Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Everything Shortage, and Cryptos (of Course) with John Rubino

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

John Rubino talks cryptos, of course, and shortages are popping up everywhere. From today’s DC links list:

  • Companies are panic-buying as supplies run short
  • Ag’s latest headache: a shortage of pallets for shipping produce
  • Chick-fil-A suffers sauce shortage amid industry-wide supply chain issues
  • Social Media Censorship Slammed After Fauci Admits Possibility Of Wuhan Lab Leak
  • Tesla Found Guilty Of Throttling Charging Speed And Battery Capacity In Norway
  • Michigan Gov. Whitmer Comes Clean After Photograph Showed Her Breaking Her Own Rules
  • CLO’s flying off the shelf. Sub-prime corporate debt repackaged and sold as Triple A debt.


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Here Comes Bitcoin’s Big Test: The Empire Strikes Back (Repost)

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:

One of the flaws in the revolutionary mindset is a tendency towards overconfidence. Combine absolute belief in a new idea with a couple of early wins and you get an absurd level of cockiness. This leads the would-be revolutionary to underestimate the challenges involved in getting from there to ultimate victory.

Why? Because those early successes happened when hardly anyone was paying attention. Once the threat is recognized, the Empire usually strikes back with intent, and the revolution turns out to be a lot harder, and a lot less certain, than it seemed.

“Fedcoin,” Dollar Abandonment May Signal the End of Global Reserve Status

from Birch Gold Group:

It certainly appears that central bank controlled digital currency is gaining even more popularity.

These “Fedcoins,” according to The Economist, “are a new incarnation of money. They promise to make finance work better but also to shift power from individuals to the state, alter geopolitics and change how capital is allocated.”

The same piece also reveals the increased level of support for digital money: “Over 50 monetary authorities, representing the bulk of global GDP, are exploring digital currencies.”

But perhaps more importantly, “Fedcoins” could signal the beginning of an abandonment of the U.S. dollar, as The Economist highlights:

Is John Rubino Buying Dogecoin?

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

John Rubino is back… The Great Dogecoin Scam, but Ethereum is the real deal. It’s the sign of a bubble when random assets blast off, which otherwise have no value. It’s just like Gamestop and NFT’s. It’s not much different from Bitcoin. Inflation in Iron Ore and Copper. Copper reaches record highs. Iron Ore on its way. Vanity Fair vax article masks forever. It’s just the right thing to do. The pro-lockdown side is starting to fracture. A significant segment doesn’t want to give up their lockdown lifestyle. Vaxx is going well, Covid rates are dropping almost everywhere but India… “To The Moon”, Literally: SpaceX Says It’ll Accept Dogecoin As Payment For Lunar Mission. Major Gasoline Pipeline Hack but don’t worry it’s coming back up slowly. People don’t yet fully grasp cyber terrorism risk. It’s actually driving up gasoline prices. What about hacking the banking system, or the power grid. We can’t really quantify the risk. It happens before anyone sees it coming. The stock market is super risky too. GOP Governors cutting off supplemental unemployment insurance to help with the emerging labor shortage. Chipolte embraces the fight for $15. CDC’s power to issue an eviction moratorium was struck down. Brooklyn Borough President and mayoral candidate Eric Adams, a former NYPD captain, imagine a dem running on a law and order platform, what’s the world coming to?

Ep. 2468a – It Has Begun, Businesses Are Beginning To Accept Alternate Currency

from X22 Report:


China’s E-Commerce Giant JD.Com Starts Paying Some Workers In Digital Yuan

from ZeroHedge:

China’s e-commerce giant, which directly competes with Jack Ma’s Alibaba, said on Sunday that it has started paying some staff in digital yuan, the virtual version of the country’s physical currency which according to some is set to overtake the US dollar and become the world’s next reserve currency.

JD said that it has provided technology and service support for China’s e-CNY trial programs in Suzhou, Beijing and Chengdu, since partnering with the People’s Bank of China last September.