Sunday, July 25, 2021

With Its Power Grid On The Verge Of Failure, California Begs Residents To Change Their EV Charging Routines

from ZeroHedge:

It appears as though California’s plans to become an environmental and socialist utopia are running face first into reality.

The latest dose of reality came this week when the state, facing triple digit temperatures, began to “fret” about pressure on the state’s power grid as a result of everybody charging their electric vehicles all at once.

The state’s power grid operators have been telling residents to “relieve pressure” from the grid by charging their EVs at off-peak hours, Newsweek wrote.


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

During the Obama reign of terror, the most anti-American president in history was on the verge of destroying the property rights of America’s farmers and ranchers. This clearly sets the stage for destroying the food supply.

There are many present threats to the American food supply including the following:

1. Broken food supply chain, courtesy of the CHICOM attack upon America

2. Idle meat-packing plants which has now lasted over 15 months!

3. JWS false flag attack which was clearly carried out by the Biden Administration in support of the destroying America’s food independence just like the energy independence that was achieved by Trump.

Over Twenty States Are Now Suing The Biden Administration Over The Closure Of The Keystone XL Pipeline

by Mike LaChance, The Gateway Pundit:

It’s still hard to believe that as one of his first acts as president, Joe Biden shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline, killing thousands of good American jobs in the process.

Just think of all the American families whose lives came to a halt instantly, wondering how they would pay for their homes, cars and education for their children.

States started suing almost immediately and some new states have joined the effort, bringing the total to over twenty.

Bill Gates And Warren Buffett Team Up To Build Advanced Nuclear Plant In Wyoming

from ZeroHedge:

For the first half of the year, Zero Hedge has been especially constructive on the uranium sector (read: hereherehere), which we believe uranium companies will get a boost as ESG euphoria takes hold. In some of the first signs of a nuclear revival in the US after decades of neglect, billionaire Bill Gates’ advanced nuclear reactor company TerraPower LLC and Warren Buffett’s PacifiCorp have been chosen by Wyoming to build the first Natrium reactor project, according to Reuters.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon announced Wednesday that the state has partnered with TerraPower, Rocky Mountain Power, and PacifiCorp to build a Natrium reactor at a retiring coal plant within seven years.

IAEA Chief Warns Iran Has Already Reached Nuclear Weapons Capable Enrichment

from ZeroHedge:

Amid the fifth and what’s expected to be the final round of Iran nuclear talks in Vienna, the director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has voiced that time is running out on reaching an agreement given the Islamic Republic has already reached bomb-building capability in terms of enriched uranium purity levels.

IAEA chief Rafael Grossi told Financial Times that Iran has reached uranium purity levels that “only countries making bombs are reaching” after routinely ramping up enrichment since Trump pulled out of the Obama-era JCPOA back in May 2018.

The Growing Mystery of Suspected ‘Energy Attacks’ on U.S. Government Personnel

by Rick Moran, PJ Media:

What’s behind the suspected “energy attacks” the U.S. government is investigating? Is it a weapon? Is it our own surveillance equipment? Is it a case of mass hysteria?

The only thing certain about the sickening of dozens of American government workers in several different places — including outside the White House — is that people are falling ill with debilitating symptoms.

Otherwise, our intelligence agencies don’t have a clue. They call it “Havanna Syndrome” because that’s where government employees first reported symptoms. But what it is escapes them.

Keiser Report | Send Gasoline! | E1699

from RT:


In the second half Max continues his interview with David Morgan of about shortages and supply chain problems; inflation vs deflation and the problem with gold.

Small Scale Solar Setups

by Samantha Biggers, Peak Prosperity:

You don’t have to go big right away with solar.

You don’t have to go big right away with solar. A small solar backup power system is an excellent way to gain experience with solar or just have some backup power if there is a power outage in your area. Small solar arrays are great for camping, boating, and those that live in RVs part or full time.

My husband and I built a house with a small solar system that powers most of the lighting in our home. We also have 12V outlets we can use when we want. Our plans include switching most of our home over to solar power, including our well pump.

Since we have a small farm, we have several small mobile solar arrays. Currently we have the Jackery 1000 and 500 power center as well as a Goal Zero Yeti 400.

Nearly 3,000 Barrels of Radioactive Waste Suspected of Being Misplaced in Sweden

from Sputnik News:

The suspicions of misplaced nuclear waste have triggered a stern reprimand from Environment and Climate Minister Per Bolund, and highlighted the necessity of a thorough and costly re-inspection and repositioning of the radioactive material.

It’s believed that 2,800 barrels of radioactive waste were stored incorrectly in a warehouse in Forsmark, Uppland County, following a stock control inspection.

Now Michigan’s Governor Wants to Shut Down ANOTHER Fuel Pipeline

by Robert Wheeler, The Organic Prepper:

As the entirety of the southeast United States hunts for gas and wonders if they are going to be able to make their way to their jobs the next day as a result of an alleged cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, Michigan’s Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, is now attempting to shut down another pipeline running through her state.

As a result, the state of Michigan has told Enbridge, a Canadian energy company, that it has to shut down an oil and gas pipeline by May 11. What’s even more strange than closing down a pipeline at a time when the entire Southeast of the country faces a gas shortage is that Whitmer’s claims are not completely invalid as most hers tend to be. Whitmer and the state of Michigan are arguing that the pipeline represents a potentially massive environmental disaster if the pipelines burst, leak, or are damaged.

Gas Panic: East Coast Gasoline Demand Soars 32.5%, Outages Spread

by John Carney, Breitbart:

Demand for gasoline soared Monday as the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline sent Americans to the pumps.

Gas demand on the east coast of the U.S. rose 32.5 percent compared with the prior Monday, GasBuddy petroleum analyst Patrick De Haan tweeted on Tuesday.

PADD is short for Petroleum Administration for Defense Districts, a designation created during World War II to allow the government to allocate petroleum distribution. PADD 1 is the East Coast, PADD 2 is the Midwest, PADD 3 is the Gulf Coast, PADD 4 is the Rocky Mountains, and PADD 5 is the West Coast.

US Declares State Of Emergency To Keep Gasoline Flowing After Colonial Fails To Restart Hacked Pipeline

from ZeroHedge:

Update 9:00pm ET:  The US government declared a state of emergency late on Sunday, lifting limits on the transport of fuels by road in a bid to keep gas supply lines open as fears of shortages spiked after the continued shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline.

“This Declaration addresses the emergency conditions creating a need for immediate transportation of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and other refined petroleum products and provides necessary relief,” the Department of Transportation said. White House Press Sec Jen Psaki added that “as the Administration works to mitigate potential disruptions to supply as a result of the Colonial Pipeline incident, @USDOT is taking action today to allow flexibility for truckers in 17 states.”

Cyberattack Forces Shutdown Of Largest Gasoline Pipeline In United States

from ZeroHedge:

The largest gasoline pipeline on the East Coast, and the US in general, was shut down on Friday after its operator struggled to contain a cyberattack which threatened its systems. The 5,500-mile Colonial Pipeline, which is the single largest refined-products pipeline in the United States, halted transit as the company was forced to take “certain systems offline to contain the threat, which has temporarily halted all pipeline operations,” according to The Wall Street Journal on Saturday. It’s reportedly still offline into early Saturday.