Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Ultimate Goal Of Globalists Is To Make You Into A Monster Just Like Them

by Brandon Smith, Alt Market:

In recent months I have been writing extensively about the psychology of globalists as well as the strange cult-like beliefs that drive their philosophies. In my article ‘Global Elitists Are Not Human’ I outlined evidence that globalist motives and behavior are directly comparable to the ideals and behavior of narcissistic sociopaths (or what some people might refer to as psychopaths). I theorized that globalists are in fact a highly organized cult of narcissistic sociopaths, that they look for the inborn character trait of sociopathy in the people that they recruit, and that these people are like a separate species from normal human beings, as they lack most traits that we would associate with normal human behavior such as empathy and self examination.

Afghanistan, the Forgotten Proxy War. The Role of Osama bin Laden and Zbigniew Brzezinski

by Janelle Velina, Global Research:

Read Part I from the link below.

Afghanistan, the Forgotten Proxy War

By Janelle Velina, April 30, 2019

Below is the second half and conclusion of “Afghanistan, the Forgotten Proxy War”. While the previous sections examined the economic roots of imperialism, as well as the historical context of the Cold War within which to situate the Mujahideen, the following explores the anatomy of proxy warfare and media disinformation campaigns which were at the heart of destabilizing Afghanistan. These were also a large part of why there was little to no opposition to the Mujahideen from the Western ‘left’, whose continued dysfunctionality cannot be talked about without discussing Zbigniew Brzezinski. We also take a look at what led to the Soviet Union’s demise and how that significantly affected the former Democratic Republic of Afghanistan and many other parts of the world. The United States has been at war in Afghanistan for four decades now, and it will reach its 40th year on July 3, 2019. 

The original “moderate rebel”

Venezuela – a Risk to Dollar Hegemony – Key Purpose Behind “Regime Change”

by Peter Koenig, New Eastern Outlook:

After the new coup attempt – or propaganda coup – Venezuela lives in a state of foreign imposed insecurity. The failed coup was executed on 30 April by Juan Guaidó, the self-proclaimed and Washington-trained and endorsed “interim President”, and the opposition leader, Leopoldo López, who was hurriedly freed from house arrest by Guaidó with a couple of dozens of armed-to-the-teeth defecting military, who apparently didn’t quite know what they were up to. Because, when all was over after a few hours, most of them asked to be re-integrated into their military units – and, as far as I know, they were readmitted.

FBI has seized Deep Dot Web and arrested its administrators

from Government Slaves:

The FBI have arrested several people suspected of involvement in running Deep Dot Web, a website for facilitating access to dark web sites and marketplaces.

Two suspects were arrested in Tel Aviv and Ashdod, according to Israel’s Tel Aviv Police, which confirmed the arrests in a statement earlier in the day. Local media first reported the arrests.

Nadler-led Judiciary Committee Dems Vote to Hold Barr in Contempt

by Dave Workman, DC Clothesline:

Led by House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), 24 Democrats on the Judiciary committee out-voted the 16 Republicans Wednesday to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for refusing to hand over an unredacted copy of the Mueller Report.

The vote may have been anti-climactic, since it seemed unlikely that Democrats would cool their own jets in the ongoing effort to attack the Trump administration by whatever means necessary, and going after the attorney general appears to be the strategy du jour.

Please Listen To Batchelor and Cohen

by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

Nowhere else will you get such a clear and objective analysis of The New Cold War and the impact that the whole “Russiagate” fiasco is having on geo-political relations.

Look, I know we’ve been posting these podcasts for over five years now and I know you’re likely tired of hearing me implore you to listen each week. But few things could be more important. It is incumbent upon you…even if you’re not a US citizen…to understand what’s driving, and what’s at stake, in this New Cold War. These weekly podcasts are the only source of consistently objective analysis I have ever found.

Fed Launches ‘Rate Peg Instead of QE’ Trial Balloon for Next Crisis

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

Wall Street hype artists and assorted QE mongers would be deeply disappointed.

This came packaged into the middle of a speech by Federal Reserve Board Governor Lael Brainard, on “How Does Monetary Policy Affect Your Community?” It was under the subheading, “Some Issues to Explore.” And it would be a huge shift in how the next crisis will be handled.

Ban Russians from US, sanction sports teams & target Putin, says ex-NATO commander

from RT:

The US is too “weak” on Russia in the wake of Mueller’s report, a TIME article by former NATO commander James Stavridis claims, suggesting Washington go beyond sanctions to target Russian civilians, even President Putin himself.

The op-ed by the retired Navy Admiral-cum-private equity firm executive argues that unspecified “Russians” have engaged in a “direct attack on the heart of our democratic system.” To make matters worse, Washington has done “precious little”about it, responding with only “a few symbolic gestures.