Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Congress Blasts Labor Secretary for Letting Billionaire Child Trafficking Pedophile “On the Loose”


by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Light is finally being shown into the dark space that is the special deal given to billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein by the current Labor Secretary of the United States.

On Wednesday, Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta appeared before a budget appropriations subcommittee to testify about the effectiveness of the Labor Department’s 2020 budget which calls for a 10 percent cut in programs affecting millions of workers. When it came time for Acosta to testify whether or not he could safeguard children from illegal labor practices and combat human trafficking, multiple lawmakers grilled him over the sweetheart deal he gave convicted billionaire pedophile Jeffery Epstein who is also suspected of running a massive child sex trafficking ring.

US to Declare Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as Terrorist Group

from The Anti Media:

The United States will designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organisation, an unprecedented move that will ramp up pressure on the elite force, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

The newspaper, citing unidentified officials, said President Donald Trump’s administration will announce the decision as soon as Monday and that concerned defence officials were bracing for the impact.

War with Russia Is Not ‘Inevitable.’ Keep Repeating That

by James George Jatras, Ron Paul Institute:

Well, that didn’t take long! No sooner had Robert Torquemada Mueller wrapped up his obscenely expensive inquisition without finding any so-called collusion with Russia than the obstacles to rapprochement between Washington and Moscow immediately dissipated. Calls for a new détente issued from sound thinkers such as Daniel R. DePetris of The American Conservative (Trump now has his “first opportunity to settle on a Russia policy without the risk of an extreme political backlash”) and Srdja Trifkovic of Chronicles:


by Sean Walton, The Daily Sheeple:

Former South Carolina representative Trey Gowdy turned his attention to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff during an interview on Fox News, calling out Schiff for his lies and admitting to not having a good relationship with him during his time in politics. Gowdy also went into what the Democrat’s motivations may be for continuing to push ahead with the Trump collusion claims.

“Adam is so closely linked to this collusion, it was what, March of 2017, when Schiff said he had evidence beyond circumstantial but not quite direct, he had the president indicted and in jail the last couple of weeks,” Gowdy said to Bill Hemmer on the latest “Hemmer Time” podcast.

The Lab Rat That Survives Is The One Who Escapes Its Cage

by Chris Martenson, Peak Prosperity:

To prosper, break free of society’s efforts to control you

If you’re feeling like a lab rat in some macabre science experiment, manipulated by shadowy forces for unknown purposes, that’s because you’re waking up to the reality of the situation.

We are a nation of lab rats.

Tough news to hear, I know. But it’s true, nonetheless.

Amazon to Launch 3200+ Satellites to Blast Harmful WiFi At Us Despite Expert Warnings About Excessive Amount of Dangerous Space Junk

by BN Frank, Activist Post:



Former Vanguard Supervisor Guilty of $2 Million Scam

from Birch Gold Group:

Few names ring as many bells among domestic investors as Vanguard, an investment fund with over $5.3 trillion of assets under management. The company’s size, age and resume of reputability has led many investors to believe that entrusting the fund with their money is tantamount to placing it in a foolproof safe.

Yet according to a report from money.com, a recent incident involving a Vanguard employee showed that this is far from the case. The report states that in order for money to remain in an investment account, the account’s holder needs to display at least some activity on a semi-regular basis. In Philadelphia’s case, funds from accounts that haven’t been accessed for three years are transferred to the State Treasury, where they are held until an heir reclaims them. This most often happens with accounts belonging to the sick or elderly.

The Curious Man Behind Nordic Banking Scandals

by F. William Engdahl, New Eastern Outlook:

In recent days Sweden’s largest mortgage bank, Swedbank, fired its CEO amid charges she was involved in a multi-billion dollar money laundering operation. Swedbank now joins Denmark’s largest bank, Danske Bank, and several other European Union banks implicated in laundering what has been claimed amounts to more than $1 trillion in funds of Russian or Ukraine or other origin in recent years. As impressive as the scandal appears, equally interesting is the curious man triggering the scandals.

Collusion? Russians Gave $35 Million to Company with John Podesta on Board

from True Pundit:

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, John Podesta, played a central role in another potential Russian collusion scandal that has not yet been investigated.

Podesta, the former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, served on the board of Joule Unlimited, a now defunct alternative energy company, from January 2011 to January 2014. He resigned from the company’s board to accept the powerful job of Counselor to President Barack Obama.