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Covid-19 Created In Wuhan Lab Through Classified Bioweapons Program: US Investigators

from ZeroHedge:

Researchers in Wuhan, China working with the Chinese military were genetically manipulating the world’s deadliest coronaviruses to create a new mutant virus right around the time that the Covid-19 pandemic began, according to the Sunday Times, which has reviewed hundreds of documents, “Including previously confidential reports, internal memos, scientific papers and email correspondence that has been obtained through sources or by freedom of information campaigners in the three years since the pandemic started.”

The Democrats Are Replacing Democracy With Tyranny

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

The corrupt, unethical, immoral, and anti-American Democrats and security agencies began the assault on Donald Trump seven years ago with absurd accusations that Trump teamed up with Russian President Putin to interfere in the US presidential election, throwing the victory to Trump.

This led to the absurd Department of Justice (sic) investigation of “Russiagate” which ended after years of dragging Trump through the mud with a Special Council’s report that the charge had no basis in fact and reflected poorly on the FBI’s honesty and professionalism.  

MSNBC runs hit segment on parents, says their efforts to protect children from LGBT grooming and pedophilia constitute “hate”

by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

“Deadline: White House,” one of the top-rated shows on the failing cable news channel MSNBCran a hit segment this week against parents and their allies who want to protect innocent children from LGBT grooming and pedophilia in public school classrooms all across the country.

The segment hinged upon the release of a new report from the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) that claims parental groups that aim to protect children are “hate groups” along the same lines as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), an organization that, quite frankly, barely even exists anymore in modern-day America.

They Are Putting Trump’s Life in Danger (Ep. 2029)

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Daily Wire Hit With YouTube Censorship Wave, Faces Possible Ban

by Christina Maas, Reclaim The Net:

Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing has blasted YouTube, accusing the video platform of betraying its promise to foster open debate. The Daily Wire has been hit with multiple violations, dubbed as “Hateful and Derogatory,” which Boreing claims mainly targets commentary on transgender issues.

By the numbers: The Daily Wire received 104 violations within the last 90 days and over 200 in recent months.

FOX News Sends Tucker Carlson Cease and Desist Letter as His Twitter Videos Crash 100 Million Views – His Attorney Responds


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

They fired him. Now they want to silence him.

FOX News sent a cease and desist letter to Tucker Carlson after his first two “Tucker on Twitter” videos land more than 50 and 100 million views.

Tucker’s attorney Harmeet Dhillon tweeted out that ‘Tucker Carlson will not be silenced!”


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JPMorgan settles Epstein lawsuit


from RT:

The bank was accused of facilitating the notorious pedophile’s sex-trafficking operation

JPMorgan Chase announced on Monday that it had reached a settlement with one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, who had accused the bank of profiting from his sex-trafficking operation and allowing him to make payments to his victims.

“The parties believe this settlement is in the best interests of all parties, especially the survivors who were the victims of Epstein’s terrible abuse,” the US bank said in a statement. According to lawyers for the plaintiff, the bank agreed to pay $290 million to settle the suit.

NEW – United States is reportedly preparing “evacuation plans” for American citizens living in Taiwan.

JPMorgan Agrees To $290 Million Settlement With Epstein Victims As Top Exec Still Faces Flak


from ZeroHedge:

JPMorgan has reached “an agreement in principle” to settle a proposed class action suit filed by ‘Jane Doe’ – an unnamed victim of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, for $290 million – a sum which both parties agreed not to disclose until it’s included in a court filing next week, but someone promptly leaked to the NY Times.

“The parties believe this settlement is in the best interests of all parties, especially the survivors who were the victims of Epstein’s terrible abuse,” JPMorgan said, according to Reuters.

REVEALED: Govt Censorship Tool Aimed at Swinging Election is Funded by Russia Hoax-Linked Billionaire Anti-Trumper

by Jack Montgomery, The National Pulse:

Public records requests have revealed that a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) initiative aimed at censoring social media users during the 2020 election was funded by hardline ‘Never Trump’ figure and Biden donor Pierre Omidyar.

Omidyar, a French-born, Iranian-American billionaire founder of eBay, provided money to the Center for Internet Security (CIS) nonprofit to create its Misinformation Reporting Portal (MiRP), according to investigative reporter Lee Fang.

Why New Imperial Leader Alex Soros Is Far More Dangerous Than George Soros Ever Was

by JD Rucker, JD Rucker:

Open Society Foundation is the most dangerous political organization in the world, and it’s about to get a lot worse.

For years, George Soros has been the de facto Bond villain in the eyes of many in conservative and alternative media. The phrase “Soros-backed District Attorney” has been used so often since 2015 that Google gave up on suppressing the term.

Australian Doctors Strike Back Against COVID-19 Corruption

by Dr. Peter McCullough, America Outloud:

The Australian Medical Professionals’ Society is a group of doctors who want to provide an alternate voice to the orthodoxy of the Australian Medical Association, which has been parroting the government’s false narrative. AMPS has joined tens of thousands of other workers who had decided to form independent associations under the Red Union banner. This week’s report is dedicated to efforts in Australia to restore medical transparency, and integrity, and relieve suffering from COVID-19 and injuries from the vaccines.

Dershowitz: Trump Indictment Is Weak Except for One Worrisome Charge

by R. Cort Kirkwood, The New American:

The 44-page federal indictment of former President Donald Trump levels the most serious charges he has faced to date in the campaign to destroy him. They could send him to prison for 100 years.

Except for one, those allegations are weak, a truth that doesn’t help the 45th president. For Special Counsel Jack Smith has charged him not just with obstruction of justice, but with 31 violations of the Espionage Act. That statue — 18 U.S. Code § 793 (e) / “Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information” — doesn’t just forbid passing classified documents to a foreign government. It punishes willfully mishandling documents.