Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Crypto Bubble Unwind Images: Fast in Altcoins, Slower in Bitcoin

by Mish Shedlock, The Maven:

Ripple, the number three cryptocurrency is down 89% from the top, Ethereum 76%, Bitcoin 67%.

The cryptocurrency bubble is unwinding rapidly from the bottom up. Bitcoin is holding up the best.

Here’s a set of images of the three leading cryptos. I created the charts at approximately 1:00 PM on August 11.

Keiser Report: Can the system be unrigged? (E1265)

from RT:

In the second half, Max continues his interview with Michael Krieger of LibertyBlitzkrieg.com about Jeff Bezos’s billions. Can the system be unrigged at this point in time or is bitcoin the only viable solution for the individual? They also discuss Trump’s trade wars.

REALIST NEWS – Germany’s 2nd Largest Stock Exchange Launches ICO, Crypto Trading Platform

from jsnip4:


Starbucks to Begin Accepting Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Payments for Coffee

by Carey Wedler, The Anti Media:

The biggest coffee chain in the world will soon begin accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Starbucks has partnered with Microsoft, Intercontinental Exchange, the Boston Consulting Group, and others to form a new company that will a “enable consumers and institutions to buy, sell, store and spend cryptocurrencies on the global network by November,” CNBC reported Friday.

The company, called Bakkt, will operate by converting Bitcoin and other digital currencies to U.S. dollars to be spent at Starbucks. According to a statement in a press release, Maria Smith, Starbuck’s vice president of partnerships and payments, said:

Starbucks To “Accept” Bitcoin As Payment

from Smaul gld:


Is Bitcoin The Ultimate, Risk Free Asset? Trace Mayer Says Yes!

from Crush The Street:


Thomas Coughlin: GOLD-BACKED CRYPTOCURRENCY: Kinesis.money

from Portfolio Wealth Global:


Memo to Krugman: 7 Problems Cryptocurrency Solves

by Mark E. Jeftovic, Hacker Noon:

Paul Krugman took time out from his European vacation to write why he’s a cryptocurrency skeptic. This is not surprising given who he is and what his positions have been over his career. Most of the orthodox criticisms against cryptocurrency I covered previously in my “This Time is Different: What Bitcoin Isn’t” and “What Bitcoin Actually Is” series. But it’s worth recounting how one could easily take many of these criticisms against Bitcoin, search and replace “bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency” for “US dollar” and come out with are more applicable criticism of the modern fiat money system.

Lior Gantz – Cryptos Coming Back and Cannabis to Rise

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

Lior Gantz is still a believer in the dividend aristocrats, those stocks that have kept raising their dividends for decades. That’s where the bulk of his assets are invested. He’s also keen on Cryptos and believes that they are on their way back. He called them well before and thinks the time is again right. When it comes to Cannabis he is hot on our sponsor’s stock Pure Global Cannabis. He believes that their management is first rate and that their focus on the medical space is the key to building a long term viable brand. Educating the public about small cap stocks is crucial to create a retail market to help the company thrive. That’s why we will only allow sponsors that we believe will be superior performers over the long haul. If we don’t like a company, we walk away. That’s our promise to you.

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