Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Africa’s First Test Run for a CBDC has Failed

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

The transition to CBDC in Nigeria did not go as planned. The elites always seek out African nations to use as their test subjects. Nigeria attempted to slowly roll out the program dubbed eNaria built on the Hyperleger Fabric blockchain. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is solely responsible for running the nodes of this digital currency. Beginning stress tests stated this currency could execute 2,000 transactions per section.  In October 2021, the government began offering incentives to citizens who chose to CBN.

Claudio Grass – The [DS] Tactics Have Failed, The Avalanche Is Picking Up Speed & Can’t Be Stopped

from X22 Report:



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Jeremy Slayden and Chris K join me to discuss the border treason of Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas, two white men who despise all white men who aren’t in the big satanic club. We also shine the light of truth on the trans insanity and much more. Thanks for tuning in.

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MENTIONED: Dr. John Coleman – Committee of 300

Catastrophic Borrowing Kills Global Financial System – John Rubino

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

Analyst and financial writer John Rubino says this time, the so-called debt ceiling fight could end in a systemic failure.  Rubino points out, “In a well-run society, the debt limit would be zero.  Governments should not borrow money in the first place.  The amount of money we are borrowing is catastrophic.  Historians are going to look back at this era, and they are just going to wonder why we allowed it to happen and what were we thinking.  We are destroying the global financial system by allowing governments to borrow this much money.  The debt limit thing is being called a crisis, and if they let it go too far, it will be a crisis. . . . I think this game of chicken will end in the not-too-distant future, and if it doesn’t, they have an ulterior motive.  They want to crash the economy because that achieves something for them.  We can speculate about this.  The party in power wants to crash the economy, and that is a very dark scenario. . . . They are willing to burn down the world around them to get what they want.  Look at Russia-gate and the contents of the Durham Report.

COMEX Gold Futures Explained Part 1: The Basics

by Jan Nieuwenhuijs, Gold Seek:

This is part one of a series on COMEX gold futures contracts, for those interested to reach a proper understanding on this section of the gold market. In this first part we will discuss the history of futures trading and the basics of COMEX gold futures.

The History of Futures Trading

According to various sources the first traces of futures trading have been found in ancient Greece, medieval Europe, and seventeenth-century Japan. Though futures markets as we know them today emerged from North American commodity trade in the nineteenth century.

US Gov’t May FREEZE Bank Withdrawals to Halt Bank Runs, Warns Finance Guru

from Man in America:



from World Alternative Media:


Why is Pfizer’s stock hitting new 52 week lows?

The Biggest Russiagate Liar Is STILL LYING!

from The Jimmy Dore Show:


US Empire of Debt Headed for Collapse

by Pepe Escobar, The Unz Review:

Prof. Michael Hudson’s new book, The Collapse of Antiquity: Greece and Rome as Civilization’s Oligarchic Turning Point is a seminal event in this Year of Living Dangerously when, to paraphrase Gramsci, the old geopolitical and geoeconomic order is dying and the new one is being born at breakneck speed.

Prof. Hudson’s main thesis is absolutely devastating: he sets out to prove that economic/financial practices in Ancient Greece and Rome – the pillars of Western Civilization – set the stage for what is happening today right in front of our eyes: an empire reduced to a rentier economy, collapsing from within.

Deagel Report’s Numbers For 2025 America Were No ‘Conspiracy Theory’ – Cities Turning Into 3rd World Nations As Zombified Druggies Rule The Streets & Globalists Wage War On Americans

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

While joe biden and Democrats continue to wage war upon US Veterans, American citizens nationwide, both men and women, and women in particular, bussing in illegal aliens to take the ‘homes‘ of homeless US Veterans while treating criminals as a ‘protected class, and as Susan Duclos perfectly summed up in this new ANP story, waging all-out-war on REAL women, Americans are fleeing Democrat-run cities in droves according to this new story at the Daily Mail, completely fed up with rampant crime and homelessness and drug addicts doing drugs on the streets, threatening their livelihoods and their lives.

Argentina’s Left Craters, Opening Presidential Path for Libertarian Populist Javier Milei

by Christian K. Caruso, Breitbart:

Argentine libertarian economist Javier Milei formally debuted his political coalition’s campaign platform on Tuesday, a formal requirement for him to run in the October 2023 presidential elections.

Milei’s La Libertad Avanza (“Liberty Advances”) coalition issued its formal request to join the presidential race as the nation’s ruling leftist Frente de Todos (“Front for All”) coalition flounders in disarray, lacking a presidential candidate after incumbent President Alberto Fernández announced in April that he would not run for reelection. The current vice president, far-left former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, has also withdrawn her name from the race, again confirming on Tuesday that she would not run.


from The David Knight Show:


Our Economic Arrogance Will Be Our Undoing

by Quoth The Raven, QTR’s Fringe Finance:

Saying subprime was contained and calling for transitory inflation turned out to both be humiliating predictions. Now here’s the next odious lie coming down the bullshit economic turnpike…

Think seriously for a moment about what we were told about inflation over the last two years. As everybody knows, both the government and the Federal Reserve swore up and down to us that inflation was going to be transitory and they were, of course, dead wrong.

This wholly incorrect prognostication will be filed next to Ben Bernanke’s “subprime is contained” statement as one of the all-time worst pieces of financial and monetary analysis provided by those who are supposed to have mastery of the subject at a consequential time, ever.