Friday, May 20, 2022

UAE Just Overthrew Yemen’s Government — and Nobody’s Talking About It


by Darius Shahtahmasebi, The Anti Media:

Between a major regional confrontation on the horizon taking place in Syria between Israel, Syria, Russia, Iran, Turkey, and the United States and a potential nuclear standoff with North Korea and China, it is no surprise that there are many newsworthy stories that continue to go unnoticed

One such story is what is currently taking place in Yemen, and this time around, it involves a country other than Saudi Arabia, the United States, or the United Kingdom.

In early 2015, Yemen’s President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi fled his palace in Aden after a takeover saw him unseated in a relatively bloodless manner (bloodless, that is, compared what followed after Saudi Arabia’s brutal intervention). Hadi was still recognized internationally as president even though he technically had already been overthrown. (By way of comparison, the United States insists that President Bashar al-Assad in Syria is not the country’s legitimate ruler, even as he continues to retain his office after around seven years of fighting).

Saudi Arabia, in particular, was adamant that Hadi maintained the country’s legitimate leader. Why? Because Hadi was the one who requested U.N. intervention and Saudi assistance to battle the Houthi-led insurgency. Without Hadi, their basis to bomb Yemen without a U.N. mandate becomes even more dubious than it already has been.

However, Saudi Arabia is not the only major player in Yemen. While the corporate media — in tandem with the warmongering government officials who apparently have nothing better to do than to fabricate nonsense – continue to blame Iran for the deteriorating situation in Yemen, the truth remains that there is one other U.S. ally heavily involved in destabilizing one of the poorest nations in the Arab world.

At the end of January of this year, the Telegraph reported that Yemen’s current government was preparing to flee Yemen entirely while a separatist group backed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) seized control in Aden and surrounded the presidential palace. Yemen’s other major city, Sana’a, is more or less under the control of the Houthi rebels. Rather than wasting valuable time and resources trying to take over Yemen’s former capital in the face of a determined Houthi outfit, the UAE instead has plans of its own to completely form their own country in the south of Yemen.

Last year, southern insurgents backed by the UAE formed the Southern Transitional Council with the aim of reforming South Yemen, a country that existed until it united with the north in 1990. Accordingto Middle East Eye, these southern separatists have no interest at all in conquering Sana’a, anyway.

According to the Telegraph, Yemen’s prime minister, Ahmed bin Dagher, pleaded with Saudi Arabia to intervene on the government’s behalf. But no such intervention came, and Saudi Arabia has essentially enabled the separatists’ take over.

When Yemen’s former leader Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed by Houthi forces near the end of last year, Anti-Media predicted this to be a major pivotal moment for the war in Yemen. According to Middle East Eye, it was this event that became the turning point in the UAE-Saudi relationship in Yemen. UAE has no interest in fighting a losing battle and has aligned itself with the party it views as being able to get the job done and serve their interests in Yemen, “riding the wave,” as Middle East Eye described it.

As long as Hadi can retain his post as exiled president and legitimize Saudi Arabia’s presence in the country, Saudi Arabia is not expected to do much by way of confronting UAE’s regional ambitions. This is even while the UAE would not allow Hadi to enter Aden in August of last year. Hadi himself views the entire situation as a “coup” and has called the separatists “occupiers,” not liberators.

Right now, as well as having large-scale ground troops in the country, training tens of thousands of Yemeni troops and importing hundreds of highly skilled mercenaries from South America, the UAE is also operating a network of torture prisons in Southern Yemen. Thousands of terror suspects have allegedly disappeared in these prisons.

As poor and impoverished as Yemen is, its geostrategic importance should not be overlooked. Yemen is situated in an important transit route, and by controlling strategically important trade routes, the UAE can continue to develop and expand its fossil-fuel trade to Europe and North America and become a global energy superpower.

According to leaked emails revealed to Middle East Eye last year, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman actually wants out of the war in Yemen, and these latest developments only continue to cast further doubt on Saudi Arabia’s strategy in its almost three-year-long war. Saudi Arabia has shown that together with the U.S., the U.K., and other regional players, it can devastate Yemen’s infrastructure and civilian population, but it has absolutely nothing to show by way of military victory.

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Demorat-run Los Angeles County: Homeless death rate jumps by more than a third


from Fellowship Of The Minds:

This will not surprise anyone who has followed the homeless crisis news of progressive-run cities (LA, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, New York, etc.).

These cities spend BILLIONS trying to “solve” a problem they help to create. Yet they do NOTHING to actually help people in crisis situations and the law-abiding citizens who have to maneuver through feces, drug needles and criminals everyday on the streets. For example:

Liberal utopia of California: Business owners confront naked junkies and streets covered in feces, urine and syringes

French Fall Out of Love With Macron: What’s Behind the Dip in President’s Rating


from Sputnik News:
A new poll has shown a double digit drop in French President Emmanual Macron’s approval rating in the space of a month. Commenting on the phenomenon, French politics specialist Maxim Sokolov said that the odd waning of the president’s approval rating can be explained by the way in which his rating was artificially built up in the first place.

