Monday, July 15, 2024

Nolte: Trump’s Glorious Town Hall Performance Might’ve Delivered the Final Killshot to CNN

by John Nolte, Breitbart:

President Trump appeared on far-left CNN for 70 minutes last night and just might have delivered the killshot to a propaganda outlet that was already taking a ten count in the ratings.

Boy, was I wrong. Mea culpa, Mr. President. Mea Culpa.

And you cannot imagine how happy I am to be so wrong. Even if Trump did well on CNN, I assumed this would still be a win for CNN. Well, it wasn’t. Instead, it was a catastrophe for the Hoax Network, which is why, right after the town hall; you could hear the tears of frustration in election meddler Jake Tapper’s voice.


from Banned Youtube Videos:


Ha! The Thought Controllers Are Panicked

by Lew Rockwell, Lew Rockwell:

Peter Hotez was one of the worst Covid hysterics, and made all kinds of assurances about what the shots would accomplish, even though his claims were based on zero research or evidence (and they kept changing with every interview he did).

Well, here’s what he’s saying these days:

A Banking Crisis Shouldn’t Be the Taxpayer’s Problem.

by Dennis Miller, MillerOnTheMoney:

Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon wrote shareholders about banking turmoil, “As I write this letter, the current crisis is not yet over, and even when it is behind us, there will be repercussions from it for years to come.”

IGI Global defines a banking crisis:

1. Banking crisis reflects the crisis of liquidity and insolvency of one or more banks in the financial system. Due to bank’s sizable losses, bank encounters critical liquidity shortage…disrupting its ability in repaying the debt contracts and the withdrawals demanded by depositors.

2. A subset of financial crises that are felt acutely within the banking sector…having national and international implications wherein either the given capital of the banking system is practically exhausted,…or where the cost of resolving the problems of a financial system amounts to at least 3-5% of the national Gross Domestic Product.

Banks lose billions on high-risk investments, creating a tsunami of economic problems. Private businesses fail all the time. Why is the banking system treated differently?

Narratives Lost at CNN, Lie Spies, Blinken, Immigration & Debt

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

CNN had a huge night with the President Donald Trump Town Hall event.  Trump beat down the Lying Legacy Media propaganda reporter at every turn.  It was so bad that CNN cut the ratings- getting event short by 20 minutes.  This is like running the movie “Forrest Gump” or the “Wizard of Oz” and cutting off the last 20 minutes.  It’s not about ratings.  It’s about narratives, and the Deep State lost big-time with the CNN event.

More narratives lost this week with the Biden family hiding $10 million in foreign payments for who knows what, according to the GOP.  On top of that, the Hunter Biden Laptop we were all told was Russian disinformation, but it was not.  It was true, and everybody lied about it.  Former CIA Chief John Brennan admitted in Congress it was all political.  Other former CIA officials and other spies lied to get Biden elected and not thrown in jail for treason.  We also find Secretary of State Tony Blinken was at the center of the laptop lies while he was at the CIA.  He said he was not, but emails prove he was the key player in rounding up the liars to cheat the American public about crooked Joe and bagman Hunter.

Danger Within: The Government Is Turning America Into a Constitution-Free Zone

by John W. Whitehead, Rutherford Institute:

“There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”—James Madison

How far would you really go to secure the nation’s borders in the so-called name of national security?

Would you give the government limitless amounts of money? Surround the entire country with concrete walls and barbed wire? Erect a high-tech, virtual wall of AI-powered surveillance cameras and drones that does a better job of imprisoning those within its boundaries than keeping intruders out? Empower border police to trample on the rights of anyone who crosses their path, including legal citizens?

Canada To Reinstate Vaxx Mandate: MP’s Office Caught On Tape Backing Continuation Of Covid Tyranny


from Stew Peters Network:


Senator Ron Johnson: ‘We Have Evidence Hunter Biden Paid Sex Trafficked Prostitutes And The Media Isn’t Even Looking Into It’

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

During a Tuesday interview, Senator Ron Johnson asserted that Congressional Republicans have unequivocal proof that Hunter Biden paid tens of thousands of dollars to an international sex trafficking ring for prostitutes with money given to him by his father.

“Senator Grassley and I, in our September 2020 report, laid out as much evidence as anybody would need to lay out that the Biden family is corrupt,” Johnson told Fox News, adding that it was well known “that President Biden would be highly compromised, but the corrupt media ignored it and censored it.”

Why Ending Title 42 is Key to Soros’s Master Plan to Destroy America


from Man in America:


Educator Peggy Hall blasts plan to release BILLIONS of lab-bred mosquitoes in Hawaii

by Kevin Hughes, Natural News:

Educator and freedom movement leader Peggy Hall has denounced the plan to release billions of lab-bred mosquitoes in Hawaii.

A collection of agencies and organizations working under the Birds, Not Mosquitoes partnership, plan to introduce a mosquito birth control into bird habitats to try and stop avian malaria from killing the last remaining populations of four bird species.

Clear Political Intent – FBI Refuses to Turn Over Unclassified Investigative Report Detailing Joe Biden Bribery Scheme


from The Conservative Treehouse:

During all of my research and discoveries about the DOJ and FBI, the one constant from everyone with a specific and granular knowledge of how the silo information operations are conducted is that the FBI is comprehensively and institutionally corrupt at every level.

Jig Is Up on Biden Influence Peddling

from Moonbattery:

Joe Biden has long been infamous for corruption. Despite the liberal establishment’s best efforts to cover for its figurehead, the scale of his perfidy is beginning to emerge:

Rep. James Comer (R-KY), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, released a 36-page memo on Wednesday, noting his committee had subpoenaed four banks and received thousands of records. The report argues the bank records show that “the Biden family, their business associates, and their companies received over $10 million” from companies belonging to foreign nationals, with Republicans identifying payments to Biden family members from foreign companies while Joe Biden served as vice president under former President Barack Obama and after Joe Biden left public office in early 2017.


from The Salty Cracker:


Biden DHS Is Literally Inviting Mexican Officials To Send Batches Of Illegal Aliens Across The Border

by Evita Duffy-Alfonso, The Federalist:

When the Americans can take more illegal migrants, they send word to the Mexican officials, who ‘signal to the waiting crowd to go forward.’

Instead of stopping the illegal aliens currently swarming the border thanks to the upcoming expiration of Title 42 — a pandemic-era policy that allowed Border Patrol to immediately expel illegal migrants upon first encounter — the Biden administration is actively facilitating unlawful entries into the United States.

Time for the CIA To Come Clean

by Tom Renz, America Outloud:

 had the opportunity to speak with Bobby Kennedy recently. While I’ve spoken with him several times before, I want to share some thoughts and tie this into a more significant issue.

First, let me tell you a bit about my observations related to RFK Jr. Bobby is a very smart and charismatic guy – he’s exactly the type of person you would expect to be heir to the Kennedy name. He has been a warrior on the vaccine issue since well before it was popular. Bobby, along with several others, realized the dangers of vaccines many years ago, and despite the unpopularity of their positions, stood for what was right over what was easy.