Friday, May 27, 2022

Are Trump Regime Hardliners Heading for War on Iran?

by Stephen Lendman, via The International Forecaster:

Endless US launched war in Syria rages. Is aggression on the Islamic Republic coming? Will Trump regime hardliners dare embroil the region in something far more dangerous than already?

Was the Trump regime’s JCPOA pullout and harsh sanctions prelude for something far more aggressive – aiming to weaken and try toppling Iran’s government forcefully? Most world community nations oppose Trump’s unacceptable and illegal toughness on Iran.


by Egon Von Greyerz, Gold Switzerland:

In a world based on fake paper and fake electronic money as well as fake asset values, the real significance of gold has got lost. With endless credit expansion and money printing, all asset prices have exploded and investors have made fake profits that seem real. But the imminent secular downturn of debt and asset markets as well as the world economy will reveal how unreal these profits were as 90% or more of all the paper wealth in the world will go up in smoke. So investors should now prepare for the biggest wealth destruction in history and also the biggest wealth transfer.

TSA Testing Terahertz Devices To Replace Radiated Full Body Scanners

by Aaron Kesel, Activist Post:

After years of using full-body scanner devices that emit radiation, the TSA is testing a new technology dubbed terahertz to screen multiple airport passengers at the same time, from a distance of up to 25 feet away, LA Times reported.

The technology, described as “passive terahertz” screening, is said to be “radiation-free,” according to Kevin Gramer, vice president of Thruvision Americas, the producer of the new invasive technology.

“It’s 100% passive. There is no radiation coming out of our device,” Gramer told LA Times. “You don’t have to stand directly in front of the device.”

Global Warming Agenda to Create Authoritarian Government

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

Back in 1996, the former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev expressed the real truth behind the Global Warming agenda. He said that using climate alarmism could advance the socialist Marxist objectives to restore the power of government. He said: “The threat of environmental crisis will be the international disaster key to unlock the New World Order.” Essentially, this was revealing what I have encountered many times. You create an emergency and then convince the people they MUST surrender more freedom to be safe. What Gorbachev was sayings was, in reality, a path to restoring the U.S.S.R.’s economic and political power.

Could Papadopoulos Blow the Russia Hoax Wide Open?

by Mark Wauck, American Thinker:

Dan Bongino recently conducted a fascinating interview with George Papadopoulos. The most convenient way to digest the interview is at Jeff Carlson’s blog, which has a link to the interview on Bongino’s radio show as well as a full transcript of the interview. What emerges from the interview is, in my view, convincing evidence that Papadopoulos was, in Chuck Ross’s words, the target of an “FBI sting.”

Actually, that characterization doesn’t even go far enough. What seems clear at this point is that the FBI — representing the US Government and as an agency of the Department of Justice — targeted Papadopoulos and attempted to manipulate him into appearing to be a vehicle for Russian influence in the Trump campaign. The FBI had no reason to believe that Papadopoulos had any connections to Russian officials before they targeted him. The fact is, Papadopoulos’s academic background and previous experience was in what could be broadly termed “Eastern Mediterranean” politics — Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel. Moreover, in his published writings he actually evinced a degree of hostility to Russian influence in that region.

‘Hawai’ianized’ New Caledonia Votes Against Independence

by Wayne Madsen, Strategic Culture:

A “yes” vote for independence from France in New Caledonia’s November 4 referendum was always an uphill climb for the pro-independence forces in the French-owned South Pacific island group. Some 57 percent of New Caledonian voters, many of them white European residents of the island territory, the so-called “Caldoches,” voted against independence. Fearful for their comfortable life styles, expensive villas, foreign-owned nickel industry, and boutique tourist shops in an independent nation governed largely by the indigenous Kanak people, the Europeans ensured a “no” result. Areas of the island territory that are heavily populated by the native Kanaks overwhelmingly voted in favor of independence.


from SGTreport:

Q recently wrote: “WE, THE PEOPLE. SAVE THE REPUBLIC. WILL YOU ANSWER THE CALL? VOTE. VOTE. VOTE.” The global “insurgency” against the globalist new world order agenda is growing and spreading with each passing day, and it has the enemies of our freedoms absolutely petrified. “These people are committed to an evil that is mostly unseen” says Harley Schlanger, yet it is that very evil which will be their undoing. And very soon, real justice will be served upon the REAl criminals and enemies of humanity. VOTE. #RedWave #WWG1WGA

DC Antifa Dox Home Addresses Of Tucker Carlson & His Brother, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity & Neil Patel

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Hours after Antifa filmed themselves threatening Tucker Carlson at his home in DC on Wednesday night, DC Antifa doxed the home addresses of Tucker Carlson, his brother Buckley Carlson, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and The Daily Caller’s Neil Patel on Twitter.

The Gateway Pundit first broke the story and shared this photo of the dox:


from SGTreport:
A red wave of justice is coming, along with military tribunals for the treacherous. Dr. Dave Janda from Operation Freedom and joins me to discuss it all.

The Left Is Organizing “Response Events” In 900 U.S. Cities On Thursday To Protest The Firing Of Jeff Sessions

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Well, that escalated quickly.  On Wednesday, President Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and by the end of the day major leftist organizations had already put together protests in 900 U.S. cities to make a “public demand for action to correct this injustice”.  It truly is amazing how rapidly these groups were able to put up web pages promoting these events and get the call out on social media.  It is almost as if they knew that this was coming.  MoveOn.Org is one of the organizations that is spearheading this effort, and their page promoting these protests is identical to the page promoting these protests on  According to both pages, the protests will be held on November 8th at 5 PM local time…

Q Anon | Crossing The Red Line!

from JustInformed Talk: