Monday, January 17, 2022

Biden to Increase U.S. Oil Lease Fees 50% While Accusing ‘Big Oil’ of Anticompetitive Activitiesl;

by Wendell Husebo, Breitbart:

The Biden-Harris administration issued a report Friday to increase the price of oil leasing fees on federal lands in the United States by 50 percent—even while accusing oil companies of artificially increasing prices through illegal and anticompetitive actions.

Despite record-high gasoline prices impacting American families across the country with winter around the corner, the Biden-Harris administration is recommending Congress hike the cost of oil leases on government lands from 12.50 percent to 18.75 percent.

U.S. Fusion Power Breakthrough—but No Fusion Program!

by , LaRouche Organization:

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated 58 years ago today. It is a national and human tragedy that since JFK was killed, the United States, in six decades, has not embarked on any scientific crash program to achieve any fundamentally new frontier of technology, beyond those already underway under his Presidency. Those were the human exploration of Earth-Moon space; the investigation of bio-medical properties of nuclear isotopes; the expansion of revolutionary TVA water control systems to new Western dams with the intention to build the North American Water and Power Alliance “great project.”

‘Eco Warrior’ David Suzuki Says Pipelines will be “Blown Up” if Leaders Don’t Act on Climate Change (VIDEO)

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Canadian ‘environmental warrior’ David Suzuki over the weekend issued what many perceive as a terroristic threat to leaders.

Suzuki said pipelines will be “blown up” if leaders don’t act on climate change.

“We’re in deep, deep doo-doo,” said Suzuki Saturday, speaking at an Extinction Rebellion protest on Vancouver Island. “This is what we’re come to. The next stage after this, there are going to be pipelines blown up if our leaders don’t pay attention to what’s going on.”

When confronted about his terroristic threat, Suzuki told the National Post that he doesn’t support the bombing of pipelines.


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

You may or may not remember a few months ago a story about Baal Gates wanting to build a nuclear reactor in Wyoming.  Well, his wish has come true, according to this story shared by W.G.:

Bill Gates’ TerraPower aims to build its first advanced nuclear reactor in a coal town in Wyoming

As indicated, the victims place chosen for the location of Gates’ reactor is a small coal-mining town called Kemmerer. And the type of reactor being planned is a sodium cooled reactor:

Exclusive— Tom Cotton: High Gas Prices ‘Intended Effect of Joe Biden’s Energy Policy,’ It Is Not ‘Some Accident’

by Matthew Boyle, Breitbart:

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) told Breitbart News exclusively he believes President Joe Biden and other Democrats are deliberately causing gas prices to hike to record highs on purpose to push their leftist environmentalist agenda on unsuspecting Americans.

Cotton, who campaigned last week for Republicans in Iowa ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, told Breitbart News in a phone interview between events that he believes the high gas prices are on purpose.

How Viable Is Solar Power?

by TheDarkMan, The Duran:

The lunatics of the global warming/climate change brigade aside, the West and indeed the entire world is going to have to wean itself off fossil fuels at some point. Opponents of this powerful lobby, especially conservatives, ridicule their claims that alternatives such as wind and wave power are viable, claiming they are actually more expensive, if not worse for the environment. What though of solar power?

Energy Insanity In Michigan by Democrat Activists and Governor Whitmer

by Mish Shedlock, The Street:

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer seeks to shut down a natural gas pipeline that serves two thirds of the Upper Peninsula.

Democrats Threaten to Send Winter Shivers Through Michigan

Winter is coming, and President Biden may soon make Michigan’s hardest season even more painful. The White House is reportedly studying the consequences of shutting down Line 5, an oil and natural-gas liquids pipeline that carries heating and transportation fuels from Wisconsin through Michigan to Sarnia, Ontario.


Dr. Len Horowitz returns to SGT Report to discuss the Astroworld event where at least 8 people were killed in what many are describing as a ritual – or satanic sacrifice.


Solar Energy Development Expected to Boost Silver Demand

by Peter Schiff, Schiff Gold:

Last week, Australia, France, India, the US and the UK announced the launch of the “One Sun, One World, On-Grid” initiative. The plan is to connect solar energy grids across borders. This could provide a big boost to silver demand.

India first floated the idea of connecting solar energy grids during the International Solar Alliance in 2018. The plan would help ease reliability problems in solar energy production. Solar plants do not produce power at night, and cloudy days limit electricity generation. According to the Indian Express, a transnational grid would allow countries to source solar power from regions where it is daytime to meet their energy needs even when their own solar capacity is not generating power.

Is the Oil Shortage Already Endemic?

by Germán Gorraiz López, Global Research:

According to Edgar Ocampo, every year, the world engulfs half of the reserves of a major oil country (Mexico) and given that alternative energies still need huge subsidies to be viable in developing countries, the practice of fracking (kind of a universal panacea that will solve humanity’s energy problems) is still incipient and raises environmental concerns and the inertia of oil assets will not allow large companies to abandon their current equipment and infrastructure, it follows that the world economy will continue to weigh on the dependence on oil in the next decade.

However, the current collapse of post-pandemic merchandise traffic and the brutal rise in energy and fuel prices could end up weighing down the incipient and fragile global economic recovery and lead to scenarios of secular economic stagnation (secular stagnation), since the phenomenon of economic globalization has ensured that all rational elements of the economy are interrelated with each other due to the consolidation of oligopolies, technological convergence and tacit corporate agreements.

Treasury Department Nominee Says Biden Administration Purposefully Wants to Bankrupt Oil, Coal and Gas Companies

from The Conservative Treehouse:

Against catastrophic outcomes, we have been pointing out how the people within the Biden administration are not incompetent; they know exactly what they are doing, and they are destroying the U.S. economic system on purpose.  All of their economic damage is by design, it’s a feature – not a flaw.

An example today is so demonstrative of that point, it’s almost a parody. Joe Biden’s nominee for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), a branch of the Treasury Department that polices some 1,125 banks, is a communist ideologue named Saule Omarova. She is directly from communist central casting and literally from Kazakhstan in the former Soviet Union. Ms. Omarova graduated from Moscow State University in 1991, and Joe Biden nominated her for the OCC job in September.