Tuesday, September 27, 2022

‘Kill Whitey’: Rioters Topple Statues Of George Washington, Saint Junipero Serra, Francis Scott Key, Ulysses S. Grant And Albert Pike

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

The Red Brigade is carrying out a Cultural Revolution in the streets while the deep state is carrying out a Color Revolution to oust our democratically elected president.

Never lose sight of the fact this is all being done with explicit government approval and only Americans stepping up to try and stop this lawlessness are being arrested and prosecuted.

Mayor who knelt before BLM terrorists is now screaming for help because they targeted her house

by Lance D Johnson, DC Clothesline:

When a group of black lives matter (BLM) protestors made their way into downtown Olympia in early June, they set fire to American flags, smashed out windows and spray painted local businesses.

The mayor of the city, Cheryl Selby, supported BLM and their “peaceful protests” even as they rioted through her city and threatened people’s lives. To show her dedication to BLM, Selby pathetically went down on her knees, bowing to the left-wing mob. This ritualistic display of weakness has become a nationwide phenomenon of cowardice, a mass hypnosis event that is gripping democrats and other local leaders as they kneel in cult-like fashion to violent Left-wing mobs.

‘Devastated’ Mom Cries Because She Can’t Feed Her Kids After Looters Hit A Local Grocery Store

by Alicia Luke, Freedom OutPost:

A video of a “devastated” mom crying because she won’t be able to feed her kids after looters hit a local grocery store is going viral.

The lady walks the aisles of the store documenting the destruction. Nearly every shelf in the store is cleared of food and supplies, and the floor is littered with broken goods.

Trump Hints He Has ‘Interesting’ Details On Roswell As Son Grills Him About Aliens

by Joseph Curl, Daily Wire:

President Trump sat down for a lighthearted Father’s Day-themed video interview with his son Donald Trump Jr., who promptly “went there.”

“Before you leave office, will you let us know if there are aliens? Because this is the only thing I really want to know. I want to know what’s going on. Would you ever open up Roswell and let us know what’s going on there?” Trump Jr. asked in the video produced by Trump’s presidential campaign.

EXCLUSIVE: Trump Isn’t Sending National Guard To Seattle — ‘I Think It’s Great Sitting Back And Watching This Catastrophe’

by Christian Datoc, The Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump isn’t planning on imminently sending federal assets to reclaim the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle, Wash. despite repeatedly threatening to do so, he told the Daily Caller in an exclusive Oval Office interview.

Trump spoke with the Caller for more than an hour Friday evening on a variety of issues, including racial inequality, coronavirus, advertising boycotts, John Bolton, China, and the 2020 election.

CNN ‘Builds a Wall’ to Protect Itself From Violent Protests

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

Oh, the irony.

CNN has erected a chain fence around its headquarters in Atlanta to protect against violent protests, leading some to joke that the news network had ‘built a wall’.

“CNN has put up a fence outside its HQ after the building was attacked during the riots in Atlanta a few weeks ago,” tweeted Town Hall journalist Julio Rosas.

Bolton Joins the Coup Plotters

by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

President Trump recently said that if he had not fired John Bolton as his National Security Adviser, “We’d be in World War Six by now.” It is now clear to the world that Bolton, unable to launch World War VI, or even World War III, under President Donald Trump, is joining his British intelligence friends, and even the radical anarchists on the streets of Seattle and other U.S. and European cities, to remove Trump from office. His method is to create maximum “chaos and confusion” in the nation, with the intention that at least one of the suggested means for Trump’s demise identified in the Jan. 21, 2017 issue of London’s The Spectator will become manifest: “Will Donald Trump Be Assassinated, Ousted in a Coup or Just Impeached?”

A Planned, Organized and Orchestrated Event: New York to Become Rome with Martin Armstrong

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

Martin Armstrong says that the virus is being used to shutdown the world economy for the climate change group. They’re cooperating with socialists as well. They’ve all gotten together to change the world economy. When it’s done the socialists will turn against the billionaires, Gates, Soros, Steyer, etc. Europe is done and falling apart. The two proposals will be eliminating all paper money, they’ll be forced to spend it and bring it back to the banks. Bond markets in Japan and Europe have been destroyed. They do involuntary conversions of perpetual bonds, you’ll get an interest payment but you’ll never be able to redeem. Never get involved with government paper. They set the rules and there’s no way to fight it.

The Socialists are being led by Thomas Picketty in France. A convergence of climate change people and socialists who are deliberately destroying the global economy. The end of western civilization. The financial world capital will move from the US to China. There’s no reversing the trend. That’s why they’re so intent on getting rid of Trump.

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