Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Axis of Unity’s Two Pronged Attack Upon the United States

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Newsflash: Venezuela is a mortal enemy of the United States. In their present status they rival the threat posed by Cuba in the 1960’s. America deserves Venezuela’s wrath. Thanks to the Deep State and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, America economically isolated Venezuela from the West. The Federal Reserve did not want the economic competition and political power that would come from Venezuela’s vast oil supplies as well as their cheap labor market. Subsequently, Hillary used a form of dollar diplomacy to get Venezuela isolated from her major trading partners. Vast and deadly food shortages resulted. This was an act of war committed by the Obama administration and its minion, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. As a result, Venezuela has struck back.

EXPOSED: Vaccine deep state plot to seize domain and criminalize all speech that questions vaccine propaganda

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

The World Health Organization, a criminal cartel front for the vaccine industry, has just declared war on the so-called “anti-vax” movement. The W.H.O. is the same group that spiked vaccines given to women in Africa with abortion / infertility drugs. The W.H.O. is also the same fraudulent group that falsely declared H5N1 bird flu to be a “stage 6 pandemic” in order to create global panic that generated billions of dollars in vaccine sales to world government (which stockpiled the vaccines and then later spent a fortune having the unused vaccine destroyed).

The Fascism that is Coming

by Luis Miranda, The Sleuth Journal:

“The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists” – Winston Churchill

The fascism is basically the kidnapping of the State by private interests along with the creation of a more or less brutal mechanism to eliminate dissent in the face of power. But the fascism that is coming is not like the type we had in the past. It is a new, modern form.

It makes no sense to look at this new form of fascism through the lens of the old, for the new type starts softly and crawls its way into society, one household at the time.

U.S. SHALE OIL INDUSTRY: Not In The Business To Make Money, But To Take Money

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

The U.S. Shale Oil Industry has been a financial trainwreck since day one. And, with nearly $300 billion in public and private debt racked up by the shale industry since its inception, that hasn’t stopped investors from throwing good money after bad to continue the biggest energy Ponzi scheme in history.

Senior Democrat Congressman Calls for Banning Teens From Wearing MAGA Hats After Covington Catholic Students Smeared Over Native American Incident

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Rep. John Yarmuth, a senior Democrat Congressman from Lexington, Kentucky is calling for teenagers to be banned from wearing pro-Trump Make America Great Again hats, a blatant violation of the First Amendment.

Yarmuth called for the MAGA hat ban in the context of an incident Friday involving MAGA hat wearing Kentucky high school students from nearby Covington that took place in Washington, D.C., where the students, in town for March for Life, were confronted by a Native American activist there for an Indigenous People’s Rally, Nathan Phillips, who loudly banged a drum and chanted an Indian language song without explaining to the students what he was doing.


from InfoWars:

Deep State targeting Alex Jones, Roger Stone for arrest in Russia collusion witch hunt

Alex Jones breaks down how FBI Special Counsel Mueller is determined to take him and Infowars off the air by dragging him into the Russia collusion witch hunt.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed emails of former Infowars employee Jerome Corsi to investigate “hush money” payments to former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone.

Brexit’s Ironic Twists Hit Spain’s Biggest Industry

by Don Quijones, Wolf Street:

“Peak Tourism” has already set in. Brits account for 22% of tourists in Spain. Now add Brexit.

In a delectable irony, two of the biggest corporate victims of a disorderly Brexit could turn out to be Spain’s flagship carrier Iberia and low-cost airline Vueling. Both companies are majority owned by British Airways’ parent company International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG), which is UK-based. And current EU rules require European carriers to be both majority-owned and operated in the bloc.

Gillette’s Ad About “Toxic Masculinity”: When Marketing Mixes With Social Engineering

from Vigilant Citizen:

The Gillette ad campaign about “toxic masculinity” marks a new era of marketing where advertisement is mixed with aggressive social engineering. Here’s a look at the deep absurdity of this ad campaign.

Gillette, a company that made billions by selling overpriced razor blades to men for decades, has launched an ad campaign targeting “toxic masculinity”. And the ad is … toxic. Through stereotypes and generalizations, it accuses 50% of the human population of terrible wrongdoings and calls for a drastic modification of its behavior. The admitted goal: To shape the men of tomorrow. Welcome to an era where marketing mixes with Orwellian propaganda.

Central banker asserts Chinese yuan will challenge dollar as primary reserve currency

by Kenneth Schortgen, Shotgun Economics:

On Jan. 10, Britain’s chief central banker asserted during a forum that the Chinese Yuan will soon challenge the dollar as a primary reserve currency.

Speaking in a conference regarding Future global trends, Bank of England head Mark Carney stated that the days of the dollar being the singular reserve currency are diminishing, and that the Chinese yuan appears to be the best choice to rival dollar hegemony.