Monday, July 4, 2022

US Government Will Soon Spend More on Interest Than on the Military

by Jason Ditz, The Anti Media:

The US spends far more on its military than any other nation on Earth, but very soon, it will not be the top expenditure of the US government. Rather, rising interest rates and years of mounting debts mean that soon, interest on the debt will overtake that.

Interest costs will be $390 billion next year, and more than $900 billion within a decade, according to the Congressional Budget Office. At present, US military budgets are in the $700 billion range, and themselves constantly growing.

Journey to Transnistria


by Doug Casey, International Man:

“You can take photos once we’re inside,” our guide advised us, “but not at the border. Absolutely not. There, you must let us do the talking.”

An hour and a half drive from Chișinău, Moldova’s capital, between the Dniester River and the Ukraine border, lies the disputed autonomous zone of Transnistria. It is one of a small handful of so-called “break away states” that declared independence after the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the others being Abkhazia and South Ossetia (officially in Georgia) and Artsakh (officially in Azerbaijan.)

Q Anon | Dem’s Playbook: Impeach Kavanaugh

from JustInformed Talk:

Musk: You’ve Been Smoked


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Musk has been sued by the SEC, asking for a permanent bar on him being a director or officer of a public company.

Needless to say, that would include Tesla.

To those who said that Musk’s “420” tweets were of no importance, or wouldn’t lead to serious enforcement action — how’s that prediction looking roughly about now?  And further, while you have to assume there is some settlement effort being made it appears, from reporting, that Musk has already refused a settlement offer.

How Do We Change Our Lives in a System That’s Broken?

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:

Rather than fight a system designed to thwart us, we need a model for our own lives that bypasses the perverse tides and obsoletes the impediments in our path.

Everyone wants to change their lives for the better (or preserve what’s positive), and this is relatively straightforward in a healthy system with positive incentives and a transparent, productive set of rules and feedbacks.

But what if the system is broken? How do we change our lives for the better in a dysfunctional system of unearned privilege and perverse incentives? Needless to say, it’s difficult, and this is why we see a rise in inward-directed solutions.

CIBC, A Huge Canadian Bank, Was Offline All Day, Proving Again The Dangers of a Cashless Society

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Yesterday, CIBC reported a “systems issue” that prevented customers from logging in to their accounts online for the entire business day. CIBC, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, is one of the five biggest banks in Canada. Yesterday just happened to be the day that people receiving welfare, unemployment benefits, social insurance payments (like American social security), Canada Pension payments, and disability payments landed in the accounts of recipients.

Customers could still use ATMs and Point of Sale features but were unable to log into their accounts to check balances, transfer money, or make online payments. The sentiments of normally patient Canadians online were … tense.

Musk Settles with SEC, Booted as Tesla Chairman. SEC Forces Tesla to Control his Lie-Tweets

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

Not a slap on the wrist, but not a summary execution either.

Tesla CEO and Chairman Elon Musk settled the fraud charges that the SEC had brought against him over his blatant lies he tweeted in early August about taking Tesla private at $420 a share, “Funding secured,” only to recant a couple of weeks later. As part of the deal, which the SEC announced today and which is still subject to court approval, Musk has to – I almost wrote “quit tweeting while high” – do the following:

  • Step down as Chairman of Tesla, to be replaced by an independent chairman. Musk will be ineligible to be chairman for three years;
  • Pay $20 million penalty.

Dress Rehearsal for Impeachment

by Pat Buchanan, The Unz Review:

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court was approved on an 11-10 party-line vote Friday in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Yet his confirmation is not assured.

Sen. Jeff Flake, Republican of Arizona, has demanded and gotten as the price of his vote on the floor, a weeklong delay. And the GOP Senate has agreed to Democrat demands for a new FBI investigation of all credible charges of sexual abuse against the judge.

Astonishing. With a quarter century in public service, Kavanaugh has undergone six FBI field investigations. They turned up nothing like the charges of sexual misconduct leveled against him these last two weeks.

I’ll Say What Kavanaugh Wouldn’t: Christine Ford Was Part Of The Political Hit On Him & Here’s The Audio Evidence

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

Ford didn’t even think to act, according to her testimony, until Kavanaugh was on the short list, but did she go to local law enforcement? Nope. She went to her US Democrat representative, Senator Dianne Feinstein and The Washington Post. If that is not political, I don’t know what is. Ford is not seeking justice nor is she seeking to do her “civic duty.” She is seeking to slander a man’s character for something she cannot prove that she claims happened over 36 years ago.

On France, Greece, and the Never Ending Elites Ruling

by Phil Butler, New Eastern Outlook:

I never imagined I’d be starting a report on international affairs with “I told you so.” But here it is, the day most of the world is looking on in disbelief at more political promises which were just that – promises. New presidents and older prime ministers stand out in front of billions in dismay. Here’s that “I told you so” I never wanted to give you.

I woke up this morning reading a story from The Independent with the punchline, “The people’s voice is loud and clear as French lose faith in Macron and his popularity plummets to an all new low.” Author Adam Nossiter does a nice job painting a picture of ordinary French people stunned once again by the reality that is the French political process. I have to quote from the lead-in of the story for you here:

BREAKING: Judiciary Refers Potential False Allegations Against Kavanaugh For Criminal Investigation

by Ryan Saavedra, Daily Wire:

The Senate Judiciary Committee has referred potentially false allegations of misconduct by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to federal law enforcement officials for criminal investigation after the accuser recanted his story.

The allegation was made by a Rhode Island man who claimed that an “acquaintance” of his had been raped by Kavanaugh in August 1985 on a 36-foot boat in Newport, Rhode Island after meeting him at a bar.

How to end the Autism epidemic: An interview with J.B. Handley

by Lance D Johnson, Natural News:

Why are so many young children struggling to learn and communicate in the 21st century? Why are so many children suffering from brain damage? Why are mainstream pediatricians unable to figure out the problem?

Autism is a word that describes a myriad of health conditions that plague children’s brains. Some of the damage seems permanent, irreversible. Some of the damage is accepted as normal, even though the child is obviously impaired. The signs may be subtle or full blown. In either case, something is damaging children, and the origins of autism are right in front of our face, confirmed by science.