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America’s elite thinks it has a divine right to rule the world

by Bryan MacDonald, RT:

America’s ruling class has a curious attitude to democracy. It seems to be interpreted as something that’s good for the US and its allies but bad for critters who won’t accept their role in the ‘America-led international order.’

First off, let me be clear. I think all foreign electoral interference is wrong. In any country. And if it’s eventually proven that Russians meddled in America’s 2016 presidential election, I certainly won’t condone it. But I’ve have always doubted that the Russian state organized some heinous plan to tilt the contest to Donald Trump, so I’ll be shocked if something of this nature is ever proven.

Instead, I’ve always imagined the greatest extent of Russian ‘interference’ was probably some half-baked playing around by private individuals. Something akin to a “social media marketing campaign,” as the New Yorker’s Adrian Chan believes. And on a relatively minute scale, to boot. Because – given the billions of dollars swirling around American stumping – anything bar a full-scale FSB/GRU, all-hands-on-deck operation would probably amount to little more than a hill of beans.

By the same token, I was stunned back in 2011 when the Moscow Times (a pro-US title, overwhelmingly written by Westerners, despite its name) reported how ex-vice president Joe Biden had told fringe Russian opposition figures that “it would be better for Russia if Putin did not run” in the 2012 election. Indeed, when you see the opprobrium directed today towards US Green leader Jill Stein for once attending an RT banquet where Putin was present, its shows one hell of a double standard.

Distant View

Being relatively new to Russia in those days, and far from Moscow, it also seemed bizarre when then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for a “full investigation” of alleged irregularities in 2011’s parliamentary elections. And, even more absurd, that she did it in front of Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, at an OSCE meeting attended by 56 countries. Indeed, it seemed like a teacher wagging her finger at an errant student in front of his classmates, and not how you’d interact with the emissary of a powerful country.

At the time, something interesting happened. Many of my then-relatively new Russian friends had expressed concern about the vote, and a good few supported calls for a fresh ballot. However, once Clinton stuck her oar in, their anger switched to the American; with the attitude quickly transforming into outrage at her arrogance in trying to tell Russians how to manage their internal affairs. Last night, I reminded one of them, Vova, and he said: “Yeah, what did she think? That we were one of those sh*tty little countries the Americans can just push around?” This morning, he emailed me joking, “You know very well, I am not a huge fan of Putin but as soon as Hillary started that nonsense, it smelled to me of the Yeltsin years. I’d rather eat rats than go through that again.”

And this brings us to 1996. Back then, Russia’s economy was in serious trouble. American-backed neoliberal economic reforms had reduced ordinary Russians to penury. And Washington turned a blind eye when Yeltsin essentially dismantled the country’s nascent democracy in 1993, going so far as to take over the parliament in a tank battle, killing 187 people. He also banned opposition parties and newspapers. Of course, somewhat amazingly, Yeltsin is remembered as a “democrat” in the West – which is actually code for “he defended American interests.”

Anyway, by the spring of 1996, Yeltsin was in serious bother. The Communist Party, which had combusted in 1991, was back in business, with its new leader, Gennady Zyuganov, well ahead in the polls. And at this point, Uncle Sam got busy, in events which have been widely  catalogued and even spawned a Hollywood movie, with the tagline  “electing a Russian president, the American way.”

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by Jerome Corsi, Infowars:

Reported: several million illegals voted, while legitimate ballots were thrown away

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) together with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI are planning to publish in March a study of the 2016 elections that will demonstrate massive Democratic Party voter fraud of a magnitude sufficient to have influenced election outcomes.

On Jan. 3, 2018, President Trump signed an executive order disbanding the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, largely because states controlled by the Democrats refused to cooperate.

Many Democrats breathed a sigh of relief, thinking President Trump had given up his effort to uncover and correct the decades of Democratic Party voter fraud.

Little noticed was a provision in the executive order that tasked the Department of Homeland Security to review the presidential commission’s initial findings and to determine next courses of action.

Equally unnoticed by the mainstream media were news releases on Feb. 15 from the DNI and from DHS that briefings were being held with election officials in all 50 states on Feb. 16 and Feb. 18 to inform them of the initial conclusions of their on-going investigation into voting fraud during the 2016 election.

The outcomes of the DNI, DHS, and FBI investigations are expected to be disastrous for the Democratic Party, revealing precisely why Democratic-controlled states refused to cooperate with Trump’s presidential commission.

When Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicated last Friday some 13 Russians for trolling the Internet as the only evidence of “Russian Collusion” he could find after months of investigation that spent millions of dollars in taxpayer funds, the intelligence operative known as QAnon posted a preview of the DNI, DHS, and FBI conclusions.

As seen in this Internet posting, QAnon first cites Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein’s statement in announcing the indictment involving the 13 Russian trolls that: “There is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity.  There is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election.”

That comes close to sounding the death knell for the “Russian Collusion” mainstream media hysteria we have endured since the 2016 election as a Democratic Party “hate-Trump” narrative for impeachment.

Next, QAnon makes clear the DNI, DHS, and FBI study will prove massive Democratic Party voter fraud, including the allowing of several millions of illegal immigrants to vote in direct contradiction of voting laws across the country.

QAnon wrote the following, apparently citing the DNI, DHS, and FBI study to be released next month:

In an effort to preserve the integrity of all U.S. elections, as ordered by the President of the United States, after an extensive investigation in select counties (the ‘sampling’), the DHS has concluded that while Russian entities (as outlined in Special Counselor Mueller’s investigation were complicit in attempting to undermine the presidential election of 2016) had no direct impact or bearing on the outcome of the presidential election, nor were any U.S. person(s) knowingly part of such an attempt to sabotage as it relates to the Russian investigation …


… U.S. and other foreign entities (as further described within DHS (XXXX), acting outside of Russian agents, did attempt on numerous occasions, and were successful, in interfering w/ the presidential elections of 2016, Senate elections of [x, y, and z], [x] elections, whereby several million of illegal, non-resident ballots (the “irregularities”) were counted, while legal ballots were improperly tabulated and/or intentionally mishandled.  We believe these actions were a coordinated attack against the democracy of our country.

The QAnon post goes on to note the DHS will be submitting a final report to the White House, to the Department of Justice, and to other state and local agencies outlining findings next month.

The post further suggests that while the DNI, DHS, FBI study was limited to a sampling of 22 counties, the findings were so conclusive that a countrywide examination is mandated.

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China’s Most Powerful Weapon in the Coming Trade War

by Nick Giambruno, International Man:

“When any market is down 90%, you’re obligated to go and investigate.”

That’s what Doug Casey often says. And it’s part of the reason I put my boots on the ground in China a few months ago.

As I told you yesterday, the country has a monopoly on a little-known resource market. For years, stocks in this sector only went down. The industry was left for dead… until recently.

The last time this happened, the price of this resource skyrocketed over 10 times almost overnight.

And, as I’ll show in a moment, I think there’s a strong chance a similar mania will start soon…

China’s Monopoly

Most people have never heard of the material China controls. But it’s essential to modern life.

It’s used to make crucial components for advanced electronics like iPhones, electric cars, flat-screen TVs, computers, and sophisticated military equipment—like guidance systems, drones, anti-missile systems, radars, and fighter jets.

The United States’ top-line fighter jet, the F-35, contains nearly 450 kilograms of this material.

There’s no substitute for this resource in these advanced electronics. The US military and US consumer depend on it.

The problem is that finding this material isn’t cheap. And once you find it, mining it is expensive and messy. It takes about 40 tonnes of rock (40,000 kilograms) to get only about 250 kilograms of this valuable material.

The costs are even higher if you separate the material from the ore in an environmentally friendly way.

But China is willing to do the dirty work.

Beijing helps by subsidizing the industry. Meanwhile, many companies in other countries—operating without hefty state subsidies—go bankrupt.

Plus, China doesn’t fret about the environmental fallout as much as other countries. This lets it produce the material at a much lower cost than its competitors.

Until recently, one company in the US still produced a small amount of this material. Then, after a spat with a neighboring country, China flooded the market with supply. This oversupply drove the last US company out of business.

According to a US Congressional report:

[China] flooded the market by more than tripling the previous world supply of the materials. During this time, [Chinese firms] were largely unprofitable but were allowed to survive through direct and indirect support by the Chinese government.

This backing enabled [China’s industry] to continue to mine and export these materials at prices far below the actual costs of production…

Mines in the United States and elsewhere, unable to remain profitable against cheap Chinese exports, went out of business.

