Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Crypto Happy Hour Bix & Will

from Perpetual Assets:


Venezuela Wants to Pay for Russia Imports With Its Cryptocurrency

from Russia Insider:

Venezuela will use its own cryptocurrency dubbed Petro, while paying to Russia for the delivered automotive parts and components, Jose Vielma Mora, the Venezuelan minister of foreign trade, said.

On Monday, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry said that the use of Petro in international transactions was on the agenda of the recent Russian-Venezuelan high-level intergovernmental commission. According to Mora, the cooperation of the Venezuelan side with the Russian KAMAZ company best known for its trucks.

Claim: “Colombian Drug Cartel Operations” May Be Linked To Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Exchange As Authorities Seize $380 Million

by Dade Murphy, Block Cubed:

Emerging reports from Polish media suggest that authorities in the country are investigating a major cryptocurrency exchange for fraud and possible ties to Colombian drug cartels, reports Coin Telegraph.

The investigation is allegedly tied to Colombian drug cartel operations, a local news outlet reported April 6. The report has not yet been officially confirmed or denied by Bitfinex.

According to local media website TVP Info, prosecutors in Lodz Voivodship just West of Warsaw have seized some $380 million held in multiple accounts at a regional bank.

Polish tech blog Spider’s Web says that their “unofficial” investigation revealed the accounts are linked to well known cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex:

Satoshi Nakamoto Would Be in Jail – Jeff Berwick at Anarchapulco 2018

from The Dollar Vigilante:

um, HODL…?!


from David Dees:

What Does the Rise in Crypto Currencies Mean?


by Brad Sebion, SGT Report:
Edward Karr was a guest on the Frank Curzio podcast. The discussion at hand was Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto currencies. Mr. Karr stated the rise of the crypto currencies is the canary in the coal mine for a major economic event to unfold in the future. Edward stated the rise in Bitcoin was a put on the Chinese economy. Wealthy Chinese people have bid up other assets like Vancouver real estate as well as many crypto currencies.

The BITCOIN & PRECIOUS METALS Roller Coaster Ride — TraderStef

from SGT Report:

TraderStef joins me to discuss the roller coaster ride we take when owing Bitcoin, gold and silver — and in this one we go deep into the charts that show where we may be headed. Thanks for tuning in.


READ: Bitcoin Obsoletes All Other Money


NOTE: Fidelity just sent this article out to their 30 million account holders.

by Patrick Lewis, Unchained-Capital:

When it comes to bitcoin adoption, there are generally two rules that never seem to fail. Everyone always feels late, and everyone always wishes they had bought more bitcoin. There are exceptions to every rule, but bitcoin has an uncanny ability to screw with the human psyche. It turns out that 21 million is a scarily small number, and it actually becomes smaller as more individuals come to understand that the fixed supply of bitcoin is credibly enforced and that monetary networks converge on a single medium. Demand for bitcoin is driven by the credibility of its monetary properties and the convergent nature of money, but increasing demand for bitcoin reinforces the scarcity of bitcoin’s fixed supply. As it does, bitcoin becomes more valuable as a monetary medium. While this becomes evident the further down the bitcoin rabbit hole one travels, it is not uncommon for individuals on the periphery to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of cryptocurrencies. Sure, bitcoin is in the “lead” today, but there are thousands; how do you know bitcoin is not MySpace? How can you be sure that something new doesn’t overtake bitcoin?