Wednesday, October 16, 2019

When ‘The Event’ Hits The Super-Rich Will Not Survive The Long Term Without Survival Skills


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

While the super-rich and elite have been preparing for years for some type of “Event,” their concerns and worries about the fallout after said event occurs, are far different than those of us that do not have billions of dollars to hide from the masses.

Over the past few years we have noted an increase in statements and stories by members of the “super-wealthy” crowd showing how they are preparing for some event that would cause the collapse of civilizationIn 2015 we saw they were buying up “boltholes” with “private airstrips,” in the event the poor rose up against them. In 2017 it was reported that a number of “super-rich” were buying up boltholes in New Zealand in preparation for the “apocalypse.”

The other new revolutionary Russian weapons systems: ASATs

from The Saker:

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the March 1st, 2018, speech of President Putin to the Federal Assembly, had a tectonic effect on the world public opinion. Initially, some tried to dismiss it as “Russian propaganda” and “bad CGI”, but pretty soon the reality hit hard, very hard: the Russians either had already deployed or were about to deploy weapon systems which were decades ahead of anything similar in the West and against which the West had no defensive measures.

For those interested in a good summary about these weapons, please check this rather well done RT video:

Trump Is Right – NATO Is Obsolete, and if Europe Wants to Fight Imaginary Enemies, It Should Pay Its Own Way

by Pepe Escobar, Russia Insider:

Hysteria is at fever pitch. After the NATO summit in Brussels, the definitive Decline of the West has been declared a done deal as President Trump gets ready to meet President Putin in Helsinki.

It was Trump himself who stipulated that he wants to talk to Putin behind closed doors, face-to-face, without any aides and, in theory, spontaneously, after the preparatory meeting between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was canceled. The summit will take place at the early 19th century Presidential Palace in Helsinki, a former residence of Russian emperors.

Patriots Plan Citizens Arrest of Hillary Clinton & Other Corrupt Treacherous Politicians

from The Alex Jones Channel:

Larry Klayman of explains his plan to launch a peaceful, citizens’ arrest of Hillary Clinton and other criminals who helped her corrupt the U.S. government.

SOURCES: DNC Allowed Russian Hackers to Steal Data — Susan Rice Gave Stand Down Order

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russian military officials days before President Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Rosenstein also planned his press conference at the same time President Trump was meeting with the Queen of England.

With the 12 Russians indicted Friday, the corrupt Mueller team has now indicted 31 individuals and 3 companies, with more than 80% of the indictments related to Russians who will never be prosecuted.

Peter Strzok Reveals FBI Debated Russia Collusion Probe Based on Trump’s Poll Numbers

by Aaron Klein, Breitbart:

NEW YORK — In statements largely unreported by the news media, FBI official Peter Strzok described an alleged debate that took place within the FBI about how aggressively to pursue the Russia collusion investigation based on Donald Trump’s poll numbers in the 2016 presidential election.

Strzok made his statements about nine hours into Thursday’s televised congressional hearing during a section in which he was explaining his infamous August 2016 text message referencing an “insurance policy” in the event that Trump wins the election.

U.S. Courts Release 2017 Wiretap Report: Orders and Convictions Rise, No Requests Denied, 10 States Absent, No FISA Data

by Aaron Kesel, Activist Post:

Federal courts across the U.S. reported a 30 percent increase in authorized wiretaps in 2017, compared to 2016, that’s up 73% over ten years according to a Judiciary report released by the Administration Office of the U.S. Federal Courts. Meanwhile, state courts in comparison reported an 11 percent rise in wiretap requests.

Although arrests did fall in cases involving surveillance, the trade-off is convictions rose sharply. The 2017 Wiretap Report covers intercepts of wire, oral and electronic communications that were concluded between January 1st, 2017, and December 31st, 2017.

It’s very important to note the report, which is required to be submitted annually to Congress by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, does not include data on interceptions regulated by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) regarding Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) warrants.

Murray: ‘The Holes in the Official Skripal Story’

by Craig Murray, 21st Century Wire:

In my last post I set out the official Government account of the events in the Skripal Case.

Here I examine the credibility of this story. Next week I shall look at alternative explanations.

Russia has a decade long secret programme of producing and stockpiling novichok nerve agents. It also has been training agents in secret assassination techniques, and British intelligence has a copy of the Russian training manual, which includes instruction on painting nerve agent on doorknobs.

Open Borders-Promoting NGO Staff “Raped Children” While Working Abroad According To Report

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

Perhaps organizations such as Save the Children need to provide better scrutiny and accountability over those they choose to employee in their organization and investigate further the allegations of sexual assault on the very people they are claiming they are there to help seek prosecution.

One of the worst things one can do is to sexually assault little children, but it is becoming more and more commonplace, even to the point where thesame kind of marketing is being done in the US to refer to pedophiles as “minor-attracted persons” that was done in the 80s to make sodomites more palatable to society by calling them “gay.”  Non-governmental organizations, which promote open borders, now have staffers being accused of raping little children abroad while they are conducting non-profit work.

Christian doctor FIRED for saying gender is determined at birth… the anti-science assault on biological reality goes ballistic


by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

The British government has declared a Christian physician “unfit to work” after the self-identified Reformed Baptist vocalized out loud the definitive truth that there are only two biological genders: male and female.

According to reports, Dr. David Mackereth’s tenure within the government-run health system of the United Kingdom was exceptionally short-lived because of his position in support of the laws of nature, which apparently no longer have a place in England.


from SGTreport:

This may be the most powerful interview with Harley Schlanger that you’ve ever heard. Harley says there has been a rebellion, and it’s global. From the #GreatAawkening in the United States with the election of Donald Trump to the turmoil in the EU as the unchecked power of the bureaucrats in Brussels is being challenged – and increasingly ignored. In Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, and even in Germany people are reaching their boiling point. It’s this grass roots revolution of ideas that the elite fear the most, a complete rejection of their Marxist new world order agenda.

War is a racket — and so is the state

by George Smith, Gold Seek:

In past writings I’ve attempted to show that the majority of the social problems experienced throughout the world — poverty, war, economic collapse, famine, hyperinflation, genocide, unilaterally broken agreements — can be traced to the dominant form of social organization under which we live: the State.