Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Narcissism Of The Apocalypse

by Michael Shellenberger, Michael Shellenberger:

Since the end of the Cold War, policymakers, journalists, and activists have pointed to melting glaciers, dying coral, and deadly floods as signs of the apocalypse. “Within 15 years,” said Al Gore in 2006 about Glacier National Park, “this is the park that will be formerly known as Glacier.” In 2017, CNNPBS, and many others reported, “Climate change is killing the Great Barrier Reef.” And, last May, Newsweek reported that, “Cities Brace for Apocalyptic Flooding As New Age of Super Storms Dawns” while the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) warned of an “above-normal” Atlantic hurricane season.

Study: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Is Surviving Climate Change Just Fine


by James Murphy, The New American:

The climate hysteria movement is replete with predictions of utter doom for various ecosystems on Earth owing to the scourge of man-made global warming, which has been re-branded “climate change.” But a new study shows that one of those ecosystems — Australia’s Great Barrier Reef — seems to be doing just fine despite dire warnings of its imminent demise.

When Green Turns Brown – And Nobody Notices

from 21st Century Wire:

Behind the pseudo-scientific, computer-modeled canard known as ‘climate change,’  sits an extremely dangerous and growing affront to society and indeed, to mankind itself. This fifth column is manifesting under the guise of the Green New Deal, and is being ushered in under the banner of “The Great Reset” – a pernicious plan birthed out of the steering committees of the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. The high committee pushing this agenda reads like a who’s who of the global elite and billionaire class, led by the UK’s King Charles III, and the former head of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, media mogul Michael Bloomberg, and Larry Fink, CEO of the $8 trillion wealth management fund BlackRock, to name just a few.  

‘We own the science’: UN rep. admits partnering with Big Tech to censor ‘distorted information’

by Andreas Wailzer, LifeSite News:

U.N. Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications Melissa Fleming said at a World Economic Forum event that the U.N. partnered with Google to manipulate search results for ‘climate change.’

During an anti-“disinformation” meeting by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the U.N. Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications Melissa Fleming said that “we own the science” in reference to their information on climate change.

Carbon dioxide levels have nothing to do with global temperatures, top scientist says

by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

Meteorologist William Kininmonth with the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) authored a new paper on so-called “greenhouse gases,” revealing that carbon dioxide (CO2) does not impact global temperatures as many falsely claim.

At worst, CO2 has a “minimal effect” on temperature and climate, which is constantly in a state of flux due to factors far outside the bounds of anything mankind can control.

A former consultant at the World Meteorological Organization’s Commission for Climatology, as well as the former head of the Australian government’s National Climate Centre, Kininmonth knows what he is talking about when it comes to the climate. And he is not convinced that CO2 is anything about which to worry.

Biden Climate Adviser McCarthy: ‘The President Will Move, and He Will Move Fast’ on Climate ‘Emergency’

by Trent Baker, Breitbart:

Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” White House national climate adviser Gina McCarthy touched on President Joe Biden’s plan to combat climate change.

McCarthy said Biden was “going to make it clear that climate change is an emergency” and emphasized he would “move fast” on climate action.

As the Climate Refuses to Break Down on Cue, the Pseudoscience of ‘Attribution Studies’ Rises Up to Plug the Holes

by Chris Morrison, Daily Sceptic:

The last few years have seen the climate alarmist industry go all in on ‘attributing’ bad weather to humans causing the climate to change. As global warming goes off the boil and the climate resolutely fails to break down on cue, an entire industry of pseudoscience has sprung up to scour the world and catastrophise every unusual natural weather event or disaster. It will not come as a surprise to discover that such attribution is based on climate models. As we shall see, the models do nothing more than produce worthless guesses.

Weather Weaponization and Hurricane Ian

from Reese Report:

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Maher: Climate Numbers Have Been ‘Thrown Around’ ‘Forever’ — In the 90s, They Said ‘We Were Already Going to Die’ if We Hit 2005 Levels

by Ian Hanchett, Breitbart:

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher praised the climate provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act but noted that climate activists have “thrown around these numbers forever.” And said that back in the 1990s “we were already going to die” if numbers reached levels they’ve already reached.

Maher began by saying that President Joe Biden “just signed the biggest climate bill ever. Finally, we’re doing something about climate.”

“Nothing To Do With Man” – Astrophysicist Says Climate-Cultists “Are On A Gravy Train” To Make Money

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

This year’s heat waves and subsequent droughts resulted in the hottest summer in recorded European history,according to a report by the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) – an EU-funded Earth observation agency.

“We’ve not only had record August temperatures for Europe, but also for the summer, with the previous summer record only being one year old,” said Freja Vamborg, a senior scientist at the Copernicus Climate Change Service.

The Man who invented Climate Change and influenced Schwab’s Great Reset Agenda

by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

According to such Great Reset luminaries as Bill Gates, Prince Charles, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Carney and Klaus Schwab, humanity is expected to solve the dual threat of Covid and global warming in one revolutionary sweeping reform.

We plebeians have been told that all we have to do to restart the economy is rewire everything about our behaviour, value, finance, and ethics to decarbonise civilization under a new world regime of central bankers and new green digital currencies as outlined by the Green Horizon Summit held on 9-10 November 2020.

Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore Says Climate Change Based On False Narratives

from Humans Are Free:

A series of email exchanges between Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore and South Korean Professor Seok-soon Park shows him saying that climate change is based on false narratives and that it has become more of a political movement than an environmental movement.

China turns to weather modification to combat record drought, deploys drones for cloud seeding

by Arsenio Toledo, Natural News:

To combat the record-breaking drought affecting China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has deployed two large drones for cloud seeding in the southwestern Sichuan Province.

The record heatwave in China has engulfed nearly half of the country, with the situation developing in severity in Sichuan, one of the country’s main producers of hydropower and responsible for generating energy for cities like Shanghai, which is over 1,000 miles away from the province. (Related: Drought causes large parts of Yangtze River to dry up, reducing hydropower generation and causing shipping delays.)

State-Owned Media Agency Leads Campaign to Cancel Science Paper Which Found ‘Climate Emergency’ Not Supported by Data

by Chris Morrison, Daily Sceptic:

On September 14th the Daily Sceptic published an article reporting that four leading Italian scientists had undertaken a major review of historical climate trends and concluded that declaring a ‘climate emergency’ was not supported by the data. They suggested that children should not be burdened with anxiety about the climate. The Daily Sceptic story was retweeted around 9,000 times, read by at least 24,000 people and was widely seen across social media. It was picked up by print media such as the Australian and broadcast on a widely-distributed Sky News Australia clip. Mention was made of the impressive credentials of the authors, who included two physics professors, an adjunct professor of physics and an agricultural meteorologist, and the wide variety of sources they had referenced.