Tuesday, August 9, 2022

As More States Confiscate Guns, Dad Shoots Pedophile Who Broke Into Daughter’s Room

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Louisville, KY — Every time we hear the argument about “how society doesn’t need guns to protect themselves” another example surfaces of a member of society protecting themselves with a gun. Recently, on NPR, a guest claimed that she didn’t understand why someone would need a gun because she had never heard of anyone preventing a crime or defending themselves with one. Obviously this is a complete farce, not true, and as the incident below illustrates, it happens quite often.

Jesuit Pope Francis Goes Full Communist

by Leo Zagami, Humans Are Free:

Only a few days after Pope Francis pushed for “the regeneration of existing institutions “and “global governance” because we are “in debt to nature itself, as well as the people and countries affected by human-induced ecological degradation and biodiversity loss.”

Here we go again with more leftist propaganda for the Great anti-Christian Reset by the Jesuit Pope.

Pope Francis left the Vatican yesterday morning to celebrate Mass in the nearby church of the Holy Spirit in Sassia in the center of Rome where a group of prisoners and inmates were also present at the celebration as well as some so-called ”refugees” from the Middle East.

“It’s Over, America”: Tulsa Police Major Says Cops Across Country On Verge Of Quitting

from ZeroHedge:

A Tulsa, Oklahoma police major says he’s “extremely concerned” that cops across America are on the verge of quitting amid global protests against law enforcement.

Every department, every officer you talk to is looking to leave,” Maj. Travis Yates told Fox News‘ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” adding that he is “extremely concerned” for the future of law enforcement.

Yates told Carlson that held felt morale among law enforcement officers “was really low” following the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown by then-Ferguson, Mo. police officer Darren Wilson.

Joe Biden Supporters March, Threaten, Trash Restaurants and Businesses in New York…

from The Conservative Treehouse:

Joe Biden supporters made things very uncomfortable for diners in Rochester New York last evening as they overturned tables, threw chairs and threatened patrons.

Additionally, another group rioted in Manhattan:

NEW YORK – Eight people were arrested Friday night when a group of 150 Black Lives Matter protesters smashed windows and graffitied the storefronts of Lower Manhattan chain stores and banks, police sources said.

More Info Surfaces On Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellations and Pilot Push Back Against Vaccine Mandates


from The Conservative Treehouse:

People inside Southwest Airlines are speaking out carefully and pointing out why there are so many flight disruptions.   Essentially, the background issues are what were discussed earlier.  Pilots are pushing back against vaccine mandates; and if you think about the curriculum vitae of a typical pilot, it makes sense.

A big percentage of commercial airline pilots are former military pilots.  That group of people carry a strong disposition toward the principles of patriotism, service, liberty and freedom.

Dystopian “Great Reset”: “Own Nothing and Be Happy”, Being Human in 2030

by Sayer Ji, Green Med Info:

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting at the end of January in Davos, Switzerland, brings together international business and political leaders, economists and other high-profile individuals to discuss global issues. Driven by the vision of its influential CEO Klaus Schwab, the WEF is the main driving force for the dystopian ‘great reset’, a tectonic shift that intends to change how we live, work and interact with each other.

The Great Reset entails a transformation of society resulting in permanent restrictions on fundamental liberties and mass surveillance as entire sectors are sacrificed to boost the monopoly and hegemony of pharmaceuticals corporations, high-tech/big data giants, Amazon, Google, major global chains, the digital payments sector, biotech concerns, etc.

Hillary Clinton says the United States must ‘be ready’ for the possibility that Donald Trump will not ‘go quietly’ from the White House if he loses in November and may blame mail-in votes

by Harriet Alexander and Chris Jewers, Daily Mail:

  • Hillary Clinton appeared on The Daily Show on Monday night with Trevor Noah
  • Clinton warned that November’s election could see Donald Trump cry fraud
  • She said the United States needed to ‘be ready’ for the possibility
  • Clinton said time would tell, if he loses, whether ‘he’s going to go quietly or not’
  • She said there was a real risk Republicans would try and disenfranchise voters
  • Foreign interference in the November vote could not be ruled out, she added

The Planetary Insanity of Eternal Economic Growth


by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:

This is the fantasy: we can rebuild our entire global industrial society every generation or two forever.

“Earthrise” is one of the most influential photographs ever published. Taken on the Apollo 8 mission in late December 1968 by astronaut Bill Anders, it captures Earth’s uniqueness, isolation and modest scale: a blue and white dot on a vast sea of lifeless darkness.

Florida Condo Collapse: Nobody Told Homeowners that their Building Was Sinking “at an Alarming Rate”

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade:

Surfside is a town just north of Miami Beach, Florida. It was incorporated in 1935. At approximately 1:23 a.m. yesterday, part of a 12-story high-rise collapsed in the town leaving 99 people missing and four confirmed deaths as of early this morning. The condo building is known as Champlain Towers South and is located at 8777 Collins Ave. in Surfside.

report in USA Today has now left the whole town of Surfside on edge. According to the report, Shimon Wdowinski, a professor in the Department of Earth and Environment at Florida International University, co-published a study with Simone Fiaschi in April of last year that found that the condo building “had some kind of unusual movement,” and had been sinking at the rate of 2 mm per year during the course of the study, which looked at satellite data from 1993 to 1999.

China- ‘God of war in the sky’


by Alastair Crooke, Strategic Culture:

*A chess term, where a player must move, but every possible move only worsens his situation

Europe’s future looks bleak. It is now pressed by its own imposition of sanctions, and the resultant spike in commodity prices. The EU is lumbering around in a daze.

Western self-destruction – a puzzle defying any unique causal explanation – continues. The examples where policy is pursued in apparent indifference to anything resembling rigorous reflection, has become so extreme as to provoke a former British military chief (and former head of NATO forces in Afghanistan), Lord Richards, to huff that the relationship between strategy and any synchronisation of ends has become hopelessly broken in the West.

Ep. 1649 Did The Rittenhouse Prosecutor Really Say That? – The Dan Bongino Show

from The Dan Bongino Show:

TRUTH LIVES on at https://sgtreport.tv/

United Nations Demands for Parents to Respect the ‘Sexual Freedom’ of Their Children

by Shane Trejo, Big League Politics:

The push to mainstream pedophilia intensifies.

The United Nations (UN) is issuing a directive to parents across the globe that they should respect the “sexual freedom” of their young children.

The Center for Family & Human Rights is shining light on a UN report claiming that “sexual expression” is part of the “interwoven fabric of children’s privacy.”