Tuesday, March 28, 2023

“Digital Strip Searches” Increasing at Borders; Refusal Could Lead to $5K Fine

by Nicholas West, Activist Post:

Apparently the era of “digital papers please” is upon us. Earlier this year, in March, I reported on allegations that travelers on domestic flights within the United States had received warrantless requests to inspect their digital devices. The allegations led to an as-yet unresolved lawsuit (to my knowledge) filed by the ACLU of Northern California against the TSA.

While I’m not aware of further reports coming out of the U.S. about demand for digital device searches, New Zealand has now openly declared it as a policy.

“Hero” Survivors Who Confronted Jeff Flake Work For Soros-Funded Nonprofit

from ZeroHedge:

Outgoing Arizona Senator Jeff Flake has insisted that his last-minute decision to demand that the FBI reopen its background check investigation into Trump SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t inspired by a pair of young women who accosted him in the halls of the US Capitol and loudly berated him with tear-jerking stories of sexual abuse.

But the timing of Flake’s change of heart is certainly curious, and the liberal press has widely heralded the two young women has “heros” for helping to force a delay of Kavanaugh’s confirmation by at least another week.

But one thing the progressive press hasn’t reported is that the two young women weren’t merely concerned citizens speaking truth to power. The reality is that Ana Maria Archila and Maria Gallagher are both professional political activists employed by the Center for Popular Democracy.

FBI refuses to release three-dozen secret memos involving Clintons, Russia and Obama

by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

Between the DOJ stonewalling Campbell and the MSM smear job he was subjected to after he went public, perhaps it’s more important than ever that those 37 pages see the light of day.

The FBI has refused to declassify 37 pages of materials related to the Uranium One deal, citing national security and the privacy issues, reports The Hill‘s John Solomon. The documents are thought to contain information regarding then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s involvement, as well as the Obama administration’s knowledge of the controversial deal.

Hillary’s Fingerprints are All Over Kavanaugh Inquisition

by Dean Garrison, Freedom OutPost:

Hillary obviously has something against Brett Kavanaugh and wants him stopped.

Is a picture worth a thousand words?

In this case it might be worth more.

The Democratic Party’s Unfolding Coup Against Trump Dramatically Parallels Hitler’s Rise to Power-Stunning and Undeniable!

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Modestly, I recall some comments from some of our followers in which I have been asked if I have some kind of crystal ball. The answer is “of course not”. However, I do know my history and our country is traveling down a very familiar road. The parallels of how Hitler came to power, murdered the opposition and used a major false flag to consolidate power along with the establishment of state sponsored genocide, is present in today’s American political landscape.

I may not have a crystal ball, but I do the play book of the globalists. They are following, almost to the letter, what the Nazis did to take over the German government over seven decades ago. And it makes sense when one considers the fact that DHS was created by the head of the East German Stasi, Marcus Wolfe. And the leader of the violent Democratic Party action groups (eg Antifa) is the creation of a former Nazi collaborator, George Soros.

The White Heterosexual Male Has Been Renditioned To The Punishment Hole

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

American feminists have finally broken the spirit of the American white heterosexual male. I have been watching for some time the American male, or what little is left of him, meekly accept feminists’ definitions of words and male behavior.

First the feminists turned the male respect for, and politeness toward, women, respect inculcated into my generation, into “sexism.” Today men no longer stand when a woman enter’s a room, and they don’t open doors for them unless it is an elderly and feeble relative. Feminists insisted on getting women off the pedestal and into the rough and tumble world of men.

White powder mailed to Sen. Ted Cruz office, hospitalizing two workers, just days after Adams warned left-wing “kill teams” would target conservative Senators

by JD Heyes, Natural News:

Regular readers know that we’ve been documenting acts of physical violence against Republicans and especially those who support POTUS Donald Trump over the past few years since he won the 2016 election.

Now, just days after Natural News network founder Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, warned Republican senators of impending danger to their lives, reports on Tuesday said that two people who worked at Sen. Ted Cruz’s Houston office were hospitalized after being exposed to a white powdery substance.


from InfoWars:

Owen Shroyer breaks down the latest revelations surrounding Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford, which include questionable connections with the CIA and a deep background in mind control research.

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Another Bank “Fined” for Rigging The Gold and Silver Markets

by Rory Hall, The Daily Coin:

The evidence continues to mount proving the work that GATA has performed for the past two decades is, not only 100% accurate, but shows how much a part of our world gold actually plays. Don’t think for a minute that gold is not part of our monetary system. If it weren’t these price rigging schemes would not happen – especially on a global basis.

We reported on Deutsche Bank two years ago – click here – click here – click here – when their precious metals market rigging schemes were exposed and the bank was “fined” for rigging the gold market. During the investigation it was also discovered Deutsche Bank was rigging the silver market. A series of internal instant messages confirmed the rigging mechanism and the fact the price rigging was actually happening.

The night the world recovered its sanity

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

No one knows where it started, but on the evening of August 12, 2075, all over the world, groups began disintegrating.

Not just sewing circles and protest juntas and gamers; not just political activists and victim-support organizations; and not just governments and armies.

Religious and racial groups fell apart, too. By some accounts, they were the last to go.

In Greborg-Lavre-Brooklyn, on the former French and German border, Kayne Larder, a Muslim leader of a motorcycle gang, the V-2, stood on busy streetcorner and said, “I’m not black, I’m not religious, I’m not a V-2. I’m me.”

UN Report Cites Central Bank Liquidity Bubbles, Loose Money, Debt Expansion

by Mish Shedlock, The Maven:

A UN report has everything wrong as to the cause of current problems. Yet, the report mentions central bank liquidity.

Seldom does one see a report that “debt is the problem” while being 180 degrees wrong as to the cause of the buildup in debt.

The United Nations’ Trade and Development Report for 2018 blames the “Free Trade Delusion” for what ails the word.

Coming To America: Travellers refusing digital search now face $5000 Customs fine

by Craig McCulloch, Radio New Zealand:

Travellers who refuse to hand over their phone or laptop passwords to Customs officials can now be slapped with a $5000 fine.

The Customs and Excise Act 2018 – which comes into effect today – sets guidelines around how Customs can carry out “digital strip-searches”.

Previously, Customs could stop anyone at the border and demand to see their electronic devices. However, the law did not specify that people had to also provide a password.

The updated law makes clear that travellers must provide access – whether that be a password, pin-code or fingerprint – but officials would need to have a reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing.