Saturday, October 19, 2019

Google Shuts Down Traffic To – One of The World’s Leading Health Advocates

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:One of the top natural health/health awareness websites in the world,, has been censored by Google as well as other social media platforms for simply sharing information.
  • Reflect On:Who is this ‘ministry’ of truth deciding what people get to see and what people don’t get to see? Why can’t the people have a free right to information anymore and be allowed to think for themselves?

Shifting Alliances: Is Turkey Now “Officially” an Ally of Russia? Acquires Russia’s S-400. Exit from NATO Imminent?

by Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research:

Turkey is taking delivery of Russia’s S 400 missile defence system. What this signifies is that Turkey and Russia are now “officially” allies. The first shipment of the S-400 landed in Ankara on July 12, according to Turkey’s Ministry of Defense. (see image below)

Two more shipments are due, with the third delivery of “over 120 anti-aircraft missiles of various types… [scheduled] tentatively at the end of the summer, by sea.” 

Reports confirm that the “Turkish S-400 operators will travel to Russia for training in July and August. About 20 Turkish servicemen underwent training at a Russian training center in May and June, …”(CNN, July 12, 2019)

Australia to start policing Facebook’s and Google’s algorithms

by Sean Walton, The Daily Sheeple:

Australia’s antitrust watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), has announced that it plans to set up an office that is dedicated to nothing else other than policing the algorithms tech giants like Facebook and Google use to generate their income, reports Reuters.

This is part of reforms designed to rein in the U.S. technology giants, potentially setting a precedent for global lawmakers.

Vaccine industry now running provocateur false flag ops with fake blood to generate headlines painting “anti-vaxxers” as violent terrorists

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

Remember the Disneyland measles outbreak from a few years ago? According to numerous sources who analyzed the timing of events, that was a false flag operation run by the vaccine industry. They literally incubated measles tissue in low-tech labs then ran around Disneyland smearing measles materials on all the railings and surfaces in order to cause a pandemic. Meanwhile, California State Senator Richard Pan was openly bribed by Big Pharma to have SB 277 ready to roll out, calling for vaccine mandates in the aftermath of the Disneyland outbreak.

‘Mockingbird’ Media Uses Mind Control Techniques To Brainwash The Masses Every Single Day – Tactics And MSM Examples Provided

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

From the Trump/Russia “collusion” hoax, to the continued attacks against Trump supporters most recently evidenced by the Covington Catholic students and the scandal that engulfed the “Mockingbird” media after they were caught pushing a false narrative, directly followed by the Jussie Smollett hate hoax blaming MAGA supporters, to which now the police are looking to Smollett as not a victim but an “active participant,” the liberal media is using tried and true mind control techniques to brainwash the masses.

Report: China Will Drive Silver Market Forward

by Peter Schiff, Schiff Gold:

China will be a major player in the silver market in the years to come, according to a new report by the Silver Institute.  The Chinese impact on silver comes from both the demand and supply sides of the equation.

China is by far the biggest silver consumer in the world. The Chinese account for about 18% of global fabrication demand and serves as a major destination for imported silver products fabricated in the US, Japan and other countries.

Meanwhile, China ranks as the third-largest silver-producing country in the world.

Insane feminist goes on national TV to claim “women can do no wrong” and all men are “toxic”


by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

Men who embody their God-given roles as leaders, protectors, and warriors in society are doing it all wrong, according to Fox News “insider” and political columnist Cathy Areu. During a recent segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” this feminist magazine publisher tried really hard to make that case that masculinity is “toxic,” insisting that men are responsible for committing all of the crimes in society and that “women can do no wrong.”

Kutztown University Professor Colleen Clemens was originally scheduled to appear on Carlson’s show after she publicly blamed masculinity for the recent Texas church shooting on Twitter. But after canceling because she said she “feared for her safety” due to her insane views, Clemens was replaced by Areu who had no qualms about declaring on the cable program that men are basically the worst thing since the Holocaust.

“Women are better, unfortunately,” Areu interjected as Carlson tried to figure out where Areu was going with her argument. “We are not the murderers of our society. We are not committing the crimes. We commit less than 20 percent of the crimes. So actually, men are not as good as women. We are actually better. We’re safer.”

The Latina activist proceeded to nod in agreement as Carlson hypothetically and facetiously asked Areu about whether or not masculinity could be “cured” by a man deciding to “become” a woman. Or if a man was lying on his deathbed dying from masculinity, would it be possible for him to overcome masculinity simply by disavowing it, to which Areu replied that she “would hope so.”

No such thing as ‘toxic femininity,’ says feminist

When further pressed about whether there’s a female counterpart to “toxic masculinity,” Areu was insistent that there’s not. To Areu, all females represent “sugar, spice, and everything nice,” while the only manta for men is that “boys will be boys.” Areu doesn’t believe that boys should be raised to be powerful or strong, and that only women should be granted these benefits.

“Why are women supposed to be nonviolent?” Areu asked hypothetically. “No, we do no wrong,” she added, reiterating that “women do no wrong.”

Viewers of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” may recall that this recent feminist rant on Fox Newscertainly isn’t her first. Back in May, Areu appeared on the show to argue that “breastfeeding is not natural.” Her argument was based on a study that had been published not long before in the journal Pediatrics that claimed that breastfeeding somehow “undermines feminism” because it insinuates that feeding babies is a responsibility solely for women.

Ignoring the fact that men do not produce nourishing milk to keep babies healthy and alive, Areu took the low road in declaring that people who claim that breastfeeding is “natural” are making an inappropriate statement because they are rigidly reinforcing gender roles. Further, Areu believes that breastfeeding doesn’t even come naturally to women (which implies that killing babies by not feeding them does come naturally to women).

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German police union chief proposes taking children away from ‘anti-Semitic parents’


from RT:

Authorities should be allowed to take children away from parents who express anti-Semitic views, the head of Germany’s 2nd largest police union has stated, without elaborating on how or when such measures would be enforced.

“Authorities need to act decisively [against anti-Semitism] including when the aggression comes from migrants,” Rainer Wendt, head of the German Police Union (DPoIG) told Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper on Wednesday.

“If children are raised to become anti-Semites we shouldn’t be afraid to take them away from their families.” He went on to accuse many school administrators of ignoring the problem, saying “they act according to the mantra ‘it doesn’t exist in my school.’”

The Survival of the Fittest

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

CJ Hopkins doesn’t say it, but he shows that within all of the Western countries in which the white core populations are experiencing fierce attack from anti-white ideologues in the media and governments that rule them, there is unity of voice from the media that “Trump is a White Supremacist who inspires Terrorism.” 

This unity of voice is suspicious as there are many different possible explanations of the El Paso shooting. The unity of voice is so uniform—in some cases identical phrasing—and so repetitive that it certainly looks like an orchestration against Trump and raises suspicions that the shooting itself was an orchestration.

The Saudis Keep Changing Their Story on the Murder of Khashoggi. What Should We Do?

by Ron Paul, Ron Paul Institute:

The Saudi version of the disappearance and murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi seems to change every day or so. The latest is the Saudi government claim that the opposition journalist was killed in a “botched interrogation” at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Or was it a fist-fight? What is laughable is that the Saudi king has placed Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, a prime suspect, in charge of the investigation of Khashoggi’s murder!

Though the official story keeps changing, what is unlikely to change is Washington’s continued relationship with Saudi Arabia. It is a partnership that is in no way beneficial to Americans or the US national interest.

Google Forced to Drop Christian Ad on LGBT Over Internal Backlash – Report

from Sputnik News:

This is not the first time Google employees have forced the top management to alter the company’s policies towards certain issues. Last time, some of them were offended by the use of word “family” in an internal presentation and pressured the company to avoid its use in the future.

Google employees were behind barring a video on same-sex relations by Christian radio host Michael Brown from the company’s advertisements on YouTube in June 2018, internal communications obtained by The Daily Caller showed. One of the employees pointed out that Brown’s video popped up in ads on channels run by gay content creators.

Georgia Court System Hit By Ransomware Attack

from ZeroHedge:

Headlines started hitting the wires after 11 am Monday about a ransomware attack that has brought down Georgia Courts’ digital information operations. Officials confirmed to WXIA Atlanta that the website for Georgia’s Administrative Office of the Courts and Judicial Council of Georgia had been down all morning.

Georgia Courts spokesman Bruce Shaw said all systems hadn’t been affected, but the network as a whole was taken down to quarantine the infection. Shaw said the IT department would be meeting with “external agencies” (FBI Atlanta) on Monday afternoon to asses the severity of the attack.

Elizabeth Warren Is Warning That An “Economic Crash” Is Coming

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is sounding the alarm.  In an opinion piece that she put out on Monday, she boldly warned that an “economic crash” is coming.  Actually, much of her article sounds like it could have come directly from the pages of the Economic Collapse Blog, and her analysis of the current state of the U.S. economy was right on the money.  Of course her proposed “solutions” are completely and totally nuts, and we will discuss that later in the article.  But it is quite remarkable that a woman that has a really, really good chance of becoming the next president of the United States is saying so many of the exact same things that I have been saying.  For example, just consider this paragraph