This is how China undercut everyone else and came to dominate the industry. Today, China produces around 90% of global supplies of this material.

In short, no one poses a serious threat to China’s monopoly. China can simply hold prices lower for longer than any competitor can stay solvent.

This unchallenged monopoly could quickly become a huge problem for the US. But the US government won’t just sit on its hands…

The US-China Trade War Is Heating Up

Regular readers know I think a full-blown trade war between the US and China is imminent. And we’ve already heard the opening shot.

Let me explain…

Early on in his presidency, Donald Trump indicated that he wouldn’t handle China like the previous US presidents.

In January 2017, he became the first president in 40 years to speak with the leader of Taiwan, an island off the coast of China that Beijing considers a renegade province.

Even during the campaign, Trump famously threatened a 45% tariff on Chinese goods entering the US.

He also said China was sucking “the blood out of the United States” and “we can’t continue to allow China to rape our country, and that’s what they’re doing.”

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Doug Casey on Executive Orders

by Doug Casey, Casey Research:

Justin’s note: “Nobody’s property is safe anywhere.”

Doug Casey wrote that in a recent email he sent me. He was talking about one of Donald Trump’s latest executive orders. The order, signed in December, gives the US government power to block the property of persons “involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption.”

That might not sound like a big deal. After all, human rights abuse and corruption are obviously bad. But Doug told me this could have “very interesting consequences” for everyday Americans and foreigners.

To learn why, I got Doug on the phone…

Justin: Doug, why do you think Trump signed this executive order (EO)?

Doug: Well, there are several possibilities. One could be to strike back at the Clintons, perhaps about the astounding way they used their foundation to loot Haiti. Another might be to attack African dictators, who all become multi-billionaires after taking over their—what’s that colloquialism for an outdoor toilet that Trump quite accurately used?—countries. Or the Russians, who are the flavor of the day to be hated for every reason you can make up.

His new EO is a further assault on property rights. Fabricate a credible-sounding argument, make it legal, righteously promote it to the booboisie, and the emperor can deprive a subject of anything, or everything, that he owns.

What concerns me is that so many things are done by executive order these days. Not by a law duly passed by the House and the Senate. That’s not to imply that those laws show any prudence or intelligence or wisdom. But it’s still due process. When you do something that could have big consequences, it should go through the formal legislature as opposed to an imperial decree.

In recent years, presidents have done more and more executive orders. I find that very disturbing. The most outrageous executive order that I can recall—although I wasn’t alive then—is Roosevelt’s outlawing gold. Nixon’s devaluing of the dollar was an executive order too, with gigantic consequences.

It sets a dangerous precedent when they do something like this. It’s the type of thing that a dictator or an emperor is expected to do.

Justin: Would could the consequences of this executive order be?

Doug: For one thing, it could discourage foreigners from investing in the US or even putting money in US banks or brokerage accounts. Or investing in US property. Because now the government can seize their assets based on just the accusation of human rights abuses or corruption. The fortunes of almost all foreign leaders, all of their cronies, and most businessmen from backward countries are built on corruption. I urge readers to look at the pieces I did on this a while back, entitled “Make Corruption Your Friend” (here and here).

That’s a bad thing for the US. The US needs more capital, not less. We shouldn’t do things to scare them away.

But this isn’t just bad for foreigners. Americans that feel like they might get caught up in a dragnet of some type will be even more encouraged to get their money out of the country.

This EO just directs more power to the State—which, not just coincidentally—is the source of almost all the human rights abuses and corruption everywhere. But—stupidly, perversely, and paradoxically—people look to the State to solve the very problems it creates. By giving it even more power. And it gives politicians a chance to grandstand, and pretend they’re “doing something.” What do the millennials call this? They call it “virtue signaling.” Hypocrites specialize in virtue signaling.

But the US is not even in a position to do that anymore.

Justin: And why’s that?

Doug: Well, the US no longer stands for any of the things that made America great. We have 2.2 million people in prison, most for victimless crimes, and many millions more in and out of the system. We’re constantly meddling in other countries’ affairs, and systematically violating the rights of both US and foreign citizens. We already have combat troops in 150 countries. We have 800 bases around the world, bankrupting the US, supporting corrupt governments, and antagonizing the natives. We even have our own concentration camp now in Guantanamo. So, we’re not in the position to do any virtue signaling.

