Friday, December 1, 2023

Your Freedom, the Collapse of the Dollar & CBDCs

by Tom Renz, Esq., America Outloud:

If you love freedom, I hate to say it, but you probably aren’t having a great day. Today’s headlines are terrifying. As we wrap up the Juneteenth holiday, I find it interesting to think about slavery, its history, and where it exists in today’s society. This past week, I was honored to speak at a Juneteenth event in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with Pastor Bernadette Smith, Mel K, and a few other great friends of mine.

Our goal was to unify and bring together Americans of every background to discuss the importance of the emancipation proclamation, the civil rights movement, and where racism and slavery still exist today. As conservative Christians, we fight for equality and freedom for all and understand how crucial it is for us ALL to come together as patriots and defend our country and the unalienable rights of ALL Americans.

Biometric National Digital IDs are Coming Soon to Pave the Way for Central Bank Digital Currencies

by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News:

Imagine a world where you cannot purchase anything in a retail store, or online, or be able to access the cash in your bank account, unless you first use your cell phone to scan your face to prove your identity.

You are assured that your face image is “secure” and never shared or sold to third party advertisers, but now every time you scan your face to make a financial transaction, a new digital image of your face is stored somewhere, where it can be hacked or sold to the highest bidder.

North Carolina Bill Would Launch Study of a State Gold Bullion Depository

by Michael Maharrey, Schiff Gold:

A bill making its way through the North Carolina legislature would mandate a cost-and-benefit study on creating a state precious metals bullion depository. A bullion depository would not only create a safe place to store precious metals; it could also facilitate the everyday use of gold and silver in financial transactions in North Carolina and set the stage to undermine the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money.


from World Alternative Media:


The Biggest Monetary Shock in 52 Years

by Jim Rickards, Daily Reckoning:

I recently revealed that the so-called “BRICS+” countries will announce the creation of a new currency at its annual leaders’ summit conference on August 22–24.

This will be the biggest upheaval in international finance since 1971. It’s taking direct aim at the dollar.

Quite simply, the world is unprepared for this geopolitical shock wave.


from SGT Report:

The Demonrats and RINOs have us on their highway to Hell. They serve the pedophiles and the global pedo agenda which makes them all enemies of God and enemies of humanity.

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Countering BlackRock & “Woke” ESG with “Biblical Investing”

from Conversations That Matter:


Another Stunning OCC Report

by Ted Butler, Silver Seek:

The new Office of the Comptroller of the Currency quarterly OTC derivatives report for positions held as of March 31 was, once again, a stunner.

First, a few words on background about the report. This report is published by the OCC, a unit of the US Treasury Department, designed to highlight the Over the Counter (not listed or traded on an exchange) derivatives positions of the largest US banks in a variety of categories; with the largest categories being interest rate and credit derivatives. The purpose of the report is to head off and eliminate any serious risks to the banks and the financial system as a result of too concentrated or excessively-risky derivatives positions.

NEW – International Monetary Fund (IMF) is working on “a platform” for central bank digital currencies (CDBCs) to enable transactions between countries.

Central Banks Could Be Planning Something Huge for Gold Investors

from Birch Gold Group:

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Central banks could be planning modernize their gold reserves, Wheaton CEO’s gold and silver predictions, and BlackRock’s analysts on gold’s near-term prospects.

Accounting tricks and central bank gold “revaluation”

Rick Mills’ attempt to explain how a gold revaluation account (GRA) works is a lengthy and convoluted affair, mostly because the subject matter is as well. I‘ll take a minute to summarize the concept because it’s relevant not only to central bank gold reserves, but also to the ongoing banking crisis.

Accessory Dwelling Units Grow in Popularity

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

The push for the 15-minute city is underway. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are becoming increasingly popular as cities across the globe are rezoning neighborhoods to permit additional properties to be built on the same land as existing homes. Some are now referring to these units as “backyard homes” as they are becoming a normalized part of life amid the housing crisis.


from Arcadia Economics:


To Many Americans, It Already Feels Like We Are In A Deep Recession

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Are you deeply struggling right now?  If so, I want you to know that you are not alone.  The things that I am about to share with you are not meant to be depressing.  Rather, I hope that you will be encouraged to see that there are countless others in the exact same boat.  Over the past few years, the cost of living has been rising much faster than paychecks have, and this has put enormous financial pressure on millions of American families.  In some cases, families are dealing with extreme financial stress even though both parents are working good jobs.  Virtually everything has become substantially more expensive, and so our money is not going nearly as far as it once did.


from SGT Report:

Blackrock is the heart of financial darkness and their pool boy SEC Chair Gary Gensler (who has refused to approve a Bitcoin settled ETF) has been doing his level best to destroy the crypto market in the United States. Why? Well, because Blackrock wants to control the NEW Bitcoin ETF. Bob Kudla joins me to discuss this and much more.

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