my long term storage? I expect that like me, most who are unwilling to just sit back and hope for the best have taken plenty of steps to protect and prepare themselves for many eventualities.

Over the countless hours I’ve spent researching and planning, I’ve tried to assess and make note of where I’m lacking in my preparations. That list seems endless and often, overwhelming. But I continue to tackle those shortfalls one at a time. One area where I’ve noticed a lack of first-hand information has to do with plans for alternative energy (AE), its many and varied uses, and affordable ways and means to incorporate AE into our planning. Sure, there are plenty of reliable companies out there who are willing to take lots of your hard earned money in exchange for equipment you may, or may not, need. But what about the average family though, those of us who watch every dollar we spend? What can we do?

[1.30] Fusion Free Energy / Deep State UFO Disclosure vs. Space Force / Satellite’s Mapping Earth

from Destroying the Illusion:

“Very Dangerous”: US Seizes Venezuela Oil Assets, Renews Threat of Military Action

by Jessica Corbett, The Anti Media:

(CD— The Trump administration intensified its interference in politically-fractured Venezuela on Monday by announcing the seizure of billions of dollars in assets connected to the nation’s state-owned oil company, a move critics decried as part of a “dangerous” U.S. policy to help opposition forces overthrow elected president Nicolás Maduro.

Venezuela’s US-Backed Coup Leader Immediately Targets State Oil Company and Requests IMF Money

by Ben Norton, Consortium News:

Unelected U.S.-backed coup leader Juan Guaidó immediately moved to try to restructure Venezuela’s state-owned oil company and seek financing from the neoliberal IMF, reports Ben Norton of The Gray Zone.

The right-wing opposition leader that the United States is trying to undemocratically install as Venezuela’s president immediately set his sights on the country’s state-owned oil company, which he is hoping to restructure and move toward privatization. He is also seeking money from the notorious International Monetary Fund (IMF) to fund his unelected government.

Profit From The Coming Energy Boom

from The Morgan Report:

U.S. SHALE OIL INDUSTRY: Not In The Business To Make Money, But To Take Money

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

The U.S. Shale Oil Industry has been a financial trainwreck since day one. And, with nearly $300 billion in public and private debt racked up by the shale industry since its inception, that hasn’t stopped investors from throwing good money after bad to continue the biggest energy Ponzi scheme in history.