And since I mentioned it, I’d like to add something about Guantanamo. In the ’70s, there was a joke floating around: “The US will never have concentration camps. We’ll call them something else.” It was a joke at the time. And then Guantanamo appeared, and it is, in fact, a concentration camp. But they don’t call it that, of course.

This is all just part of a much bigger trend. It’s just another grain of sand building up on the dune, waiting for an avalanche to bury everybody. It’s a pity—Western Civilization, the rule of law, individual liberty, and property rights were wonderful things…

Justin: I agree. And I can only imagine what kind of executive orders the president will roll out when the economy or financial system starts to unravel. Does this concern you too?

Doug: Absolutely. Everybody thinks that the government is supposed to “do something” when things get grim.

The economy not only shouldn’t be controlled by these people—from a moral point of view—but it’s too big and complicated to be controlled, from a practical point of view. Government either tries to imitate the Soviets, with their counterproductive five-year plans, or put out the fires they start with ad-hoc measures. Most of them are necessarily ill-advised and almost always make the situation worse. Government employees are not, I assure you, the “best and the brightest”—just the opposite.

So, the answer isn’t more laws and more executive orders. Rather, the government should be getting rid of all the executive orders that exist already. They need to start repealing laws—wholesale and in large numbers.

So, yes, they’re not just doing the wrong thing. Trump is doing the exact opposite of the right thing with this EO. Even if Trump acts like a saint, and only uses his new EO to prosecute “bad guys,” the next president will find a new and different group. You or I—or anybody else—could be among them.

Justin: Well, I think that covers everything I wanted to ask. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights, Doug.

Doug: You’re welcome.

Justin’s note: As Doug said, this is all just part of a much bigger trend… “another grain of sand building up on the dune, waiting for an avalanche to bury everybody.”

In short, it’s critical to know where to put your money over the next few years. That’s why our team just released this new video presentation. It all boils down to one little-known strategy. And 2018 is shaping up to be the best time to use it…

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Russiagate, Twitter Meddling, the New McCarthyism: The Credibility Trap of the Increasingly Hysterical Elites

by Jesse, Jesse’s Crossroads Cafe:

You may find this worth hearing.

And you probably will not hear it on the mainstream media.

The professional ruling class cannot accept responsibility for their many failures, and hypocrisies, and compromises with duty, and abuses of privilege because they are craven careerists in a corrupted system, caught up in a credibility trap. Their motto should be ‘go along to get along, though the heavens may fall.’

Remarkable times when the truth is being told by comedians, and not the unintentional kind in politics and the media.

Is Trump being harried by the ‘deep state’ and the political establishment with Russiagate? It sure looks that way. Alhough some of it is self-inflicted. And bear in mind that I am no Trump supporter, or Hillary either for that matter.

The proof of the hysterical phoniness of this New McCarthyism is that these same efforts and overstated smears are also turned, almost effortlessly, against Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein, often in the same breath by the same courtiers to power and money. What do these three have in common? Not so much except all of them are political ‘outsiders.’

We have been allowing our emotions and tribal loyalties to cause us to fall for all this manipulation. Have we, at the end of all of this, no shame? No dignity, or love of the truth to prompt us to rise above our own short term self-interests?

Force and fraud. And as the fraud wears thin and deteriorates, the use of force will increase.

Caution on language.

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The Mueller Dossier Revisited: How the British and Obama Diddled the United States


by Barbara Boyd, LaRouche PAC:

On September 29, 2017, LaRouchePAC published the original version of the dossier Robert Mueller is An Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job If You Let Him. To date, that dossier, now being circulated nation-wide by LaRouchePAC, represents the most thorough and the most accurate assessment as to the character of Robert Mueller, as well as the utterly fraudulent nature of the ongoing treasonous effort to bring down the Trump Presidency.

This present report is an update to that dossier, with the emphasis on the dramatic significance of two documents which were released in the first days of February. The first is the House Intelligence document known as the “Nunes Memo,” and the second is the—by far more substantive—un-redacted document authored by Senators Grassley and Graham.

We shall examine the importance of these two documents in depth, as well as significant other developments which flow from the impact of their release. Before doing so, however, it is of critical importance that a matter of primary overriding concern be re-stated here, at the beginning of this update.