A new Ifop poll, commissioned by the Journal du Dimanche newspaper, has found that Macron’s rating has slipped 10 percentage points to 54 percent – the sharpest decline over the first three months of a French presidency since Jacques Chirac, whose rating dropped 15 points between May and July of 1995.

Macron-appointed Prime Minister Edouard Philippe’s approval rating also dipped by 8 percent, down to 56 percent.


by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

The League of Women Voters documents its funding from George Soros’s Open Society Institute. Common Cause is also financed by Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

The Democratic Party has decided they cannot do without winning Florida, so even though they lost both the governor and senate seats, they have enlisted lawyers from groups funded by George Soros to rewrite what happened on Tuesday.

Nunes To Make 8 Criminal Referrals- All Obama Admin

by Dino Porrazzo, DC Clothesline:

California Rep. and House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” that he is preparing to send eight criminal referrals to the Department of Justice this week related to the Obama administration’s handling of the Trump-Russia investigation.

Nunes criminal referals are about alleged misconduct from “Watergate wannabes” during the Trump-Russia investigation, including the leaks of “highly classified material” and conspiracies to lie to Congress and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court regarding the infamous Steele dossier, Fox News reports.

Court Rules Illegal Aliens Can Sue over “Discriminatory Employment Policy” Requiring Green Cards


from Judicial Watch:

For the second time in a few years, a federal court has ruled that illegal immigrants can sue American employers that refuse to hire them because they require workers to be U.S. citizens or legal residents (green card holders). The latest blow to the rule of law was delivered by an Obama-appointed federal judge in south Florida, who handed a powerful open-borders group a huge victory in a case accusing a major U.S. company of discriminating against an illegal immigrant.

Though years apart, both lawsuits were filed by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), a leftist group that specializes in discrimination lawsuits on behalf of illegal immigrants and has Chicago ties to Obama. MALDEF pushes for free college tuition for illegal immigrants and lowering educational standards to accommodate new migrants. Its leadership refers to the U.S. government’s immigration enforcement effort as racist and xenophobic and says it’s racist to make English the country’s official national language and inhumane to protect the southern border with a fence. Both MALDEF victories involve plaintiffs who benefit from a special Obama amnesty known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) that shields nearly 800,000 illegal aliens under the age of 31 from deportation.

Biden’s HOMETOWN Union Just REJECTED Him!! Fully Endorse TRUMP Instead! Biden IS DONE.


by FreeSpeechFan, The Duran:

The Fraternal order of Police endorse Trump for reelection 2020.

“The FOP considered the two 2020 presidential candidates’ records and their responses to FOP’s questionnaire. The FOP received responses from both campaigns in mid-July and distributed them verbatim to the more than 355,000 members of the FOP.”



from Infowars:

“The authoritarian police state he so loves is now everywhere”

Filmmaker Michael Moore claimed on Twitter Friday that “Trump’s America” was to blame for the arrest of a Utah nurse who refused to let police take the blood of an unconscious man.

“Here’s what it looks like now in Trump’s America,” Moore said. “The authoritarian police state he so loves is now everywhere.”

Earlier this week footage was published online showing University of Utah nurse Alex Wubbels being arrested by a Salt Lake City police officer after she said it was against hospital policy to draw blood from an unconscious patient without a warrant, patient consent or an official arrest.

“I either go away with blood in vials or body in tow,” Detective Jeff Payne told Wubbels is heard saying in the video.

Moore’s statement has received more than twenty five thousand retweets at the time of publication.

The far-left documentarian has made numerous headlines in just the last few weeks over his controversial political views.

In an interview late last month Moore celebrated the fact that the “angry white guy is dying out” while noting demographic changes in the United States.

“Nearly 70{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of the country is either female, people of color, or young adults between 18 and 35, or a combination of the three,” Moore told Fast Company. “The angry white guy is dying out, and the Census Bureau has already told us that by 2050, white people are going to be the minority, and I’m not sad to say I can’t wait for that day to happen. I hope I live long enough to see it because it will be a better country.”

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Budget Deficit Tripled to $3.1 Trillion in 2020

by Rick Moran, PJ Media:

The U.S. government deficit widened to $3.1 trillion in FY 2020 according to the Treasury Department. Much of that deficit can be attributed to the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic But we were already running a deficit of more than a trillion dollars when the first spending to combat the pandemic was passed.

22 Scientists Publish Paper Claiming The PCR Test Is “Useless” For Detecting COVID-19 Cases

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:22 researchers have put out a paper explaining why, according to them, it’s quite clear that the PCR test is not effective in identifying COVID-19 cases. As a result we may be seeing a significant amount of false positives.
  • Reflect On:Why are we being discouraged to ask certain questions and share certain information that calls into question the official mainstream narrative about this pandemic?

What Happened: recent publication titled “Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time RT-PCR” recently published in the Journal Eurosurveillance has come under fire by 22 scientists/independent researchers. The publication claims that the RT-qPCR tests used for detecting COVID-19 is quite robust and a useful tool, but the independent publication presents a number of scientific and methodological “blemishes” that has them confident “that the editorial board of Eurosurveillance has no other choice but to retract the publication.”