Sunday, July 25, 2021

Trump ‘systematically destroying and dismantling everything’ says European foreign policy chief

by Alex Christoforou, The Duran:

As the EU has increasingly faced an atmosphere of disunity and disruption, Trump’s ditching the JCPOA only threatens to make matters worse for Europe.

But that’s not all, says the EU’s foreign policy chief, Frederica Mogherini, it also increasingly isolates America as she points out that ‘no country is big enough to face this world alone’.

It seems that Trump’s hubris is big enough to try it.

Politico reports:

Hypersonic Weapons: The Perfect Tool for Asymmetrical Warfare

by Eric Zuesse, Strategic Culture:

As recently confirmed in a debate at the Brookings Institute by the Commandant of the United States Marine Corps, General Robert Neller, “there are military areas in which the United States maintains a technological advantage [over Russia and China], others in which there is substantial parity, and others in which the United States is lagging behind, revealing a technological gap with its peer competitors”.

The last point applies to weapons systems designed to operate at hypersonic speed. Let us start with the simple and pragmatic definition offered by The National Interest of hypersonic vehicles and weapons:

When Washington Think Tanks Call for ‘Action’ in the Balkans, Expect Trouble

by Ron Paul, Ron Paul Institute:

Any time two prestige think tanks in Washington issue a report calling for US “action” in any region of the world, hold onto your hat – you can be sure that trouble is a-brewing. That’s doubly true if the call relates to the Balkans, the place where in the 1990s the post-Cold War pattern was set for American wars of choice and then taken on the road to Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

On May 1, the über-establishment National Committee on American Foreign Policy and the East-West Institute jointly issued a report, “Time for Action in the Western Balkans.” As stated in the summary:

MAKE THEM SUFFER, Q! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

from Neon Revolt:

Lately, I’ve been criticized for “offering nothing” and “copying and pasting” from the boards.

I’ll be honest; I don’t claim to know it all. I definitely do draw support and knowledge from the boards. I’ve only ever claimed to be one #Anon among many.

The difference is, I’m trying to take the extra step of organizing all the info on the boards into something more digestible for the mainstream. There are lots of people who really want to get to this info, but have a hard time sorting through and understanding it all. And of course, I have to filter all that through my own lens, so yes, you get a bit of my subjective imperfection mixed in with all that.

John Kerry Allegedly Held Meetings with Top Iranians in Paris this Weekend — SECOND Iranian Official Identified …Update: Kerry Spox Says No Mtg

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Barack Obama’s former Secretary of State, John Kerry has been secretly meeting with Iranian officials to salvage Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

After the news broke last week Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee called on G-men to arrest John Kerry for his treasonous acts.

Gina Haspel and Unusual, Cruel, Humiliating Treatment OR Torture

from Disobedient Media:

Trump’s nominee for CIA Director is Gina Haspel. Haspel was station chief of the Thailand black site, Fall 2003, known for the Unusual, Cruel, Humiliating treatment and Torture of US prisoners. In 2005 she also reportedly ordered the destruction of Thailand interrogation tapes. As station chief she was responsible for the activities of the site, and, therefore, has apparently violated the US Constitution, relevant US Code, and International Law. Accordingly, she is potentially an International War Criminal, and should be prosecuted as such.

Whereas both our misleading media and disingenuous elected only use the word “torture” or phrase “enhanced interrogation,” in fact any and all form(s) of unusual, cruel, humiliating OR torture are war crimes, by international law, US Code, US Interrogation manuals and our Constitution, i.e., the Supreme Law of the Land. That makes a farce of any discussion of whether a particular cruel, unusual, or humiliating treatment is “torture.” Every single such act is a war crime and US Constitution violation. Note, that in addition to the explicit prohibition of such acts by our Constitution (Amendment VIII), Article VI, item 2, adds, “… and all treaties made …shall be the supreme law …”

Here We Go Again – Leaked Documents: White House Planning Regime Change In Iran

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

Why can’t America focus on it’s own issues and solve those? It’s because we are too busy trying to police the world, keeping the spotlight off of those in our government who are attacking our rights and spending us into more and more debt.

Don’t say you were not warned, America. Apparently, the US didn’t learn from its first dealings in regime change decades ago and is now prepared to give it another shot, according to leaked documents.


by Aaron Kesel, The Daily Sheeple:

The Independent has reported on the infamous Skull and Bones group. However, there is just one problem: the article fails to mention key facts from history about the organization.

The author leaves out plenty of information, and it appears to be just a fluff piece to discredit anyone who questions why there is a windowless building called “The Tomb” at Yale’s courtyard where elitists meet.

Ending the article with:

Evil globalist George Soros is pouring huge dollars into a San Diego election… but why?

by Ethan Huff, The Common Sense Show:

When he’s not quietly funding race wars, movements pushing for gun control, and other civil unrest efforts, globalist billionaire George Soros apparently keeps busy actively rigging elections in order to install leftist puppets into American civil office – including district attorneys at the local level who can covertly perform his dirty work.

One of these is the candidacy of Geneviéve Jones-Wright, a far-left Democratic candidate for district attorney in San Diego. According to reports, Soros has already thrown $1.5 million towards getting Jones-Wright elected, as of May 3.

After creating a political action committee (PAC) called “California Justice & Public Safety,” Soros funneled the cash directly into it and appointed his longtime treasurer, Whitney Tymas, to run it. Thus far, the California Justice & Public Safety PAC controlled by Soros has disbursed nearly $200,000 on television ads, $100,000 on digital advertising, and more than $100,000 on campaign literature and local mailings, campaign finance records filed in San Diego County show.

German Bank Allows Users To Transfer Loans Anywhere In The World Using Bitcoin

from ZeroHedge:

With the US set to blacklist Iran from global dollar-based transactions, here’s an idea for Tehran: use Bitcoin to make, and accept, payments from its trading partners. And, there’s even a bank ready to serve Iran when it comes knocking: according to Reuters, German Radoslav Albrecht has founded an online bank that allows clients to transfer loans anywhere in the world using Bitcoin.

That’s right: bitcoin’s money-laundering, capital-controls evading capabilities – the reason why we said it’s going much, much higher back in September 2015 when it was just above $200 – are finally going mainstream. And not only that, but in one move it is disintermediating the multi-trillion industry behind private money creation known as “banking.”

It’s therefore hardly a surprise that the company’s motto is “see no bank, hear no bank, speak no bank.”