The British Origin of the Coup


Nothing of any truth about the current assault on President Trump can be understood, unless one addresses the question of why all of this is occurring, along with the subsumed question of “cui bono?” This requires transcending the world of partisan politics and inside-the-beltway gossip, and the necessity for examining the strategic setting and implications surrounding the coup plot.

Everything that is now transpiring must be viewed within that truthful strategic context. During the eight years of the Obama presidency, and the prior Administration of George W. Bush, a profound shift in U.S. strategic policy took place. Obama, working closely with—and often under the direction of—the British, committed the United States to enforcing a global policy of Anglo-American hegemonism, what is sometimes referred to as a “uni-polar world.” This took the form of escalating provocations against Russia, and more recently the targeting of China. Currently, this imperial Anglo-American faction is determined to thwart China’s gigantic Belt and Road Initiative infrastructure development of Eurasia, Africa, Southwest Asia (the Middle East), and nations in Central and South America. This largest infrastructure development project in human history now involves more than 68 countries.

For the British, such geo-political designs are nothing new. British strategic policy since before World War I has been based on geopolitics. Under the theories of Lord Halford Mackinder, completely embraced by today’s Anglo-American foreign policy establishment, control of Eurasia dictates strategic mastery of the world. China is now establishing vast transportation and other infrastructure throughout Eurasia, a region which Anglo-American policy up until now had reserved as a primitive looting ground.

Unable to break from imperial axioms and join China’s offer of win-win cooperation, let alone offer a viable alternative model which promotes the general welfare, Barack Obama and the British adopted a strategy of geopolitical containment and provocation, a New Cold War policy. It began with the Anglo-American coup in Ukraine in 2014, pushing NATO right up to Russia’s borders, and involves hostile encirclement strategies against both Russia and China, employing color revolutions, economic sanctions, overt economic, cyber, and information warfare, provocative military maneuvers, development of new nuclear and other warfare capacities, and military support of insurgents and terrorists in states friendly and/or trading with Russia or China, such as Iran and Syria. All of this, of course, threatens the extinction of the human race.

In November 2016, it was the intention of Obama and the British that Hillary Clinton would continue this dangerous geo-political gambit. Donald Trump’s victory in that election stopped this mad drive to war just as it was turning very hot.

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Sheriff Clarke Alleges Student Gun Control Effort Has “Soros’ Fingerprints All Over It”

from ZeroHedge:

George Soros’ fingerprints are “all over” the push to demand gun control in response to last week’s Parkland, FL high school shooting, claimed former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr.

Clarke made the startling allegation in a Tuesday tweet, saying “The well ORGANIZED effort by Florida school students demanding gun control has GEORGE SOROS’ FINGERPRINTS all over it.” Adding “It is similar to how he hijacked and exploited black people’s emotion regarding police use of force incidents into the COP HATING Black Lives Matter movement.” 

Clarke, a vocal Trump supporter who resigned as sheriff last year amid speculation he would join the Trump administration, is a senior advisor and spokesman for the pro-Trump America First Action PAC; he fired off the tweet in advance of a planned appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) later this week. 

Several conspiracy theories have emerged in the wake of the Valentine’s day shooting, which left seventeen people dead when a gunman opened fire on students in the early afternoon. A clip which was promptly featured on YouTube earlier, claimed that various students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are “crisis actors” who are being used as political cudgels in efforts to repeal the Second Amendment. 

An aide to Florida State Rep. Shawn Harrison (R) was fired Tuesday after emailing a reporter to suggest that student David Hogg and others are crisis actors. “Both kids in the picture are not students here but actors that travel to various crisis when they happen,” wrote now-fired aide Benjamin Kelly – drawing condemnation from the likes of Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) and Harrison. 

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THE TRUMP RUSSIA SMEAR: Podesta’s Cunning Plan from April 2016.

by Brendan Power, Power Global:

“If that bastard wins, we all hang from nooses! Lauer’s finished… and if I lose its all on your heads for screwing this up. You better fix this shit!” Hillary Clinton screams at Donna Brazille October 17 2016.

I think we all know what she was referring to, any good lawyer knows when a defendant has got too emotional and said too much, even she would know she lost it and gave the game away, yet to date nobody in law enforcement has thought it important to question any of the Clinton crime cartel.

In “GET TRUMP” the eye watering, explosive 5 Part Series full of political corruption and intrigue , we take you behind the curtain, to give you a peek at what really happened in America’s 2016 Presidential race.

