Saturday, December 4, 2021

Google’s Search Results For Questions About Parkland Shooting Are Different From Other Search Engines

by John Vibes, Activist Post:

Google may be the world’s most popular search engine, but it has also been the subject of a number of accusations in recent years that it is purposefully censoring searches and influencing results. In the case of search results related to the Parkland shooting, that alleged influence is becoming even more apparent.

This week, the staff at The Free Thought Project began testing various keywords related to the Parkland shooting on different search engines, and we noticed that if our search terms were controversial, the first page of Google results was filled with entirely different information than the other search engines. The information showed on Google was often not relevant to our search, and the results always seemed to support the official narrative.

Opposition Grows to Merkel Macron EU Superstate

by F. William Engdahl, New Eastern Outlook:

A predictable process of dis-integration across the European union is underway. It has now gained momentum not only from the elections in Italy where more than two-thirds voted against open borders refugee policies pushed by Brussels. And it comes not only from Austria or the East states such as Hungary and Poland or the new Austrian government. Now opposition to the Berlin-Paris-Brussels “centralist” axis is coming from Holland and a group of northern EU countries. The issue at the heart involves nations who are asserting the sanctity of national sovereignty versus those who want to dissolve borders and create some form of top-down EU Superstate, euphemistically called the “ever closer union.” The conflict will determine the future viability of the entire European Union project. Brexit was only the first crack in the EU edifice.

Triggering War. A Manufactured “Catalytic Event” Which Will Initiate An All Out War? Are We Going to Let this Happen Again?

by Prof. Graeme McQueen, Global Research:

The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand on June 28, 1914 led to the outbreak of World War I. The Gulf of Tonkin incidents on August 2 and August 4, 1964 enabled what we call the Vietnam War

Russi-Gate, Novichok, Eastern Ghouta, False Flags?

This carefully research article by Professor Graeme McQueen presents a timely historical viewpoint which is routinely “censored” by the mainstream media as well by the search engines. The danger of World War III is not front-page news.

Kindly consider forwarding it Professor McQueen’s article to your friends and colleagues, crosspost it on alternative media and blog sites.

The threat of World War III is real, yet there is no anti-war movement in sight. In the US, Canada and the EU, the peace movement is defunct, ignorant of the broader implications of nuclear war.

How the Deep State Lost Control and How They Plan to Get It Back (Part One)


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The Deep State minions, former President Obama and Hillary Clinton were to provide the old “one-two punch” to knock America out.

Why does America need to be taken out? Former President Ronald Reagan told us well over a generation ago. America is the last bastion of freedom and if America were to be detroyed, that would be the end of humanity as we know it. Truer words were never spoken. Obama had set the nation up for collapse. He destroyed and semblance of trade balance. He fired nearly all of America’s military command officers (over 400) and decimated the military, he had brought the military down to pre-World War II levels, he more than doubled the debt, he trampled upon the Constitution, he increased our wars of occupation, the gap between rich and poor skyrocketed, under his rule he attacked Christianity, destoyed the Constitution through the NDAA and Executive Order 13603, solidified the globalist hold over the brain-washing mainstream media, tried to increase unemployment under the TPP, the perpetrating of false flag evens became an Obama habit (eg Fast and Furious) and this is just the short list. Obama brought America to the edge of failure and collapse. He made America indifferent to its failure. Obama was the near-perfect Deep Stte servant as he told the American people to go to hell and actually made many of us look forward to the trip!


by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:


EDITOR’S NOTE: Consider California. It was once the sanctuary of the dream of becoming a famous movie star, or living the laidback lifestyle popularized in dozens of songs by groups like the Beach Boys. But in 2018, California is a collapsing state run by far-left Liberals, drowning in debt, overrun by tens of thousands of homeless living in migrant camps, and oh yeah, it’s a ‘sanctuary city’ state that welcomes all manner of illegal aliens that stream across their porous border. And they don’t just allow them to come in, they hide them from the Federal government so that they are not subject to our rules and laws.

The decision made by the Senate Rules Committee on Wednesday saw Lizbeth Mateo, a 33-year-old attorney and immigrant rights activist, appointed to serve on a committee that helps increase college access for students from low-income or underserved communities.

FBI Official: FBI Agents Threatened Physical Harm to President Trump In Missing FBI Texts & Other “Frightening” Communications


from True Pundit:

A high-ranking FBI official confirms a number of the missing 50,000 FBI text messages — as well as other text and email messages among FBI brass — reportedly discussed initiating physical harm to President Donald Trump.

The FBI official urged the U.S. Department of Homeland Security — which oversees the U.S. Secret Service — to launch an investigation of the Justice Department, the FBI and all text messages missing and otherwise that threatened the President.

“This is dangerous territory and all FBI text messages and personal phones should be examined,” the official said. “It would reveal some frightening conversations.”

A Message About The U.S. Shadow Government From Kim Dotcom… & More

from julzee:

This is a red-pill for those willing to listen. Nothing most of us awake don’t already know but for those just beginning to wake up? It behooves us to know THE TRUTH no matter how unbelievably ugly it is.

In Rare Interview Kim Dotcom Says Obama-Jarrett are Directing Shadow Government From Their DC Bunker (VIDEO)


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Kim DotCom spoke out against the Deep State in a rare interview this week.

The YouTube video is going viral and was promoted by Julian Assange.

Kim DotCom believes Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett are running a shadow government against the Trump administration from their DC bunker.

Kim DotCom: what’s obvious here is there is a hidden agenda there’s somebody driving the Senior Executive Service and it appears at this time that that’s parked about two miles down from the White House in that bunker that Barack Obama built with Valerie Jarrett… The Senior Executive Service seems to have been put in place to stop any kind of effectiveness within the elected group of people that the people put in place. And it’s apparent with the current president that these people are pulling in another direction.

Anonymous Zack Updates Infowars On What Is Going On

from OpenMind:

From Poisoned Spies to WWIII

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

if there is a bright side, is that this incident probably won’t lead to WWIII. Directly. Yet. But it is one more step along the path to outright conflict. And however much some might take solace in the fact that this is all a stage show between two sides that are being controlled by the same deep state forces…

So you know the poisoning of Sergei Skripal? The incident that is causing British Prime Minister Elizabeth May to start a war of words with the Russians that could potentially lead to World War III? Well, imagine explaining the story to your MSM-addicted, normie friend: YOU: Hey, did you know the US government has a top secret bioweapon that they use to kill their political enemies? Well, no one has actually proven it exists much less collected any samples of it, but trust me, it exists and they use it. FRIEND: What? Secret bioweapon? No evidence? Ugh! Shut up, burglary theorist! . . . errrr, I mean, Shut up, conspiracy theorist! YOU: Oops, did I say the US government? I meant the Russian government. FRIEND: Oh, the Russian government, you say? Well, then, this sounds perfectly believable.