GET TRUMP Part 1: Obstruction of Justice – Obama & Comey Clear & Cheer for Hillary

GET TRUMP Part 2: Podesta launches the TRUMP RUSSIA SMEAR.

GET TRUMP Part 3: HACKED?: Crowd Strike and the DNC server
GET TRUMP Part 4: Hillary’s Dossiers of Deception
GET TRUMP Part 5: Coup d’état: 12 months of Treachery and Treason.

April 10 2016 The Day Justice Died: (refer to Get TRUMP Part 1)

Remember the date April 10, 2016, it is key, because for Hillary Clinton and John Podesta it meant “Game On”.

Whatever deals and planning had gone on between the Hillary Clinton and Obama camps behind the scenes, it was on April 10, 2016 that Obama signalled the deal was done and he was good for it.

Obama had spoken, Hillary Clinton would be free to stand as the Democrat candidate for President.

Hillary would still have to go through a farcical rigged Democrat Primary process but for all intents and purposes Obama’s statement redeemed a potential felon, effectively endorsing her as a President in waiting. Oh, we must apologise to Bernie and those who donated funds for his campaign for not telling you earlier, but from April 10 on all else was only intended to be tolerated as necessary political theatre. branded April 10, 2016 “The day American Justice Died”, because from that day on, in respect of the Clinton investigation, proper Judicial process was thrown out the door, any honest DOJ staffer or FBI agent expecting to enforce proper procedure would be either kept in the dark, intimidated, sidelined or forced out the door, any request for information from a Congressional committee would be treated with contempt.

Loretta Lynch had been appointed Attorney General earlier in 2015 when it became obvious they the Clinton Machine needed a trusted insider at the DOJ to manage any fallout from the Hillary email server development, senior investigators resign or are moved aside to make way as trusted Senior Clinton operatives like “Andy” (Andrew McCabe) and Podesta’s mate Peter Kadzik Assistant Attorney General, are systematically embedded and promoted within the DOJ and FBI structure to tame and control any Clinton considerations.

While there are earlier emails like that on September 8th from Dan Pfeiffer that suggested bedwetting by some over Hillary’s handling of her Benghazi email issues the most interesting emails begin to appear around February 2016.

The notorious Clinton Machine had not been idle, as we can see from his own personal emails Podesta had been busy through 2015 with Googles top two executives Eric Schmidt and Sheryl Sandberg among many other top Silicon Valley Tech and Social Media Giants providing funding, research, advice, support and best wishes.

On August 7 2015 Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg thanks Podesta regarding introductions at the “Centre For American progress”, another notorious George Soros funded Leftist Propaganda cabal.

By April 2016 Hillary Clinton was free of any need for the tedious concerns about Justice or Proper Process, while we are yet to know the details of the dirty deal, we do know on April 10 Obama had spoken, Hillary had been Careless, but she had not intended any harm”, his comments were a signal, what the Democrats call a “DOG WHISTLE” to the faithful, Washington knew their horse was back in the race, felon, criminal or whatever, she was to be given a Free Pass by the Obama Administration.

In time we would be enlightened to the farce that was the Democrat Primary, where Bernie and his donors wasted their time, money and effort only to find Team Hillary had already mounted a takeover of the DNC and were in no mood for anything as tedious as a fair contest. The outcome had been bought and paid for possibly a year earlier. You can refer to the relevant court transcripts for evidence.

When politics comes to the downright dirty and the treacherous, when a real position of power is on the line, few can match the will and intent of the Clinton Machine, now all that could potentially stand between “The Machine” and “The Presidency” was who ever could survive the knock em down, drag em out battle, that was the Republican Primary.
Podesta obviously had a read on who he thought that might be and was wasting no time planning his and Hillary Clinton’s response.

We know at this point the Clinton Machine has all Mainstream Media and Social Media along with the Obama Administration, Many Democrat State Administrations and Hundreds of fraudulent charitable groups Nationwide and Globally lined up to promote their message.

It is about this time that any serious political analyst would have realised that ignoring the obviously biased and hopelessly inaccurate media polling, Jeb Bush was struggling, Donald Trump was a serious contender and in all probability Trump’s superior national profile would overcome the only other serious Republican political outsider Ted Cruz.
It is amongst the Podesta emails we find a hint, the beginnings of where the Clinton Campaign Manager was headed next.

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Chairman Nunes Goes After Comey, Clapper, Brennan in Phase 2 of Trump Dossier Probe – THREATENS TO ISSUE SUBPOENAS


by Cristina Laila, The Gateway Pundit:

GOP House Intel Committee members just launched phase two of their dossier probe.

Chairman Nunes fired off an inquiry to many current and former intelligence, law enforcement and State Department officials Tuesday, Fox News’ Catherine Herridge reported.

Nunes even threatened to issue subpoenas if he doesn’t receive a timely response on a voluntary basis.

Via Fox News:

House Intelligence Committee Republicans have launched “Phase 2” of their probe into the origins of the unverified anti-Trump dossier, firing off an inquiry to a host of current and former officials — including former FBI Director James Comey.

In a letter obtained by Fox News, committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., posed a string of dossier-related questions to current and former intelligence, law enforcement and State Department officials. He specifically wants to know when they learned the document was funded by Democratic sources, and how it was used to obtain one or more surveillance warrants at the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

In the Feb. 20-dated letter, Nunes even threatened to issue subpoenas.

“If you do not provide timely answers on a voluntary basis, the Committee will initiate compulsory process,” he wrote.


Fox News understands the questionnaire went out to about two dozen current and former officials.

Among them were Comey, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan, who testified in May 2017 that the Trump dossier was virtually unknown to him.

Page 1 on Nunes letter via Fox News:

Nunes letter on Trump dossier, page one by Fox News on Scribd

Nunes letter on Trump dossier, page one by Fox News on Scribd

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Nancy Pelosi heckled in Arizona: “How much are you worth Nancy?” (Video)


by Alex Christoforou, The Duran:

Nancy Pelosi was demolished at a town hall meeting on tax reform

Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi was heckled at a town hall get together in Phoenix, Arizona, while criticizing the benefits of Trump’s tax reform.

Pelosi was visibly startled at a question regarding her net worth by an audience member, who did not appreciate hearing a ‘wealth inequality speech’ from a multimillionaire politician.

Zerohedge reports that Pelosi embarked on a 100-city taxpayer funded junket organized by Democrats to frame the Republican tax cuts as an assault on low income Americans.

“It can’t possibly be a statement of values for us to talk about, as Martin Luther King said, … ‘God never intended for one group of people to live in superfluous inordinate wealth while others live in abject deadly poverty,’” Pelosi pontificated, hypocritically.

“So these are kitchen table issues for most of America’s families. Most people are not in deadly poverty, but some are. But most people have to struggle to …”

That’s when an audience member asked the richest woman in Congress…

How much are you worth, Nancy?

Pelosi stumbled in her reply…

“No, we’re not talking about that … In any event … I can out … I’m a mother of five, I can speak louder than anybody.” 

Zerohedge reports…

Of note, the 77-year-old Pelosi is estimated to have a net worth of $100,643,521 according to, making her the 6th richest member of the House in 2015.  We wonder if Pelosi’s San Francisco pizza parlor is included in the calculation?

Pelosi, of course, wants to pay as little tax as possible

And here we arrive at the heart of why wealthy ivory-tower Democrats are the penultimate hypocrites. While spending her career espousing higher taxes for the rest of us and denouncing income inequality, Pelosi has engaged in a series of complex tax schemes to avoid paying as much tax as possible.

The Washington Free Beacon reports…

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), who often rails against income inequality and calls on the wealthy to pay its “fair share” in taxes, took pains in late December to try to preserve tax breaks for two of her multi-million-dollar homes one last time before the new tax law kicked in.

Largely thanks to her husband Paul, a real-estate and venture-capital investor, Pelosi is the wealthiest woman in Congress with a net worth of more than $100 million and the seventh wealthiest member overall, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Just days after President Trump signed the sweeping tax bill into law late last month, Pelosi and her husband tried to preserve $64,000 in property tax breaks, known as the state and local taxes (SALT) deductions, for her two California homes. The new tax law limits the deduction to $10,000 and went into effect Jan. 1.

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Skull&Bones, Antony Sutton, and bankrolling the enemy

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

“When you see the same elites funding, encouraging, and enabling both sides in a major war, you’re on the road to understanding war from a higher perspective. These elites use war to create chaos, which they then ‘solve’ by imposing, in the aftermath, their kind of order—greater control over life, greater control over institutions of government. They call this operation ‘peace’. But it’s really the shrinking of freedom.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

The prodigious author and researcher, Antony Sutton (1925-2002), wrote about hidden men behind momentous events.

I recently came across a 1999 interview with Sutton, conducted by Kris Millegan, researcher and head of TrineDay publishers.

Millegan wrote about Antony Sutton in 1999: “Antony C. Sutton, 74, has been persecuted but never prosecuted for his research and subsequent publishing of his findings. His mainstream career was shattered by his devotion towards uncovering the truth. In 1968, his Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development was published by The Hoover Institute at Stanford University. Sutton showed how the Soviet state’s technological and manufacturing base, which was then engaged in supplying the North Vietnamese the armaments and supplies to kill and wound American soldiers, was built by US firms and mostly paid for by the US taxpayers. From their largest steel and iron plant, to automobile manufacturing equipment, to precision ball-bearings and computers, basically the majority of the Soviet’s large industrial enterprises had been built with the United States help or technical assistance.”

“…Then, someone sent Antony a membership list of Skull and Bones and— ‘a picture jumped out’. And what a picture! A multigenerational foreign-based secret society with fingers in all kinds of pies and roots going back to ‘Illuminati’ influences in 1830’s Germany.”

Here are excerpts from the 1999 interview:

Millegan – Can you tell the story of how you learned of Skull & Bones? And how you felt?

Sutton – I knew nothing of S&B until I received a letter in the early 80’s asking if I would like to look at a genuine membership list. For no real reason I said yes. It was agreed to send the package by Federal Express and I could keep it for 24 hours, it had to be returned to the safe. It was a “black bag” job by a family member disgusted with their activities.

For the benefit of any S&B members who may read and doubt the statement; the membership list is in two volumes, black leather bound. Living members and deceased members in separate volumes. Very handsome books.

I spent all night in Kinko’s, Santa Cruz, copied the entire volumes and returned within the 24 hour period.

I have never released any copies or identified the source. I figured each copy could be coded and enable S&B to trace the leak.

How did I feel? I felt then (as I do now} that these “prominent” men are really immature juveniles at heart. The horrible reality is that these little boys have been dominant in their influence in world affairs. No wonder we have wars and violence. Skull and Bones is the symbol of terrorist violence, pirates, the SS Deaths Head Division in WW Two, labels on poison bottles and so on.

I kept the stack of xerox sheets for quite a while before I looked at them—when I did look—a picture jumped out, THIS was a significant part of the so called establishment. No wonder the world has problems!

Millegan: – What did your study of elites, economics, secrecy and technology do for your career?

Sutton – Depends what you mean by “career”?

By conventional standards I am an abject failure. I’ve been thrown out of two major Universities (UCLA and Stanford), denied tenure at Cal State Los Angeles. Every time I write something, it appears to offend someone in the Establishment and they throw me to the wolves.

On the other hand I’ve written 26 books, published a couple of newsletters and so on…even more important I’ve never compromised on the truth. And I don’t quit.

In material terms…hopeless failure. In terms of discovery…I think I’ve been successful. Judge a man by his enemies. William Buckley called me a “jerk”. Glenn Campbell, former Director of the Hoover Institution, Stanford called me “a problem”.

Millegan – Did any of Hitler’s economic policies threaten the interests of the international bankers, and if so did that play a role in his downfall?

Sutton – Hitler’s economic policies were OK’d by the bankers right through the war…ITT, Chase, Texaco and others were operating in Nazi-held France as late as 1945. In fact Chase in Paris was trying to get [acquire] Nazi accounts as late as 1944. When we got to Germany in May 1945, I remember seeing a (bombed-out) Woolworth store in Hamburg and thinking, “What’s Woolworth doing in Nazi Germany?” While we were bombed and shelled it was “business as usual” for Big Business. Try the Alien Custodian Papers.

…Union Banking is very important. I made a documentary for Dutch National TV some years ago. It got all the way through the production process to the Dutch TV Guide…at the last minute it was pulled and another film substituted. This documentary has proof of Bush financing Hitler—documents.

Maybe my Dutch friends will still get it viewed, but the [Skull&Bones] apparatus reaches into Holland.

Millegan – What is the story that was going to be told on Dutch TV? And what is the story of its censorship?

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